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Headcannon of other agent meeting Zenyatta sister for the first time, ( of there a limit, then I would like to see 76', Mercy,Zarya, and Reaper, meeting them )

Soldier 76

It was a few days after you arrived that he finally met you, frying something in the community kitchen as he was going to find a meal for himself. You hummed an unknown tune as you flipped the food in the pan. Soldier 76 knocked on the wall next to him and you whipped around, raising your spatula in greeting.

“Who are you?” he asked, you bowed and introduced yourself.

“I’m Zenyatta’s sister,” and he raised his eyebrow at that.

“He took me in when I was young,” you smiled at him, “and who are you?”

“Soldier 76,” he gruffly responded.

You continued to beam at him which quickly disabled the walls he had built over the years. Grabbing a plate you slid half of your food onto it, holding it out towards the vigilante he took it from you.

“Here, Mr. 76,” you clapped your hands together, “I hope you enjoy!”

Finding himself back in his room, a plate of food with him, he unlatched his mask. Pulling out a fork he quickly dug into the meal, a smile spreading across his face at the innocent girl he met today.


“Hello,” Mercy leaned back from her desk and smiling at you.

“Hi!” you waved at her from the doorway, “I brought you coffee.”

You placed it in front of the doctor and she took a sip. Her body relaxed at the small amount of caffeine, prepared just the way she liked it.

“How did you know?” she murmured.

“I asked around,” you smiled, tilting your head slightly, “I haven’t seen you since I got here so I thought I could get you coffee.”

“I’ve been a bit busy these last few days,” she took another sip, “Thank you.”

“I’m glad I could help,” you gave a short bow before leaving.

She turned back to the massive amount of paper work and smiled at the steaming coffee in front of her.


It was a few days after you had arrived that Zarya could finally corner you. The Russian towered over you and you simply smiled at her.

“Hello?” you said, tilting your head, “How may I help you?”

“You are a fool,” Zarya said.

“I assure you,” you simply kept smiling, “I received an education.”

“To trust the omnics,” she started to get exasperated, “You are a fool to trust the omnics.”

“It would be a very stressful childhood to not to trust my caregivers,” you rested a hand on her forearm - the highest on her arm you could reach - , “Do you have parent problems? I will always be there if you want to talk.”

You kept that gentle smile on your face as she threw her arms up in frustration. Zarya stormed out of the room you simply went to find your brother, suddenly concerned.


It was a few weeks until you met the infamous Reaper, smoke trailing from his limbs as he sneaked into the base. Keeping an eye out for any Talon agents trailing him he floated through an open window. Skulking through the base he stopped at an open door, noticing you sitting at the far end. Legs dangling outside from the slide doors you looked up at the moon.

Feeling that you weren’t alone you turned around and to Reaper’s shock you smiled at him.

“Hi!” you gave a tiny wave and something jumped in his chest, “I was out here moon gazing, do you want to join?”

He, despite his better judgement, sat down next to you on the edge of the room. The moon reflected off of his bone white mask, you gave a hum and introduced yourself.

“You’re Reaper aren’t you?” you finally said after a few minutes of silence, “My brother Zenyatta told me about you.”

Reaper nearly thought about asking how being an omnics sister was possible but decided to let it slide, it was hardly the weirdest thing he’s seen.

“What did he say?”

“Does it matter?” you looked back at the moon, “You are who you are. Other people’s perspectives won’t change that.”

“I guess,” Reaper figured it was negative, though he couldn’t blame Zenyatta it was probably also true.

“I should go to bed now,” you got up and smiled at him, “I’m glad to have met you, Reaper.”

“You’re really a good person inside,” you said while walking away.

Reaper’s body froze in shock, not expecting that from anyone anymore. He gave a chuckle as you disappeared.