infant morality

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grandpappy how do i defend myself from the fuckboi's?

well, when i was in 7th grade there was this boy (he was a year older than me) who would always do everything he could to annoy me whenever i was taking the school bus (throwing stuff, pulling my hair, poking me, etc).

then one day in december we’ve had this christmas activity day at school where you could choose from different christmas themed activities. he had been baking with the kitchen group, and was allowed to take home some of the christmas cookies they had made

so of course, the first thing he did when we entered the school bus was to start throwing these christmas cookies at, normally i would just ignore it, but i was sitting with my best friend and she was getting seriously pissed off. she tried to tell him to stop, but when he didn’t listen to her she offered me to take her rolling pin instead (she had also been a part of the kitchen group, and our school had a rolling pin shortage so everyone had to bring their own) so i could beat him up with it

to this day i’m still not sure if she only meant this as a joke or not, but either way i took her rolling pin, walked over to him, and hit him right on top of his dumb fucking head like an old lady straight out of a 1950′s comic strip

and honestly i didn’t really mean to hit him very hard, but apparently i did because he immediately started crying. and boy how he cried! it wasn’t just like a tear or two, nah, he was straight up sobbing like an infant

so the moral of the story (and the answer to your question), is probably to always carry a rolling pin with you. yeah, maybe you’ll be called a psychopath for about week (like i was), but will anyone ever try to throw christmas cookies at you again? i doubt it. a rolling pin is the ultimate fuckboy defense

Hoy sentí miedo por mi corazón, esta tan enamorado, que puede arrastrarme a ese precipicio donde los dos podemos morir por un amor, y después ese querer se ira en la búsqueda de otros sueños, olvidando esas promesas que nos hizo aquella noche donde su entrega fue infinita pero su amor fue mentira...

Pedro Infante (Los hijos de María Morales, vía cuando-el-silencio-habla)

like i didn't play through enough to see if the "gender marker mismatch" problem ever had a specific scenario associated with it but just from memory there are penalties against letting a mother in to the country to visit her son and not breaking up a husband and wife fleeing genocide

papers please absolutely explores high-intensity state-sanctioned cissexism as a deliberate political statement, and if you can’t handle that i’m not saying play it. but i am saying that dismissing it as transphobic is ludicrous. it includes transphobia. (also fatphobia, but it’s more subtle.) it would take a moral infant not to get that it’s presenting it as evil. that’s all i’m saying

The current holocaust

In order to justify killing a human, one must first work to dehumanize who is to be killed. As soon as we look at another human being and say that they aren’t really human at all, we enter perilious ground. The German nazi government did this with Jews and anyone else they found to be unwanted. And 11 million people died, because they weren’t believed to be people. Others sat by and turned away, did nothing about the unspeakable horrors that happened. The United States government made abortion legal in 1973. Since then over 54 million humans in the beginning stages of life have been killed. And this has been justified by our government with the view that they aren’t human. We begin dehumanizing them by calling them “fetuses” and “tissue” instead of baby or infant. Whatever your moral beliefs are, you can’t dispute facts. Species can only reproduce the same species. Another way they have been dehumanized is by saying they aren’t really alive until birth. However, an organism is a living thing that can be anywhere from one cell to trillions of cells. In the womb, the “clump of cells” needs nourishment and grows at an alarming rate. The baby develops organs that function before birth. Even a single bacteria cell is considered a life form. So why aren’t children in their beginning stages? Premature infants are born all the time that would, under normal circumstances, still be fetuses. Are they not human because they aren’t a certain weight or size? Birth does not magically change one species to another. A human is a human in the womb. A dog is still a dog in the womb. A cat is still a cat in the womb. Birth also doesn’t start the heart or brain or cell activity of a human. Life scientifically begins at conception. We need to stop dehumanizing. History has repeated itself. And how many of us have asked, “how could they have just done nothing about what was happening?” We are living through our own holocaust where women are being told lies, dehumanizing their babies. They walk into these death camps with fear for their future, and instead of being given hope and positive options, they are told that the only answer is to take the life from the child growing within them. They aren’t told that their child can feel pain. They aren’t told about the pain, phycially, emotionally, and spiritually, that they will endure. And this is all under the guise of choice and power. Take a stand, for women, for children, for life. Stand up against this holocaust– the Holocaust of our Generation. (1/3 of which has become the victim)