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Cooney Island Infant Incubators

Back during the early 20th century, incubators for premature babies weren’t widely accepted by the medical community, and those looking to research the effects of incubation on preemies weren’t able to find funding from any hospital. It turned out, though, that baby incubators made a great sideshow-type attraction at theme parks and boardwalks. 

Admission to see the preemies was only about 10 cents, and it paid not only for the incubators, but for a full-time staff of nurses and doctors to care for the babies. 

As people began to realize that the incubators actually worked, they found their way out of parks like Dreamland and into hospitals

The Perils of Prehistoric Marriage

A Terra Nova AU with fake marriage, friends to lovers, pining clarke, and Bellamy shirtless chopping wood. Oh yeah, AND FUCKING DINOSAURS. 

*I’ve taken great care to make sure you don’t have to have any knowledge of Terra Nova to read this. I’m really only using the setting because fucking dinosaurs. :)

This is a two part fic and part two should be up next week! 


“2149 is bleak. The economy is suffering, the air is so polluted it gives us all lung cancer, we’ve ignored global warming and stripped the earth of all her best resources, overpopulation has plagued our society for 100 years. Not all hope is lost though! If you’re in one of these highly sought after career fields you, yes you could get a one way ticket to the past, to our future’s greatest hope, Terra Nova.”

“Turn that shit off,” Clarke said as Raven sat comfortably watching the TV.

“I’m watching the game, it’s not my fault there’s a recruiting commercial on,” Raven defended.

“I don’t even know who paid for those commercials. Probably the government to make people excited about the colony.” Clarke spun around a few times looking for something in their tiny apartment. “You, of all people, know it’s not that easy to get there. They don’t need a commercial to find people to go. Everyone is falling over themselves to get there. So and so’s cousin knows a guy, a sister of a friend of a coworker heard there’s a trick to the lottery.”

Raven rolled her eyes and Clarke seemed to find what she was looking for. She picked up the scarf that was peeking out of the couch cushion and shoved it in her bag.

“I can’t believe they’re not advertising with dinosaurs. Everybody fuckin’ loves dinosaurs. That’s a selling point,” Raven said with a bright grin.

“They’ll probably try to eat us.” Clarke blew some hair out of her face.

“I’d be more scared of your mom than the dinos,” Raven muttered.

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5SOS Preference : Conversations With Baby

Luke: “You gave me and your mommy a scare, little guy. We were worried we almost lost you. You just didn’t want to cry, you were just all calm and cool after being born. You’re a strange one, but don’t worry, i’m a strange one too, we’ll be okay. You look like me though, mommy wished you’d look a bit more like her, but ehh you look pretty good my boy. Mommy and daddy both love you very much. We waited forever for you, and now we finally have you.You’re always going to be loved, don’t you ever think for a moment that you’re not, we’ll always love you.”

Michael: “You’re my little girl. My little girl.” he breathed looking at his minutes old daughter. “I never thought i’d ever be worthy of having a baby, but now i’ve got you. You’re beautiful, just like your mommy. No one will ever hurt you, you can count on me for that. I will protect you each and every day, even after you’re an adult, you can always count on me to protect you. You’ll never be hurt, well, i’ll do my very best to make it so you never get hurt. No guy will ever want to hurt my little girl, ever! It would be the last thing they ever did.”

Ashton: “When you’re like two, i’ll get you your very own drum set. Mommy says you’re going to be too little then, but i don’t think so. Having a drum set early will do you good, then you can be just like daddy from the start. You’ve also got a big sister that will help teach you, she loves you already, just like mommy and daddy do. Should i bring you over to mommy now? She just woke up, better let her have her baby boy, huh? We’ll have plenty of daddy-son bonding moments over playing the drums, don’t you worry.” he chuckled then passed him over to your waiting arms.

Calum: “You’re so tiny baby girl, you’re a fighter i can already tell.” Calum stood outside the tiny infants incubator. “Born too early, but, mommy and daddy will be here until you’re strong enough to go home. You just keep fighting. You’re strong like mommy and daddy are, we believe in you baby girl, you’re so strong already, we already see how much you’re fighting, you can do it baby girl, just keep fighting. Tomorrow your uncles are going to visit for the first time though, they can’t wait to meet you and tell you how strong you are. You are very strong my baby girl, very strong, stay strong for mommy and daddy okay? You can do it, we know you can.”