You guys. There’s a girl in Jem’s preschool class. We’re relatively convinced she has an involved grandpa, but it’s like 15% possibility he’s just an older dad. Aaaaaanyway. This guy suuuuuucks. Like wearing a MAGA hat at the birthday party and always has offensive t-shirts.

I saw his car today. It has a sticker on the window that has an American flag image/pattern and says “infadel lives matter”

I’m so glad there’s only one more week of school. A) my eyes rolled out of my head B) I see one more offensive t shirt and I’m gonna snap

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Do you know of any good jungkook x yugyeom fics? Im starting to fall in love with these crossover pairings

Hello! I found a few for you :)

How do you know? by Thisishappening (2k)
This Could Be by Arbutus (drabble)
Let Me Take You Down by thequeenofkittycats (1k)
my friends won’t love me like you by cautiouscashton (drabble)
Don’t look, just do by infadel (5k)
Unintentional Matchmaker by JiminsBae (jikook but yukook are exs - 3k)
My Declaration of Love for You by JiminsBae (jikook but yukook is also past here - drabble)
Let Him Watch (I’ll Teach You a Lesson) by TakeU2HongKong  (1k)

if anyone know anymore, please submit to us :)
~admin sarah

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Hello! Do you have by chance any (sad) Seokjin-centric fic to recommend?

Oh!! anon I hope you’re prepared with some tissues because I have a bunch of Jin-centric fics! Most of them are written in canon verse so expect similar themes reoccuring in some of the fics! 

- give all these secrets away by infadel-x (livejournal)

- Visual by anonymous (livejournal)

- Crazy by kerohu (slight namjin)

- Scentless Flower by resonae (yoonjin)

- Stress by Skittiea (ot7)

Everyday: Control+C, Control+V by Kkaepsongiya (broken! ot7)

- Seven by izzylawliet (yoonjin) 

- Stimulation by deftbones (livejournal) 

- Saving Face by rixythewriath (livejournal)

- Washing Ashore by deftbones (livejournal) 

- hit/miss by bcnf3nf (tumblr) 

- You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid by berelain_notes (namjin)

- For You [or better known as chapter 4 in Adventures of Mama!Jin] by vppa 

- tired by ghuns (tumblr) 

- fuse by pen_light (ot7)

- Unrequited by hyesoojung (ot7)

- please don’t forget me by gotbts88 

And that’s all I can find for now! Hope you enjoy reading them anon~  \( ´ ᵕ ` )/