infected city

you know how at the end of prototype during the credits, theres a radio broadcast about how the people of new york are grateful to be saved and that the city is slowly recovering? and then there a rather bittersweet and VERY ironic speech by a government official about how the marines and america stopped the infection and saved the city, and will fight the bio-terrorists?

and all the while youre greeted with visuals of the aforementioned bio-terrorist, (the true savior of the city) watching from the shadows, and possibly the only person left (besides you, the player) who knows what the military did and was willing to do to new york, while a piano reprisal of his theme plays, and then after the credits he says,  “three weeks, one virus, millions dead, and i was there. my name was alex mercer, and my work is almost done” ?? it kinda seems like he’s becoming a hero right??


V: “You are so lucky.”

E: “Yes, we were.”

V: “Elijah, let me ask you a question. Do you remember at all what it’s like to be a human being?”

E: “Not really.”

V: “Cause you just put four little girls’ lives at risk.”

E: “[…] And whatever happened tonight, we just prevented the city from being destroyed.”

V: “What happens if what we did didn’t work tonight?”

E: “It did.”

V: “Elijah, you are an infection on my city. You have absolutely no virtue, and you have no value here, or wherever it is that you decide to drag yourself next. I feel so sorry for that little girl, that she’s gotta be raised in a household with a punk like you. And I’m gonna be praying for her soul, because I know you ain’t got one. 

A zombie infection hits a large city, briefly causing panic.  It’s brief, because everyone realizes the zombies are so slow and weak, that they can easily be dealt with by holding them at arm’s length, or walking away briskly.  Soon life is back to normal, other than the zombies roaming around because there isn’t enough funding for zombie control.


The pulse was designed to ward ghosts away from the human world by causing them to experience an intense paranoia, prompting them to go back into their world. The project itself had been in progress for nearly 25 years, the GIW had never let the secret experiment outside of the few researchers that were constantly at work on it. After a few years, it’d become sort of a GIW myth.

Except that it wasn’t. And the device was finished. The device would send out pulses all across the Earth to send ghosts fleeing into their own world. At least, that was the original plan. Unfortunately, the lab and its small-level ecto-entities only took them so far. The GIW needed to test it on an area where it would be controlled but also in a place where the results could be clearly seen; Amity Park was the perfect place. An ectoplasmic hot-spot and a small town. The citizens would need to be evacuated for a short period of time, the GIW needed there to be no interference with their experiment, so they could properly calculate the effects of the pulse on higher-level ghosts; just like the kinds that frequented Amity. The higher-up people in the U.S. government agreed that the small town of Amity Park was the perfect place to test the device, because of its frequent haunts-provided the GIW have the townsfolk safely out of the area as the tests were conducted. The civilians would only know what they needed to; that the GIW were going to try and rid their town of ghosts but in order to do so the people needed to be evacuated.

This was why, in a nutshell, the citizens of Amity Park were split into various lines. Children in the middle and elementary schools would be evacuated first with their teachers, then citizens over age 50, followed by adults between the ages of 30-49 (and their children that weren’t elementary-aged yet), and ending with teenagers and young adults ages 14-29 (the children of these young adults evacuated at this time too). The lines were organized further by birthdate.

Unfortunately for April-Born Danny, he was split from his best friends, as his friends had been born months prior; Tucker in the August of the previous year and Sam in February. He was directly after Dash Baxter, of all people. Apparently there was only a couple days between their respective birth-dates, who knew?

He could see his family, along with Sam and Tucker, waiting for him on the sidelines, next to the Assault Vehicle. They’d all already gone through the fun and games and were waiting for Danny to be put in the clear so that they could all leave to the center where they were to be housed until the evacuation was complete and they could resume their lives.

Danny was expecting to be thrust into another line-these guys are seriously obsessed with order, honestly-to wait for this lame experiment to be over (and it was bound to fail, obviously. The GIW don’t have the skill to catch the Box Ghost, let alone create something to prevent ghosts from spending their free time in the human world).

He wasn’t expecting that being deemed ‘fit for travel’ included a scan of ectoplasmic levels in his body. (It made sense after he thought about it; you’d have to get the citizens with a higher potential for ectoplasmic radiation farther away from the pulse to avoid them getting seriously ill, but at the time it all seemed so surreal.) Dash was pronounced clean and Danny found himself backing away. The GIW scientist scoffed at the boy’s fear, not knowing the source.

“Relax, kid. It’s just like an x-ray, or a metal detector. Not even that, really. It just looks at any ectoplasmic residue that may or may not have been left behind on you what with all these ghosts infecting your city. Just hold still for a second, it doesn’t hurt.” Danny shook his head and dodged the small device which, indeed, looked like a metal detector that they’d use before boarding an aircraft.

“N-No! Get it away from me!” He could tell that there was immediate confusion and utter disbelief at the boy’s reaction. Dash smirked.

“Afraid of a little x-ray, Fen-turd?” He quipped as he was led away into the mass of transport-ready civilians. The GIW agent narrowed his eyes before looking at two other agents that were awaiting orders nearby.

“Hold him.” The agent ordered and Danny found himself grasped in the hold of two burly men. His blue eyes widened. He was in a rock and a hard place. If he phased through their hold, they’d know; but if he let them scan his ectoplasmic levels-which always was a reflection of his ghost-half’s power level-they’d know as well.

Sam and Tucker were being held back, as well as his sister.

“He doesn’t want to be scanned! He’s healthy! Just let him through!” The red-head protested to no avail. The GIW weren’t budging. He was alone. Danny closed his eyes as the scanner passed over him; the machine had barely passed his collarbone when it began making noise.
“Mother of… This kid’s off the charts! Wait-” Danny couldn’t breathe and his eyes snapped open, though he couldn’t see much because his panic blurred his vision. “He has a signature! An ectoplasmic core!” The agent stumbled on his feet, dropping the scanner, and the two agents that had been holding the halfa ran away in utter disbelief. Danny shakily backed away, his eyes watering and his heart racing in his chest. Another voice entered the fray from where a separate agent scanned the boy’s supposed signature, only to find out that his colleagues were right and that the kid’s signature was all-too-familiar.

“It’s Phantom! The Ghost Kid!” At that exclamation, the stunned silence snapped and GIW agents whipped out ecto-pistols and other various weaponry which they brandished at the horrified teen. His parents were fighting their way through the men to get to him and Danny was wrought with indecision. This indecision only lasted for a moment, however, when the agent closest to him decided to shoot the boy with a burst of energy.

Instincts honed by nightly ghost fights and bullying from Dash, Danny’s eyes glowed a bright green and he used his hand to fling the ecto-blast away. Before he registered what was going on, his ‘defensive mode’ was switched on and Danny found himself in his ghost form and there was a shield in front of him that absorbed the small blasts fired into it.

For a moment, he noticed the looks of shock and horror on the faces of his parents. The looks on his friends’ faces, their parents’ faces, Jazz, Dash, Kwan, Paulina…. Danny gasped at realizing that he was in his ghost form and dropped the shield long enough for a large blast to nail his shoulder. Sam and Tucker were yelling at him to do something. Jazz too. The GIW spat out threats of dissection and painful experiments but Danny found himself deaf to them all. The ectoplasm from his core thrummed in his ears and his shoulder was oozing the glowing green substance, flecks of red blatantly displaying his half-ghost status.

They knew. They all knew.

Danny shook his head and jumped into the air, zipping away back into the town that they were all evacuated from. Knowing the GIW, they wouldn’t delay their planned experiment just because of this revelation-they’d just have to update their databases so that they were searching for Fenton and Phantom. The tears stung his eyes and froze on his face. He made it to his bedroom before he collapsed into his human form, his entire body numb.

He had a few hours, at most, before he’d have to go on the run. To continue running until the day he died. It was a hard pill to swallow. But he managed to pull himself together after twenty minutes of wallowing in self pity. He forced his emotions down, something that Danny had gotten enough practice doing for the past year, and flung his closet door open.

Underneath the floorboards was a simple dark blue backpack. A rather large one but not large enough to be cumbersome. Being almost as paranoid as the rest of his family, Danny had packed the bag full of what he knew he would need if he had to run off. A change of clothes (that he’d never wear in normal circumstances), scissors, a razor, a small bottle of bleach, soap, a small first aid kit, and a one-person tent rolled up and stuck on top of the backpack.

He pulled his wallet off of his bedside table and peeked inside. Twenty-five dollars and seventeen cents. He took everything except the cash out of his wallet-student ID, contact information, everything-and reached deeper under the floorboard in his closet for a few select cards.

If ever he was grateful to have a friend obsessed with technology and hacking, Danny was thanking his lucky a stars now. A fake birth certificate and social security number for a made-up boy that had only ever existed in paper form. Neil Tonne. One of Danny’s brighter moments had been to rip letters from Daniel Fenton to come up with a convincing, if not boring, identity. Shoving the papers into a pocket of the leather wallet, he packed the wallet away into his bag.

He switched forms so he could fly away but he hesitated. Taking one last look around the room, he found a framed picture of his family and friends. Him smiling obliviously along with them in front of Fenton Works. Letting a few tears slip from his toxic green eyes, he gingerly removed the photo from its frame and folded it, zipping it up into his bag as well (his HAZMAT didn’t have pockets, after all). Steeling himself, Danny made himself invisible and flew into the sky, leaving everything behind in a neatly written journal that laid on his bed innocently.

Assuming they didn’t already hate him and reject ever having a son, Danny left the journal to explain everything to his mother and father. The accident, why he kept his secret hidden from them, and recollections from every single battle that he’d ever fought in, including his evil future self. As it happened (well, directly after, in any case), he had written it down in the worn little book. Maybe even if they didn’t read it, Jazz would find it and get some comfort from it.

Pushing all thoughts of the life he was leaving behind him away, Danny sped into the horizon. He didn’t know where he was going, but it was away from Amity Park. Away from Michigan, from the Midwest, hell, maybe even away from the U.S. altogether.

As far away from the GIW as he could get, he would go. And continue going. And going.

If he ran away and didn’t contact his friends or family, the GIW wouldn’t bother them on his whereabouts. They wouldn’t know and the GIW wouldn’t know.

They’ll be safe from the GIW. They don’t care about humans if they don’t have information. Danny chuckled bitterly to himself as he flew over Colorado. Still playing the hero, even when nobody else is left behind to care. The teen let his tears fall freely through the air as he continued to fly at breakneck speed without direction.

Thick woods surrounded him, the sky above was a deep, star-speckled cobalt with the brilliant moon lighting the sky. Danny landed. He could guess that he was somewhere around Ohio, from the signs that he’d passed along the way. Before he found somewhere public, he needed to become a nobody; which is why he had landed near a small lake in the middle of the thick woods.
He tossed his backpack off of his sore, chafed shoulders and rifled until he found the bleach, scissors, and razor. It was dark and he needed light for what he was going to do. He conjured a small ball of ectoplasmic energy to hover over him. It wasn’t too bright, so it wouldn’t attract unwanted attention. Sighing heavily and steeling his nerves, Danny studied his reflection in the water. This was the last time he’d see his face. The last night that he’d be Daniel Fenton.

He started on his face first; carefully, he used the razor (while intently staring at his reflection so he wouldn’t mess up) to trim his brows so that they weren’t as thick. Grabbing the scissors, Danny had to confidence-check himself again before he started to cut away the thick locks of black hair until his long and messy hair was short and choppy; his bangs now barely reaching his brows from where they once flopped over his eyes if given the chance. Using his razor, Danny had carefully thinned out a good deal of hair on the sides and back of his head. While he was certainly no beauty major, the teen didn’t think that he looked half bad by the time he deemed himself finished.

Danny shook his head with a shaky sigh; he was really doing this. He’d played the scenarios over and over in his head but it was never real before. It had all been a joke at the time. Nothing that he’d ever have to do. He pulled his shirt and jeans off, leaving him bare but for his plain white boxers. He swallowed down the lump in his throat (they’re just clothes, come on!) and folded the shirt and jeans neatly on the dirt floor before lifting his hand and promptly incinerating them. He grabbed the bleach and shook his head again. He tugged his boxers off and stuck them next to the readied clothes by the backpack. He allowed the small, hovering ball of light to fade. Generously applying the bleach to every last hair on his head, Danny stepped into the freezing October water. If it weren’t for his ice core, he would have had hypothermia. He edged himself further into the cold water until he was at chest level and leaning against a large rock in the lake. His head spun with everything that had happened in just a few hours. He couldn’t feel-no, not yet. He couldn’t break yet; he could worry about his feelings later-now, he had to just… He just had to run.

When he finally pulled himself out of the water, Danny recreated his ball of light and studied his reflection in the stilled lake water. He was shocked to find out just how much a change in hair color and style could do to change someone’s face. His hair was maybe a shade away from Dash’s natural color. Since he had been rather thorough, and had left the bleach in his hair longer than he would have normally preferred, Danny liked to think that the blonde hair with his blue eyes looked almost natural, even with his black eyebrows. After he put his boxers back on, the clothes from his pack were next. A pair of faded, dark blue jeans that were torn in places purposefully to look “stylish” were the first to be yanked over his bare legs. Next came the tight black shirt over his head and with it was a forest green jacket, unzipped to his naval.

Now changed and disguised, the teen carefully cleaned everything up and pushed it all down into his backpack. Every last hair that he could find-everything was incinerated and the char marks were scuffed away to reveal spotless dirt. It was like he was never there. Danny transformed back into his ghost half and took to the air again, his backpack not quite as heavy as the weight of the world that he now carried on his shoulders.

It was when he made it to a place in New York, in the middle of the city with the same name, that he landed again-still invisible. It was somewhere around 5 in the morning. He’d been flying all night but the adrenaline had helped so that Danny hardly felt the true extent of his exhaustion.

He noticed that his face-both of them-were plastered across screens and billboards. He almost panicked before remembering that the face on the television wasn’t really his face anymore, thanks to his own precautions. A hand ran through his trimmed hair to reassure himself.

He sighed quietly and drifted into an empty alley, turning back into his human form. Swallowing down his terror and calming his furiously pounding heart, the boy tentatively started making his way through the streets. Nobody bothered to give the small blonde kid a second glance, often even shoving him out of their way. Danny, through his relief, couldn’t find it in him to be annoyed by the rudeness of the people around him. New confidence in his steps, Danny strode his way around the city, taking in the scene that befell him.

For a moment or two, he was even able to fool himself that he and his family were on a normal vacation. Jazz was at the New York Public Library reading everything she could get her hands on and his parents were studying the local haunts, particularly ones that Bill Murray had visited in the 80’s while filming the movie Ghostbusters, which his dad had long ago deemed a historical documentary of sorts. Danny decided that he liked his delusion and continued his trek through the city, studying the magnificent buildings that laid across the city as far as the eye could see and further. Amity Park was nowhere near as urban as he’d been under the impression that it was. Being in New York City made him feel so… insignificant. And it was wonderful.

The day went by too quickly. Soon, the city was engulfed in darkness. People went home to their loving families and luxury apartments. Others came out and rifled through garbage bins with their shopping carts full of cans and bottles. Sirens, screaming, and gunshots could all be heard in the ghettos where Danny currently was tentatively creeping through-invisible to be safe.

Everything was starting to catch up with him, as it had a tendency of doing. He was tired, hungry, thirsty, and completely alone in a huge city. No family, no friends. For all intents and purposes, Danny Fenton no longer existed. He was Neil Tonne, a nobody who knew nothing about the paranormal. A teen on the run from a life that no longer existed. Steps faltering, the boy swallowed hard and ducked into a dark space in between two buildings and behind a dumpster before collapsing onto his knees. He closed his eyes and let the tears fall. Noiselessly, he cried. The boy let everything out, his shoulders shaking from the effort of trying to stay quiet.

As pathetic as it sounded to his ears, he just wanted his mom to comfort him. He wanted his dad to laugh with over a bowl of ice cream. He wanted Jazz to psychoanalyze everything he said. He wanted to do that horror movie and hot wing marathon with Tucker that they’d put off to hunt ghosts. He wanted to tell Sam that he loved her. He wanted home more than anything in the world. Danny didn’t realize when he’d made the transition from quietly crying to bawling aloud.

He laid down on the ground, the smell of rotting food around him; the sounds of street-fighting, guns, and screaming matches ringing in his ears. A schizophrenic elderly woman hobbled past the alley, hollering about people draining all the metal from inside of the Earth. The teenager clamped his hands over his ears and sobbed harder.

He just wanted to go home.

*5 years later*

Danny couldn’t help but to wonder how much he looked like the people in those advertisements he often used to see on the television. Thin, emaciated bodies with wide eyes begging the more fortunate around to be merciful. Rough, leather-like skin chapped from days of dehydration. Some big-shot celebrity pretending to give a shit for the good publicity.

He knew he probably didn’t look much better, at least. Probably just a good deal paler like the people around him, in London. His hair was back to black but it didn’t seem to matter. He was unrecognizable from the… months? Years? However long he’d been running.

Dangerously thin, especially considering his six foot height that he’d gained over time, along with a broad chest and shoulders. Blue eyes that were lifeless and rimmed in darkness from lack of sleep. Greasy, tangled mass of hair that reached his shoulders. All he had in the way of clothing was a faded pair of dark jeans and an even more worn brown leather jacket that was zipped up if he needed to go anywhere that required a shirt. He was leaning against a brick building located within the fabulous city of London in the UK. It was cold in London now; what month was it, again?

How he’d managed to get this far was beyond him. He could only assume it had something to do with the ghost half inside of him that was becoming more and more difficult to access as he grew weaker.

It was really lucky, in all honestly, that he ended up in England. Even if his Mandarin, Spanish, and French were adequate, English was the one language he knew that he could understand for certain. Not to mention the cold rain felt like the blessed touch of a God against his feverish skin.

The sickness was probably why he couldn’t exactly recall when he had gotten to England, or how really. He wasn’t even sure how long he had been sick, for that matter. The body aches that came in bursts were natural and they often paled in comparison to the constant twisting of his stomach as it begged for sustenance. Danny could even ignore those, having gotten used to it some time ago.

Danny’s dull eyes turned to the right and he took to people-watching. He was quiet about it, but he liked to imagine what their lives were like. This lady was probably a lawyer, with the way her suit was so strict-looking… That young man was either a student-teacher or a newly-hired teacher; either way, he definitely had the ‘must mold young minds’ look about him… That guy was a family man, with a wife and some kids waiting for him wherever he was going.

Most that walked by ignored the fact that he was there. A blight on the good, properly-homed people of society. Those that dared look his way often did so with glares or looks of disgust. How awfully inconvenient for their walk home to have to smell the filth on a homeless teenager.

Such a rude boy he was to be so blatant about his existence.

Danny could feel it in the way that they avoided meeting his eyes. The way that they twitched their noses and quickened their pace. He didn’t mind, really. He knew what a waste of space he was; what a failure he was. The few things that he was supposed to do in Amity Park and he couldn’t do them. Keep his identity a secret and prevent malevolent ghosts from destroying the town he called home.

Ah, home.

What would his parents be doing about now? Cleaning up after dinner, likely. Did they even remember that they had a son? Jazz… would she be at a university by now? He couldn’t tell. Perhaps he didn’t want to be able to tell, he didn’t want to know how much of his own life had been wasted as he took horrid jobs for menial pay unless they wanted to ask questions.

His “Neil Tonne” persona had gone up in flames not even a month after he’d adopted it and began working while using the identity. He’d been caught for who he was because people started to ask questions. He’d answered them, which was the worst thing he could have done. If it hadn’t been for an elderly lady in Amityville, Massachusetts with a heart of gold, he would likely be in the hands of the GIW.

He hated questions so, as long as no questions were asked, he’d take the grunt position that he was given. Often it was cleaning out animal stalls, moving brick and mortar around, and once he was even tasked with breaking concrete slabs with a sledgehammer. That had been his favorite. Good, old-fashioned misplaced aggression taken out on the cold, gray surface of unfeeling concrete.

But he could never stay too long because people asked too many questions. How old are you? Where do you live? Don’t you have a family?

So he would have to leave. Get far away from the questions.

There was often little water for days at a time, and absolutely no food for even longer. If he could find someplace other than underneath a bridge to sleep, he was the luckiest man in the world. When he’d made enough money once, from a particularly difficult construction job, he was even able to get a hot shower with a warm meal and a bottled water. It had been the best day of his wretched, miserable life. Sometimes he wondered if he’d ever get that lucky again. It was unlikely, but he enjoyed relishing in the idea.

He remembered working for shit pay alongside illegal immigrants from Mexico. They had accepted the job for some of the same reasons that he did, and they could relate in more ways than one but at least many of them had wonderful families. His immigrant friends were nice to him and didn’t ask many questions, not that he could answer a whole lot anyway because his Spanish had been meager at the time. They had been the one to teach him how to speak Spanish more fluently; and he also learned quite a few cuss words. They also sang songs and always were kind enough to share some of their lunches that their families had packed for them. A few even offered that Danny stay with them.

But he was wanted by the GIW. The ghost hunters were willing to pay in exchange for him or information on his whereabouts, and Danny knew what the promise of money could do to someone and their steadfast morals. He always had to refuse, despite his heart yearning and tugging at the promise of being part of a family again, even if it wasn’t his own.

Danny let his head fall back, letting the icy rain pelt his scarred face. Opening his mouth, he allowed the cool water to moisten his tongue. It wouldn’t be enough, he knew, to help him much. At least it would stop the more intense burning of his throat. He tossed his jacket aside, though he knew it was unwise to do so. He needed the coolness on his body; not to mention it might help with the filth caked onto his person, might help with the smell that was bothering the other people passing by.

Speaking of which, there actually weren’t many that were out and about; the few people that were outside in this weather were just tourists now, mostly. There was a decent hotel not far away and they were all hobbling back from their exciting activities in “The Old Smoke”. The rain had completely soaked the denim which now clung to his weak legs. Danny blinked slowly, swallowing the water in his mouth before closing it.

The teen knew, in the back of his mind, that this was it. His body was giving out and he knew it. Any urine he’d been able to pass off, with what little water he’d had, was tainted with blood. He was now in constant pain, unable to sleep for more than maybe four hours even though he always felt completely exhausted. He was so tired; he knew that if he relented and closed his eyes that they wouldn’t open again.

But why was he hesitating? What was he waiting for? Closing his eyes meant… release. He wouldn’t have to run anymore. Worry about when his next meal would be. Wonder if his family missed him.

His legs drew close to his chest and his head drooped to rest atop his bony knees. Water rimmed his eyes and the pressure of unshed tears threatened to burst through his careful wall of apathy. But he was dying now. If someone was dying, they were allowed to cry, were they not? He didn’t have to put up anymore farces.

He carefully reached into the pocket of his jeans and pulled out a worn photograph. The ache in his chest flared and Danny gasped slightly. It wasn’t the normal pain that he was able to ignore; this was something so much deeper, something that hurt worse than any kind of sickness or any kind of starvation that he’d ever experienced. He coughed out a choked sob, letting his eyes close and the tears fall freely.

I miss you Mom, Dad. I’m sorry if you’re disappointed in me for what I am… For who I’ve become. I wanted you to be proud of me like you were proud of Jazz. Jazz, I bet you’re doing good about now with how smart you are. Probably graduated now, right? … I’m sorry that I’m not there for you, Jazz, I am. I’m sorry I’ll never be able to see my nieces or nephews. I’m sorry I’ve been such a rotten brother. Brother… Tucker, the closest thing I’ve ever had to a brother. I miss you, man. I wish you could be here and tell me to ‘shake it off’ or something funny like that. Heh, you’d probably tell me to man-up and that my kidneys are just fine; I’m being a wimp. Except you’d be joking because you’d do this while you and Sam dragged me to the hospital to be looked at. Sam… I wonder if you’ve found a boyfriend. Most likely. Hopefully he treats you right; gives you everything you need and anything you want… I still love you, Sam. I’m sorry… I’m so sorry…

With his apologies murmured internally, Danny was able to quiet his broken sobs. His head fell back against the brick, his limbs went lax, and he went still.

A blonde boy was grinning ear-to-ear despite the pounding rain. His poncho took care of most of it anyway, keeping him warm and dry. His parents were a few paces ahead, discussing what they wanted to do for tomorrow, their last day before flying back to Michigan. The blonde nineteen year old went along his merry way until he heard a loud splash coming from an alleyway just to his left. Curious, he peered into the alley and, just against the red brick building laid a kid his age. He’d fallen to the side into a puddle. His ribs poked out dangerously from a much too pale chest. His messy mop of black hair clung to his pale, gaunt face with the muddy rain water. The teenager ventured closer with a look of puzzlement. He… He looked familiar. Almost like… But it couldn’t be… He saw a crinkled, torn piece of paper in his hand. It was a… photograph? His eyes widened and he nearly choked on air as he realized the identity of the boy laying in the cold mud.

“Is that-? No… Fenton? Fenton?! O-Oh my god! I-I found-! Mom!”

The Fall of Rome

by W.H. Auden

The piers are pummeled by the waves;
In a lonely field the rain
Lashes an abandoned train;
Outlaws fill the mountain caves.

Fantastic grow the evening gowns;
Agents of the Fisc pursue
Absconding tax-defaulters through
The sewers of provincial towns.

Private rites of magic send
The temple prostitutes to sleep;
All the literati keep
An imaginary friend.

Cerebrotonic Cato may
Extol the Ancient Disciplines,
But the muscle-bound Marines
Mutiny for food and pay.

Caesar’s double-bed is warm
As an unimportant clerk
On a pink official form.

Unendowed with wealth or pity,
Little birds with scarlet legs,
Sitting on their speckled eggs,
Eye each flu-infected city.

Altogether elsewhere, vast
Herds of reindeer move across
Miles and miles of golden moss,
Silently and very fast.


Jasper Hale imagine requested by anon. “Can I have a Jasper imagine when the reader gets a cold and goes to school anyway. Just like fluff and protective Jasper overload? You can include the rest of the Cullens if you want! Love your writing!!! ” Hope you like it!

“You really should be home,” he reminded you, his voice low enough to avoid detection as your teacher continued his droning statistical speech on the dangers of life in the throws of Bubonic plague. An incredibly ironic lecture, considering your current state of failing health. Your world was all but spinning from the swirling fever circulating your body, returning every so often to flush your otherwise pallid cheeks with unhealthy colour. You shook your head, your temples stinging with the sharpness of an oncoming migraine, tortured by the slightest of movement, rejecting your lover’s concern for your well-being. If he survived the Civil War, bearing witness to countless amputations and bouts of ruthless dysentery, he could handle watching you hustle through something as minor as the common cold. He spoke once more, his voice in your ear, his breath stirring your hair, adhering a few stray strands to the light sheen of sweat coating your forehead. “You’re choosing now to wage bio-warfare? This class isn’t meant to inspire you, Y/n.” You continued to ignore him, scribbling down notes on Caffa and the Genoese with shakier handwriting than usual. Jasper sighed, his posture relaxing in defeat. “I’ll drive,” he offered, your eyes finally meeting his, a darker gold than he usually sported, his hunting activities slipping while he watched you grow progressively sicker.

“Jasper, we’ve got a week until finals. I can’t afford to miss any classes, and I won’t be able to make up any assignments before the term ends if I’m out of school,” you watched his eyes roll, his lips parting to counter your argument. You shot him a stern look, your face flushing with uncomfortable heat, continuing your speech over his oncoming words. “I’d feel the same at home, Jazz. It’s better that I’m here. It’s productive. I’m fine.” Your eyes locked on the board, copying the next few bullet points on the ridiculous methods taken to infect the city. Jasper leaned in close beside you, causing you to instinctually lean away. You knew he couldn’t contract your illness, but you couldn’t help the knee-jerk reaction. He chuckled under his breath, watching you return to your slumped posture.

“Y/n, I’ve taken this course over twenty times. I can help you study. I can do your homework for you,” he offered, his grin obvious in his voice. You scoffed, which became a rasping cough in record time, sorting your thoughts in the aftermath of your respiratory assault.

“Whatever happened to integrity?” you mumbled, watching Jasper’s head duck to mask his smile, his hand flitting easily over the lines of his notebook, writing from memory the events following patient zero, his voice breaching a whisper in order to reach your ears.

“You’re talking integrity to the man who lied his way into the Confederate army?” You groaned in defeat, resting your head on your folded arms, your world shrouded in glorious shadow, your head pounding with a lesser intensity in the absence of harsh fluorescent lighting. Jasper’s hand trailed over your back, rubbing in near unnoticeable circles unseen by the rest of the class due to your seating pressed against the farthest wall. “Yeah, you’re fine, alright. Just fine.” You shifted your head, pressing your eyelids further against the material of your hoodie, the feeling of fibers scratching against your skin distracting, if only momentarily, from the pressure against your skull. Jasper’s frigid fingers against the back of your neck certainly helped, and you felt too sluggish and sticky to mind terribly that he was likely encountering a generous amount of sweat while he attempted to cool your rising temperature.

You fought against your every instinct to allow Jasper to crutch you out of History, opting instead to fold your trembling fingers with his, pressing your clammy palm to the smooth marble of his hand as you left the room, your teacher eyeing you warily before pumping a gelatinous pool of hand sanitizer into his waiting palm. Jasper eyed you pointedly, as if to prove his point that he wasn’t the only person wishing you weren’t attending Forks High today, but you continued your newfound habit of ignoring him. It wasn’t a difficult feat, considering the roiling waves flooding your body absorbed the most of your attention. It was a struggle to keep upright, let alone remain attentive. You ended up leaning your body against Jasper’s side, his arm snaking around your shoulder, effortlessly carting you through the throngs of students en route to their study halls. You wound up beside the school’s main stairwell, meeting up with the rest of the Cullen clan, their golden eyes, save one pair of warm brown, dissecting your deteriorating state. Emmett was the first to speak up, his usual brutal honesty spawning an over-dramatic assessment of your physical appearance.

Jesus, Jasper, you’ve got more life in you than she does! What is it, the plague?” You grumbled about your sneaking suspicions, Emmett’s grimace deepening. “Dude, I think you might need to bite her or something. She looks like she’s goin’ down quick. Wouldn’t want the rest of Forks catching whatever she’s got.” He turned slowly to Edward, the most experienced with flu-like symptoms and on-the-spot vampire transformation, his eyes pleading for answers. He didn’t appear to be amused by the connection his brother had made. “Should we call Carlisle, or let Jazz have a go at it?” Edward rolled his eyes, pulling Bella into his side, her head resting against his shoulder, her eyes sympathetic on yours. Jasper shot his brother a hard look for even suggesting he try his hand at tasting human blood, his voice bordering on a growl when next he spoke.

“I’m not going to bite her, Emmett,” he snarled, his hulk of a brother offering you an apologetic glance, lifting his hands in a helpless sort of way, faux-disappointed that his plan to help you had fallen through. Jasper’s jaw clenched, his posture stiffened. Serious or not, Jasper wasn’t fond of the drink-your-date jibes Emmett made whenever you were around. You groaned, your hand dragging over your forehead, your fingers collecting beads of sweat as you moved.

“Ugh, please do,” you begged, your voice a soft, meek plea for release. Emmett chuckled, slapping you on the shoulder for your commitment to his joke, the playful force causing your body to sway. You ducked your face into Jasper’s shoulder, your mouth downturned in a grimace.

“See? I told you I’m not the only one gunning down vampire boulevard.” The vampire by her side chuckled, his butterscotch eyes rolling above a bemused smile. Clearly, they’d had this conversation before. You were no stranger to Bella’s desire to join her lover in eternity, and considering vampire’s couldn’t get sick, you were starting to buy into her logic.

“Let’s do this later, alright? Perhaps repeatedly saying the word “vampire” in a hall of mortal students isn’t the best idea, no matter how much the humans,” he paused, his hand on Bella’s waist squeezing affectionately, “want to discuss the terms of their impending doom.” You groaned, your voice scratching against your throat as your words made their way to your lips.

“So no one’s going to put me out of my misery?” your words provoking a whispered “oh, now you’re miserable?” from Jasper’s lips, pressing a cool kiss to your temple, easing the heat of your fever for a brief moment of unexpected bliss.

“That’s a great idea, Y/n. I’m sure the three-day stint in a hot tub of boiling agony is much less severe than a common cold,” Alice whispered, her voice friendly despite the weight of her words. You shot her a pleading glance, her eyes lifting from their intense focus on your face, her vision hazing slightly as if she were watching an alternate image to the one before her. Her lips pursed in defeat, her gaze returning to your face. “You have five more days. But you’ll be healthy as a horse for finals!” You weren’t in the mood to allow her contagious optimism to take hold of you; today, you were far more viral.

“Thank God. I was really worried, there,” you murmured, your sarcasm seeping through even your whisper. Alice’s face deflated in apology, her brows pinching with sympathy. You turned your face upward to Jasper, his deep golden eyes awaiting your next words, a smile toying with his lips. “You know what, you win. Let’s go home.” Jasper smiled victoriously, his hand dropping to your waist, holding most of your wait as he turned you away from his family, Alice and Bella calling a hopeful “feel better!” as you departed.

“Yes, ma’am,” He parted the crowds easily, ghosting you through the halls as easily as if there were no students blocking your path. You had a creeping feeling that you were making a solid contribution to the splitting of the human sea; one look at you, and people were pressing themselves against their lockers, none of them willing to fall victim to whatever it was that was sabotaging your health. Jasper pushed the heavy metal doors open, exposing you to the chill of the rain outside, half-carrying you to the passenger side of his brother’s car, shutting down your protests when you reached the door with a quick shake of his head. “I already asked, he said it was fine. They’re going to run, it’’s faster that way anyways, and Edward’s going home with Bella.” He opened the door, guiding you inside and pressing a kiss to your forehead before closing you in. Seconds later, he was behind the wheel, steering you out of the parking lot, his eyes dissecting the road before falling on your face. “Edward’s going down to the office to let them know you had to duck out. The receptionist would leave her husband in a heartbeat for him, so you should be fine.” you settled into the Volvo’s soft leather upholstery, snuggling up against the window, your arms acting as pillows. Jasper’s hand fell to your knee, offering his condolences as he guided his brother’s car to the driveway of your home.

Your parents were out of the house until the evening, allowing Jasper some leeway in the obscene-strength department. He hoisted you from your seat and into his arms, carrying you into your home and into your bedroom, tucking you easily beneath the sheets, as if all of his strength was not expended in carrying you from the car. He pulled the comforter up around your chin, walking around to the opposite end of your bed before joining you atop the sheets, his arm snaking over your waist, his skin cooling you where you touched. You sighed, exponentially more comfortable in your own home than you would have been surviving another handful of hours behind a desk, content to wallow in self-pity without twenty-odd onlookers.

“I don’t think I can do another five days of this,” you moaned, your face pressing into your pillow in defeat. Jasper inched closer, his lips in your hair, his body secure beside you, anchoring you.

“You’ve survived worse,” he reminded you, offering a devilish grin when you turned your head in confusion. You rolled your eyes, letting your head fall back to the pillow. “If you haven’t died yet, this won’t kill you. Think about it. You walk around surrounded by vampires. You’re home alone with a vampire right now. You think a cold is going to be the end of you?” You mumbled something nearly incoherent about being doomed to die, eliciting a chuckle from Jasper, his hand smoothing over your hair, the temperature of his skin delectable while yours burnt so warmly. “Go on, rest. You deserve it.” You allowed his gentle attentions to lull you to sleep, sparing you, for a few hours, at least, from the sluggish sickness trapping you, if only for a few days more. You drifted off to blissful sleep.

Wreak Havoc PART 3 [Teen Wolf x Reader]

Warnings: Reader being sick. Swearing. Sassy reader? Reader being reffered to by the nickname Havoc.

Words: 903

Part 1

Part 3

Havoc stared at the full body mirror and poked her own cheek. Even in human form she was pale and skinny. Yes, something was definitely wrong with her and there was no way of her trying to ignore this any longer. She was standing in her bedroom back at the mansion, every single piece of fabric in the room a dark purple color. Behind the closed curtains of the same color, a few rays of moonlight entered the room.

“Suck it up, Havoc. Just go ask for help.” She frowned at herself in the mirror. “It’s not like you have anyone left to ask.”

She stalked over to her wardrobe, which was open, and took out a pair of black high heels before sticking her feet into them and walking back to the mirror where there was also a bureau standing. She placed her fingers around the wine glass and lifted it up to her lips. The smell of blood made her cringe back. She didn’t take a sip, just pushed the door open with her foot and left the room. She walked down the dark hall, her heels clicking as they met the dark tile floor.

“I’m out of my mind, I’m going crazy” she called out loudly, her voice echoing in the empty corridor. “Okay that’s it. I’m talking to myself. I really need help.”

Havoc put the untouched glass of blood on a bench and then kept walking. She soon realized that she had almost been ready to leave the house in her morning robe, and began walking back to her room almost tripping on the heels. It wasn’t really the heels; she just needed something to blame this weakness on.

Derek and his pack were all fast asleep when Havoc broke into his house. She adjusted the dress she was wearing and then ripped Derek’s duvet away from him. He sat up, growling. Derek surely did seem ready to attack the intruder until he realized who it was.

“Don’t you know how to knock?” he asked sounding slightly annoyed.

“Sorry for interrupting your beauty sleep, princess. I never went to knocking school.” She shot him a smirk and fell down on the side of his bed, now sitting down.

“Is everything okay?”

“I’m amazing. I’m always amazing. I do need Scottie to help me out with something though.” she smiled and tilted her head. She looked kind of scary, but that wasn’t exactly something new.       

“You look very pale, is there something I could do?”

“Yes actually you could take me to the others or maybe like call your little gang in for a pack meeting or whatever” She let her fingers dig into the soft mattress, trying very hard not to lie down and faint.

Half an hour later everyone were gathered in Derek’s loft. Havoc was sitting on top of a table, picking at her nails.

“Okay, uh why are we here. Why is she here?” Stiles made a gesture towards Havoc. “Pretty sure she hates me.” He added muttering. Havoc grinned at him.

“I don’t hate you. I hate Peter.” She joked. When she saw Peter raising his eyebrows tiredly at her, she rolled her eyes. “Chill, I don’t hate you. I’m just not necessarily excited about your existence.”

Isaac, one of Derek’s young betas with curly hair and nice cheekbones, laughed at that comment.

“I feel like I’m being bullied, and you know what. I’m not entirely sure why I’m here.” Peter crossed his arms.

“None of us are.” Scott declared from somewhere behind Stiles. He had his arm around Kira’s waist. Everyone looked at Havoc, wanting her to explain so she stood up and took a few steps forwards.

“Alright so-” She was cut off when her legs got weak, and her knees bended. She fell down to her knees, trying her best to stay up but she fooled no one. Someone grabbed Havoc’s arms and pulled her up, and when she moved her head there was Braeden, Derek’s girlfriend.

“Karma is a bitch. Who would have thought not only would the vampires have infected the city, but the city would have infected the vampires. I think I’d need this favor you owe me.” Havoc turned her head to look at Scott and met his eyes. “Here’s the part where I would probably threaten you or something but as you can see I’m not exactly in shape” she forced out. Her eyes sunk in and specks of red appeared in her eyes.

“If it’s some kind of supernatural decease Deaton might know what it is.” Scott looked unsure of what to do and then looked over at Stiles as if to get reassurance, or at least some kind of sign telling him if it’s good or bad idea. Stiles gave him two thumbs up when he noticed his friend looking at him.

“You should probably get her there very soon. She doesn’t look like she’s okay” Allison spoke up.

“Oh thanks for the heads up, Daphne. I don’t think anyone noticed.” Havoc huffed back, still keeping herself up by leaning on Braeden.

“How long has it been since you fed?” Derek asked with a frown on his face. He sounded genuinely concerned, and Havoc almost laughed at him. They weren’t friends, so why on earth did he care?

“I can’t feed” she raised her hand to her forehead and rubbed it. “And I’m starving.”

Part 1

Part 3

Resident Evil 5 Files: History of Resident Evil (0-4)

Engineer Michael Warren begins the electrification of Raccoon City. The fifth head of the Ashford family, Edward Ashford, begins his research into what would later become known as the Progenitor virus.

Ozwell E. Spencer enlists architect George Trevor to design and construct a reclusive mansion on the outskirts of Raccoon City.

Ozwell E. Spencer, James Marcus, and Edward Ashford officially establish the Progenitor virus which reconstitutes a living organism’s DNA.

The construction of the mansion and lab facilities in the Arklay Mountains is completed.

Jessica and Lisa Trevor are injected with a variant of the Progenitor virus. The virus fails to establish itself in Jessica, and she is subsequently disposed of. The virus shows promise in Lisa, and as a result, she is placed under close observation. George Trevor is chosen to be a test subject; however, due to his intimate knowledge of the Mansion Facility, he is disposed of instead.

Construction of Raccoon City’s public transit trolleys begins in Europe and they are quickly put into use within the city. Spencer founds the pharmaceutical company Umbrella with Marcus and Edward Ashford. The company is established to mask their biological research.

Edward Ashford contracts the Progenitor virus and dies. His son, Alexander Ashford, succeeds him as head of the Ashford family.

The Umbrella Training Facility is established in the Arklay Mountains with Marcus appointed as director.  

Alexander Ashford begins to design a facility in Antarctica. He secretly makes plans to build an underground laboratory for the purpose of the “Code: Veronica” project.

Umbrella’s Antarctic Base and research facilities are completed.

The “Code: Veronica” project is successful. The twins Alfred and Alexia Ashford are born.

Albert Wesker and William Birkin join the Training facility as prospective managers.

Marcus successfully develops the T-Virus.

The closure of the Training Facility is finalized. Wesker and Birkin transfer their T-Virus research to the Arklay Research Facility; Marcus continues his own research in the closed down Training Facility.

Although only ten years old, Alexia Ashford graduates at the top of her class from a prestigious university. Birkin begins to view Alexia as a rival.

Alexia injects her father, Alexander, with the T-Veronica virus, but the experiment ends in failure.

Wesker researches secondary exposures to the T-Virus. He begins to have reservations about Spencer’s plans. Alexia injects herself with the T-Veronica virus and enters a fifteen-year cryogenic sleep. To maintain the secrecy of this plan, it is reported that she died of accidental exposure to the virus.

Michael Warren becomes mayor of Raccoon City.

Wesker, under orders from Spencer, assassinates Marcus. Under Birkin’s guidance, the T-Virus program begins development of the B.O.W. Tyrant. Umbrella begins work on the “Nemesis” project at its sixth European research facility.

Umbrella begins construction of an expansive underground laboratory beneath Raccoon City. Spencer approves Birkin’s G-Virus project and work begins on it. Wesker is transferred to the Information Department.

Umbrella contributes funds for the refurbishment of City Hall and the building of the General Hospital. A statue of Michael Warren is erected in City Hall.  

Raccoon City Police Chief Brian Irons begins conducting negotiations with Umbrella. Birkin transfers to the underground lab in Raccoon City, clandestine meetings with Irons begin.  

Alfred Ashford graduates from a university in England, and becomes director of the Antarctic facility. He rises up the ranks to eventually become an executive of Umbrella, and then director of Rockfort Island.

A training facility for Anti-B.O.W. squad members is completed.

John from the Chicago lab takes over for Birkin at the Arklay Research Facility. Alfred builds a private mansion and prison on Rockfort Island.

Raccoon City Police Department’s S.T.A.R.S. team is founded with Wesker as Captain. HUNK (later of the Umbrella Special Forces) undergoes combat training at Rockfort Island.

A mysterious clone of Marcus’s appears at the Umbrella Training Facility. There is a large-scale viral leak at the Arklay mansion. The research lab there is destroyed. Cerberus claims its first victim: a 20-year-old woman whose body is found dismembered.  

Cerberus sightings are reported in a local Raccoon City magazine.

Two groups are sent to investigate the Training Facility. The first one is wiped out by B.O.W.s located on the premises. There is an increase in reports of accidents and missing persons in the Arklay Mountains. The city sends the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team to investigate.

Bravo Team’s helicopter experiences engine trouble for unknown reasons and is forced to put down in the Arklay Mountains. Bravo Team takes the Ecliptic Express to investigate the Training Facility, which is later destroyed.

Alpha Team is sent out to search for Bravo Team when communication is lost. The occurrence of the Mansion Incident. Bravo Team leader Enrico Marini learns Wesker’s true identity. Wesker murders Enrico. Ravaged by the virus, the mansion and the lab are destroyed. Four members of the Alpha Team and one member of Bravo Team escape the catastrophe.  


Chris Redfield
Jill Valentine
Barry Burton
Brad Vickers
Rebecca Chambers

Wesker escapes the Arklay Research Facility before it is destroyed.

Former S.T.A.R.S. member Chris Redfield learns of the G-Virus and heads to Europe to investigate Umbrella.

The virus spreads throughout Raccoon City via infected mice. The city is declared a biohazard as incidents of “cannibalism” continue to rise. Birkin completes his work on the G-Virus. A zombie horde attacks the city’s police station.

The police station is destroyed, and Chief Irons descends into mania. Warren escapes the city but leaves his daughter behind. U.B.C.S. (Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service) arrived in the city to begin rescue operations.  

Rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy arrives in the city at the same time as Claire Redfield.

Umbrella deploys the B.O.W. Nemesis T-Type into the city, and it begins its hunt for former S.T.A.R.S. member Jill Valentine. Umbrella deploys mass produced Tyrants into the city.

Leon and Claire escape the city with William and Annette Birkin’s daughter, Sherry. With the arrival of the U.S. military the city is placed under martial law. U.B.C.S. survivors are exploited by Umbrella’s official observer of the situation, Nicholai Ginovaef, and they die off one by one. The hospital is destroyed.  

Ada Wong and HUNK each acquire samples of the G-Virus. The underground lab in Raccoon City is destroyed.

The U.S. government decides to eliminate the virus threat by destroying Raccoon City with a missile strike.  

Claire infiltrates the Paris laboratory, only to be captured and imprisoned on Rockfort Island. Wesker attacks the island with his own private force and releases the T-Virus onto the island. Claire escapes from the prison and sends an e-mail to Leon asking for help. Her location is made known to Chris.  

Jill escapes Raccoon City and goes to Chris’s apartment, but he has already left for Rockfort Island. Alfred Ashford escapes the island. Chris arrives at Rockfort Island and finds Wesker. Alexia Ashford wakes up from her cryogenic sleep at the Antarctic Base. Alfred dies shortly after.  

Claire and Chris are reunited at the Antarctic Base, and together they defeat Alexia. They escape before the base is destroyed.  

Jack Krauser fakes his own death and joins Wesker’s secret organization.

Chris and Jill take part in the mission to destroy the Umbrella Caucasus Research Facility in Russia. They were successful in destroying a new B.O.W. known as T-A.L.O.S.  

The U.S. president’s daughter, Ashley Graham, is kidnapped by the religious group known as the Los Illuminados. (The actual kidnapping was carried out by Krauser.) Leon Kennedy was scheduled to join Ashley’s Secret Service detail, but is ordered to find her instead.

Leon Kennedy is injected with the Las Plagas parasite by the Los Illuminados. After that he and Ashley, who is also infected with the same parasite, take shelter in a church. After escaping the village, Leon and Ashley are forced to seek refuge in an old castle, but Ashley is once again apprehended. This time she is taken to an isolated island by Krauser under the orders of Roman Salazar, the eighth head of the Salazar family. Leon confronts Salazar and defeats him.

Leon heads to the island to find Ashley, and it is there that he defeats both Jack Krauser and Osmund Saddler, the leader of the Los Illuminados cult. Leon and Ashley use the facility on the island to remove the parasites.  

Ada Wong steals the Las Plagas parasite sample from Leon.

Leon and Ashley escape from the island by jet ski.

The Wife

Series: Im JB’s Wife

Status: On-going

Chapter: 2 of 17+Epilogue

Genre: Fluff (?), Angst (?) (tbh, this is just pure silliness)

Pairing: Reader x GOT7 Jaebum

Word Count: 2690


Note:  Italicised words were said in Korean. The series/ whole story is called Im JB’s Wife but I’ll be using the chapter title as the title for each update.

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I’m very interested to find out how the whole Vigilem-in-Windblade’s-brain thing that the TAAO #12 cover seemed to confirm is going to work exactly. Is it just going to be a matter of Vigilem possessing Windblade’s body while Windblade’s mind and agency are completely suppressed, or is it going to be more along the lines of their minds, personalities, and memories being fused together? When the idea of a Titan infecting a City Speaker’s mind through a merging was first brought up, it was worded as “we don’t know how much of whose mind we’ll get back,” which to me sounds somewhat suggestive of the notion that bits of each mind might become amalgamated together.

Furthermore, the solicitation for TAAO #12 reads “But for once the master of manipulation’s only choice is to make himself helpless to another. Good thing no one’s got a grudge against Starscream, right?” The cover to the issue strongly suggests that Windblade/Vigilem is the one he’s making himself helpless too, while the solicitation implies that the one he’s making himself helpless to is the one who has a grudge against him. Vigilem doesn’t have a reason to hold a grudge against Starscream, at least not anymore than he has to hold a grudge against any Cybertronian. WINDBLADE ON THE OTHER HAND… 

Basically, if Windblade’s feelings for Starscream get channelled through Vigilem’s malice and manipulativeness, then Starscream’s alarmed look on the cover of #12 makes a lot of sense.

Pemberley (deleted scene)

Darcy - Miss Bennet

Elizabeth - Mr. Darcy

Darcy - Miss Bennet, this is my sister Georgiana Darcy.

Georgiana - Miss Bennet, I knew it had to be you. My brother has told me so much about you. I feel as though we are great friends already.

Elizabeth - I thought you were in London.

Darcy - No i’m not. I had to return to evacuate my sister from Pemberley. Are your parents in good health?

Elizabeth - Yes very well thank you sir.

Darcy - I’m glad to hear it and all of your sisters?

Elizabeth - Yes they are all in excellent health sir.

Darcy - Would you do me the honour of introducing me to your friends?

Elizabeth - Surely, Mr. and Mrs. Philips. Mr. Darcy. Mrs. Philips is my aunt.

Darcy - Well I am delighted to make your acquaintance. Please I wish time permit for me to give you a full tour of Pemberley but alas I must deliver my sister, Georgiana, to my Aunt Catherine and return to the front immediately.

Mr. Philips - How goes it Darcy?

Darcy - Not well, but we have manage to keep the infected contained within the city walls.

Mrs. Philips - London is loss then?

Darcy - Yes. Come Georgiana, we must make hast.

Georgiana - I hope we should meet again very soon Miss Bennet. Good day.

Darcy - Good day. Come

The Conspiracy of Overwatch


Gabriel Reyes “Reaper” believes that Jack and the rest of Overwatch left him to die.

Gabriel Reyes  was trying to get a list of Overwatch Personnel. We ASSUME its to hunt down overwatch members but (theory) maybe he’s looking for SPECIFIC people.

Jack Morrison let people believe he was dead after the Overwatch HQ explosion so he could secretly find out who was behind it. People ASSUME it was Gabriel Reyes and Talon due to Gabriel thinking he was a better leader than Jack. But Jack probably thought of this and if he suspected Gabriel was to blame he wouldnt be looking for who REALLY did it.

Though his short was called “Hero” Jack himself said he wasnt a good person anymore and almost let that child die. He says Los Muertos is an infection in the city, however

Los Muertos’s public stance is that the rebuilding of Mexico and Durado after the death of THOUSANDS to the omnic crisis only benefited the Rich. (theory) Perhaps the conflict between Los Muertos and Jack is a matter of Vigilante vs Vigilante

Aside Fact:Jack is an old soldier with current anger issues “looking for answers” . his psychological profile is consistent with one who might target  gang in a wild hunt for “answers” to a  terror attack.

Los Muertos was made in RESPONSE to the omnic crisis (at least publically)

Lumerico brought energy to Mexico

Lumerico was revealed by Sombra (the Light factory taken out by someone named Shadow) to be corrupt to the point of the CEO stepping down.

The same terrorist/vigilante/hacker Has Targeted other powerful companies including Volskaya industry and Vishkar

Vishkar incenerated a poor part of town killing many and maiming others in order to seal its deal with Rio De Janeiro.

Sombra is in a key position to discover and contact Lucio. We dont know if she has though so this might be a red herring. But his raves were “underground” obviously involve heavy technology AND his enemy is Vishkar a corrupt organization whos murdered people in a country just a few countries away from Mexico.

Though Reaper was thought to be an assassin he had no business loyalty and seems to be loyal to Talon who’s motives are unknown.

Talon, not just Sombra targeted Volskaya industries.

However, Talon ALSO targeted Overwatch before Reaper became an (official) member with the Widowmaker incident being proof of that.

Also Sombra had to abandon her life after stumbling on a great conspiracy

Furthermore the line Widowmaker tells to Ana about her husband (a prominent doctor, i believe, in Overwatch).

Ana: Gerard was a fool to love someone like you.
Widowmaker: You don’t know anything about him.   Some might interpret this as “our love is deeper than you can imagine” but its my strong belief that this is a hint that (theory) her husband was actually one of the corrupt members of Overwatch.

Finally: When they introduced Overwatch, blizzard directly described that it was destroyed from the inside out. We ASSUMED this meant Reaper. But have no proof other than “now he’s a bad guy)


Theory: Overwatch became a powerful military science cross country organization able to put down almost any threat. Corrupt businesses started to use their black ops unit to do their dirty work, and “convinced” loyal and good hearted founding members like Mercy, Reinhardt, and Torbjorn to leave (forcing Rein to retire and working against Tor’s and Mercy’s wishes for their technology till they finally quit leaving Overwatch able to do whatever they wanted with their technology)

However since they had to keep the strings on Blackwatch loose and keep the Goody Goody’s in overwatch that remained oblivious to their dealings Gabriel and his expert team of Blackwatch Overwatch members targeted criminal organizations tied to the big businesses using  Overwatch. Since Overwatch was resisting privitization, and Blackwatch was hunting down their illegal assets to efficiently they leaked the worst Blackwatch cases to the public turning Overwatch into a Scape Goat. Then used their ties to get safetly into Overwatch HQ and blow it up killing many people and proving that such a large force of Heros was not worth it.  Jack and Gabriel both survived, Gabriel being blackwatch managed to discover the spy in time to KNOW what happened, attempted to stop it and was critically wounded. Using a prototype version of Mercy’s Self Sustainig nanites (the reason she’s able to heal naturally and has not or barely aged).

Jack knowing no one could survive for long took the time to escape and begin a hunt for whoever was behind this that took years longer than he thought.

Meanwhile Gabriel whos body is now infected with nanites that can break down and reform his body but require absorbing heat, minerals and vitamins from his victims to keep it up, He strong arms himself into the leadership of Talon and repurposes it to find take down the corrupt black market companies that destroyed Overwatch and hunt down the Traitors in Overwatch who either worked for them, fed them information, or played a direct hand in the attack.

Mccree, As one of the only Blackwatch agents to (publically) survive the explosion the people behind the corruption of Overwatch used him as a scape goat (thinking the leaders were dead), which worked perfectly due to his record, history as a gang member and being a Latino man in a shadey military organization. This explains Mcree’s large bounty, why he’s a wanted man and coincides with the fact that almost every other “Overwatch” hero was demilitarized or presumed dead.

Sombra who’d just Abandoned her life after stumbling upon a great conspiracy of powerful organizations of Lumerico, Volskaya and Vishkar who truly came to power with the destruction of Overwatch  which they orchestrated. one little girl a very assassinatable target for three(+?) powerful companies discovers that they destroyed the most powerful organization in history and has to erase herself to survive. Dedicating herself to fighting corrupt governments and companies such as the Lumerico who abused her own people she is discovered by Talon. Gabriel Reyes and his Talon (the clawed weapon of an Owl, which his costume is based on) form a symbiotic relationship with Sombra as He is after the big companies behind the destruction of Overwatch.

So among the various factions of the Overwatch story (the wild monsters made like the Junkers, The New generation like Lucio and, the veterans like Winston, Tracer and Genji, the outlaws like Hanzo and McCree)…

We have Soldier 76 working for 5 years alone trying to find out who was behind the destruction of overwatch, a lose canon willing to throw away his own morals including beating up (alleged) rebel fighters (los Muertos) and almost not saving children from grenades. And appears to have finally teamed up with Ana Amari

Who is in conflict with Talon, lead by Gabriel Reyes who MIGHT have created the organization before Overwatch was destroyed as a way to hunt corrupt members of Overwatch. Either way Now they are NOT targeting past Overwatch heroes (like what? they decided “i dont like good guys so im going to kill them) but rather searching for a full roster of Overwatch agents so they can find the ones who used them and tried to kill them. as a Blackwatch Agent Gabriel found out  future widowmaker’s husband was a horribly corrupt business man or scientist. After seeing all the lives ruined by her husband’s decisions after Gabriel  abducted her to show her and get her to help, she pledged to take care of it herself. Killed her evil husband and went back to Talon to continue hunting her Husbands minions.

And Sombra who though a part of Talon obviously has her own agenda and is obviously using Talon for her own ends, possibly thinking Talon’s methods are to “messy”.

But whether my spelled out theory is accurate our not we DO know there was a conspiracy that took down overwatch. we KNOW Soldier 76 is hunting it, For some reason he’s hunting IT and not Gabriel who thinks jack abandoned HIM. We dont know EXACTLY why Reaper wanted that file AND reaper’s chief hacker is a girl who fought oppression by big government and Business who had to go into hiding after strumbling upon a “great conspiracy”.

So even if the exact details of my theory might be iffy i’m 120% sure my premise is completely on point. The bad guys are the corrupt governments and businesses, some of our heros are fighting them openly, some secretly, and some violently, but whether their methods are evil or heroic, they are mostly all fighting the same thing

Power Rangers Cyber Corps (aka Power Rangers 21)

From the archives comes the third and final installment of my trilogy of ultimately unused Power Rangers pitches (see part 1 and part 2).  Having grown up watching the show as a kid, eventually coming to work on the show, becoming its head writer, leaving it and coming back (a few times now), I developed a unique insight into this long-running series which got me sucked back into the show’s orbit like Michael Corleone more times than is probably healthy.  Having left the show for good (again), my notes on how to adapt Go-Busters for Power Rangers have sat around unused for over a year gathering dust.  With the recent announcement that the Go-Busters season will be skipped in the US, I thought I’d brush them off and share them here.  Grab a seat and buckle your seat belts because this one gets a little crazy.  Here is a glimpse into what might have been with my final unused story for Power Rangers…

(Link to part 1 of this can be found here.)

The year is 2015.  The place is ETERNITY CITY.

Eternity City is a thriving metropolis of the Power Rangers universe not unlike the cities of past seasons.  There are parks, schools, malls, gyms and juice bars just like the sort of cities previous Power Rangers seasons took place in.  One big exception is the several towering ENERGRID TOWERS scattered across the metropolis.  The Energrid Towers are essentially power plants, providing virtually limitless, clean energy to the people of Eternity City and powering the city’s defenses.

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Could u do the zombie apocalypse au with 17 vocal unit??? Cause that would be great, like amazing Thx mom^^


  • at first he’s sorta like everyone else, just scrambling to find a hiding place and like stock up on rations but then he witnesses something that changes him,,, something tragic
  • and then it’s goodbye sleepyhead jeonghan hello zombie hunter jeonghan like i really just enjoy the idea of jeonghan unleashing a much wilder side of himself in an au like this in like complete chaos
  • wears like a tattered bandana around his head and has on like heavy military boots and a belt of bullets that hangs from his hips and like idk his hair is up in a ponytail but some strands fall into his face,,, 
  • he doesn’t really have a hideout,, he just roams through the city looking for food and like openly engages with zombies with his machine gun no big deal
  • you meet him because you’re also like a wondering survivor and you’re tough as nails too but somehow you get cornered by this hoard of zombies outside an old gas station and you’re like running low on ammo and you’re like oh no
  • but then???? jeonghan comes out of nowhere, like guns ablazing and you’re like ???? who is this person??? 
  • after all the zombies are defeated like you’re kind of just staring at him in awe because a) like he’s handsome but b) he just saved your life instead of like letting u die and take your rations also he’s the only person you’ve ever seen confidently mow down like dozens of zombies
  • even though jeonghan has no problem fighting zombies,, like he even gets a thrill out of it sort of like a vengeance,, he’s still actually super sweet as a person
  • he’s like are you ok?? do you need ammo?? 
  • you’re kinda like ??? how can you be so badass in a fight and then be an actual angel also??
  • you and jeonghan end up teaming up because like you also are just traveling alone and you’re also pissed off about zombies and ready 2 fight if necessary and jeonghan respects that 
  • you two are like cool zombie hunter heros saving other survivors from the undead but also living off of like scrapes you find 
  • once jeonghan got hurt and you like ripped a part of your shirt off to bandage his injured knee and he couldn’t like look at you for the rest of the day because fRICK ur so cute but also half your shirt is missing r i p
  • you two once saw this little girl get seperated from her mom while people were escaping from the zombies and you got so scared and protective of her like you literally run right over and scooped her up and like punCHED the zombie who was coming closer and jeonghan just…..heart eyes …. literal heart eyes
  • you two helped her find her mom and the little guys before you left was like!!! are you two married?? and you two were liKE OM G NO and the mom was like “you two are so cute, thank you for being human in this time of chaos” and you and jeonghan just …. just blushing even tho jeonghan still thanked her and like pulled you along with him
  • yall are just a cute zombie fighting heroic couple 


  • one hundred percent paranoid about everything thanks to the zombie virus like he’s so scared he like literally wears one of those exterminator suits because he just…. he can’t
  • built a hideout in the basement of his house and like literally has not come out since this whole thing started
  • probably already had a lifetime of food stocked up because he just seems like the type to do that
  • has never even actually seen a zombie, like he heard it on the news and just holed himself up like nope never again
  • you two meet because he surfaces to like get something from upstairs and like you were passing by his house and u thought it was abandoned so you went inside to find some food and like at the same time joshua was going up to get something and like you two just…..see each other like wait….
  • joshua grabs a vase and you grab the toaster and you’re both like DONT COME NEAR ME
  • but then like…’s awkward and you kinda laugh…..but then joshua’s serious like ‘why are you here??? are you infected??’ and you’re like ‘no oh my god i just want some food…..’
  • he hesitates but like he can see that you’re not bitten or anything so he’s like….ok come with me…..and you’re like ok….and you go to his basement and it’s like stockpiled with food and you’re like this is HEAVEN 
  • he lets you get some cans but then you’re like “hey, why are you wearing like plastic??” and he’s like JUST IN CASE and you’re like “how will the zombies get you down here??” and he’s like LISTEn and you’re like ok ok
  • you leave after that but like three days later you can’t stop feeling bad for that kid just locked down there and so you comeback and knock on the basement door and joshua opens it holding like a bamboo stick and you’re like omf it’s just me
  • he’s like oh!!!! a little embarrassed and flustered by your sudden appearance and he’s like do you need more food??? but you’re like no no there’s something else
  • he’s like ??? and you’re like “when’s the last time you saw the sunrise?” and he like shrugs like idk like months ago and you’re like come with me
  • as you’re pulling him up the stairs and onto the first floor of the house joshua’s getting tense like what….are you doing…
  • and you’re like “the zombies don’t even come around this area anymore, let’s go up on the roof to see the sunrise”
  • and at first he’s like NO but with some persuasion and probably because joshua also thinks you’re cute you two get up there onto the roof and joshua can’t believe it but like it’s good to breathe fresh air and you sit beside him and you’re like pinching the suit he’s wearing like srsly this needs to go and then like idk
  • you two watch the sunrise and somehow hold hands and after that joshua agrees to like come out more often although he always makes u promise there’s no zombies around or smthing


  • kills zombies with a chainsaw
  • nothing else, just a chainsaw 
  • is kind of reckless and keeps engaging in close combat battle and like everyone is always like woozi please chill you might get yourself bitten and he just laughs it off like this isn’t a big deal like jiHOON this is an APOCALYPSE
  • his hideouts in the local mall, he sleeps in the security tower where all the TVs are to keep on eye on everything 
  • he doesn’t share his rations with anyone. like it’s a rule he made. it’s live or die for him now and if anyone tries to steal from him he comes at them full strength, zombie or not 
  • keeps other weapons on hand just in case like a swiss army knife, a frying pan from the cooking dept of the mall, the office chair he sits in could also be a weapon……
  • anything’s a weapon for him
  • you meet when you stumble into the mall and woozi sees you on camera and he like assumes you’re there to get something of his so he goes off to fight you
  • but he finds you like sobbing in the abandoned smoothie hut of the mall and this like isn’t the first time he’s seen someone crying during this whole thing but he’s just shocked???? usually people go looking for food or something but you’re just……yeah……
  • he freezes and you only notice like twenty minutes later when you’re just sniffling and you’re like “WHO ARE YOU”
  • and woozi jumps because you scream and he’s like THIS IS MY HIDEOUT WHO ARE YOU and youre like IM JUST HERE FOR THE NIGHT OK SORRY DID U SEE ME CRY and he’s like UM 
  • you’re embarrassed because oh god this cute guy saw me sob my eyes out and you’re about to just melt because everything sucks and woozi feels bad for the first time because he can see you’re conflicted and he’s like “…..if you want to spend the night come upstairs with me…” and you’re like EXCUSE ME and he’s like nOT LIKE THAT I MEAN SO IF ZOMBIES WANDER IN HERE YOURE NOT IN TROUBLE
  • you like make a little spot for yourself on the floor away from woozi and woozi’s like mumbling to himself like why did he think this was a good idea to bring you up here what if you try to attack him in his sleep what if u take his food 
  • but you just squeak out a ‘thank you for…..being nice’ before you sleep and it changes his mind,,, like somehow he just trusts you and instead of even sleeping he spends half the night on watch over you because like ….. you’re the first person to never try to backstab him from the getgo and idk he’s just like……people like this still exist in this shitty time huh
  • in the morning woozi’s like…..if you have no where to go you can stay here
  • and you’re like really!!! and he’s like yEAH i GUES s WHATEVER just dont get yourself bitten
  • you promise you won’t and like the next day these zombies come in and youre like ok do u have weapons??? and woozi grins as he throws you the frying pan and you’re like WHATS THIS and he gets his chainsaw and he’s like lets go
  • you never thought you could knock a zombie out with a frying pan but woozi teaches you that that is VERY possible 


  • he’s so soft and sweet that even when the zombie virus breaks out he can’t even kill anyone,, even if they’re undead
  • you’re basically the one who saves him from dying lmao
  • originally you didn’t plan to stick with him, but DK is literally incapable of hurting anyone so you end up dragging him along with you when you escape the infected city 
  • you with your AK strapped to your back holding DK by the wrist who refuses to even hold a gun because!! they’re dangerous
  • you still hand him like a rake and you’re like “DK, if something comes for you just close your eyes and swing” “what if i hurt it?” “…..that’s the point.”
  • he’s really curious about trying to establish like non violent ways of communicating with zombies, but you know that that isn’t possible so you’re always like pulling him away and pushing him so he’s behind you so you can protect him honestly sometimes he reminds you of a little kid whose fearless of anything but like…..zombies need to be feared otherwise he could get hurt
  • dk doesn’t kill any zombies, instead he just carries your duffle bag of clothes and stuff around. he won’t carry ammo though because again - it’s dangerous
  • you move around a lot, but your hideouts are usually in like schools or hospitals, places that are big and that might have materials you need
  • even though zombies threaten your life every minute, being with dk is so much better than being alone
  • he takes like chalk and draws silly cartoons for you on an abandoned school board or like he’ll find a bunch of hospital gowns and like insist on making a blanket for you out of them like no matter where you settle down it’s just so positive being with him
  • you didn’t think he knew this, but he knows that you don’t just enjoy killing zombies too - that it’s hard for you to protect him and yourself and he actually like comforts you so well
  • pulls you into his lap even though you two havent had a decent shower in like two weeks and he’s just like “a lot is happening, but you’re really my guardian angel through it all”
  • you don’t know how he did it but once he got another group of survivors to give you like clean extra clothes and some water and you’re like ??? did you steal this ??? and he’s like ‘no they gave it to me because they said i was nice!!!’ and you’re like oh my god
  • you tried to teach him how to use a gun, but he’s literally like too scared to even hold the thing 
  • you once thought you had been bitten after a fight with a zombie and you were like listen dk if something happens to me please protect yourself like you need too and he just said that he’d rather die than be without you and you were like don’t say that!!! 
  • but like dk’s committed to you, like not only is he in love with you for protecting him but he’s also loyal to you until this is all over - like he told you this and ofc u got flustered and you were like dk!!! go like!!! find some rations stop being,,, so ,,, silly,,,  


  • made a hideout for himself on the roof of some tall building, has a sniper rifle ready, and a grenade launcher in his hands at all times. basically, he’s not playing games
  • does his best to avoid zombies, but if he sees one down below he kills it just for good measure 
  • when he needs food he takes his grenade launcher and goes down to the han river to catch some fish with his hands or something like being from jeju helps him a lot
  • since he’s high up and no one can hear him,, plus zombies don’t hear all that well anyway,,, he sings to make the time go by quicker
  • that’s how you find him like you’re searching through the building for food and you hear this angelic voice and you’re like wtf……
  • you go up and open the door to the roof and you just see this tent set up surrounded by cans and wrappers from food and like a sniper gun and then just some boy sitting on the floor, singing 
  • you startle him when you make a noise and you have to duck because he gets his grenade launcher ready and you’re like sorry!!!!! im not a zombie!!!!
  • he’s like ? what are you doing here?? and you’re like i heard your voice and got kinda enchanted im sorry 
  • seungkwan likes the compliment so he asks you to come over and like tell him what’s going on down in the streets since he hasn’t really left in some time
  • you fill him in and seungkwan’s kinda like “do you like have a group of other survivors?” and you’re like not really and seungkwan’s kinda like “if you want you can stay here it’s pretty safe and id feel bad letting you go out there by yourself”
  • and you wanna snort and be like thanks for the pity,,, but at the sametime his offer is great and like he’s so nice and cute and ok you didn’t just say cute
  • you and seungkwan live on the roof together and seungkwan teaches you how to shoot a sniper gun
  • when you two have to venture into the streets to stock up, seungkwan is especially protective of you and when a zombie tried to even get close he literally loses it and overkills the thing
  • you’ve never seen such a side of him,, but like you learn that the things he cherishes - seungkwan protects with his life
  • seungkwan has like funny nickname for different kids of zombies and they all make you giggle 
  • he’ll reenact stuff for you to keep you two entertained up on that roof 
  • somehow through all of this seungkwan still manages to find happiness in singing and now…. in you too
  • although he’s protective and very concerned, sometime he’ll pretend to not be interested in you like that at all but literally if you ever meet other survivors they’re always like “wow your boyfriend really takes care of you well, im glad love lasted even through this!!!”
  • and you’re like omf and seungkwan’s like lmao we uh GTG

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27 + Sanvers

27) things you said on the phone at 4 am

Alex hits call before she can stop herself.

Forget that it’s five past four in the morning. Forget that she and Maggie are only barely friends. Forget that she should be sleeping and not incessantly thinking about how Maggie had called her a nerd and she hasn’t felt like she belonged anywhere like that in a long time. Not to someone that hadn’t known her for years, that hadn’t her accepted her awkward and strange and a little bit intimidating for long before now.

Forget that she’s forgotten what it’s like to just hang out with someone that isn’t her sister.

She really shouldn’t have forgotten that it’s four in the fucking morning.

Maggie is just her friend… maybe… maybe not after tonight.

“Danvers,” Maggie answers, voice rough and deep with an edge of questioning surprise. “Aliens threatening to take over the city in the middle of the night?”

“What?” Alex asks, thrown, her whole train of thought. “No! … No? I was just going over our case.”

“Our case, huh?”

Alex trips over her thoughts and she spills out the mess in her head. It’s their case, of course it’s their case, Maggie helped her bring the injured alien in. The injured alien that had been infecting half of National City with an alien virus that left them weak with a seemingly incurable flu. She still hadn’t been able to crack the cure, but there had been nothing more she could do at the lab as her computer had run through computations looking for a key. J’onn had convinced her to go home and sleep and here she was calling Maggie Sawyer at four in the morning.

“Hey, nerd,” Maggie’s voice is soft and sleepy.

Alex hums a response. And cringes as this is the second time she’s responded when Maggie’s called her a nerd. At least Maggie can’t see the blush creep across her cheeks or the way she sinks down lower in bed and pulls the covers over her head. She just wants this friendship to work out so badly it hurts.

“Did you call me specifically to ramble long enough so we could watch the sun come up?”


“Look out your window.”

Alex can almost hear Maggie shaking her head in amusement. Sitting up she pads across the room and opens the blackout blinds. She squints as the first light of morning blasts into her room, bright and saturated, “It’s beautiful.”

Alex leans against her window, cradling the phone between her ear and shoulder. 

“Yeah, it is…” Maggie says as if she’s saying so much more.

Silence hangs between them on the line but it’s comfortable and it doesn’t feel awkward. It just pulls and breathes and connects until Alex’s eyes are drooping and she’s almost asleep standing up with her forehead pressed to the cold glass.

“Alex?” Maggie sounds like she’s struggling to form words. “I’m going to fall asleep again, but thank you.”

“For what?”

“Watching the sunrise with me.”

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@rcseheir and @trystcne Same mun on both, so they are gon git it! Sophie is just… I don’t know if it’s okay to compare someone to a disease, especially if you like them, but Sophie is basically the bubonic plague of niceness, her niceness and kindness infects entire city blocks. I don’t even think Sophie Rps anymore, I think she just goes around blogs and just is nice to them. Never a mean word comes out of this girls mouth, and in the day and age we live in, it’s so nice to find someone kind as Sophie. Also her birthday is coming up, so go tell her happy birthday!



Retail Price: $3.99
Writers: Robbie Thompson, Justin Jordan
Artist: Barnaby Bagenda
Main Cover: Dan Mora
Movie Poster Variant Cover: Oliver Barrett
Classic Variant Cover: Paul Rivoche
Spectrum Variant Cover: Felipe Massafera
“Vintage” Action Figure Variant Cover: David Ryan Robinson
The battle has infected Ape City. Cornelius’ army of empowered mutants and apes lay waste to Grodd’s Gorilla Army and Red Lanterns. This world’s only hope lies with Hal Jordan and Sinestro, who must work together to save Cornelius from the corruption of the Universal Ring.