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My niece is subscribed to Lego magazine, look at what she got today.  

Rey is wearing her Last Jedi clothes and it is the promotion of the new movie. It says: “It’s us again! Get ready for the movie Star Wars: Last Jedi… Don’t miss (or “track”) new adventurers of the heroes in cinemas December 2017″.

I am really pointing out the obvious here, but Finn is holding the lightstaber, remember it’s a new movie promo and it’s not just a copy of Finn holding the lightstaber in previous movie.

I went and check Lego Star Wars page and found this banner:

Finn is holding a blaster and wearing a beige shirt. However if you scroll through all Lego Star Wars characters, Finn is holding the lightstaber on his page:

Of course he is wearing his last movie clothes and infamous jacket, but he is also holding the lightstaber in new promo…while wearing beige shirt on both the cover and the banner for the new movie.


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The infamous clothes swap is finally here!
When you start off with dressing up all cute and things escalate and you get a Junkrat in a thight suit and a Lucio that, just like in comp, just fills whatever role is left.

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1. What does your muse smell like?

Cigars, Scotch, Ocean salt

2. How often does your muse bathe/shower? any habits?

Every day, mostly because of the product in his hair

3. Does your muse have any tattoos or piercing?

One piercing in the right ear

4. Any body movement quirks ( ex.knee shakes )?

Trying to fold his arms although his hook gets in the way. Putting his hand in his pocket. 

5. What do they sleep in?

Simple cotton shirt, usually with long sleeves and some stretch. Loose pants with an elastic waist. Dark colors to make up for the lack of formality. 

6. What’s their favorite piece of clothing?

The infamous orange vest.

7. What do they do when they wake up?

Go back to sleep until he has a compelling reason to get up. Often Daz (previously Robin) will get him out of bed, though he still takes a while to warm up. Washes and dresses in a ritualistic way.

8. How do they sleep? position?

Sprawled on his back. But sometimes he falls asleep in his chair or on a sofa. 

9. What do their hands feel like?

Rough, thick-skinned, but with a velvety quality. Heavy bones, pronounced joints, long fingers.

10. If you kissed them, what would they usually taste like?

Beach sand (minus the rotting kelp)

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overwatch warmup/it was a crime I’ve never drawn Lucio… and D.VA suddenly appeared in my drawing, so, selfie


I’m curious… did anyone find the song Katniss and Peeta were supposed to sing in the first part?

My deepest thanks to @akai-echo for the gorgeous, glittering banner and to @titaniasfics and @xerxia31 for their help and support - these three ladies are really really a team I can rely on - I can’t thank them enough.

Time for part 2. Here on AO3 // FFN 

“I never copied a word ! It’s not plagiarism!” Haymitch screamed into the phone at the chairman of the D12 committee. “Well, of course I can write funny and perky songs! Who do you think I am? I have no clue where this is coming from except it’s a lame attempt from D1 to get us out of the race. You know when the deliberations are? Monday? You’re kidding me? We have two days to come up with a song? Har, har you’re hilarious, two days and a half!”

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So, I was talking to Duinne_Malfoy on the forum and she spilt her feelings all over me, and then we spent like half an hour talking about Bi!Erica and Bi!Stiles, which lead to this crack madness, and I ain’t sorry


Erica Reyes and Stiles Stilinski’s guide to being bisexual

1.      Know what bisexuality is!!!!! Aka read the FAQ

“The actual definition of bisexual is getting the best of both words.” Decided Stiles three hours in their impromptu study session, arching one single eyebrow in what he hoped was a Derek Hale Eyebrow Rise N. 7. It was a pathetic attempt. They both knew it.

Erica tapped a few words on her phone with an eyeroll. “Unfortunately, you are wrong. The actual definition is loving both baseball and volleyball.”

Stiles stared at her for a beat. “Is it a metaphor?”


“What’s the metaphor?”

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#BlackoutDay, Beyond the Selfies

In the face of police brutality, anti-black racism as a global phenomenon, and the fight for positive representation , we have been able to create days where black people can generate visibility and celebrate all that makes us unique. 

As outlined in this post by co-creator @marissarei, we’d like to expand and relaunch. This is a campaign to get us started so we can make this next year even bigger than our first. We want to expand the team, organize charitable events (online and offline), organize meetups, and revamp our website to start featuring black owned business and black art, artists, and black creative endeavors.

In order to get to the next level, we need to do several major things: 

1) Trademark all affiliated tags and logos to protect them from being used inappropriately. Remember the infamous Forever21 #blackout clothing campaign that happened the day after our December 21st Blackout? We want to make sure that our tags are seen as distinct and for a specific use (and that people know they are for celebrating you).

2) Register as a legitimate business entity and non-profit. In order to get things like tax ID numbers and business numbers we need to do a lot of legal paperwork (with hundreds of dollars in application fees!) and potentially hire a lawyer! We need to become a business entity on paper to continue the work we are doing. 

3) Cover fees associated with our website and domain name. Last year co-creators @marissarei and @nukirk we able to take care of these fees out of pocket but are unable to do so now. 

There are cool perks for our supporters! We’re offering promos  for both individuals and businesses and, depending on the level you donate, you could receive brand new #BlackoutDay merch as well. Stickers and wristbands with our newest logo are up for grabs and there’s also the chance for ten of our biggest supporters to get a one of a kind #BlackoutDay shirt designed for them.

We are really excited and hope that you will support us as we try to be more than a selfie tag.

A special thanks to the folks featured in our first promo image. You’ll be seeing their full sized submissions within the next few days. Across from left to right, they are:

1) @beyondthesmilingeyes (Instagram: Erica Baedu)

2) @suun-poweer (Twitter: @MaroonChild)

3) @dennyynned (Instagram: dxpedenny Twitter: DENNNYYY)

4) @tarons-daydream (Twitter: @tadriant95)

5) @ethiohijabi (Instagram: blxhijabi_)

6) @sweetestcocoa

7) @clitaurusjones (Instagram and Twitter :Miss_Trapsoul) and Desiree (Insta: uniqly_dee, Twitter: uniqly_dee)

8) @king-ly (Twitter: @FuckICare)

9) @theantiquesoul (Twitter: @theantiquesoul)

10) @sophiaslittleblog (Twitter: @SophiaTheAuthor Project- “Cosmic Callisto Caprica & The Missing Rings Of Saturn”

Check out our IndieGoGo! Donate! Spread the word! You can also donate directly to our PayPal. Keep updated as we grow: 

young--and--relentless  asked:

Prompt: outlaw queen, missing year, you choose what happens!

First of all thank you so much for sending this prompt, I love having an excuse to write about the Missing Year and thanks for being patient. Secondly, to anyone who has sent  me a dialogue prompt (I have received for now #30 #45 #27 #42 #40 and #1), I’m working on it, don’t worry!! A big shout-out to my dear lovely Mrs Tiff for all her editing work.

Can be found on FF: (x)

And here we go, enjoy ;)


A blood-curling scream. That was what made Robin burst into the Queen’s rooms at close to midnight during his assigned rounds barely a week after they had taken the Dark Palace back from the Wicked Witch. 

He was certain she was being attacked until he realised there was no one else there apart from the two of them. She was thrashing, whimpering on her bed, uttering the word “no” over and over again. Whatever or whoever she was trying to get away from didn’t seem to be about to leave her alone anytime soon, and Robin couldn’t possibly slip away while she was in such a state.

He did the only thing he could think of and approached the four-poster bed to wake her up. He called her name several times with no response, too far gone in her nightmare. Finally, he touched her, and it worked- too well so. Her hand caught his wrist, sharp nails digging into the offending appendage before her eyes opened widely. They were unfocused, glazed, and she looked terrified. Her breathing was shallow. She didn’t seem to be able to get enough air, but as soon as her dark orbs settled on his form she let go of his arm and scooted to the far end of the bed in a panic. Her long hair hid half of her face, and his fingers itched to push the flowing tresses behind her ear if only it could help ground her back in the present.

“Milady, it’s only me, Robin. You had a nightmare. It’s over. Listen to me, it’s over, it was just a bad dream.” He wasn’t sure if using the kind of words and tone he reserved for reassuring Roland after one of his nightmares was the right thing to do, but at least she seemed to recognize him. “It was a nightmare, nothing is hurting you anymore.”

She flinched and looked around the room, eyes lingering on the bed’s empty space. “It’s not the same room.” She muttered, frowning.

“Milady?” Robin asked, confused, uncertain if she had meant for him to hear her words. 

She shook her head and turned to him, eyes hardening and lips thinning.
“Who on Earth gave you the right to be in my rooms without my permission?” She asked in a cold voice, and if her hands hadn’t been shaking Robin may have bought it.

“I apologize, Milady, for trespassing, but I heard a scream and I thought you were being attacked…” He started before she cut him off.

“It’s ‘Your Majesty’, and clearly you can see that it’s not the case so I would appreciate it if you would leave me alone to go back to sleep.” She said sharply, and Robin raised his hands and stood up, taking a step back to give her some space.

“I truly am sorry, My Queen. I only wanted to protect you.”

She looked troubled for a moment, as if she couldn’t wrap her head around his statement. “I don’t need your protection. I can take care of myself.” She stated defiantly, raising her chin, her eyes flashing.

“I never doubted that, but it doesn’t mean you have to do everything on your own.” He countered softly.

“That’s exactly what it means. Now leave before I make you.” The Queen ordered harshly, and Robin knew a lost battle when he saw one.

He nodded, bowed respectfully and walked towards the door, wishing her a goodnight. As he closed the heavy set of double doors behind him, he saw her get up and put on a dressing gown before heading to her balcony. He doubted she would get any more sleep that night.

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