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infatuated friday: o m o n d i.

Instagram is never short of little hidden gems, so I’m glad I stumbled across this big one at the kickoff of fashion week. I’m obsessed with the color, contrast, && styling of OMONDI’s f/w ‘15 collection. Everything is clean, minimal, yet subtly bold…everything I love. What’s even better is the gorgeous array of these beautiful black women, something that is rarely seen in the fashion industry. This was definitely a moment.


Authors Note: I’ll be posting Part 2 to ‘Pie Bomb’ on Thursday night and the Part 2 to ‘Infatuation’ on Friday! This is the first drabble im posting that’s not going to have a Part 2 and I didn’t get carried away with this one.  yaY(sctratch that, I did kinda get carried away.) ((also, let’s just pretend that Bucky can get sick, despite the serum, k? K))

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Bucky realizes he loves the reader at an odd time.

Warnings: language, fluFF, whiny Bucky


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Bucky realized he loved you at probably the weirdest time. No, it wasn’t during movie night while you guys were cuddling and you curled up more into his side, or when you would kiss his cheek.

It wasn’t during sexy times or when he would wake up in the morning with you in his arms. It wasn’t cliche at all, like sitting up late at night together on the rooftop or standing together in the rain, holding hands, just because you wanted to.

“So..why are we standing in the rain again?”

You opened your eyes to take a quick glance at Buckys confused features before closing your eyes again.”I don’t know, it just seems like a nice day to stand in the rain. It’s calming.”

You both stand there in comfortable silence for a few minutes when Bucky breaks it. “We’re going to get sick.”

“Eh, fuck it.”

Not the next day when you both woke up with stuffy noses and a fever. Both of you had laid together in Buckys bed that day while Mama-Bear Steve took care of you guys. “Guess im the one taking care of you now, Buck” he had said. “Shut up, punk and go get me my chicken soup.”

It wasn’t on a mission while you were kicking ass, easily taking down the bad guys with ease, or on your way back to the Quinjet and you would make him carry you, claiming you were tired.

“You train over 15 hours a week, make breakfast for the whole team, do paperwork and can be as energized as a rabbit but when you kick a few guys asses you’re suddenly too tired to walk?”

You let out an exaggerated groan as you let your arms go limp.”I think I’m gonna pass out from exhasution!”

It was a Sunday morning and you had both woken up tangled in each others arms, the sun hitting your skin perfectly. Despite his protests, you had gotten up to brush your teeth, reminding him that you guys had a training exercise this morning.

“But it’s Sundayyy. We’re not supposed to have any training exercises.” You sighed but smiled nonetheless at Buckys childish behaivor.

“Ask your bestfriend about that, not me.” Bucky turned over to look at you in the bathroom while mumbling,”You’re my bestfriend, too.”

He watched as you finished up brushing your teeth and picked up the floss. He felt his heart swell at the sight of you making cute, weird faces in the mirror making sure the floss got in between your teeth.

He loved the way your eyebrows furrowed when you were concentrating on something and all the other little things you do that you don’t think he notices.

He loved how you can go from adult to child in a matter of seconds.

He loved your big heart and kind smile that always made him tingle inside.

He loved that you didn’t mind going slow for him. Not jumping to the ‘I love you’s’ on the third date.

That was when he realized.

I’m in love with this girl.

I’m in love with her.

Bucky was in love.

And it was the best damn feeling in the world.

At this point, Bucky had gotten up to walk in the bathroom. He placed his hands on either sides of your waist and put his face in the crook of your neck as you threw away the floss.

“Well, hello.” You giggled and looked at him from the mirror. “How nice of you to finally join me instead of staring at me from the bed like a creep.”

A deep chuckle came from Bucky and it vibrated throughout your whole body. He turned you around so that you were facing him and he put his hands on both sides of your face so he can watch your reaction fully.

“I love you.” 

You went tense as you searched his eyes for any hint of joking but there was none. “W-wait are your serious?” Bucky nodded, sure of himself.

A big grin graced your lips as you captured his lips into yours. The kiss was deep, passionate and full of love; unlike any other kiss you two have shared.

When you both broke apart, in need of air, he rested his forehead against yours. “I guess that’s your way of saying it back then?” You let out a breathy chuckle as you swat at his right arm. “Yes, Bucky, it is. I love you too, you big dork.”

Xx Cherish xX Fennel oneshot.

Birthdays, they’re supposed to be happy and to celebrate the joyous day of one’s birth. Yet… the one who was born on this day could find no such joy. What was there to celebrate about a broken youth like him? Fennel had managed to make it through most of the party with a fake smile. He had replace his flower crown because it had wilted slightly. He also had to use a white concealer to hide the shadows under his sockets.

After the cake candles had been blown out and everyone had eaten the vegan cake, it was time to dance. Everyone was having a splendid time, all except for Fennel. He was leaning up against a tree, everyone else too busy to notice he wasn’t enjoying his own birthday. Suddenly the upbeat music turned into something else…something that caused Fennel’s soul to ache with agony.

Every guest had brought a cd to play on the cd player and one of the guests had brought their own personal playlist. The song that was now playing was torment to Fennel, he didn’t want to hear it. He wanted it to stop, he couldn’t handle it, he could feel his soul race in full blown panic. Please…no, please make it stop. He hugged himself as he trembled in sheer agony and horror.

If I could begin to be
Half of what you think of me
I could do about anything
I could even learn how to love

Fennel couldn’t handle this, he could see his family and friends… all of them….finding the one that meant the most to them. He could see them embracing each other and begin to dance slowly, some even singing along as they nuzzled each other. Some of them even kissed each other as well.

When I see the way you act
Wondering when I’m coming back
I could do about anything
I could even learn how to love
Like you

Fennel’s soul was throbbing in agony, he could feel the tears rolling down his cheeks. He couldn’t do this anymore, he couldn’t be here anymore. He had to leave, there was nothing for him here. Nobody needed him, everyone was so perfectly happy without him. Everyone had someone, no one needed his love. Nobody had ever wanted it in the first place.  

He was always the third wheel, always the one who craved what he couldn’t have. Love was always out of his reach. It mocked him, what a harsh and cruel wicked thing love was. There was no love for Fennel here, no one had enough love for him in their souls to share.

He’d never have what they did, he’d never experience the feeling of someone loving him. He’d never have his first kiss, first date, get engaged or get married. Nor would he ever have his own family. He’d never have a baby girl, he had always dreamed of having a daughter when he was old enough to dream such dreams. But here he was, still alone, with nothing to show but a broken soul and a wilting flower crown.

I always thought I might be bad
Now I’m sure that its true
‘cause I think you’re so good
And I’m nothing like you

Fennel took his chance and silently slipped away, he was sure no one would even notice he was gone until after the festivities of the party ended. He made his way to the edge of the woods, he looked back over his shoulder. No one had noticed he had slipped away, figures. No one ever noticed.

He could remember all the times when he’d accompany his friends placed, but no one would ever notice that he slipped away. Once he, Friday and Ara had gone out for a picnic. However Friday and Ara, though they probably hadn’t meant to, were so caught up with each other that Fennel began to feel ignored.

After a few hours into the picnic, Fennel slipped away. Feeling like a burden to the both of them and unwanted. Plus it hadn’t helped that the two shared a few kisses right in front of him. Though he felt like a horrible monster for that, it’s not like they knew that he loved them both. It’s not like they knew that he had wanted to kiss and cuddle the both of them.

It’s not like they knew…they were making his soul crack little by little. And then there was Lorelai and Zay. After Fennel had finally let go of his infatuation for Friday and Ara, he had fallen for Lorelai. They had been so close… so very close. Fennel felt as if maybe…maybe Lorelai could be the one to mend the cracks that still called his should their home.

But then, they met Zay and everything changed right before Fennel’s eyes. Before he could even begin to comprehend what was happening, Lorelai and him began drifting apart. Fennel had tried to keep Lorelai close, but Lorelai always wanted to see Zay.

It wasn’t long before Fennel realized that Lorelai had fallen in love with Zay and more cracks had formed when he had realized it. This time Fennel had fallen in love with only Lorelai, so it wasn’t as bad this time around as it had been with Friday and Ara.

With a heavy heart Fennel knew he had to move on. He stopped hanging out with Friday, Ara, Lore and Zay for the most part. They all had their own lives and they were all happy with each other. They hadn’t really noticed Fennel had all but mostly vanished from their circle of friends. Or if they had…well they didn’t confront him about it or say anything.

Fennel knew however that they hadn’t meant it. Fennel was the one that had pushed all his friends away. He’s the one that isolated himself, he’s the one that pulled away. None of them could have known how he had been feeling. He never told them, nor did he tell the other few people had had a crush on over the years how he felt.

He was too afraid, he had began to convince himself love wasn’t for him. That it wasn’t in his future, the there wasn’t enough love in the entire multiverse. That no one could mend his broken soul. No one could mend something as broken as him, it was impossible. He was too broken to be loved.

The sound of the party faded away into silence, the only sounds were the crunching of leaves under his feet and the whispers of the wind around him. He just picked a direction and walked aimlessly. He didn’t care where he was going, it didn’t matter. He didn’t want to be hurt anymore, if he was alone no one could hurt him ever again. He’d still be lonely… but at least he’d never love and be broken even more when love slipped away from him again.

He continued forward for hours? Days? Weeks? He didn’t know, all he knew was by the time he stumbled into a clearing he was exhausted. He was hungry, cold and his skeletal frame ached. Within the clearing he found a lone and crumbling, broken well. It was just like him…alone and crumbling, broken.  

He managed to make it over to the well and sit on the side of it. It was dark, yet there was still starlight and moonlight pouring through the cracks of the mountaintop above him. It was here that he broke down, that he sobbed. That he wailed his sorrows to the stars and the moon above him.

This continued on until everything hurt, he was hugging himself, trembling. He was a shivering and sobbing mess. He was lost…he didn’t know how to get back home. He wanted to go home, what had he been thinking? He was afraid and so cold, so very cold. The darkness seemed to stretch on forever into a vast void. Which way was home? Why had he come out here!?

He regretted everything, he wanted to go home. He wanted to see his family and his friends. He wanted his mom and dad… he wanted to go to sleep in his own bed. He wanted to be warm, clean and fed. But here he was, hungry, cold, dirty and not in his bed. Fennel had called for his parents and his friends.

But nobody came.

Except for a stranger. Fennel froze up as his soul began to race within his rib cage, he could see a hooded figure. However, there was a soft and warm light surrounding them. This light was inviting and soothing. As soon as the fear of being alone had come, it vanished all thanks to a stranger who stood a few feet away from Fennel.

The cloaked figure reached out and gestured Fennel silently with a hand signal to come. They cloaked figure stepped forward and beckoned him again. They waited patiently for him, not moving another inch.

Fennel don’t know what possessed him to move, but he rose to his feet. A sense of weightlessness welcomed him and he felt as if he had glided like a shooting star through the sky, to meet up with the cloaked stranger.

Suddenly and ethereal light surrounded the clearing and flowers of many hues and bio-luminescent colors sprang up. Fireflies began to dance within the clearing, and the soft breeze carried a soft song. The fountain that had once been in shambles was restored to its former glory and koi fish swam in pairs within the water. The clearing had transformed into a garden unlike any other that Fennel had ever seen.  

Fennel could feel the stranger in the cloak place their hands on him, in a way one would do if they were about to dance. He tensed up until the cloaked figure shook their head which was obscured by shadows. The figure leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss to Fennel’s forehead and it caused Fennel to tremble.

He could feel tears form within the corners of his eye sockets, he stared at the cloaked figure. He was trying to make sense of a face underneath the darkness, but in the end he couldn’t. The cloaked figure began to dance, taking Fennel along for the ride. Fennel danced slowly with the figure, listening closely to the song that was being whispered on the breeze.

Since when was it said, that from all great things some part of it had to be lost?

Terrified of letting our hearts become one  

I tried to let our bodies fill the void I tried to mask my fears  

But still, every single one of those days  

You were still there  

You were still there in my heart…

Fennel followed along with the dance, as he rested his head against the chest of the stranger. He didn’t know who this stranger was, but they made him feel safe and needed. They made him feel wanted… finally. He was wanted by someone, even if he did not know who they were. They needed him and wanted him, just as much as he needed and wanted someone.

The cloaked figure began to sing the words of the song, “If we could have shared a deep love, I thought. Even if someday, our time here were to end… I could imagine I’d be loving you for all eternity. Reaching out to you, forever.” Their voice sounded like a lullaby, it was beautiful and tear jerking. It was almost like they weren’t from this plane of existence, their voice was so angelic that it caused Fennel to cry as his soul skipped a few beats.

He could feel himself falling so easily for the cloaked figure and yet he didn’t even know their name. He was so pathetic, falling in love so fast like this. But who could ever blame him, he couldn’t control it. Someone was finally here, someone finally granted him the affection he had desired for so long.

“Love is such a frightening thing. That’s why I run from it, yet chase after it….Whether as an adult or as a child it makes no difference.” Fennel closed his eye sockets and listened to the cloaked figure sing their song to him. The song was so…familiar yet Fennel swore he had never heard it before now.

The small skeleton could almost feel himself falling into the light around them. But the cloaked figure was there to keep him from hitting the ground. They were like his protector, his guardian angel. Someone had sent them from the stars to love him. Fennel’s wish had finally been granted.  

Someone loved him… someone loved him. Stars, someone loved him, he began to sob as he embraced the cloak figure tightly. He could feel them wipe away his tears, then he felt the cloaked figure gently place one hand under his chin.

As soon as Fennel glanced up, he could feel the cloaked figure press their mouth to his, it was at this instant that his soul mended and became whole. It was at this moment Fennel knew he’d never be alone again. The cloaked figure pulled away and held out their hand, waiting for Fennel.

“Come with me Fennel…you’ll never be alone again. I’ll love you…forever.” Fennel took their hand and walked into a blinding light with them. The both of them laughing and giggling as they vanished into eternity with each other.

Fennel’s wilted flower crown was all they had found of him lying abandoned upon the shambles of the well. It had been years since he had vanished, after that there was nothing to be found. Fennel’s family and friends never saw him again, but they all swore whenever they visited the woods, they could hear his voice singing faintly on the breeze.

“If we could have shared a deep love, I thought

Even if someday, our time here were to end  

I could imagine I’d be loving you for all eternity  

Reaching out to you, forever.”

{{ Songs used Love Like You by Rebecca Sugar and Cherish by Ai Otsuka. }}