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Imagine having to hide your relationship with Sonny while working a case with you brother, Danny

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Imagine having to hide your relationship with Sonny while working a case with you brother, Danny

“See you both in 30,” Danny said before jogging out the squad-room.

“Seeya,” You called after him as you sat at your desk.

You watched him until he turned the corner and was out of site and then you turned back to look at Sonny, who was sitting at the desk in front of yours, facing you. You caught the final seconds of him lowering his head. He had been watching you but obviously, he didn’t want you to know that. You sighed as you watched him for a few seconds, pretending to be busy.

“Are you mad?” You asked.

“Nope,” Sonny said quickly, not looking up at you.

“You totally are,” You contradicted, “Sonny!”

“I’m not mad,” He said once again but took a breath as he was about to say something else.

“Don’t say it,” You warned, recognizing his tone almost immediately.

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Imagine being best friends with Sonny since you were kids

(A/N:Continuation of this will be coming on Thursday. Dedicated to the Anon who sent the Sonny request yesterday. That part two will be your request but I combined it with another idea I had to make it a two parter. Your particular request will be the part two coming out on Thursday.  I hope you all enjoy this!)

Imagine being best friends with Sonny since you were kids

There are two reasons why the average New Yorker would know or be familiar with the Reagan family and or the name. The first one and the most prevalent, is that they are the city’s most famous cop families which contained the current and past police commissioner not to mention now  a DA, two detectives and an officer. If you asked any average New Yorker on the street, that’s what they would tell you. However, if said New Yorker was from Great Kills, Staten Island when they heard the name Reagan, the cop factor would be their second thought.

The first thought?


The family that run the cute bakery on Hillside Terrace that everybody loves to go to?

That’s them.

Your Mother, Mary, opened the Bakery after her Father, your Grandfather Christopher, passed away and left her inheritance. Grandpa Chris was an entrepreneur himself so you knew he probably would have been happy with what she did the money, though you could only assume as you never actually met him.

When she opened the bakery, your Mother already had three kids. Your older brothers, Danny and Joe and your older sister, Erin. Before getting pregnant with Danny she was a waitress at another bakery which had since closed down by the time she opened her own. When she got pregnant with Danny and then the rest of them, she took year an eight year hiatus from work. She waited until Joe went to school before getting back into work and therefore opening the bakery.

You have feeling that she thought that she would be stopping at three children. She was wrong, clearly.

It had a slow start but it soon hit a stride and it was only going up. It was two years in and hitting it’s then all time high when your mother found out she was pregnant with Jamie and then two years after that she became pregnant with you. Though this time around because she was so dedicated and loved what she did. She worked all the way through her pregnancies and only took a month off for each of us.  Because business was so good that she could hire an assistant manger to take over.

You loved the bakery for a number of reasons. Firstly, it was your home away from home. It’s where you’d go everyday after school, to do your homework and spend time with your mother, which was the second reason. You loved, spending time with her. She was and still is the most amazing woman you have ever met. In later years you even worked their as a waitress. It was your neighbourhood social hub and it was where everyone went to socialise. It’s the staple of your childhood, its where you had almost every childhood birthday party.

The main reason and not to mention the biggest for you is that its where you met your childhood and current best friend; Sonny Carisi.

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