inexplicable crime

if you’re a fan of  big - hearted ,  community oriented  momma’s boys  who will stop at nothing to protect their families   –   both biological and chosen   –   from every harm that comes their way , you’ll probably like  CHURCHILL MCELROY !   this  aspiring vigilante  begins his criminal journey seeking justice for his dear ,  permanently hospitalized  mother that the police could never deliver ( her tragic story told on the news ;   still whispered about amongst the locals ) , but along the way he may realize he could bring justice to a lot more families than just his own by  taking the law into his own hands  again & again .    to the public eye he’s just another sweet unfortunate kid who likes to lend a hand to those in need   –   courtesy of the community center he volunteers at .     though  under cover of night  he’s more sinister than meets the eye !

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