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Boy oh boy.
Biggest lesson this episode, is I don’t think I’m very good at herding artists. I don’t think I’m a very good foreperson. I’m great with direction, and addressing issues, but taking on the responsibility of leadership is still something that I am learning to do successfully. This was a difficult challenge, especially with such an alien sample of fungus! I was really excited by the color and unique shape, but I don’t think that I latched on to that part of the concept enough.
That being said, I am pleased to have taken the advice from the judges in the Possession challenge, and be able to present to them what I’ve learned on another minimal makeup. It was terrifying, and at the same time, once I had that critique and direction, I felt much more sure of myself on what to do and how to handle the same thing in a much different manner.

I can’t thank everyone enough for their support to both me and me fellow contestants. The speed at which we all had to produce finished makeups is unholy, but we all work so hard, and it is really encouraging to see that despite the hardships, there is still support for everyone!

Is it Safe to Wash Your Makeup Brushes With Baby Shampoo?

When it comes to makeup application, brushes and tools are sometimes just as, if not more important than the makeup you are using itself. Better yet, the care and cleaning of them is more important than both combined together. Makeup and brushes are two things you’ve probably invested in, so taking care of them is essential. Many people are under the impression that because baby shampoo is safe for babies, it’s safe and gentle enough for makeup brushes, but this couldn’t be further from the truth… Just like how you wouldn’t wash your dishes with hand soap because it is anti-bacterial, or just like how you wouldn’t rub chili powder over your skin just because it’s an edible food item, you shouldn’t wash your makeup brushes with baby shampoo.

Makeup brushes are usually made out of bristles that are either natural or synthetic, natural bristles are usually made from animal hair. As you can guess the genetic make up and compound of both synthetic and animal hair is much different than the hair on a humans head.

The top three reasons you shouldn’t use baby shampoo to clean your makeup brushes:

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When you’ve got bomb ass lipstick on, but the doctors make you wear a mask…be sure your eyes are killer. My personal motto has become: “If you look good, you’ll feel good.”

Almost 3rd week of a chest infection, docs worried about pneumonia because the mucus has settled in my lungs. Pulled muscles in stomach and back from coughing. People at my school need to realize that not covering their mouths when they cough puts the immunocompromised at a high risk of catching whatever they have.


Ignorance should not be bliss 

My artistic intentions are to visually explore my personal ideology of animal farming and testing as a direct result of our consumerist society. I wanted to expose the hidden violence and pain that we, as oblivious consumers, inflict upon living creatures. I portrayed this perspective through the use of surrealism to impose violent symbolism on realistic subjects. My artistic practice to achieve this involved delicate oil painting techniques in the rendering of flesh and detail, and the imaginative interpretation of wounds. The man is my representation of greed and his realistic, yet cartoonist features portray a robotic identity, while the smeared blood shows the unnatural force in our actions. The collection of photographs aims to uncover the torture within cosmetics. The black and white painting further depicts our ignorance towards this as the subject continues to apply makeup over infected wounds. As a provocateur, my collection of works aims to shock the audience and expose the unheeded brutality in our society.

My major work: 2 oil paintings, 3 photographs



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