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Preferences #12: The Way You Guys Kiss


Passionate and full of love


Playful yet Loving


Teasingly Sweet


Lustful yet slow


Deep and Lasting


He didn’t know what to say. All he did was stare at the small figure sitting across the from from him. She was pale and eyes red from crying. He didn’t mean to make a mess of the situation. Harry just has an emotional heart and says what he feels.

“You can stop looking at me. It’s making me uncomfortable,” she turned to the side a bit to avoid his gaze. Harry didn’t respond but just continued to look at her. (Y/N) coughed and blew her nose, her throat still hurting from practically screaming five minutes earlier. Harry noticed that she started to shiver and immediately got up and got her a blanket.

“I don’t know how much longer we can keep this up (Y/N). It seems like we’re just a poison to each other,” Harry went on. (Y/N) sighed and slumped her shoulders not satisfied that they would continue to have a discussion. Harry knelt down next to her grabbing her small hand in his big one. He brought it to his lips and let them linger for a couple seconds.

It didn’t take much for her to burst out into tears again. “I just want to be able to love you without any consequences. Without any worries,” she mumbled through her cries. Harry started to feel the tears building up at the corners of his eyes.

“Listen I love you. I love everything about you and nothing will ever change that. It’s just not healthy for us to be together if this is how it’s going to be. We shouted at each other so loud I maybe be going a little def,” Harry joked. It got a little congested laugh out of (Y/N)’s mouth. You could see it in both of their eyes. They were in complete utter love. That was the truth, and everyone knew it.

“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. But you’re right, we have to let go.”

The tears continued and even Harry’s tears finally let go and fell down his face. He moved (Y/N) slightly over on the couch so he could sit next to her and cuddle his baby doll one last time. She rested her head on Harry’s chest getting comfortable. He kissed the top of it and stroked her hair.

“The world will bring us together again. When we’re better for each other.”


“Ow ow ow,” Lou was curling my hair for the show tonight. I kept moving around so the curling iron kept touching my ear. I’m so twitchy I feel sorry for her having to deal with me.

“Love please sit still , you’re going to go out there with burns on your face,” I nodded trying my best not to move around. I was on tour with one direction and we are in the middle of the tour.

“Even with burns you would still be absolutely beautiful (Y/N),” Harry winked at me pulling away from his conversation with the boys. I blushed so hard I probably looked like a tomato.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” I said feeling a little confident. He walked over to me getting close and touching his torso to mine. He was messing around with me and my hair making me laugh. Although Lou was not having it.

“Harry! I’m going to burn this girl if you keep making her move,” he put his hands up on defense walking away laughing.

“Is there something going on there?” I stayed silent not sure what to tell my hair stylist. I looked at Harry crouching over minding his own business. “I don’t know, but he has a really nice butt,” I said.

Harry looked over at me smiling, and embarrassment washed over my face when I realized he had heard me.

“Take me to dinner first.” I face palmed almost giving Lou another opportunity to burn me. Louis and Niall caught on to the conversation making fun of me and my red face.

I’ve been around these boys way too long.

Imagine // for @lovefortheflowers

I sat in the waiting for tapping my foot so fast that the little boy playing with the office’s toys gave me a weird look. “Haven’t you ever seen a nervous person before? Geez.”

He scooped up the toys and walked to the other side of the waiting room. I had to come to the dentist because I was getting an aching pain on one side of my mouth. I was afraid they would have to work on my teeth if something was wrong.

I really don’t like the dentist. The good part is my boyfriend Harry works here. He’s a dentist himself but I’ve never been able to see him as a patient, he’s always busy because people request him. I mean why wouldn’t you want that piece of handsome basically on top of you while he checks your teeth.

“Nina the doctor is ready for you,” Nancy the hygienist gave me a small smile as I followed her through the door. She showed me to one of the rooms in the middle of the hall that I’ve never really been seen in before. “He’ll Be With you in a couple of minutes,” she told me. I nodded and she left me to wait. I played with my fingers and tried to pass the couple of minutes that seemed like forever. “Good morning love,” I was startled by an all too familiar male voice. It was Harry and he was wearing his work uniform and looking cute as a button. “Harry, what are you doing? Don’t you have other people waiting. You should get back to them.” He playfully rolled his eyes and put on some latex gloves. Rolling his stool out to the side of my chair. “I will be seeing you today Nina. I know how you feel about all of this. So I decided that maybe if I check your teeth you’d feel more comfortable,” he grabbed my hand and squeezed it trying to help me feel less scared. “I don’t know. What if I have a cavity and I have to get a filling. I don’t want tools and needles poking me,” I felt tears brimming at the edge of my eyes. Harry gave me a sympathetic look. I tried to convince him to let me skip my check up and just wait for him at home. He wasn’t having it, even when I used my puppy dog eyes. “Baby, I promise you everything is going to be okay. I won’t let anyone hurt you. If any work needed to be done I will do it and be as careful as I possibly can. I love you.,” he kissed my forehead and waited for my response. I was still scared but I trusted this man with my life. “Okay, I love you too.” I laid back on the chair and let him do what he had to do. I flinched here and there and coughed when he polished my teeth. In the end it wasn’t that bad at all. He was right and I was in fact okay. Plus I had no cavities which meant I was doing a grand time brushing my teeth. I have my handsome dentist boyfriend to thank for that.

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