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[ Brothers (conflict) ]- Delsin Rowe - Reggie Rowe || inFAMOUS: Second Son — Photomode (pt.3)

‘You’re my brother and I love you but I’m terrified of what you’ve become.’

I have this headcanon about the Infamous route that involves a gradual deterioration in Reggie’s relationship with Delsin. It’s not properly shown in game IMO but having a hostile conduit  for a brother must be a health hazard and a struggle to maintain loyalty .

*** Thought I’d take some photos with Reggie and harassed him a bit . Somehow it was starting to appear borderline Delsin X Reggie. That wasn’t my intent but..



Look what I’ve found.
Since I’ve received a Rowecest-related confession earlier, I thought I might as well look for something to satisfy the shippers.
There also seems to be some new fanart and fanfic stuff out there for those who are into this ship - and for the others, be nice!
If you don’t like what you see, scroll past and pretend it’s not there, there’s no need for nasty comments.

“I don’t know why but I just can’t picture Reggie in a relationship, I have no idea what he would be like. Awkward probably? Maybe shy? Or maybe he’d be completely and utterly tender and romantic. Either way, it would be cute!”

So I'm super bored!

If someone will write me a imagine with Reggie Rowe from infamous second son, I’ll write you an imagine with whoever you want. Please?😘


Reggie is starting to become really tired of your shit Delsin