Florentijn Hofman

"Macaco Gordo (Fat Monkey)”

Sao Paulo

5 x 4 x 15 Meters

Inflatable and Flip Flops


“The Fat Monkey is a site specific work which was created out of the question from the Pixelshow to make a sculpture during their conference in 2010. Made with the help of local students and made from the brazilian icon; the flip flop which obviously works as one of the 10.000 pixels. The fat monkey is a work in the series Obeastitas.

Here some movies of the making of and the result.”

anonymous asked:

I'm also not saying that one day Tango asks Chowder "why does the team act like we don't have sex?" because holy shit dose the team infatalize both of them and it's super frustrating he probably asks where they can hear. -autisticzimmboni

omg yeah like this is exactly why I assume the team doesn’t even notice for a long time that they’re dating because they just assume they’re both kinda cuddly people and don’t see their sweet young ones as a romantic couple much less people who make out in each other’s laps at kegsters when no one’s watching.

also I’m imagining Lardo breaking in after someone makes a comment about them being ‘pure’ or something like “Listen, we share a bathroom and those doors are not that thick, I have Heard Things. Adult things. Very very adult things.”

(they’ve also heard her having sex with Shitty though so like fair’s fair)

i feel like people should be allowed to say “my son” or “my baby” about cole since they say that shit about other faves of theirs, so long as they don’t mean it in a gross, infatalizing way that makes commentary on his mental capabilities

do you know how many times i have cried “gotta protect my baby” about alistair theirin??? way too many times