inexpressible gentleness

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12. things you said when you thought i was asleep, for Enjolras/Grantaire! :D

(this is MANY MOONS late but HERE <3)

It’s late evening. Jehan is making something in the kitchen that seems to require a lot of clattering of pans, and Grantaire is dozing off on the couch with the light of the television flickering over his face and the sound of Courfeyrac’s laughter floating through from the hallway. He’s half sprawled over Enjolras’s lap, his cheek pressed against Enjolras’s thighs in a way that’s definitely going to leave fabric marks later, and. Enjolras is carding his fingers through Grantaire’s hair.

Come to think of it, Grantaire doesn’t actually remember the last time he brushed his hair out properly – it’s more often than not a lost cause of curls and knots to rival headphone cords with their defiance of undoing – but Enjolras doesn’t seem to mind.

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Fandom Grantaire:

  • really attractive
  • hates himself
  • argues with Enjolras about everything

Canon Grantaire:

  • “He was frightfully ugly.”
  • “Grantaire’s self-conceit was not disconcerted. He looked tenderly and fixedly upon every woman, appearing to say of them all: if only I would; and trying to make his comrades believe he was in general demand.”
  • “His soft, wavering, disjointed, diseased, deformed ideas, attached themselves to Enjolras as to a backbone. His moral spine leaned upon that firmness.”
  • “…looked at Enjolras with an inexpressible gentleness…”