infantry girlfriend

The Last Time

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, extremely sad ending

Word Count: 2k

Summary: This one-shot takes place in the 1940s when Bucky learns he is being transferred to the 107th infantry.  Reader is his girlfriend of two years, and he tells her he is leaving.  This one shot will include the fair and the part where Bucky saves Steve from the guy in the movie theatre from First Avenger movie, but they will be different, obviously.  At the end, Reader learns some heartbreaking news.

A/N: I DO NOT own any of the Marvel characters.  I also DO NOT own the plot/scenes from any of the Marvel movies, nor do I own this gif.  I only own the scenes I create between Buck and my reader :)

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As you and Bucky walked down the wet, dirty sidewalk in Queens, you heard the usual shouts from the dark alleyways and the casual screams from apartments overhead.  You saw two men on the other side of the street wave their arms at you with empty beer can bottles laying at their feet.  You turned your head disgusted and moved closer to Bucky.  He gave you a comforting smile and wrapped his arm around you.  You instantly felt safer.

“Have I ever told you how hot you look in this uniform?” You pinched the tan material between your fingers.  Bucky chuckled, and he kissed the top of your head.  

“No, but I can see it in your eyes,” he smiled at you.  You giggled into his shoulder.  You noticed the movie theatre to your right and instantly the smell of popcorn filled your senses.

“I wonder what movie they’re playing at the theatre tonight,” you thought out loud.  Bucky followed your gaze and looked at the theatre.  

“Would you like to see one tonight, doll?” He looked down at your rosy cheeks.  You moved your stare to his eyes and smiled at him.

“No, I’m okay just walking here with you.  Although I am always in the mood for popcorn.”  Bucky laughed and agreed with you.  “Bucky, look.” You two were passing an alleyway situated next to the theatre, and you pointed your finger to the dark abyss.  You felt sick to your stomach when you saw two men fighting, though the smaller one of them was clearly losing.  He was punched into a corner, and he laid in a fetal position holding his stomach.  “That sure does look a lot like–”

“Steve.” Bucky moved his arm down your shoulder and fixed your hand in his.  He sharply turned into the alley and ran towards Steve.  “Y/n, stay back please,” he looked at you with love in his eyes.  It would kill him to see you get hurt.  You nodded your head and backed up against the wall.  You gasped when the man pulled back to punch Bucky, but he swiftly avoided it.  Bucky punched the man square in the jaw, and you cringed at the sound it made.  The man then began to limp away as Bucky delivered one last good kick to send him away.  Once the man was out of sight, you joined Bucky and helped Steve to his feet.  

“Sometimes I think you like getting punched,” Bucky said as you two pulled Steve up.

“Well, Steve, I think you definitely had him.  All you needed was a second wind,” you smiled at Steve, trying to boost his confidence.  Bucky thanked you silently with his eyes and you nodded knowingly.  

Bucky picked up a piece of paper and read it aloud.  “Oh you’re from Paramus now?”  You looked at the paper over Bucky’s shoulder and laughed softly.  

“Jersey, seriously?” You said sarcastically.  Steve rolled his eyes, but suddenly looked taken aback.  He did a once over on Bucky and you could see the realization hit him.  

“You get your orders?” He asked reluctantly.  

“Uh yeah, we’ll talk about that later,” Bucky sent a sideways glance to you at which Steve nodded his head.  Wait, what?  Why was Bucky not talking about this in front of you?  You sent Bucky a questioning look, but he just looked away.  

“Anyways, let’s go,” Bucky threw his arm around Steve and laughed.  

“Where are we going?” Steve grumbled.  Bucky took his arm off Steve and thrusted a newspaper to his chest.  

“The future,” he beamed.  You laughed at his cuteness and wrapped you right arm around his left.  He looked down at you, and you smiled up at him.  He leaned his face to yours and pressed your lips together.  You smiled against his plump lips, and he kissed the corner of your mouth.  With Bucky next to you and Steve following closely behind, you started your journey to the boisterous fairgrounds.

You were standing a few feet away from Bucky and Steve watching the Howard Stark show.  You started to look around fearing that you may have lost them.  You spotted them behind you, and it looked like they were having a slightly heated conversation.  You furrowed your eyebrows together and wondered what they were talking about.  Turning your attention back to the show, you saw about ten girls step out surrounding Mr. Stark.  When you saw the uniforms they were wearing, you rolled your eyes.  Showbiz will do absolutely anything to grab a man’s attention.  Suddenly, you felt an arm slip around your shoulders, but you relaxed when it was only Bucky.  

“Doll, can I talk to you for a second?” He said into your ear over all the noise.  You hugged him from his side and leaned into him.

“Of course.”  As he held your hand, he led you two over to a lit up gazebo away from the noisy show.  You sat down side by side, and you rested your hand on his knee.  “I’ve noticed you talking to Steve apart from me this evening.  Does what you’re about to tell me have anything to do with that?” You asked.

“Yes,” he said with his face to the ground.  “You know how I got my orders right?”

“Yes, Sergeant James Barnes,” you smiled lightly.  He chuckled, but grew serious again.

“107th.  I ship out for England tomorrow morning,” he said softly.  You took a deep breath, and he waited patiently for your reaction.  

“Tomorrow morning? But that’s-but that’s so–” you stuttered.

“Soon. I know,” he sighed.  You felt tears forming in your eyes, but you fought to keep them from escaping.  

“Well, when will you be back?”  You joined Bucky in staring at the ground.  The ground was uncharacteristically quite comforting when it came to situations like this.  

“I don’t know.  I want to say for at least six months, but most likely a year.”  At this you felt a tear roll slowly down your cheek.  It felt warm and wet against your cool skin.  Bucky reached a hand up and wiped it off.  “Please don’t cry, doll,” he pleaded.  

“I-I can’t–” you sniffled.  Bucky pulled you into his arms and held you against him.  You buried your head into the crook between his shoulder and neck and breathed him in.  He had always smelled like home to you.  “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Your voice muffled by his clothing.

“I didn’t want it to ruin our last night together.  I want you to be here with me, right now.  I want to spend my last night here breathing in this atmosphere with you by my side,” he smiled at you.

“I love you, James Barnes.”  

“I love you more, y/f/n y/l/n.”

“Y/n, I think you need to let go of me now,” Bucky laughed in your ear.

“No, I’m never letting you go,” you said defiantly.  His laughter died down, and he continued to hold you.  

He had walked you up to your apartment door, and it was getting pretty late.  You knew he needed to go home and get some rest before his journey tomorrow.  However, you had a dismal feeling in the pit of your stomach that you just couldn’t shake.  It felt as though this would be the last time you ever hugged him.  The last time you smelled him.  The last time you felt his skin beneath your fingertips.  You were scared that when he left, you would forget the way he talked or the way he moved.  

You were terrified of losing him.  

“Give me one last kiss,” he whispered.  You looked into his eyes before gently closing your eyelids.  You placed your lips together and kissed him with everything you had.  He cupped your face between his hands and swiped his tongue over yours.  You bit down on his lip causing him to smile.  He then began to place small butterfly kisses on the corners of your mouth, your nose, and your eyelids.  You giggled at this.  

“Whatever happens to me in this lifetime, I hope I never forget you,” he stared down at you.  

“You better not,” you remarked.  

“Goodbye, y/n.”  He kissed your hands.  Tears fell out of your eyes.  

“Goodbye, Bucky.”  He gave you a wink before he turned around and walked down that hallway for the last time…ever.  

It was January of 1945, and it had been almost two years since you last saw Bucky.  You pushed this thought away as you continued to pack up your work bag as you did everyday.  You were about to go catch the subway to reach the factory you worked at when you heard a knock at the door.  In the beginning, you used to fear knocks at the door.  You were scared that you would open it up to reveal two soldiers with the dreaded news that was sure to come.  You had just started to get over that, but for some reason, you felt that fear grow in your chest right now.  

Taking a deep breath, you walked slowly to the door and opened it.  

“Oh?”  You were shocked to find a woman standing there in military dress.

“Hello, I’m Agent Peggy Carter,” she smiled firmly yet it still felt warm.  “Is this the residence of y/f/n y/l/n?”  

“Oh, yes it is,” you replied.  

“I am a friend of Captain Steve Rogers and Sergeant James Barnes.  I regret to inform you–”

“Oh no! Please, God, no,” you cried out.  You felt as though you didn’t have the strength to stand, and you fell to the floor.  You covered your face with your hands and cried loudly.  You no longer cared who heard you.  

Peggy took a deep breath and swallowed down the lump in her throat.  “I regret to inform you that Sergeant James Barnes has been killed in action.”  

“Oh God, please no,” you called out to her.  Your sobs overwhelmed you, and you thought your heart might stop with lack of oxygen.  

“Captain Steve Rogers has been reported missing in action.” Peggy’s voice lowered down to a whisper at the end.  Her heart broke at your sobs, but she stayed strong.  She knelt down until her face was right in front of yours.  She stared at your face, wet with tears.  

“Please no,” you croaked at her.  She gave you a sad smile and placed the envelope at your feet.  You were still crying, and it didn’t seem as though you were going to stop.  

She cleared her throat and said, “We will be sending you any of his possessions he had while at the infantry.  But there was one I felt had to be delivered personally.”  Your vision was blurred due to the tears in your eyes, but you faintly saw her hand reach into her coat and pull something small out.  

A tiny blue velvet ring box.  

You cried out again and grabbed the box from her.  You opened it up and saw a beautiful diamond ring inside.  Holding it close to your heart, you watched as Peggy stood up, brushed her clothing with her hands, and walk back down the hallway.  Sitting against your door, your cries echoed in the hallway and seemed to reverberate around the city.  

And in the end, the things you two had feared most came true: you lost Bucky, and he forgot you….

You’re strong, not just physically but emotionally. You know how to turn off your tough exterior to be the warm marshmallow i know you are. To me you’re more than a rank, or a number, you’re mu husband. The father of my child. My best friend that holds me near in the dark. You’re lips that shout a cadence are the same lips that whisper my name. I didn’t know I’d fall in love with you, but now that I have I couldn’t imagine life any other way.