MBTI Minis-Me’s! pt.1:The Romantics

I had this real cool idea to try and represent each MBTI type with a single mini-me (oozing originality, I know!)

I consider each of these characters Agender (or Graygender) and Pansexual for universality purposes. I won’t possibly be able to create a character that can dawn the physical qualities of every person of each personality type, but I will try my best to create characters that are relatable to everyone. And now, some tiny overviews and inspirations/comments for each type.

Iona Frooples (INFP): Rose-colored glasses…get it? (lol true comedian) My brother said they look a bit psycho, but that just means I’m stepping in the right direction! Oh, and: scarves.

Endo Frooples (ENFP): Wears a surgical mask simply because they get sick a lot. Probably due to religious practice of the 5 second rule. This little blue skittle has a fanny pack! Who even wears those anymore! (I love you nerds)

Inei Fujde (INFJ): What a cutey-patoot! Caution: beware hawk-eyes that see through your bullshit. Beauty mark on the forehead represents their wise nature (beauty mark readings are the best).

Enshi Fujde (ENFJ): Look at this sweet watermelon! Pens in the bag like a true teacher; always ready to give you a lesson on proper ethics. The founder of pink lipstick.

Next up, The Rationals (NTs)!

Ten years.

It’s been ten years since my aunt died. I was only seven years old. I miss her so much. She was like a mom to me. She was always so optimistic and I can’t believe it’s been ten years. I wonder if she’d accept me for who I am if she was still alive today? I never thought I’d wake up one morning and she’d be gone. I miss you Iney. <3. Rest In Peace.