infernal contraption

          “    Lemony, please – please put that typewriter away. I have the worst headache…    ”

          HE COULD NEVER HELP HIMSELF, WHICH was something she had always admired about him: the way he could find inspiration in almost any mundane little thing & turn it into art. But right now, she could care less about his was writing as he pounded away at that infernal contraption; her head thumping & body aching.



Y/N: Loki-Loki no! That’s not the gear shift! Loki! Leave it be!

Loki: Why is this infernal contraption attached to where my hands must be placed?

Y/N: That’s how the car was made. 

Loki: Why must the road be drenched in this silvery color?

Y/N: Because we’re in England; it’s almost always raining. Now, there’s a slight turn up ahead so pull your foot off the gas slighTLY! OW!

Loki: *laughing*


Loki: *singing* I’m forever driving in puddles! *speeds up*

Y/N: *grips car door* LOKI!

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For anon…I’m using quotes from several of Will Ferrell’s movies. They will be bolded. Enjoy.

Y/N was laughing on the couch watching yet another Will Ferrell movie. Loki sat next to them with a raised brow. He let out a sigh.

“You find this amusing?” he asked.
“How can you not?” they replied between chuckles.

Loki let out a long sigh. Binge watching any movie with this man in it was becoming irritating. Little did he know it had just begun.

“Does no one care to help me with this infernal contraption you call a cell phone?” Loki yelled.
Y/N chuckled. “If we went to a Halloween party as Batman and Robin, I’d go as Robin. That’s how much you mean to me.

Loki halted his yelling to send them a glare. They just snickered while grabbing his phone.

I’m going to climb over that anger wall of yours someday, and it’s going to be glorious. Okay Loki?”

Loki rolled his eyes and sighed deeply.

Loki and Y/N sat at the dinner table eating their food. Loki was calm as he ate the dinner he had made. He glanced up to see Y/N grinning.

“How’s the food? Does it taste alright?” he asked sincerely.
Well, let me just quote the late-great Colonel Sander, who said, ‘I’m too drunk to taste this chicken’.”
“We’re not even eating chicken?” he barked, “And you haven’t been drinking either!”
Well, that escalated quickly,” Y/N snickered.

Loki stood abruptly from the table. For being the god of mischief, he didn’t seem to be enjoying their tom-foolery.

“Would you please stop quoting that obnoxious human?”

A glint passed over Y/N’s eyes as they gave him a smirk. Loki’s face fell into a curious one. Y/N stood up and put their plate in the sink.

“Loki Dokey,” they agreed with a giggle.

They pecked the god’s cheek before heading to the living room.

“I think I preferred the quotes,” he muttered to himself.

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The Prince has Come

Loki was escorted into a room filled with so many mechanical and electronic mechanisms, he faintly remembered that he was struggling, they kept hitting him, forcing him into a chair- pain flashed when he thought about that infernal contraption. They had hurt him, but he couldn’t think of how they did it. He heard someone talking, what were they saying? He looked up to their lips and everything started to slowly make sense. “What is your name?” They asked. “My name is Loki, however, they also call me Asset or the Winter Prince. Sometimes just Prince.” Loki noted, then fell silent once again, don’t talk unless asked to. That was what he had been told. “Sir Pierce told me your name, but I seem to have forgotten it. What would you like me to call you?”