Florentijn Hofman

"Macaco Gordo (Fat Monkey)"

Sao Paulo

5 x 4 x 15 Meters

Inflatable and Flip Flops


"The Fat Monkey is a site specific work which was created out of the question from the Pixelshow to make a sculpture during their conference in 2010. Made with the help of local students and made from the brazilian icon; the flip flop which obviously works as one of the 10.000 pixels. The fat monkey is a work in the series Obeastitas.

Here some movies of the making of and the result.”

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nine ;

It’s easy between them, so easy, from the displays of affection to the
conversations they have and everything in between. Sometimes, he
wonders why this hadn’t happened sooner, why they hadn’t just moved
from being friends and into something more as soon as they’d both
realized their own feelings, but—right. He knows why. Her strong infat-
-uation with Ichigo hadn’t exactly faded fast, to put it lightly, and he’s
got more than a hundred years on her—in another hundred years, it
won’t matter, but for now, he’s content with how far they’ve come.

He watches her from the door frame he leans against, arms crossed
over his chest; she hasn’t noticed him yet, too focused on the cookie
sheet she’s taking out of the oven. Renji wants to commit this to
memory, wants to remember the the graceful sweep of dark lashes
against round cheeks when she looks down at the table and the small
half-smile that sits on her lips at the joy that this simple task
brings—he’d hold onto these small moments forever, if he could.

She finally notices him, greeting him with a pleasantly surprised 
“Renji-kun!” before she goes to him, wrapping slim arms around his
ribcage as his settle on her shoulders. He doesn’t say anything, just a
soft sigh that ruffles soft hair at the crown of her head, and she pulls
back to look at him, a small line appearing between her brows. When
she asks what’s wrong, he shakes his head, pressing his lips to that
frown line until it disappears and he can give her a real smile.

          It’s nothin’.

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Character in general: i haven’t really interacted with valentine???? but the whole instigator thing is honestly so cool and i love it!!!!!!!
How they play them: i don’t know! but i love you!!

Do I:

RP with them: not as much as i’d like to
Want to RP with them: WHO DO YOU THINK I AM

What is my;

Overall Opinion: i’m ur #1 fan