Atlas Editions Tomb Raider Artefacts

These little items were given out in late 2005 to privilege subscribers of the Tomb Raider Les Dossiers Officiels Magazines. There are 14 artefacts in total: Philosopher’s Stone, Spear of Destiny, Mercury Stone, Iris, Bestiary, two Obscura Paintings, four Infada artefacts, Scion, Dagger of Xian and the Amulet of Horus.

With thanks to Flivoreux once again for helping us understand how the subscriptions worked: ‘There was two types of subscriptions! 30€ per month was the subscription that will only give you the 61 little Lara statues… There was a second type of subscription called “privilège”. [this would get you] the full collection (so 61 statues + Artifacts + 12 scènes + 6 books) it was the only way to get the Artifacts’. This whole package would cost €34.90 per month and it would total to €1256.40 after the 3 years[1].

To find the full set is very rare, but now and then the individual sets appear and can be expensive. The Scion, Dagger of Xian and the Amulet of Horus are the rarest in the set.