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for the hogwarts x kpop au i auggest min suga or jungkook

I actually had Wanda help me decide bc I’m indecisive af. She chose Jungkook so here you go! Thank you so much for asking !!! + I (J)hope you enjoy this! (I know I’m lame for that jhope thing) ps. my requests are always open! 

The soft sounds of nature keep you relaxed as your hand glides against the paper. Creating small strokes of green on the paper trying to mimic the ones adorning the edge of the lake. You weren’t much of a scenery artist, in fact you weren’t much of an artist at all. Drawing scenery was proved to be extremely difficult as well. However you kept on trying because you knew your best friend would appreciate the congratulations gift. You were just adding the finishing touches to the art piece; Small details are the details that pull the artpiece altogether, according to Naeun.

You bite your lip holding up the small canvas, admiring your hard work. It certainly impressed you what you could accomplish when you tried your best; Especially when you had the purest intentions. It was guaranteed that your best friend would love the present. You carefully place the canvas back on the easel and pick up the small tip paint brush that you borrowed from Naeun.

“Woah that looks amazing!” That’s when it happens. That’s when the moment takes a turn for the worst. The moment Jungkook exclaimed next to your ear you lost control of your hand, creating a black streak across the grass to the water you painted. The water that took hours to draw to perfection; The water that made you consider just buying your friend a gift. The moment you finally sets in and all you’re to do is sit on your stool completely disheartened.

“Well, it did a second ago…” Jungkook trails off, in that instant you abruptly stand up from your stool knocking the easel to the ground.

Without hesitation you pull your wand, pointing it at him, “You’re going to regret messing with me Jeon.” Your glare is enough to make him step back with his hands in the air. Though the reasonable part of you told you to put the wand down and relax, there was a small voice that had a much more powerful effect.

“Hey,” he casually places his arms down, though still careful. “That’s not very Hufflepuff of you, why don’t you put your wand down?”

You raise the wand to his chest making him raise his arms again, “You ruined something that I worked on for hours! Why couldn’t you just casually approach me?!”

“I didn’t think I would scare you,” he responds, his eyes flickering from your eyes to the tip of your wand.

“You never think! That’s the problem!” You raise your voice, a hot feeling rising to your ears.

Jungkook’s face fell at your comment, his hand scratching the back of his head. “You didn’t have to be so harsh about it.”

Witnessing his expression fall made you immediately regret your words, softening your expression. “I-I’m sorry,” your arm drops to your side, “I just worked really hard on that and now it’s ruined.” You look behind you, looking at the canvas on the ground. A sigh escapes your lips before you turn around to pick it up from the ground. As you hold it in your hands all you’re able to think about is how to fix it. You didn’t have time to start another painting and it’s not like it would be the same. It would be rushed and it probably wouldn’t come out as good as the first one did.

While you’re staring at the painting Jungkook looks down at the grass with a frown. He felt bad for what he did, though he really wasn’t the one to blame. His face lights up remembering something that would help you both. “We can fix it,” he smiles, which only confuses you.

Your shoulders drop, “How can we possibly fix it?”

“Did you forget we have magic?” He quirks his eyebrow, earning a small smile from you.

You follow Jungkook to the quidditch field; Ignorant to his intentions due to the fact he just told you to follow him. The quidditch field was occupied though, it’s a Monday so the Gryffindors had the field. As you walk you feel a tug on your robe, you turn your head to pull it. When you turn back you notice a bludger coming right towards you, that’s when one of the Gryffindors zooms to you, hitting the bludger away from you. The Gryffindor doesn’t leave after that, he gets off his broom, approaching you and Jungkook.

“You ought to be careful,” he smiles displaying his dimples. You bite the inside of your lip, feeling a tad flustered when you recognize him. Not only was he one of the most talked about at Hogwarts but you had an immense crush on him during your third year.

Before Namjoon could say anything else, Jungkook intervenes. “We need your help,” he stood almost between you and Namjoon. Your eyebrows furrowing noticing his red dipped ears.

“Can it wait just a little?” He asks, glancing back at his team who didn’t mind that they were missing one of their beaters.

You took a step closer, your hand resting on Jungkook’s arm, “It won’t take long, right?” You glance at Jungkook for an answer, in which he simply nods in response.

“We need your time turner,” the Ravenclaw quietly requests. Though by the sudden change in Namjoon’s expression you knew that he wouldn’t let you both borrow it.

You were right.

“Time isn’t supposed to be something you mess with-”

“You use it to get to places in time Namjoon,” Jungkook interrupts, his face clear of any emotion. The Gryffindor’s face drains itself of all color, realizing he wasn’t slick.

“Fine,” he reaches into his shirt, pulling out the infamous gold sphere. He takes the chain from his neck, but before the sphere is in Jungkook’s grasp Namjoon holds it away. “Be careful or else,” his dark brown eyes intensely look into Jungkook’s eyes.

Jungkook only takes the sphere from the beater’s possession, “I will.”

Namjoon runs his hands through his hair unsure of his decision. His eyes flicker to yours, “It was nice seeing you again, Y/N.” A smile that held the power to melt your past 3rd year heart is aimed at you before he mounts his broom again and leaves.

“Come on,” Jungkook’s gaze lingered for a second on Namjoon, probably not realizing that you notices, before taking ahold of your hand. He leads you behind the stands away from everyone’s view. He wraps the chain around your bodies, looking at the time turner. “Ready to fix your painting?” Jungkook’s eyes bore into yours, his fingers eager to turn back time.

“Always,” you answer with a firm nod. That’s when it happens; He actually turns back time to before he approached you.

“We have to go now,” he urges whilst swiftly taking the chain from around you. “We cannot be seen by anyone, understand?” You nod in response again. Taking it as a response good enough, he grasps your hand again pulling you to the lake.

It didn’t take you long to reach the lake (since you both basically ran like it depended on your life). You try to catch your breath once you two reach a halt. You could see yourself quietly painting away. It was strange really– Seeing yourself sitting on the stool behind the easel painting.

A light tug on your robe causes you to turn your head. Jungkook gestures with his head for you both to hide behind the trees. He guides you to a big tree, extending his hand to help you step over the roots. When you hid behind the tree you noticed the past Jungkook quietly walking through the woods towards past you. There was something different though, he held a bouquet of wildflowers. You squint your eyes noticing that his ears had a red tint to them.

You glance at Jungkook standing next to you, but he ignored you. It didn’t take you long before realizing what he wanted to do, but you decide to ignore it for now.

“What are we going to do?” You whisper to the flustered boy standing next to you.

“Just,” he starts looking around for something, “Here.” He bends down to grab a rock. He throws it but it misses his past self.

“Really?” You question quite disappointed by his attempt. “Let me fix this,” you grab your wand. You whisper a spell whilst pointing the wand towards the ground. That’s when it rises, tripping the poor past Jungkook causing all the flowers to fall and to grab your attention. The past you drops the brush, rushing to help Jungkook who was getting up from the ground.

“That was rude,” the Ravenclaw whispers whilst getting the time turner out of his pocket.

“But it worked,” you smile before wrapping the chain around yourself.

Then before you know it you’re back to the present again, hiding behind the bleachers on the quidditch field. You take off the chain, handing it to Jungkook.

“Why didn’t you have flowers the first time you scared me?” You ask, taking him by surprise. Automatically your eyes flicker to his ears: Red. “You threw them away before you approached me didn’t you?”

“They weren’t even pretty, you wouldn’t have liked them.” He places the time turner in his pocket, ready to turn around but you hold him back by his robe.

“That’s not for you to decide,” you turn his head with your finger. “Jungkook, I love wildflowers and you know that. Which is why you were going to give them to me,” you smile. Somehow your smile was contagious enough to earn one from him.

“So you liked them?” He asks, his face brighten up again.

“I loved them,” you turn him around, “Especially because they came from you.”

That did it. That caused a bright red blanket to cover his cheeks and you loved knowing that you had that effect on the very confident Jeon Jungkook.

“Let’s go on a date next time we go to Hogsmade, yeah?” You ask, your hands still gripping his robes.

“Wouldn’t you rather go with Namjoon?” He mutters under his breath.

You sigh shaking your head, “He was my crush years ago, okay? But I like you now, I’ve been liking you. So stop being such a petty person and agree to go on a date with me.”

“Only because you’re begging,” he turns his head away from you in a teasing manner.

“You wish,” you scoff with an eye roll. “I have to go give Jimin his gift so I’ll see you later, bye,” you press your lips against his cheek. Without lingering you walk away, but not before glancing back; Only to see a very shaken Jungkook with his hand pressed again the cheek you kissed.

bumpsgonnagooseya replied to your post “I think out of all of the YouTube E-celeb’s, Angry Joe is the one I…”

Ugh. I’m with you man. He’s absolutely a shill, his production values are garbage for the money he gets to make reviews, and as much as he tries to deny it, he’s a moneygrubbing fanboy before a reviewer. Who are your preferred reviewers, if you don’t mind me asking?

The Cinema Snob, Red Letter Media, Lazy Game Reviews, BrutalMoose, StitchedTogetherPics, Game Sack, ThorHighHeels, Survival Horror Corner, Phelous, Guru Larry, Good Bad Flicks, Ashens, ACG, AlternatingLine, GGGmanlives, Infamous Sphere, Kim Justice, Classic Game Room, Jontron (I think he’s a fucking idiot and I’m not defending the shit he said though), Portscenter, RagnarRox, RebelTaxi, Scarfulhu, and Video Game Dunkey if he counts. YourMovieSucks is alright too even if he gets on my nerves occasionally. I might make a list of my least favorite ones as well

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