infected with love

Voltron prompt

While on a mission Keith gets stung by a bug/plant and in the days following becomes more and more aggressive towards Lance

Lance was really confused about how Keith was acting, lately they had been getting along really well. But now every time Lance even so much as look in Keith’s direction Keith would glare daggers at him. During training one night Lance was sparing with Keith and was getting nervous Keith was actually going to hurt him. Keith ended up pinning him to the mat rather roughly, and warned Lance to watch his back. He shoved Lance farther into the mat one last time before getting up and leaving. Days passed like that, Keith getting more and more aggressive, shooting threats and glares at Lance whenever they passed. But never once did Keith act any different towards the other Paladins. It was like he was normal one moment but as soon as he looked at Lance a dangerous look came across his face. Lance finally decided to talk to Shiro about it after literally being thrown across the training room by Keith, however as he approached Shiros door he saw Keith leaning against the wall. Keith came over to him and harshly pushed him against he wall, leaning in close he spoke lowly into lances ear and told him if he said anything to Shiro he would kill him.

Consider this: Sam Winchester’s is likely the oldest, embodied human soul on Earth. He spent at least hundreds of years–likely several millennia–in the Cage. The vast majority of his life has been spent in unimaginable torment. Despite all that, he is still kind.

@outtacommission mentioned Lance with an infected wound and I was kind of inspired. Not sure if I want to continue this or leave it here but… here’s a thing. I had some free time.

——— [part two here]

Lurching forward, Lance catches himself on the side of his bathroom stall and grimaces, fighting back a wave of nausea. His side stings–rather, his entire midsection, from the healing, jagged cut on the left to the stinging of his skin and the cramps of his stomach. It hurts, and Lance knows he ought to ask someone else to check on it, but he’s determined to fight this one out alone.

After all, he doesn’t want to be shouted at for being the screw up, not again. Not this time when it’s something as minor and foolish as being cut. They already had to repair his undersuit, which he felt bad about when Allura had fixed him with that look of displeasure, and he didn’t want them worrying more. It’s just a cut, of course. That’s nothing, nothing the wonderful and strong Lance can’t handle on his own.

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