infant humor

malebimbos  asked:

bee thousand >:)

thank u from the bottom of my heart for humoring my infant whims :-)

Favourite Track: Peep Hole

Least Favourite Track: Demons Are Real (when i was a little kid my mom pointed out that the music sounds like dogs crying and now listening to it gives me a panic attack)

Underrated track: Yours To Keep (also I’m throwing Hardcore UFO’s in there just because on a grand scale I won’t be satisfied until it’s widely recognized as the single sickest fucking album opener of all time)

Overrated Track:Tractor Rape Chain (now LOOK… i love it but it’s one I don’t feel as compelled to listen to all the way through and would gladly give up being on every live set list to make room for You’re Not An Airplane)

Mary had always loved to read.  From the second she was able to, she was constantly carrying around books.  She excelled in her language classes, and aspired to be a writer when she got older.  

The Virus changed all that.  In the span of a week, Mary went from an aspiring 22 year old author to a year-old infant.  Her parents still humored her by giving her books, but both they and Mary knew that she couldn’t read a thing on the pages.

As much as she hated admitting it, though, she did enjoy looking at the pretty pictures.