infamous second son reggie

Because they’re all nerds and I love this crossover #PokeFAMOUS (idea by @conduiitz <3)

Delsin with Moltres (c'mon Phoenix-like fire bird? Perfect!)
Fetch with Purrloin (It’s feisty and pink.. and a cat. PURRFECT!)
Eugene with Porygon (the nerdiest of pokémon ever, how can it not be..)

Infamous Second Son Headcannons
  • Every Friday night is D&D night. Everyone comes.
  • Delsin collects beanies and jacket pins.
  • Reggie loves cooking. Unfortunately he is terrible at it. No one has the heart to tell him.
  • Eugene once spent 5 days waiting in line for a game release.
  • Delsin in obsessed with Disney movies.
  • Everyone takes turns checking on Eugene at his base. Sometimes he forgets to eat or shower for a couple of days.
  • Reggie is addicted to Rom-Coms.
  • Eugene on the other hand loves Spanish soap operas.
  • Fetch feeds homeless animals.
  • Delsin only uses environmentally friendly spray paints.
  • Betty cooks everyone food when they go to visit the Akomish for holidays. She is also known to send care packages with bake goods to them. Mostly because she knows how bad Reggie is at cooking.
  • Reggie dances like a white suburban dad.
  • Eugene has to drag Delsin with him when he gets new games. Mostly because the check-out girl is really pretty and Eugene forgets how to talk.
  • Delsin gives Eugene weekly classes about how to talk to girls. It’s been three months and Eugene can successfully make eye contact for about 5 seconds.

~Jaz & Pan