infekted monarch


Ahhh it’s perfect. This is my first custom corset ever. It is from Corsetry & Romance and it is absolutely stunning. It took exactly 1 month from my first contact with Palina to me answering the door and taking it excitedly from the mailman. I am so thrilled with how it turned out, it’s exactly what I wanted.

Once closed it will be a 10 inch reduction from my natural waist and in this picture it still has about a 6-7 inch gap (yay seasoning) and the shape is already so beautiful. There are no splits in any of the grommets. The binding is hand finished on the inside. You have to look inhumanly close to see the stitches where the lace was attached. The panels at the waist are reinforced with extra stitching. If I am counting correctly it has 22(!) panels. I am just beside myself with joy.