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YoOOoooOoOo know anywhere to get cheap but decent gym wear? Just recently started at planet fitness and I need me some workout wear I can't stand wearing this tank top and big ass sweatpants 😂 And any gym advice? Stuff to bring and whatnot

Alright, so I’ve had to ask my peeps for help with this ask! Thanks @growup-gloup and Girl With Glasses for the input!

Cheap Gym Clothes

Amazon: If you are confident in what your shirt/shorts sizes are, Amazon is a super convenient way to shop for clothes. If you are a student you are eligible for 6 months of free Prime membership! That’s six months of free two-day shipping! Buy shorts, sneakers, and assorted gym wear here.

Walmart: Yeah, I know. But still. Walmart has inexpensive but durable workout gear. Shopping in person gives you the ability to try on different sizes and outfits, which is always a plus. Make sure to do some stretches in any clothes that you’re considering buying, to ensure your comfort level. Buy shorts and shirts here.

Target: Ladies- this one’s for you. While Target can be slightly pricey and does not have a large array of workout clothing options, they do have an incredible selection of sports bras. Buy sports bras here.

Poshmark: I have personally never used Poshmark, but a friend of mine who visits the gym multiple times during the week informed me that it is the place to find affordable big name brands. 

Your Gym Bag

  • Your gym clothes
  • Your sneakers
  • Bandana or hair tie for longer hair
  • A water bottle (at least 16oz)
  • Your jams (check that your headphones are secure before you start running on the treadmill)
  • A sweat rag (optional) 
  • A protein bar (my favorite are CLIFF and LUNA)
  • A small first aid kit (bandaids and disinfectant are fine) 
  • A couple dollars on the off chance that you need to buy an emergency something

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Sorry for the wait and I hope this helps!