ash || billy hargrove

summary: you’re in the library, minding your own business when billy comes to talk to you. and after that, he seems to get, well, possesive.

word count: 703

warnings: none

requested by: anon

    Your eyes skim the last few words on the page. You stay sitting in the plastic chair, rethinking the novel. You’d read a plethora of books, but this one was so different in your eyes. The mystery was so thought out, the twist so flawless; you didn’t see any of that coming.

    “Hey, Y/N,” a deep voice greeted you. You looked up to meet a boy with gray-blue eyes resting his hands on the chair across from you. “Oh, um, hi. Billy, right?” you ask, closing your book slowly.

    Billy laughed, licking his lips. “You guessed it. So, enjoying your book?” You scanned his body language in hopes of analyzing it. Why was he making small talk with you, especially about a book?

    “Yeah, I guess. I just finished it, so, you know,” you concluded. Billy took his hands off the chair and walked around to sit in it. He nodded, glancing over his shoulder before taking out a cigarette and lighting it.

    “You’re going to start the sprinklers,” you say. “Oh, princess, this isn’t my first rodeo,” he laughs, taking a drag. You sigh, tapping your pencil to fill in the time between your thoughts.

    “So, you’re probably wondering why I came over,” he breaks the silence. “I can guess,” you say, concluding he’s here to ask you out. You’ve been to enough Reading class to learn how to infer.

    “Yeah, so-”

    “Hargrove!” a woman’s sharp voice interrupts. “Shit,” he mutters, looking for a place to put out his cigarette. His inability to extinguish the embers left enough time for the librarian to storm over and grab his collar.

    For a librarian, she was very noisy. You heard glimpses of “disgrace” and “two months of detention, at least” from your eavesdropping, but was interrupted by the bell.

    Eighth period was hell. Checking the clock every five minutes, you were on the edge of just leaving. That was if you were daring enough. With your grades being as good as they are, you would never dream of it.

    After what seems like forever, the bell finally rang, escaping you from this confinement. You walk outside that lifeless classroom to walk to your locker.

    Putting in the combination, you grab any papers you deem important. “Hey,” you hear from behind you. “Yeah, um, maybe later Billy?” you suggest, trying to get through your books and binders so you could get home.

    An unfamiliar laugh reaches your ears, pressing you to turn around. A tall brown-haired boy stood in front of you. “Oh, sorry,” you say, smiling politely.

    “It’s okay. Anywho, Nightmare on Elm Street’s coming out this Friday, care to come?” he asked, leaning his arm on the lockers beside you. His words flowed so smoothly as if he had rehearsed it.

    “Like, a date?” you ask, filling your backpack more slowly now. He nods, a smile beginning to grow on his face. “Uh,” you say as filler, taking time to think about whether or not to agree.

    Before you can answer, you feel a hand wrap around your waist and pull you into someone’s chest. “Hey, bud, how’s it going?” he says, a cocky smirk greeting the boy.

    “Is this your boyfriend?” the boy asks, confusion filling his face. “I- uh,” you stammer. Before being able to explain that Billy was definitely not your boyfriend, he pulled you in for a kiss.

    Your whole body tensed up before finding yourself kissing back. You heard the boy walk away, but you were too fixated on how Billy’s mouth moved so gracefully against yours. His kiss was passionate and rough; his hands firmly on your waist.

    It was like you were in a dream, being kissed by a boy as attractive as him. Your hand runs up his exposed chest, while his lower onto your ass and thighs.

    You finally gain consciousness and, realizing what was happening, push him away, seeing a trace of your lipstick still on his lips. You stared at him in awe, unable to think of something to say. Instead, you close your locker, grab your bag and walk away, finally able to get home.

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Apparently some anti on twitter made the 8 year old kids she was babysitting watch voltron when they didn't want to and told them that keith and lance are dating, she/th is sexual assault (they're 8 oh my god), told them it's okay to lie to their parents, and posted a video of them without parental consent and that user's entire fan base is celebrating them so anyways antis don't care about protecting kids because holy shit how do they not see how fucking unethical that is; im horrified yall

It’s the fact they’re feeding this kid lies. Someone dating someone in a completely loving and caring way is NOT sexual assault and inferring it is is not only insulting but it’s fucking dangerous to be teaching a kid that young lies about things as serious as sexual assault. It’s just once again proven that antis don’t give a shit about actual kids and they’re literally willing to feed kids lies which could put them in danger for the sake of making a dumbass point about a ship

With the development of the productive powers of labour the accumulation of capital will be accelerated, even despite a relatively high rate of wages. Hence, one might infer, as Adam Smith, in whose days modern industry was still in its infancy, did infer, that the accelerated accumulation of capital must turn the balance in favour of the working man, by securing a growing demand for his labour. From this same standpoint many contemporary writers have wondered that English capital having grown in that last twenty years so much quicker than English population, wages should not have been more enhanced.
—  Marx - Value, Price and Profit 1865

friend: you need a hobby

me: i already have a hobby

friend: photoshopping aph england’s eyebrows onto other hetalia characters isn’t a hobby


how finn wolfhard is being sexualized and why it’s a bad thing: a guide

so i wasn’t going to do this but after seeing some of the damn replies on a post i made earlier i decided to go through before i had an aneurysm.

let’s break it down.

a model by the name of ali michael made a super inappropriate comment towards finn wolfhard. apparently, she tried to play it off as a joke, but i’ll tell you why it doesn’t fucking matter in a bit. here is the comment she made.

‘ Not to be weird but hit me up in 4 years @finnwolfhardofficial. ‘

let’s go step by step and break down why this is a terrible thing to say.

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i always liked that trope in persona fanfics where like. mc retains memories when going into new game+ and changes actions based on what they experienced in the “first playthrough”

so like… new game + au where mc gives the lonely weird uptight dude an actual support system

More Details About the Kindergarten

Thanks to Peridot, we now know that the order of Gem’s classification names (8XJ, 8XL, etc) are given from top to bottom alphabetically, and apparently in some kind of zagging/non-linear pattern? I’ve seen some people attempt to map out where each of those Gems came from in the photo above in the past and found it fascinating! I tried to do the same with what we learned now, but the holes Amethyst bounced around to in “Back to the Kindergarten” were too zoomed in to tell where they might’ve lined up. Either way, I’d love for someone to attempt to map out the Amethysts now that we have this new information.

Additionally, I loved this exchange from Amethyst and Peridot:

That’s 8XJ … curly hair, right?”

“Yeah! How’d you know?”

“You can tell by the iron deposits in the formation there.”

According to Peridot, iron is involved with giving Gems the Gemetic trait of curly hair. It can then be inferred that the more iron involved in making a Gem, the curlier her hair will be once she forms. If 8XJ’s formation had enough visible iron deposits for Peridot to notice, which only gave her one distinct curl in her hair, just imagine how much iron went into making Rose!

As Lunar Children

As children, we are thought to act mostly from our emotional reactions and impulses, which in astrology, is represented by the Moon. Therefore the sign our Moon is in can reveal much about our personality expression as babies and children, up to a more mature age, where then, through growth and experience, our Sun also comes into play, adding a much more layered effect.

A child with their Moon in Aries would be confident and demanding, someone that shows innate leadership skills very early on. They would react to their emotions straight away, whether they are deemed “appropriate” or not, and would also show protective instincts, especially when it comes to smaller or younger children. Would be looked at as a “strong” child, but equally with emotional vulnerability.

A child with their Moon in Taurus would like to stay close to home and people they are familiar with, and may show anxiety or discomfort when forced into new situations. They would likely seem older than their age, described as mature, and would be creative and expressive, though reservedly when around those they do not fully trust. There would be a nurturing instinct in them too, whether to other children, or nature in general.

A child with their Moon in Gemini would be excitable and light spirited, even to the point of becoming easily distractible. They would enjoy mischief and outsmarting those around them, even those of much older age. Words and language likely intrigued them from the start, as well as story telling and theatrics. They might have been easily swept by more consistent or demanding personalities, but always reserved a wit that was unmistakable.

A child with their Moon in Cancer would be very receptive to the environment around them, maybe seeming easily provoked into an emotional response, or quick to pick up on the emotions of others, becoming upset if someone else was. There would be a creativity that came from them early on, the ability to nurture an idea or their imagination. There could be a shyness to them at first, but a surprising amount of will that would soon follow. 

A child with their Moon in Leo would be fiery and spirited, someone that flourished when they were the canter of attention and affection, maybe even to the point of being reliant on it and showing off. Even so, there would be an innate sense of right and wrong, of justice and what is fair, even if they don’t always follow this, putting their ego first. Shame would soon follow though, and they would once again return to their internal rules.

A child with their Moon in Virgo could appear fussy and easily disgruntled, someone that notices much of the details of what goes on around them. There would be a matter of fact quality to them, but with an underlying care and helpfulness. They may search for approval from their elders, trying to be high achievers or appear disciplined, without needing assistance. Yet, there would also be a wit and humour too, grounded in its expression.

A child with their Moon in Libra would value friendship, maybe even needing a “best friend” over others at times for their own sense of ease. There would be a natural interest in people, maybe in other children with different backgrounds or experiences to them, and they may find conflict or augments particularly upsetting. They could be attracted to physically pretty things, things that have a certain flair to them.

A child with their Moon in Scorpio may find that they can draw something powerful out in others from an early age, can get a reaction that even they may not understand at their young age, which can make them feel somewhat odd. There would be strong emotions stirring in them, but also this ability to see beauty in the things that others may discard, or the things that haunt others. They would feel the safest with strong attachments.

A child with their Moon in Sagittarius would be the ones to tread dirt into the house, never pay attention to time limits, to speak when they have been told to be quiet, and to answer back should they view something as wrong. They would be the spirits that need an element of freedom, even as children, not prioritising what others tell them they should prioritise. They would enjoy making others laugh too, in getting that reaction.

A child with their Moon in Capricorn would have a sense of what they want for their future, even if this ultimately changed, of looking forward to comparing the now and then and seeing what they have done in that time. There would also be something “old soul” about them, maybe finding enjoyment from tasks that would be considered too old for their age, or boring by their peers. They may also feel patronised by adults in general, in the inference that they would need their help in most things.

A child with their Moon in Aquarius would be someone that asks questions from a young age, someone that finds that they cannot simply follow an instruction just because it was given to them, especially if they feel they have a better grasp on something than even adults do. They may appear odd, but also unfazed by the judgement of other children and adults. There would be a sense of “to each their own” from an early age.

A child with their Moon in Pisces would be someone that both enjoyed the quiet times of imagination and creativity, but also the ability to slot themselves into wherever they were needed, able to morph into the people that surrounded them. They may ask questions of the universe from an early age, and appear to acknowledge that there may be something “more” even in childlike terms. This would be a child where the parents would hopefully see something other worldly and valuable in them.

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What do you think Shiro's backstory is? Do you think he has family back on earth, or is Keith all he has?

At this point, I’m pretty sure Shiro is estranged from his family. If he were just an orphan, then I think his official character bio would have said so–like it did for Keith. So I think there must’ve been a family at some point, but they seem to be out of the picture. There’s also a few things that I think indicates Shiro may have lost his dad. 

And we see this reflected in Sam. In a way, I think he definitely reminds Shiro of his father, or at least ended up being a kind of fatherly figure. When Shiro rescues Matt from the gladiator arena, the last thing he says is, “Take care of your father.” This message sounds deeply personal, like there’s a history there and maybe Shiro was unable to save his own dad at some point. 

This is taken a step further when Shiro decides they can’t afford to waste time looking for Sam and Matt. He’s only convinced when Pidge mentions they’re family, and Shiro just stops and says, “Commander Holt is your father?” before immediately agreeing. So as much as Shiro cares about Sam, he wasn’t willing to risk the mission until he found out that Pidge was trying to save her dad. I really do think that must’ve resonated with Shiro on some level, like he’s been in that position before 

Also, something about this last shot–look at Keith’s face here. He also looks visibly affected. And I mean, we know Keith would give just about anything to be able to find his dad, so I think Shiro also having some kind of troubled past involving his father is very likely. Shiro and Keith are present for this scene instead of Lance and Hunk for a reason. 

Of course, it could also be that maybe something happened and Shiro ended up parting with his dad on bad terms, and it’s something he really regrets. After all, when calming down Pidge, he tells her something her father said instead of giving advice from his own dad. I think that says Shiro was never really all that close with his own father or maybe he just grew up without one. 

And honestly the first red flag for me was how Shiro reacted to being held prisoner for a year. The Kerberos crew was announced dead, and any family he had would’ve been told that. They must’ve mourned him, held a funeral for him. His picture was all over the news alongside the headline Pilot error

And yet?? Shiro never expresses any desire to see his family again or return to Earth like the other paladins–despite the fact that he’s been gone the longest. On top of that, he never even once asks anyone for news on his family–you’d think he’d talk to Keith or Pidge at least. What person is declared dead for a year and then doesn’t think about how their loved ones must feel? Doesn’t want to go home to them and tell them not to worry, that they’re okay. 

Shiro’s behavior is bizarrely abnormal, there’s just no way to account for that kind of response unless Shiro was either already distant from his family or absolutely dreading going home–and this is also very possible, as Shiro’s changed, he’s not the person he was before. He has his trauma, his PTSD–he believes the galra have turned him into a monster. He has to go home and try to explain why he was gone so long and lost his crew and has only one arm and his hair’s gone white. So maybe Shiro’s just terrified because all sense of normalcy would be gone and there’s no sense trying to return to it. Shiro’s not like Lance, Hunk, or Pidge–he can’t just go back. But as understandable as that would be, I more so think that Shiro doesn’t have very much to return to in the first place.

So far, the closest thing Shiro really has to a home is Keith. When he crashes back to Earth, he never asks about his family or tries to at least visit his house before he leaves. But I think it says a lot that Shiro does end up back at Keith’s home. And Keith is the one who offered him his little shack as shelter, has a warm heart-to-heart where he welcomes him back. This is Shiro’s homecoming. And given that the shack has always been a symbol of home for Keith, we can infer that Shiro will always have a place there as well. 

I think it’s very telling that there’s an episode where everyone but Shiro and Keith express wanting to go home or find their families–Shiro never voices an opinion on the matter. He’s completely silent and only steps in to try to calm Keith down and settle things with Pidge. But I think we get even more insight to how Shiro feels from Stayin’ Alive in season 2. Everyone’s reminiscing about their fond memories, and they all look so happy. But then there’s Shiro, with his back turned away from everyone. He looks pretty deep in thought, like something’s really bothering him 

And when he does turn back to face the group, he says this:

You realize once we defeat Zarkon, the universe won’t need Voltron anymore.” Just as a refresher here, Shiro was basically the most excited about being a paladin–“Defenders of the universe huh? That’s got a nice ring to it.” Shiro found a purpose, and he took pride in it. He felt like, even as much as the galra have tormented him and tore him apart, he finally found a place where he belonged

And that’s why so much of his fear is wrapped up in this idea that he’s not worthy of the job–“Did you ever think a monster like you could be a Voltron paladin?” Fighting the good fight and saving lives meant something to Shiro. His connection with the Black lion and having a team were both very healing for him. He doesn’t want to lose that 

And it only gets worse because everyone else automatically has something planned, they all have something in mind after Voltron. And they all want to go home or return to their families, but Shiro says nothing. Because there is no after for him, nothing back on Earth waiting for him. After Pidge says, “I could search for my family,” Keith adds, “I guess I could look for mine.” But Shiro never says anything about his plans for the future. He doesn’t have any 

And Shiro looks pretty tense this whole time. When he talks about how if everything goes according to plan this will all be over–you really get the feeling he doesn’t want it to end. Like being a paladin is this amazing dream and he just doesn’t want to wake up. 

Even when Kuron believes he’s dying, the only significant memories that resurface are all to do with Team Voltron. Nothing related to his own background or family. And the fact that Keith welcoming him back is the first thing he sees says a lot–that’s home to him 

Remember Run Ep. 12…When Jungkook threw Jimin over his shoulder and smacked him on the ass. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse better the Behind the Scenes came out…And Jimin was lying on the floor saying “detective I’m bored, please come play with me” in a cute teasing voice. And then you realize that that scene came before the ass smacking one. I’m just saying, he kinda asked for it. And Jungkook was all too happy to deliver.

The Last Jedi Trailer Breakdown

* Please note that the following breakdown contains some potential spoilers for the movie - they’re mostly based on inferences and rumours, but you probably want to skip this post entirely if you’re spoiler-averse. *

I’m exhausted (I woke up way too early to watch that trailer!), but I knew I couldn’t rest until I had done this. There is so much to unpack here, so you’ll have to excuse me for omitting some things (mainly space battles) and skimming over others. 

I’m sure I’m wrong with a good chunk of this, but this is all meant in good fun.

I hope you enjoy my first stab at breaking this baby down - if you think it can be improved or spot anything that needs to be corrected, please let me know.

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five days of vixxoween: the dolls

they say that the place is haunted by demons. that there are malevolent spirits there that want only to feed on the souls of the living. but they aren’t—at least, they don’t mean to be. it’s just—they loved her. they would have done anything for her and she abandoned them, threw them away like trash when they were too broken for her. their grief changed them, turned them into—into whatever they are. no one really knows. but most know one thing: if you enter that place, they will make sure you stay with them forever.

How to Tell People About Your Book

1. Infer a Pitch Close to their Heart

When it comes to communicating your best story, you need the potential reader to feel something deep within that is relatable. Every one of us stands by a belief system when it comes to morals and sympathy. There’s also another great thing we all carry, and that’s nostalgia. These are significant factors to attribute to your pitch when people ask, “What’s your story about?” Before you begin going onto step 3. of this list, make sure to note that relevant and relatable first before the theme. “You know that uncertainty we all felt in high school?… Well…” and then continue with the rest of the pitch.

2. Short and Sweet

I have a sibling who loves to tell the story scene by scene, and she’ll speak of it for nearly twenty minutes. Longer the pitch, the sooner the potential reader will lose focus on the story. Combine the best parts and verbalize a cinematic trailer. Use sensory terms so the reader will know what to expect.

3. Tell the Theme not the Story

Whether it is politics or a memoir, a theme is a great way to generalize the story without giving away too much information. I don’t tell the title of the story because it’s an exclusive title we writers want to keep for the grand finale when the writing and binding are complete. Speak on subjects that the reader will know about and keep it in a time frame where the reader can also have time to consider why this theme is important to him or her.

4. Speak Your Inspiration

If you want to lose all tabs on the fictionalized characters and even the more delicate details, talk about your inspiration. Where were you?, what made you want to write this story?, How long did it take you to come to write this story? Answer those questions to the reader and let them know where it all began because that is a VIP backstage access to work they’ll want to have access to in the future. Hence, making the reader prone to reading your story.


i just thought about this parallel between 01x11 and 04x06. it’s just very interesting to me so i had to just jot it down real fast. now sure okay we don’t have a lot of explicit confirmation Coran knows 100% what’s going on here, but it’s heavily inferred due to the fact he’s been in communication with Keith prior to this moment (Keith’s been talking to him), he’s monitoring the situation, and his expression. plus… .this parallel. 

The thing is…. Coran knows that Keith won’t quit. There’s just no talking him out of this. He knows this because he’s been here before with Keith, on the precipice of Keith diving forwards without reserve and doing what he believes is right even at the expense of his own life and possibly at the cost of it. Coran knows right now he literally can do nothing to stop this. 

01x11 Keith believed he was doing to help Shiro and also for the greater cause of the mission: to protect the black lion because from day one they’d been told if it fell into Zarkon’s hands it would all be over. 

But there’s a slight difference here too, and I think it’s why Coran looks like that here. 01x11 is probably one of the TRUE times yes…. Keith actually has been reckless and impulsive (i feel these words get thrown around a lot for him see this perhaps). 04x06 - based on his behaviours - he isn’t actually being reckless and diving in without thought. That’s the concerning thing (he’s Considered it properly and that really shows - I mean…. see this too i posted earlier!!) 

So yea he’s actually being logical and pragmatic in a dire situation. He’s making a call that is difficult and FAR from easy, but he’s setting aside everything else for the sake of getting shit done fast. 

Now don’t get me wrong, just because he’s being completely pragmatic and rational here - to the point he’s not weighing in the value of HIMSELF to the mission or the cause - IT DOESN’T MEAN HE’S RIGHT AND THAT THIS IS OKAY…. keith…. but he thinks it’s the right judgement to make. The stakes are high, voltron is in danger. Someone has to do something.

And keith has proven time and time again that when it’s time to make a tough call, a choice for the greater good and universe that could well divide people and cause discord - he can and will be objective even at the expense of how the team see him and what people think of him. (of course there are exceptions, there always are and that’s interesting when this pattern breaks). 

Overall here though, Keith is once again doing everything he’s strived to do from the very start: keeping the mission from sabotage and ensuring Voltron can continue it’s quest for the greater good. No matter what. 

This part of the chapter is interesting, because its a consequence for Kaneki working and fighting for the CCG for years, and we’ve seen precious little of those. For three years Kaneki was one of the CCG’s top killers. Even if it was at someone else’s bidding, he still fought and killed hundreds of ghouls for them.

Now he’s acting like he’s the champion of ghoul kind but he has never actually been called out for how many ghoul lives he took. He’s never been asked to confront what he did, the orphans and mourners he created, and apologize. 

And here’s Hajime, showing up as an obvious shadow. He outright tells Kaneki that he was inspired by him and his violence, violence he used for the CCG.

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Now I have a very unpopular opinion, but I feel very compelled to share it (because I’m clearly a narcissist and believe my voice deserves to be heard). Now, let me start out by saying that I LOVED the new It movie! I mean I have a blog dedicated to Eddie and Richie….Um, this movie changed my fucking life. That being said I do think there is a lot of missed opportunities. I feel like the weakest link to the film was Andy Muschietti and his hesitation of making the film too disturbing. 

I honestly believe the reason the film was so successful and impacted people like it did was because of the performances of it’s uber talented cast, the dynamics and relationships between the characters, and the way anyone can find a person in the losers club they can relate to. It successfully creates a very deep sense of nostalgia. The thing is, those things overshadow the fact that this is a horror movie. It’s easy to forget this is a horror film, cause it comes off more like an action adventure film, like the Goonies. It practically only has an R rating because of the excessive swearing. 

My whole issue is that Andy had such interesting characters with so many internal issues that he didn’t use to their full potential. A lot of it was even in the original scripts and he just trimmed them and made the film much more mainstream and family friendly. 

With Bill he could have had Pennywise use his parents neglect to really scare him. Make it seem like they only loved Georgie and Bill was a burden. He could have made Bill’s fear his guilt. Have Pennywise take Georgie’s form and accuse him of being the reason he died. If he hadn’t made the boat or let him go outside, he would still be alive. That would only touched on. 

Bev’s home life was done mostly well, but it had little to do with Pennywise. Like Penny never took her father’s form, or never played on the issues she had a school. He could have totally made it a issue of isolation and indifference. LIke everyone in school didn’t care about how her father treated her and possibly even blamed her. Which is why everyone called her a slut. 

Eddie’s whole thing with his sexuality was totally ignored and that was frustrating. He could have easily included it in the Leper scene and it would have truly added something a large portion of the audience could relate to. To see Eddie grapple with his feeling about what the Leper says and how he resents his sexuality. How the community would react to it. 

Richie’s home life and implied bisexuality in the original scripts would have made his character so much more interesting. He was turned into comic relief and that bothered me. His relationship with Eddie is very subtly insinuated. Like, look…we can all agree that Stephen King put everything about Eddie’s sexuality and his relationship with Richie for a reason. It’s tactfully done, but it is clear he meant for the audience to infer it like most people have. Richie’s intelligence and how even though he is an amazing child, his parent still abuse and ignore him. All this could have be so compelling. 

Mike was the most underused of all the characters. He could have totally played on how Pennywise used the racial tensions in Derry to cause massive fear in the town then turned into a bird and just ate a bunch of people. The whole thing with his parents, the black spot, Henry’s racism. There is so fucking much and he just being a farmer….blah. UGh its frustrating.

Stan the man and his feeling towards his religion and his ocd could have been utilized by pennywise to such better effect. He could have played on mental illness and made him feel like he was going crazy. It would have been such and easy and inexpensive sequence. His fear, resentment towards Bill, and the lasting damage of the whole summer.   

Ben’s fear just seemed dumb. He could have had Pennywise explore his body image issues. Scare him by having pennywise take the form of Bev and have her say she could never love someone like him and then show him glimpses of Ben’s future self…but with binge eating disorder. Just eating himself to death. Alone.  So much better than a fucking headless boy. 

Henry, Patrick, and the Bower’s Gang’s friendship…. I’m not even gonna get into it. They could have been truly frightening, but also complicated characters the audience almost had sympathy towards. 

Andy could have made a horror movie that explored deeper themes! How people are the real monsters; how mental illnesses, racism, and sexuality can be much scarier than any mummy or leper; guilt; confrontation with mortality; mental and physical abuse; how much parents really affect a child’s development. NATURE VS NURTURE!! I love the movie, but I think Andy is too afraid to take it further..into greatness.  Tell me if you all agree or disagree….if you read this at all.