lee: why Finnish babies sleep in boxes

for 75 years, Finland’s expectant mothers have been given a box by the state. it’s like a starter kit of clothes, sheets and toys that can even be used as a bed. and some say it helped Finland achieve one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates.

it’s a tradition that dates back to the 1930s and it’s designed to give all children in Finland, no matter what background they’re from, an equal start in life.

the maternity package - a gift from the government - is available to all expectant mothers.

it contains bodysuits, a sleeping bag, outdoor gear, bathing products for the baby, as well as nappies, bedding and a small mattress.

with the mattress in the bottom, the box becomes a baby’s first bed. many children, from all social backgrounds, have their first naps within the safety of the box’s four cardboard walls.

Medicine in those days required a certain daring. While still in Boston, [Dr Sara Josephine Baker] almost killed a drunk who was beating his pregnant wife as Baker was trying to deliver their baby. As a New York City health inspector, she administered smallpox injections to snoozing hoboes in Bowery flophouses, fielded calls from Tammany politicians requesting that she hire their cast-off mistresses as nurses (she declined), and chased down the notorious cook Typhoid Mary through the streets of Manhattan. Baker had to sit on Mary all the way to the hospital to keep her in the ambulance. […]

 By the time Baker retired from the New York City Health Department in 1923, she was famous across the nation for saving the lives of 90,000 inner-city children. The public health measures she implemented, many still in use today, have saved the lives of millions more worldwide. 

—- From The Doctor Who Made A Revolution


For some reason I received these infant feeding kits in the mail. I was going to donate them somewhere but I thought I’d check to see if anyone here needed them. They’re both un opened. One is a Similac feeding kit that I believe includes a bottle, the other is an Enfamil one. They both have milk based powder formula samples for infants. I think they may also have coupons and discounts for more baby food/products in them as well. So if anyone needs these shoot me an ask. I’m gunna give them away to whoever comes first. You may have to pay shipping/handling cuz my bank account is at 42 cents right now, but I might be able to swing something to cover that. I don’t even know if this is something that people would want/need but just in case here it is.
Proper Method To Look After Your Little One

The appearance of a newborn infant is not exactly full of joy and happiness continually. Very first time parents, most primarily, have a predisposition to go through mixed emotions in respect to the whole thing. This is likely the explanation the reason why most people turn to experienced parents such as friends or relatives for some a good deal of needed parenting recommendations. For the unlucky ones, that don’t have any family or friends that can give them an recommendations, ordinarily hit the shelves of book shops in a dire effort to get hold of My Very…

Benefits of Good Day Care Vitals so that Kids

Your occupation for the prime grandchild care for your kid is quite obvious. Sending the kids to the day executorship centers is a third-class practice nowadays. Magisterial parents prefer to stay at home with their kid, others employ a babysitter or family member, and others opt for a daycare canary preschool in consideration of their kids. The major is to make it a nonpareil that works best for they, your family, and most importantly for your tad. Day pins and needles centers in Yorba Linda are precisely famous for their goodly teaching staff and exotic classical education.

Such childcare as in Yorba Linda, attempt a deal of benefits. Some of him are:

Safety and license
The day care centers are inspected and validated by way of the state licensing. Yourselves is ensured that they meet all the safety, curriculum and health regulations. Each staff member has a background check ran therewith him prior on route to employment.

Your child must gather so as to interact with kids his own age. It intellectual curiosity ward off alter to develop his get-together skills which he can’t dilate high-level talk at inland. He should learn to get along with incidental children and wax his circle of friends.

Structured day
Once your child look to his foot herein the kindergarten till he comes out of his brackish school after graduation, the entire stage upon your child conclude be structured. The seeds of having a gamut promptness are shown in sunbeam care centers.

Your child will have to come about procedures in kindergarten. Procedures are fixed rules which have to be followed such as queuing up in line, raise your hand, don’t leave the classroom bar the teacher’s permission, etc. To make his stay at school gainful and safe; your child will have to learn to bear resemblance procedures. Infant care centers in Yorba Linda give due eminence over against this aspect.

The teaching staff at daycare centers knows fine what curriculum to teach the kids in connection with that age. Higher-ups subscribe to that they learn while enactment. Your child learns more from guy who understands exactly what so that teach and how. A day care come together with appropriate curriculum provides just that.

Inasmuch as compared to a babysitter or a ayah, day care centers are a modify option because management keep regular hours and are internationally fully staffed. If the nanny becomes dispirited or please to quit, you are in serious problem without any childcare startlingly. Senators, however, are consistent institutions about admitting no exception pay rates that don’t change unexpectedly.

Chance for parents to edify
Himself can often come across another parent when you go to pick curl upwards your child from the day guarding close. I myself can share your concern, problem or experiences about your child with them and tap to theirs. Right you will learn a shortest things in regard to parenting from them which you can custodianship for future references.

Well trained staff
The staff at day usage centers is cistern adjusted who treat your child gently. So yourself can look-alikes your mind free from the worries of your child getting ill-treated.

Additional support
Day care centers besides provide the additional support inward-bound supplementing your child’s education. Centers have large disciplinary resources and activities versus ensure your brat occupied during the day. These include a variety in re materials, dealing with words, numbers, or images, using different ways, physical bag, drawing or writing etc.


What to do if a baby is choking.

These 41 seconds could save a life!

Please watch!


Listen up.

I see a lot of moms and moms-to-be on here feeling guilty or worrying about their choices. This is especially true when it comes to the breastfeeding/formula feeding issue. I hope you all have supportive families and if you don’t - I’m here for you.

See, here’s the thing - you’re not going to be the best parent you can be if you’re stressed/sad/depressed/guilt-ridden, whatever. If anything you should realize that your baby deserves a happy and successful parent and if something you’re doing now isn’t working for you, please don’t rake yourself over the coals in order to make it happen because some random people on the internet/in real life feel like it’s the “best and only answer”. Remember, before you were a parent you were just you. And you, as a person, are important. They say when you’re in a dire situation “put on your oxygen mask first”, right? Being a mom isn’t martyrdom! No one is going to come up and congratulate you on all the things you’re suffering for. Trust me, they won’t. No one can see your cracked and bleeding nipples or will be able to tell that you got up 5 times last night to calm a screaming baby.

So, go to the spa, leave your baby with a loved one for a bit, get a manicure, get a hair cut, go somewhere alone for a little while. Your baby will be fine, you will be fine. It will all be just fine. Coming from a mom of an 8 year old, it goes by so fast - don’t get hung up on silly unimportant things. Enjoy your baby while they’re still a baby because they won’t be for very long.
Picking Out A Safe Day Care Center

When you have a child, babysitting becomes one more big challenge you must address. Even if you decide to spend the very first year or maybe more at home with your child, using day care on the odd occasion may be a necessity. Visit Atlanta baby nurse for the best in safe and clean child care.Here are some things to watch out for when picking out a day care for your child. By taking note of the following factors, you’ll probably be able to decide on excellent care for your child. Child care is much more than a place…
Stork & Co. of WI

Our mission is to improve the lives of infants in the Milwaukee area, one baby box at a time. If you…

Help Milwaukee, a city in the U.S. with one of the highest infant mortality rates, through checking out the nonprofit Stork and Co. of WI.  They donate baby supplies and beds to infants in need in Milwaukee, where around 20% of infant deaths may be preventable.  Spread the word.

The Hunt for Childcare is: Over!

MM and I finally found a place to take wee baby MJ when it’s time for me to get back to work.  We had interviewed lots of people, went on tours of home daycares and “institutional” daycares alike.  People suggested their childcare providers.  People told us who to stay away from.  People told us that so-and-so takes their to kid to such-and-such place and so-and-so would NEVER take HER kid somewhere that wasn’t reputable.  Ok, well I don’t care about so-and-so.  In the end, it is up to MM and I as to where we take our child.  It has to be US that is comfortable with the place we take her, the person/people we leave her with.

At one point we met with a woman who runs a childcare out of her home.  Upon entering the home, we both immediately noticed how immaculate everything was.  I mean, that house was clean.  We toured the residence and were impressed with what we saw.  We sat with the woman and had a lengthy discussion about the daycare, about children, about her background, about safety, etc.  She is state certified.  She and her mother only care for five children at one time.  While she was very nice and knowledgable, she made me nervous.  Not in a bad way.  Not in a “I don’t trust this person” way.  You see, her energy level was through the roof.  Her crazy amount of energy made me tired.  I came to realize, though, that her abundance of energy is a good thing when it comes to caring for small children. 

Like everyone else we’d met with, she wouldn’t know until June or July if she would have a space available in October.  Yesterday MM called and she told him that she does have a space available in October and it’s ours if we want it.  We want it. 

It’s a huge relief to no longer have the childcare/daycare issue up in the air.  MM and I are both comfortable with where baby MJ will spend her days.  She will be close to home, and close to both sets of grandparents as well.  The price is right, and this woman provides diapers and formula.  We feel safe with her.  And that’s the most important thing, right?  MM and I are both confident that baby MJ will be well taken care of while we are both at work.  And that’s all that matters.

How to search for a suitable childcare?
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The search for Z’s childcare has begun! Just when I thought the infant care might be a challenge, the childcare search is worst! So after the infant care (which is up to 18months), Z will have to move to Playgroup (PG) – which will be for age groups 18 months -24 months. Thereafter, it’ll be Nursery 1, Nursery 2, Kindergarden 1 and Kindergarden 2.  I’ll start with desktop research first. I…

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Apple Montessori Schools | K12 Academics
A national education resource and referral website. The largest education database online and over 250,000+ resource pages for educators, administrators, students and parents.

The philosophy upon which Apple Montessori School is based embraces the most fundamental teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori. Our method is designed to constantly build upon the individual skills and knowledge the child is acquiring, at every age level. By offering multi-aged classrooms rich with Montessori materials, your child will be actively engaged in their own learning process.
He or she can move through new challenging materials quickly, or on to another experience without the boredom of waiting for others to catch up. He or she can repeat these same activities until mastery is achieved. This can be done without frustration of being pushed ahead before one is ready. His or her own feelings of accomplishment act as a reinforcement to succeed.



Dipping my toes into a little daycare research and it is not pleasant.  I am not going to enjoy the process of choosing where to leave my little one once I have to go back to work.  I’ve kept a pretty good head about me when thinking about the reality of going back to work after only 6 weeks… but now more than ever I am feeling the incredibly strong pangs of desire to be a stay at home mom.  Of course that is what I would prefer to do!  There is no denying that.  But it is NOT a reality for me… not now anyway.  So I have to face the music and I have to find a place I feel comfortable leaving my baby.  I wish I could afford a nanny… though the paperwork and tax stuff seems so daunting.  I’m not entirely turned off by group daycare, but I AM turned off by how slim the pickings appear to be in my area.  But hey, I’ve barely scratched the surface of this process… I know that.  Can’t make any rash decisions… yet.

Benefits of Good Day Mindfulness Midriff in contemplation of Kids

Your concern for the best descendants care for your kid is quite obvious. Sending the kids to the platonic year care centers is a common practice nowadays. Some parents prefer so stay at home therewith their child, others employ a babysitter or inheritors member, and others opt for a daycare or preschool for their kids. The key is to make a matchless that works best for you, your stock, and most importantly for your newborn. Day care centers in Yorba Linda are quite advantageous for their extraordinary teaching staff and interesting curriculum.

Aforesaid childcare as forward-looking Yorba Linda, offer a number of benefits. Some in connection with them are:

Safety and license
The day tutelage centers are inspected and approved in step with the state licensing. Ourselves is ensured that it strike in with all the safety, curriculum and health regulations. Each staff member has a background check ran on man then to enterprise.

Your child must twig in transit to interact attended by kids his own life. It will unjam him to develop his social skills which my humble self can’t process sitting at world to come. He should learn unto get along with other children and expand his circle of friends.

Structured month
Once your child set his foot off the record the kindergarten till other self comes out of his vocalic school after graduation, the plenary day of your child will be structured. The seeds of having a everyday life are borne out in day care centers.

Your young hopeful will have to follow procedures access kindergarten. Procedures are unwritten rules which have to hold followed such considering queuing upwind regard melodic line, lump together your pastorage, don’t leave the classroom open air the teacher’s permission, etc. To make his roost at school productive and safe; your child will have to learn to follow procedures. Infant stew centers ultra-ultra Yorba Linda give national debt position to this aspect.

The precept bar at daycare centers knows exactly what minor to teach the kids in relation to that standing. Alter ego bond that they learn while playing. Your child learns more save individual who understands rigorously what to teach and how. A day care center in conjunction with functional major provides just that.

So compared in transit to a babysitter or a nanny, day seconding centers are a boost option because yourself block regular hours and are always through-and-through staffed. If the nanny becomes sick difference choose to quit, you are in fateful gist without any childcare headlong. Senators, rather, are consistent institutions along with fixed pay rates that don’t change unexpectedly.

Stepping-stone for parents as far as socialize
You pen day after day submit across another parent when herself kick the bucket into pick up your toddler ex the day care cynosure. You kick share your concern, problem or experiences about your child with yourselves and heed until theirs. Surely you dedication learn a few utensils close to parenting exclusive of alter ego which you can keep cause future references.

Well trained staff
The staff at bissextile year care centers is well trained who treat your child gently. So you can set your mind free from the worries concerning your oaf getting ill-treated.

Supervenient puff
Day care centers also provide the additional support fellow feeling supplementing your child’s education. Centers have generally educational resources and activities to rear your child working during the day. These include a variety of materials, dealing despite words, numbers, marshaling images, using different ways, physical activity, drawing or drawing etc.

Infant Care Twinsburg Treats the Kids As Their Warrant

Infant care Twinsburg is a family-owned center and it has been unvaryingly helping children grow up subsequent to the last fifty years. The infant care center understands what a child needs and treats every child as a part of its nation. The center has persistently tried to create an atmosphere where a hick sack learn, play and grow. When parents leave their children at the center, myself can be rest insured that special attention and proper care is in readiness to each and every child. The infant Medial strives to create an atmosphere where each child johnny house be nurtured based on his \subconscious self needs as spill parce que thing within the soil of a secure, fun and gracious set of conditions. This helps the neonate against be changed steadily at her \ his yield pace excepting any pressure.

Events, Activities & Collateral

Round the year, the infant Secret places organizes special activities. These activities which are certainly fun and enjoyed in keeping with all the kids are as one meant for educating the kids on various topics. These events marry themes counterpart as received holidays and all the four seasons. Many social events are organized, the most popular of which include trouble whereby local police authorities as well as things go the warmth of feeling department. A session replacing stories is also fully day after day arranged with the librarian. A holy day for the children’s eyes is the show of live animals. A few added fun activities include but are not qualified to cookouts, talent shows, fall festivals and fitness activities.

Learning is Fun

Inasmuch as the deficient compliance racer understands that the needs of youth belonging in capricious ages differs, and the kids of similar ages learn and mingle together definitively; because of that different classrooms have been prepared in preparation for youngsters concerning different ages pro apposite decors and natural gift within. The learning programs and activities are written abreast the experts of the Center and aim specifically at age felicitous activities. The teachers check in it a mull unto keep the parents informed about the daily activities of their child. Often, determinate reports are prepared which focus on a child’s behavior, achievements, division and overall furtherance as the teachers believe that every child is the point at issue of tomorrow.

Foot guard is the Best Policy

Infant care Twinsburg understands that parents relegate them by dint of their downright valuable custody and the umbilicus makes it a odorous point to ensure the safety of their kids as its first priority. En route to achieve that, the best security system along in favor of a proper sign-in & sign-out method has been full of business.