I Always Wanted To Create That Smol Child~ !!

So Meet TheReasonOfMyLongInactivity, Inei~ !!

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Age: 12 (Up To Chu To Choose)

He’s An AfterDeath Child Born By Accident. He Was Made Thanks To Death Touching Geno’s Soul.

He’s A Shy And Bubbly Skeleton, And He Doesn’t Talk Pretty Often. He Always Hangs With Puro, A Smol Blaster User As Accessory

Puro Can Fly Around, And Change Size. He Aldo Can Feel Whatever Inei Feel.

He Doesn’t Smile Often, As A Result Or Beig Shy And Not Speak Much. His Natural Eye Color Is Blue. When He’s Sad, His Right Eye Socket Melts (Thanks To Geno). When He’s Mad, His Eye Change From Blue To Red And Glitches Much More Than Before.

When He Appeared, Shino Was The First Person To Meet Inei. After Few Meetings, Raven Found About Him And Decided To Present Him To His Family. After A Few Explanation, Goth And Sorrell Went To Hug Him, Happy To Finally Have A Small Brother.

And Now, Just Another Outfit Of His. ThisTurnedIntoASortOfFicLol

Is He Accepted Now? #shot

Shino Belongs To @blue-kohina

Raven Belongs To @ask-the-gothfamily

Sorrell Belongs To @ivywolf777

Goth Belongs To @nekophy

Inei Belongs To Mhe~ !!

MBTI Minis-Me’s! pt.1:The Romantics

I had this real cool idea to try and represent each MBTI type with a single mini-me (oozing originality, I know!)

I consider each of these characters Agender (or Graygender) and Pansexual for universality purposes. I won’t possibly be able to create a character that can dawn the physical qualities of every person of each personality type, but I will try my best to create characters that are relatable to everyone. And now, some tiny overviews and inspirations/comments for each type.

Iona Frooples (INFP): Rose-colored glasses…get it? (lol true comedian) My brother said they look a bit psycho, but that just means I’m stepping in the right direction! Oh, and: scarves.

Endo Frooples (ENFP): Wears a surgical mask simply because they get sick a lot. Probably due to religious practice of the 5 second rule. This little blue skittle has a fanny pack! Who even wears those anymore! (I love you nerds)

Inei Fujde (INFJ): What a cutey-patoot! Caution: beware hawk-eyes that see through your bullshit. Beauty mark on the forehead represents their wise nature (beauty mark readings are the best).

Enshi Fujde (ENFJ): Look at this sweet watermelon! Pens in the bag like a true teacher; always ready to give you a lesson on proper ethics. The founder of pink lipstick.

Next up, The Rationals (NTs)!

“I found her at my doorstep and now she’s my biggest love.  I remember that cold night. It was somewhere in 2014, after I finished my studies in Sudan and returned home to look for a job. It was around 3 AM and it was extremely cold outside. I was wrapped in a thick blanket and was awoken by the sound of a new-born baby crying profusely. I rushed outside and almost stepped on her as she lay outside my front door. Her cries were getting weaker and weaker. We called out in the middle of the night but there was no response so we took her in, fed her and wrapped her with warm clothes. It was a beautiful baby girl. The next morning, we called our neighbours, if anyone knew the parents of this baby. No one knew anything so we decided to bring her to the police station so that they can find her parents. At the police station, there were 3 other girls who were carrying their children. One immediately rebuked me for the way I carried the new-born baby. I was not a mother yet and I was shocked at the idea of babies being thrown outside like they don’t mean anything. I decided then and there that I would adopt her and be a mother to her. My maternal uncle and my mother, who accompanied me, refused straight away. They wanted me to hand her over to the authorities and let them deal with it. My uncle got so angry that blood came pouring from his nose. He had a high blood pressure. He was so scared that the Somali society would judge me wrongly, that they would instead think I birthed an illegitimate child.  I convinced my mother that if we hand her over, we would never know her fate, she could end up in a much worse position. My mother agreed but my uncle still refused. In order for me to adopt her, I had to get my uncle’s signature and a clan elder as a witness. I told my uncle that allowing me to raise this beautiful girl could be your ticket to Paradise. In the end, he agreed and signed it. We brought her back the same day, brought her to the doctor to make sure that she didn’t get sick from the previous night. I called her Hadiya (‘Gift) for God blessed me with a beautiful gift.  She is a year and half old now. It’s amazing, that a year and half ago, everyone in my household told me to bring her back and now, she is the joy of my family’s world.”


“Ayadoo dibadda la dhigay baan helay, haddana hooyo bey ii taqaana. Si wacan baan u xasuustay habeenkaas qaboow. Sanadkii 2014 uu ahaa, jaamacad baan ka so dhameeyey waddank Suudaan. Anigoo dalka ku cusub oo bi lama labo bilood wax ku dhow joogo oo shaqo raadis ah ayaa habeen habeenadda ka mid ah waxaa gurigayga hortiisa lasoo dhigay ilma yar 3-dii habeenimo. Qaboob saa’id ah baa jiray, waxaanna huwanna buste aad uu weyn oo dhaxanta aan kaga jiro, waxaanna aad uu dareemay dhaxan badan. Ilmihii yaraa qayladiisa ayaanu maqalnay kadib xagga dibadda ayaanu usoo kacnay. Waan ku joogsan gaadhay oo afaafka hore albaabka ayuu yaalay ilmaha yar oo markaas uun dhashay oo oohintii ka dhamaatay. Waan yaabay, waayo waa markii igu horeysay ee aan la kulmo ilmo bibad la dhigay. Waxaanu ka baaqnay dhamaan xaafadii ooo dhinac aan uu dhaqaaqno garanba waynay yaab darteed. Aakhirkii ilmihii waanu so xaraynay, gabadh ayeey noqotay. Waagu marku baryey, waxaan iskugu yeedhnay dadkii jaarka si loo ogaado cid soo dhigtay iyo bal hadii jirto in cid asagoo xaday. Waxaanu waynay jawaab, dabadeedna ilmihii waxanu gaynay saldhigga si loola wareego. Waxaan saldhigii la kulmay 3 gabdhood oo iyaguna caruur sida. Mid baa igu tidhi waa maxay sida aad ilmaha uu sido. Anigana weli hooyo maan noqon, waxaan weli la yaabnaa ilmo lasoo tuuray oo gurigayga la soo dhigay, naxdin badan baan dareemay. Maalintaas jecleystay inaan ilmaha yar iska korsado oo nolosheeda dhamaanad qaado. Waxaa ila socday abtigey iyo hooyaday oo jeclaa inaan ilmaha saldhigga kaga tagno, laakin waxaan u sheegay inaan iska korsano. Aad by igu hor imaadeen oo diiday inee mawqiifkayga qaatan. Abtigey  xanaaqu xanaaqay, sanka dhiig baa ka imid oo qof dhiig kar leh buu ahaa. Wuxuu aaminsana hadii uu qaato, in bulshada Soomaaliyeed qaadan doonto inaan anigu ilma xaaran ah dhalay. Inaan si khaldan uu fikirno Soomaali ahaan, wax fudud bey inoo tahay. Waxaan ku qanciyey Hooyo oo aan uu sheegay hadii aan ka tagno inay mid kasii xun la kulmayso sidii bay hooyo ila qaatay. Hadii aad ilmaha masuuliyadiisa qaadayso, waa inuu jiraa nin saxiixa iyo Suldaan markhaati ah, marka waxay noqotay lagama marmaan inaan abtiyo iska maslaxo. Aakhirkii Abti waan ku idhi, ma doonaysa inuu saxiixaaga naar kaaga badbaadiyo. Haa buu idhi, sidii buu ku saxiixay, wuuna ila qaatay fikirkii. Kadib gurigii baan keenay, dhakhatar baan geeyey oo caafimaadkeda ayaan soo hubiyey maadaame soo gaadhay qaboowgii badnaa. Kadib maxkamadda ayaan geeyey, waan soo sharciyeey. Waxaan u bixiyey Hadiya maadaame aan u arko iney ii tahay Hadiyad Alle. Hadda waa sanad iyo badh, hooyadeed bey ii taqaana. Maalintii gurayga qofkastaa tuur buu ilahaa, laakin maanta waxay tahay qofka ugu farxadda badan guriga ee loogu jecel yyahay qofkastana uu ka helo marku so galo guriga.”


“I am a single father and it’s not easy raising 7 children alone. At the onset of Somalia’s civil war, many families broke down.  I used to have a wife, the mother to my children but once the central government collapsed, she wanted to migrate to outside the country, in fact she was infatuated with it, thinking that there is some kind of paradise awaiting us outside our own country. My opinion at the time was that we stay inside the country and raise our young children first in a much safer area of the country for they need our care and support. I sensed that she was still unsettled. After a while, she asked me for some travel money in order to visit a doctor in Yemen. Since she was so adamant and I thought maybe a quick break would do her good, I gave her the money and she left. She was gone for a good time and made it extremely difficult for me to reach her, on top of that I was busy raising our 7 small children. I got very worried until she contacted me after 7 long months of no communication. She gave me an ultimatum, either move here to Yemen or give me my divorce papers. I told her that we didn’t have the resources to move there as the children were still in school and that I was a simple labourer. Again, 4 months passed until I got the second call and she asked for her divorce papers, saying that she found a new life in Yemen. Afraid of losing her, I quickly removed the children from school and we went to Aden (Yemen) to join her, not fully knowing where she is. For 4 straight years, we were looking for her and the minute we approached the fifth year, I discovered that she already moved to Europe and created a new family there. Some time passed and she randomly called me asking for her divorce papers once again, this time I gave it to her for my heart was already broken. My children and I left Yemen straight away and moved back to Garowe and I’ve raised them here ever since. They all are in full time education and since this is something that God already predestined it, I’ve accepted it.”


“Hawl sahalan ma aha inu hal waalid 7 caruur koriyo. Wakhtigii ay bilaabmeen dagaalaadii Soomaaliya, waxaa burburay qoysas fara badan. Anigu xaas baan lahaa wakhtigaas, waxay aad uu jeclayd inee waddanka ka dhoofto oo qurbaha ay tagto laakin anigu kumaan waafaqsaneeyn fikirkaas oo wakhtigaas 7 caruur ayey ii dhashay iyagaan aad ugu mashquulsanaa. Kadib maalin maalmaha ka mid ahwaxay igu tiri Yemen ayaan dhakhatar ugu tagayaa ee isii lacag aan ku baxo. Aniguna wakhtiga oo aad uu adkaa iyo hadalkeeda oo aan uu arkayey iney uu baahan tahay nasasho, waan siiyey lacagtii, kadiib way baxday. Muddo markii ay maqneyd, waxaan waayey wax aanu kala xiriirno oo aniga iyo ciyaalka aad uu yaryaraa ku mashquulsanaa aad baan ugu warwaray. Wakhti badan kadib oo ay maqneyd 7 bilood waxay ii sheegtey in aan xaggaas usoo guuro hadii kale aan kala tagno. Aniguna waxaan ku iri  xaggaas wax aan ku tago aanan haysan, caruurtana iskuul bey dhigtaan xaggaan ka xamaashaa oo nin xamaal ah baan ahay. Muddo 4 bilood kadib, waxay ila soo hadashay iguna tiri inay uu baahan tahay warqadii aan ku qabay oo ay iga maarantay nololna xaggaas ku haysato. Anigoo baqdin ka qabay inaan xaaskayga waayo, caruurtii baa durba iskuulka kala soo baxay, dabadeedna geeyey Caden (Yemen). Muddo 4 sano joognay, waan ka raadiyey, waana waayey. Markii sanadkii shanaad uu noo dhamaaday, waxaa laygu sheegay inay mar hore Yurub uu baxday oo ay reer kale samaystay. Sidii ayeey muddo kadib ilasoo hadashay, iyadoo doonaysa warqadii furitaanka. Waan murugooday dabadeedna waxaan iska go’aansaday inaan u fudeediyo oo waan furay maadaame ee yeelatay nolol kale. Waxaan kusoo laabtay magaaladda Garowe, xaggaas ayaan caruurtayda ku koriyey oo hadda jaamacaddo dhigtaan. Maadaame ee waxaan tahay wax Alle qoray, waan aqbalay.”


“We stand upon the precipice of change. The world fears the inevitable plummet into the abyss. Watch for that moment… and when it comes, do not hesitate to leap. It is only when you fall that you learn whether you can fly.”

idk I’m kinda intrigued by the idea Flemeth helps Hawke out of the Fade in exchange for Hawke protecting part of Flemeth’s/Mythal’s soul, being sort of Flemythal’s Champion. 

“It was when my husband passed away that I found out that I was HIV positive. I got it from him. I was happy before then and didn’t suspect anything when I married him. I have never heard of HIV before that. When the doctor told me that I carried the virus, my whole world shattered and came crashing down, my future immediately became blank. I became powerless and hopeless. Instantly, I belonged to an ostracised group. My mother, the woman that birthed me, abandoned me the minute she heard I had the disease. Whether out of guilt or shame, I don’t know, but it broke my heart. The same for my siblings. Everyone reacts differently when they discover that you have HIV, but the most common ones that observed were shock, anger, sadness, and fear. I suddenly felt alone in this world. I slept rough; fortunately, there were some generous souls that provided me with a temporary shelter, but it was short-lived because of pressure from their relatives. People fear the unknown and things that they don’t understand. No one knows what tomorrow will bring, and God has sent down both disease and its cure, and I’ve come to accept that. I’m happy to be alive even though I’m sick and alone. I’m hopeful now that we will find the cure. My situation has improved, and I’ve received enormous support from the Somali community – especially those informed about the disease. I’ve realised that I’m not alone and that there are many like me.”


“Ninkayga marku geeriyooday baan ogaaday inaan qabo cudurka halista ah ee HIV. Isaga ka qaaday. Runti, farxad baan ku noola ka hor, oo waan iska guursaday anigoo shaki qabin. Weligey ma maqlin cudurka la yiraahdo HIV ka hor. Marku dhakhtarka ii sheegay inaan qabo xanuunka, nolosha waan ka quustay, mustaqbalkaygi wuxuu noqday mid mugdi soo galay. Durba waxaan la kulmay takoorid. Xitaa hooyaday iyo walaalahay baa iga cararay markii la igu ogaaday cudurkaas. Ma garanayo inee ceeb awgeed iga carareen iyo in kale, laakin qalbigeyga xasuus murugaleh ku reebtay. Waxaan dareemay kalinimo, naxdin, cabsi iyo caro badan. Guri la’aan baan noqday. Nasiib wanaag waxaa jiray hadana weli jira shaqsiyaad ii caawiyey oo meel aan si kumeel gaar ah aan u seexdo i siiyey laakin cadaadis badan bey markasta kula kulmi jireen dadka kale iyo ehelkoodaba. Dhibaatada jirta waxa weeye, dadka waxay ka cabsadaan wax aysan garanayn. Weli waan ku faraxsanahay inaan noolahay oo Ilaahay baa mahad leh inkastoo xanuunkas ii hayo. Ilaahey ayaa balanqaadey in cudur walba oo dunida yaala uu daawo leeyahey mana ogid beri waxa aad la kulmi karto, waan aqbalay. Waan ku rajo weynahay in daawadiisa la helay hadu Alle idmo. Xaaladayda way so hagaagaysa oo tageero badan baan ka helay dadka Soomaaliyeed oo la socda dhibaatada ee leedahay cudurkan. Waxaan ogaaday iney jiraan Soomaali kale oo cudurkan ku dhacay.”


“I was part of the last Somali class that finished high school before the central government collapsed. I returned to Burao with my certificate and someone found a degree course for me in Sudan. Things dragged on and I got married. In the end, we didn’t have the financial capacity to move there, so I didn’t pursue it any further. By the time I had 5 children, I decided to enter a local university and do a teacher training course. At first, it was difficult to manage the commitment for I still had to earn money. So in the morning, I used to clean at the general hospital and in the afternoon attend my course. My peers saw me and made fun of me, comparing what I’m doing to a qualified pilot fetching water from a well. You see, I had a high school certificate from the last functioning establishment, so back then it was a big thing and if you were seen doing menial jobs, they made fun of you. But I didn’t care, I knew where my interest lay. I finally finished my TTI after 2 years and found a good job straight away. I was over the moon. After a while, in my neighbourhood; at least 6 children from 2 families were suddenly orphaned after both of their parents died, most of them were girls. These orphans were forced to become street children. I saw them every morning on my way to work and on my way back, other children used to pick on them. Some ladies and I got together and analysed what we could do. There was an existing orphanage in place but we noticed that it was only catered for boys. So we started cracking and initially gathered 20 orphan girls and rented a small house on the outskirt. At first, some people were suspicious, initially spreading some rumours about us thinking that we were going to do something bad to these orphan girls but once they saw with their own eyes, it died down. We expanded and grew bigger. Currently, we have 120 orphan girls. One thing that put my heart at ease is that in the beginning, these were angry girls – angry at the world for losing both of their parents. Now, they want to be helpers and healers, be a contributing member to the Somali society.”


“Waxaan ka mid ahaa dufcaddii ugu dambeysay ee Form 4 ka hor intaysan dawladii dhexe dhicin ee Soomaaliya. Waxaan ku so laabtay magaaladda Burco anigoo shahaadadayda dugsiga sare wata. Qofba baa Sudan koorso iga raadiyey, wey ii so baxday. kadib anigoo guursaday qoys noqday, duurufo dhaqaale awgeed way igu adkaatay in aan Suudan tago aniga iyo qoyskayguba, waan iska joognay. Anigoo 5 caruur dhalay, waxaan go’aansaday inaan Jaamacad ku taalo magaaladda dhigto, shaqada iyo waxbarashadda waa isku dhex-waday. Waxaan nadiifiye ka ahaa dhakhtarka weyn ee Burco. Subaxii baan so nadiifiya, galabtiina Jaamacadda aada. Kadib waxaa dhacay in kuwo igu dacaayad jireen oo inantii aan isku xiliga ahayn oo shahaado caalamka laga aqoonsanyahay wadato waa bilootkii qaranka oo biyo dhaaminaya. Aniga waxna igama galin, dan baan ku wata. Waxaan dhameeyey koorskii TTI muddo labo sano kadib. Durba shaqo fiican baan helay, aad baan u faraxsana. Xaafada jaarkayaga, waxaa agoomoobay caruuro badan oo waalidkood dhintay. Markasta markaan shaqada u kulaho ama galabta ka so noqdo, waan arka marmar ciyaal kale dariiqa ku dilaya. Caruur darbi jiif bey noqdeen qarkood. Waxaana u badnaa hablo. Waxaan ka fakaray in wax loo sameeyo. Waa jirtay meel agoomaha wax loogu qabto laakin waxaa loogu tala galay wiilasha kali ah. Gabdhaha agoomaha wax loo sameeyey haba yaraato ma jirin. Xaafad ka baxsan magaalada baan guri yar ka kireeney, kadib waxaanu soo uruurinay ku dhawaad 20 agoomo oo gabdho ah. Qaar ka mid ah dadka deegaanka way shakiyeen oo runti su’aalo xun bey na weydiyeen. Laakin markey arkeen qorshaha dhabta ah, su’aalihii xumaa yaraaday. Iminka waxaan gacanta ku hayna 120 gabdhood oo agoomo ah. waan weydiina, maxaa rabtaan inaad qabataan mustaqbalka? Ayagoo marka hore bulshadda cadaawad u hayey maadaame agoomo ahaayeen, iminka kalgacal iyo iney wax u qabtaan bulshadda Soomaaliyeed ku dadaalayaan hadu Alle idmo.”


“In 2001, my mother gave birth to a triplet in Burao. Only one survived after the birth. We found comfort in the fact that at least one of them survived but the comfort didn’t last that long. Once he turned one, he contracted meningitis. There was lack of solid medical facilities and no proper medications to treat him. I was very much attached to him and was at his side for most of the time. My mother kept bringing him to this small medical facility, thinking they would fix him. One day she returned alone. I figured they hospitalised him, and he was getting better, but she told me that he didn’t make it and died in the hospital. I cried myself to sleep that day. The following day, I delicately washed his body, and we buried him. It was there and then that I decided I wanted to become a doctor. Once I finished my medical course, inexperienced but full of energy, I moved to Erigabo where I heard that there is not a single doctor there. It was a risky endeavour, but I was determined. My first patient was a poor Somali mother. She was wearing rags and was in active labour. She told me that she didn’t have much and didn’t know where to go. Her husband wanders day and night to bring whatever food he can find to the table, and she was afraid to deliver her unborn child in the cold streets.  I quickly ordered proper medications, fed her and delivered the baby via caesarean section. She left after a couple days, happy that she was alive, and her child was healthy. A year later, a child with a bad case of diarrhoea was brought to me. I asked for his name and found out that he had the exact same name as me. Bear in mind that I have a unique name. I jokingly said that he stole my name. The child’s mother looked at me, laughingly asked me whether I remember her. She said I was the poor lady that you helped a year ago, and I named my son after you.”


“Sanadkii 2001, hooyaday waxay Burco ku dhashay saddex mataano. Saddexdii mataanaha, inan baa ka so hadhay. Alxamdulillah, inu ugu yaraan mid badbaaday, Ilaahay u mahadnaqay. Inankii sanad marku jiray, waxaa ku dhacay xanuunka la yidhaahdo meningitis ama qoorgooye. Burco waxaanan ka jirin xarumo caafimaad oo tayo leh. Runti, inanka aad baan u jeclaa oo markasta waan ka welweli jiray. Dareen aad u balaadhan ii galiyey, tolow suu noqonaya. Hooyadayna, isbuuc kasta ayee u ka lihi jirtay isbitaalka sidee inanka wax looga qabto. Maalin maalmaha ka mid ah, waxaan arkaya ayadoo soo noqotay oo inanka la socon. Waxay ii sheegtay inu geeriyooday, qadarta Alle ay tahay. Maalintaas oohin baan la seexan waayey. Subaxii marku waagu beryay, inankii waan meedhay waana aasnay. Ciidi markaan ku rogay baan go’aan ku gaadhay inaan dhakhtar noqdo. Markaan dhameeyey koorsadii caafimaad, oo aan lahayn tabar buuxda, waxaan maqlay in Ceerigaabo aysan lahayn dhakhatar ka hawlgala. Dabadeedna waxaan go’aansaday inaan Ceerigaabo u guuro. Qofka kowaad ii imaado waxay ahayd hooyo Soomaaliyeed oo danyar ah. Dirac yar oo shiid xidhneed iyo dacas. Waxay ahayd hooyo uur leh, sagaalkii bilood ku jirta, teeda labaadna fool ku haysa. Hooyadana deetana waxay igu tidhi, inaysan aduun haysan oo meel ay aado la’dahay. Xaajigeedana inu maalin iyo habeen warwareego, su cunto u raadiyo, ayna aad ka baqayso iney ilmaheeda uurka ku jira banaanka ku dhasho. Waxaan u dalbaday dawadii u baahneed, cunto siiyey, dabadeedna qaliin baan ku sameeyey. Sidee ku caafimaadee, sideedi ku baxday. Sanad kadib, waxaa la ii keenay ilma yar oo shubmaya. Magaciisa la ii sheegay, oo isku magac baanu noqonay. Kaftan ahaan, waxaan idhi, ninkaan magacayga igu qaatay. Deetana hooyadii inanka way qososhay, waxay tidhi, ‘ma ii garanee’. Waxay ii sheegtay inay gabadhii maalinta ahayd, inankaygana adiga kugu magacdaray.”


“Since my father got ill, I wanted to be a doctor so I can help him and the Somalis in general. My entire life I have dreamed of becoming doctor. It has been my passion ever since. I come from a poor family and my father has been ill for the past several years so my mother makes sure that she brings food to the table. When I was old enough to go to school, she brought me to a primary school funded by the government so my family didn’t have to pay any tuition. I know for sure it would have been impossible for me to go there if my mother had to pay. She was already struggling making ends meet. So I worked hard and I became the top student in my whole school. Because of that, I was offered to attend middle and high school for free. I figured and made a plan for myself, which is finish first at my school again and be offered the opportunity to attend university for free. I know it would make my parents happy. Whether I can make that happen, I don’t know but I’ll do my best, I have to. For my mother strives for us and I will strive for her.”


“Marku aabbahay xanuunsaday, waxaan jeclaaday oo go’aansaday inaan dhaktar noqdo saan asaga iyo dadka Soomaaliyeed kale dabiibo. Qoyskaygu waa danyar, aabbahay muddo ayuu xanuunsanayey, marka hooyaday markasta wax aan cuno ayeey noo raadisa. Markii aan gaadhay wakhtigii  waxbarashada ayeey hooyo ii gaysay iskuulka dawladda oo bilaa lacag la’aan ah, ileen ma awoodo hooyo iney lacagta iskuulka iga bixiso, cuntana noo raadiso. Waxaan ka bilaabay dugsiga hoose markii aan dhameeyey dugsigii hoose, waxaan ku guulaystay kaalinta sare e iskuulka oo ii saamaxday in layga dhaafo dugsiga sare oon bilaa lacag ku dhigto. Hadda waxan sameeyey qorshe ah inaan kaalinta sare ee dugsiga ku guuleyso si aan u helo fursad aan ku aado Jaamacad lacag la’aan oo hooyaday aanay ugu welwelin waxbarashadayda hadhowna aan uu shaqeyo oon waxaan hiigsanayey uu gaadho. Si aan ku gaadhayo, Illaahayba og laakin waan dedaalaya, waan ku qasbanahay. waayo hooyaday wey noo dadaashay, anigana waan u dadaalaya.”