Maker’s Lane (Episode 2) - EZ Threadz // Inez Galvez 

In this episode of Maker’s Lane, Inez Galvez, fashion designer and founder of EZ Threadz, talks about the struggles of balancing art and business, finding her own frequency in a male dominated industry and the vision to bring confidence and versatility to her consumers. 

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One of the products I made and will continue to make. It is a Transformable Turban that can start from a head wrap and snap into a Turban Cap. 

To purchase, visit my Store Freshnez or come with weekend to North-Side Market, here in Brooklyn, where I will be selling them %20-%30 lower. 

***Check out my girl, Jana’s, feather earring creations. (Like the one I am wearing in here) Sarimanok

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Inez Galvez: Collection at the AAU Grad Fashion Show

I played hooky this afternoon to check out the Academy Graduation Fashion Show with my mom and sister. I cannot put into words how proud I am of my best friend Inez, whose collection had the honor of opening the show. She’s been working non-stop for about a year now, and it came out utterly amazing! The show is very competitive, and quite the honor at our school (Project Runway style cuts occupy the last few weeks, and big names turn their eyes to the showcased new talent). You might recall my posts about the beginning process (here and here)–how fun it has been to watch this grow! Inspired mainly by Polynesian tribal tattoos and the ocean, the final collection evolved into a set of all-black neoprene and lambskin garments, with a masterful attention to line and the contour of form. Inez had the opportunity to work with a jewelry designer, Rachele Barretto from our Fine Arts Sculpture department, pairing gorgeous accessories with the clothes. 15 other students showed collections in the tent downtown, and I have to say that the attention to detail and creativity of each one was astounding. It is easy to see why our school shows at New York Fashion Week, and why the program is not for the faint of heart. Congratulations to all the Fashion School grads! 

I’m gonna need that second dress with the cutout, and the blue armbands stat.

Check out more photos on fashionist.

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Maker’s Lane (Episode 2) | EZ Threadz // Inez Galvez

Maker’s Lane is a web series about NYC entrepreneurs. Each episode profiles a different creative hustler carving their own path.

Artculturist Curator Kilolo Kumanyika talks to Inez Galvez at New York Fashion Week

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Watch the fashion show!

My collaborator and I are the first collection that opened.



Revel Branding & Hello Again!

Tumblr, tumblr, tumblr…where do I begin? I quit my agency job and then took off in a sprint, leaving the blogosphere behind. This summer has been full of so many things: new opportunities, a billion plane rides, weddings and babies and late nights. Oh—and a half decent tan!

Most importantly, I helped my best friend Inez  launch a fashion line at NYFW. That’s been the bulk of my time: designing stationery, signage, event visuals, photoshoots, website…We’ve been building the foundations of this sportswear brand for the better part of a year, and to see a gallery on the LES fill with people excited about what we’ve made was surreal. I’ll be heading up creative direction for branding at Revel, supporting Inez’s awesome clothing design and business savvy.

You’ll hear a lot more as we really get rolling—SS15 will hit in March.Until then, check us out here:

Revel on Instagram

NBC NYFW article

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FINALLY! check out the complete fashion show

my collection is the first, can’t miss it. 

There was jewelry designed specifically for each look, thanks for my amazing collaborator, Rachele Barretto. 

Check out my online blog for more behind-the-scenes process of the collection

Little Scene From The Fashion World

…my internship ain’t no joke…! That’s all I have to say. 

But I do now know all the Spring/Summer 2012 like the back of my hand. Why? Maybe because I had to painfully hand dye stretched, poly taffeta to match the PERFECT color for 2 days (to find out it was impossible) , analyze and evaluate the style boards and exact fabrics to delivery dates next year, or maybe it’s just because I could be working till 10pm…idk


…Every time I come back from SF, I scour my mom’s closet for fun finds. Apart from her impeccable taste in clothing, her accessories are far from being ‘on pointe’.  I mean, you’d see this particular accessory combination sold at urban outfitters right now, right? But instead of mass manufactured goods that try to bite off 'vintage’, we got some real prescription Dior shades from the late 60’s and some metal-worked perfume bottles straight out of Egypt. WINNING!