They lost Joshua
  • [in a crowd, and Joshua's lost]
  • SVT: *didn't notice*
  • Joshua: Helloooo! Guys! I'm blooming lost here!
  • [3 hours pass by]
  • SVT: *still don't notice*
  • [one whole week passes by]
  • Vernon: Wait... We lost Shua-hyung again.
  • Rest of SVT: *panic*
  • Joshua: I'm right here... It's been a week.
  • Joshua: I don't know whether to be flattered that my absence makes you all triggered and panicked, or to damn you to hell for not realising that I came back.
  • SVT: *still panic*
  • Joshua: alRIghT!! YOU CAN STOP!! *sighs* I don't think that they've noticed.
  • [a month later]
  • Seungcheol: He was a great man, may his soul rest in peace. Amen.
  • SVT: *start crying*
  • Joshua: ...
  • Joshua: I never thought I would attend my own funeral, but here I am. Damn you, you bastards.
  • Jeonghan: *stops crying* ...SHUA!
  • Joshua: Yep.
  • Joshua, internally: oh NOW you've noticed, huh? Go fuck yourself.

this is literally no way to treat any animal, and it’s completely avoidable.  

.5ppm+ ammonia is inexcusable - this betta was literally burning alive every second he was in that water - and it’s entirely from lack of care.  not to mention his fins are literally rotting off and he is completely emaciated - this fish was not being fed.

for example, here is my completely healthy male dumbo eared betta, arwen:

his back has a nice curve outward to it, meaning he is a healthy weight.  his stomach has a gentle swell, meaning he was fed recently and an appropriate amount for his size.  he doesn’t have fin rot, meaning his fins are not blackening and necrotic - literally rotting away.

for comparison, here is the doubletail male i got today:

both his back and stomach are sunken in - this betta is both emaciated and hasn’t eaten in several weeks at least.  his fins are necrotic and rotting away - he is quite literally decaying while still alive.  he is also VERY pale - meaning he is stressed and sick. (NOTE:  the healthy betta used as an example isn’t a double tail - which means exactly what it sounds like. he only has one tail while the betta i got today has two)

this is a comparison between the two from above:

it was difficult to take a picture of arwen from above because a healthy betta is very unlikely to sit still when your hands are hovering above them - my betta would be excited and dancing around for food, because they are conditioned to associate my hands above them with eating.  in general, a healthy betta isn’t going to sit still for a picture.  aside from that, i think it’s very apparent the difference between the two.  arwen’s body is all gentle, healthy curves. his head isn’t large in proportion to his body and it doesn’t look weirdly disjointed from the rest of his body.

i’d normally post this to my fish blog, but i think it’s extremely important for people to really SEE this cruelty for what it is and understand just how easy it would be to provide proper care. i don’t suggest anyone “rescue” a betta from petsmart or any other store- especially walmart.  that being said, i just couldn’t leave him, he was belly up and i knew if i didnt take him no one else would - not like it would have mattered because i got him at closing and i know he wouldnt have survived the night had i not taken him. i also saw an opportunity for education - because i have 10k followers on this blog.

this is his new home. a clean, warm environment dosed with aquarium salt and stressguard(a fish antiseptic).  i will have to monitor him closely for a while, change out his water daily and dose him with more antiseptic and aquarium salt.

this is the difference in just 5 hours

please, properly care for your animals, and dont support companies that don’t, either.

blogs that make fun of “bad” art by random internet artists (as opposed to big studios, etc) are awful and malicious, and i say this as someone who used to be an avid follower of such blogs in my edgy tween days and as someone whose art was once featured on such a blog (one of the popular ones). i didn’t understand how badly it hurt until it happened to me because i was a thoughtless child, and it made me stop drawing altogether for almost a year. if it happened again today obviously it wouldn’t have that effect on me because I Am An Adult and i’ve learned how to handle even spiteful criticism, but to 13-year-old emotionally stunted me, it was devastating.

don’t make fun of a kid’s art, however Cringey you see it as. it’s inexcusable.

in light of the recent, disturbing trends i’ve seen growing on tumblr and elsewhere lately, i’d like to clarify a few things about butchness as an identity, a concept, and a subject worthy of respect.

butch is a lesbian identity historically defined by aspects of presentation, behavior, and self-perception. it has its roots (at least in america) around world war ii, where thousands of women took on stereotypically masculine jobs in the women’s army corps, becoming welders, truck drivers, and more confident in breaking from feminine ideals. it emerged as a coherent idea within lesbianism around the forties when the lesbian bar scene took off and saw its heyday in the fifties and sixties, where butches learned from each other how to dress, act, woo femmes, and carry themselves and their brave identities with self-assurance and pride. since then, it has grown and changed alongside lesbian culture and gender perceptions, surfacing a little differently every decade.

butch is an intriguing and gorgeous gem from lesbian history (and lgbt history as a whole). lgbt individuals have forever sought ways to express their desires and identities outside of society’s stringent gender-based norms. masculinity, in particular, has been closely guarded, held holy, and a means of oppression. women who had nothing to do with men whatsoever — women hated by men as a whole — forged their own rules and roles and lifestyles from the ashes of men’s pride, with utter indifference towards that which men held dear.

butch is outside of the common perception of gender. it stands against the idea that gender identity and presentation must be thought of as completely distinct — and also allows that gender identity and presentation be held distinct and at odds with one another. there are butches who affirm themselves completely as women and butchness as an integral part of their womanhood, in opposition with the standards of femininity imposed upon women everywhere. there are butches who identify personally and intimately with the androgyny and gender nonconformity that butch presentation necessitates, and might go by he/his pronouns or have their children call them “dad” without being any less lesbian, any less butch. these are both completely valid and acceptable ways of being butch.

butch is not maleness or male privilege. butches are not men. masculine presentation does not a man make. butch is by necessity lesbian, and lesbianism by its very existence has everything to do with women and nothing to do with men. butch is complex, challenging, and diverse, and requires nuance in consideration and analysis. this is not something to hate. this is not something to fear. it is something to wonder at, to appreciate, to learn from.

butch is not evil. is not ugly, unless a butch would like to reclaim the ugliness that society’s spite has thrust upon her. is not oppressive. is not something to be conflated with maleness, whether cis or trans.

butch is beautiful. is handsome. is brave. is enduring. is revolutionary. is significant, both historically and for today. is magnificent. is admirable. is strong.

butch hatred is not the hatred of men or the hatred of some ridiculous, universally oppressive “masculinity.” butch hatred is hatred directed towards women and, furthermore, lesbians. butch hatred is the hatred of lesbians who have been a significant part of the backbone of lesbian culture as long as lesbian culture has existed. the women hated foremost in the twenties were those who wore pants. the women labeled as “gender inverts” for their posture, confident stance, and preference for “men’s activities” in the late nineteenth century wrote the first books women like them could turn to for stories of women’s love for women, for women not acting the way women ought to. (see the well of loneliness by radclyffe hall.)

butches are not privileged for their butchness. butches are widely disadvantaged and punished for their gender nonconformity. the fact that we live in a day and age where some people — some lesbians, even — are so isolated from actual gender dynamics that they would believe that women can get goodies from society for not acting “like women” is completely, wickedly mind-boggling.

stop with “masculine privilege.” stop with “butch privilege.” stop with “femme oppression,” which is a post for another day. the hatred of butches is frankly inexcusable and deeply shameful. you are better than this, and butches deserve far, far more than the spite and ignorance you show them.

this post is wholly inclusive of trans butches.

❗️Things you should know about the Graham-Cassidy Healthcare Bill ❗️

• There is not enough time between now and September 30 to get an accurate CBO score that tells us how many people will lose coverage as well as what the bill will cost, and that is inexcusable.

• It ends individual and employer mandates, which will drive premiums up. It will also end federal subsidies for individual insurance. This is estimated to leave 32 million people uninsured.

• It takes the money going to the states that opted ‘in’ to Medicaid expansion and distributes it among all states, even those whose legislatures irresponsibly voted against expansion. In 2026, funding for Medicaid expansion would end entirely, and the shortfall would be left for the states to cover.

• It institutes a one year freeze on Medicaid reimbursements for Planned Parenthood (even though federal law already prohibits federal tax dollars being used to fund or finance abortion services)

• It allows individual states to define what constitutes an “essential benefit”, which will likely result in a slash of coverage for maternity services, cancer treatments and services, ER visits, prescription drugs, and many more benefits. This could also further prevent women’s clinics from charging Medicaid for things like cancer screenings and birth control.

• It allows insurers to double their surcharge for elderly patients. (The ACA allows insurers to charge older customers up to 3 times as much as younger ones. This bill increases that to up to 5 times as much.)

• It allows insurers to charge higher rates based on health status, and it repeals language in the ACA which prevents changing insurance rates after a patient is diagnosed with a condition.

This is not a drill, friends. Call your senators. We have until the 30th.

202-224-3121 -> US Capitol Switchboard. This will connect you directly with the senate office you request.

ResistBot is another great resource. If you text 'resist’ to 50409, you can fax straight to your senators office by texting what you want to say.

TL:DR; the healthcare bill still sucks. Call your senators. Information on how above ^^


So yeah, white-washing is bad, but more often than not unintentional. 

As mentioned above, there have been a few blogs recently that make the claim of being against white washing, yet continuously misdiagnose and lack any fundamental understanding of basic color theory or anatomy. So, the intent of this post is to help give people a vocabulary through which they can address the issue of white washing, while presenting solutions in a way  that other artists can understand and learn from.

White washing is inexcusable, but “too pale” won’t fix it.

one of my favorite things about Iida is that he is the serious rich kid with strong morals and such

but he’s not… stuck up about it?

like, yes. he was introduced to the audience as this really super serious person who seemed a little bit too uptight

but in reality….

he’s not like that at all? 

Uraraka wants to become a hero to get rich. that’s a perfectly logical reason to become a hero, because, to Iida, wanting to create a better financial situation for yourself is completely understandable and a reasonable reason to become a hero. (and that was before he found out it was for her parents)

he’s not all “How DARE you ruin the sanctity of heroism with your selfishness!” or some bullshit

nah, when Uraraka worries that her reasons aren’t as noble as his or Izuku’s, he’s just. “Why would we think less of you for wanting to make your life a little easier? That’s perfectly admirable.” and then he gets so incredibly supportive for Uraraka when he finds out it’s for her parents

yes, he’s super serious about respecting UA and class studies. and he’s a very passionate person overall. but sometimes, he just seems so… laid back? or very casual about certain things? like it just seems so obvious to him that thinking any other way just doesn’t occur to him

like in the above scene, where he just calmly says that becoming a hero to make your life more comfortable is admirable in it’s own way

or when Izuku manages to catch All Might’s attention? Iida smiles and says, “Well, it just makes sense, given their similar powers.” no jealousy to be found. just pure and simple logic and happiness for his friend.

it’s just that simple

or when Izuku is getting stressed about his internship and Miro and learning about All Might’s predicted fate, he simply just offers his support as a friend. he doesn’t try to pry into Izuku’s business, but he offers himself as someone who’ll listen if Izuku needs to talk at all.

he echos back the same words Izuku gave him when he was going through turmoil over his brother’s injuries, because he knows how important it is now to rely on your friends for support

and on a similar vein, when Tsuyu gets upset in regards to what she said to the class about going to rescue Bakugou, he tries to comfort her in his own way, by calling her by her preferred name of “Tsuyu” (her first name, only reserve for friends) instead of the more formal way of calling her by “Asui” (her last name) that he’s used to.

He does it in his own way of course, calling her “Tsuyu-chan-kun” because calling someone so casually by their first name with “-chan” is new to him, so he adds “-kun” at the end to make it a little more polite/formal, but he knows she prefers being called by her first name by the members of the class.

so he keeps calling her that. it’s not just a one-time deal, he continues to call her “Tsuyu-chan-kun,” even tho she’s not there to hear it, because he knows she prefers it and appreciates it. even if he grew up with very strict manners, he does this because he’s her friend and wants to respect her wishes

Iida is just… such a sweetheart. he just always focuses on logic of a situation and is so genuine and passionate in everything he does

it’s almost as if he’s incapable of thinking of others as having bad intentions?? the exceptions being, well, Villains, and when he thinks Izuku may be trying to sabotage Uraraka during their UA entrance exam. and that’s only because he started out with a bad impression of Izuku (as shown in the above image).

when Hatsume tricks him into becoming her advertising buddy during the exam, he has absolutely no inkling that she might be planning something. he just genuinely thinks that she’s being a fair sportsman in giving her opponent similar gear that she has to level the playing field.

ulterior motives don’t factor into his decision at all, he just believes in her passion until he’s proven wrong and the trick is revealed

it’s a little naive, but he just has so much trust in his fellow classmates??

and he just?? 

Iida feels so awful when Todoroki and Izuku come to save him, because this is his problem, his mess, his vendetta, and yet they’re the ones paying the price for his mistakes.

and he can’t even get angry at Stain here for telling him off, because he was right. Iida wasn’t acting like a real hero. he was acting in revenge. and it was one of the biggest mistakes of his life, and whenever he refers back to this moment, he always words it like “When I was a fool, when I lost my way, when I went rogue”

basically, anything short of just “When I was acting like a huge fucking idiot”

and even after it’s all over, he’s able to take a step back from his personal feelings and recognize that, while Stain was extremist and he hurt Tensei for inexcusable reasons, there were things about him that people would find admirable. 

and again, he recognizes that Stain wasn’t wrong about him. he was acting in selfishness, and not how a hero should.

and that’s why, when he sees Todoroki and Izuku making the same mistake he did, he just can’t stand it.

he can’t. 

that was the biggest mistake of his life and he can’t stand seeing his friends make the same mistake he did, seeing them go rogue, seeing them ignore the rules and laws and put their justice above all else. he can’t stand it. 

it reminds him too much of himself back then.

he can’t stand seeing the people he cares about making the same exact mistake he did, especially when they were the ones who helped him when he lost his way before. 

and at the same time, he can’t stand the idea of them becoming hurt because of it. they were hurt before because of what he did, and seeing Izuku so injured in the hospital, he projected the image of his brother onto Izuku. 

he can’t stand the idea of his friends becoming seriously injured to the point of no return because of their foolish decisions. he just can’t do it. 

he can’t stand the idea of seeing the people he cares about being hurt again. 

(what if their hero careers end before they even start because of this?)

Iida is just…. such a sweetheart. he cares so much. he doesn’t want them to be hurt because of dumb mistakes, because he’s been through that already. he knows the consequences. his arm is suffering from the injuries from it, still.

anyway, this has been an Iida appreciation post

please enjoy the rest of your day

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N°4 in the 2017 birthday spam for Fi who wished for “Dark Side of the Moon” edits - SN: 5x16


Highlights from Joe Biden’s speech at the DNC LBGT GALA, April 21, 2017

  • In recognition of his support of LGBT civil rights, former Vice President Joe Biden received the LGBT Hero Award at the Democratic National Committee’s annual LGBT Gala. 
  • Joe Biden addressed the fact that religion and culture were often used as ways to normalize violence and prejudice towards LGBTQ people. Considering US officials have turned a blind eye during diplomatic negotiations and continue to ignore how other countries treat the LGBTQ community, especially under the Trump administration, he stated that any form of discrimination was inexcusable and reinforced the importance to call prejudice out not only around the world, but also in the US. 
  • Joe Biden encouraged the LGBTQ community to “Hold President Trump accountable for his pledge to be your friend. Just because you don’t have Barack and me in the White House doesn’t mean it’s time to give up, keep quiet, stay on the sidelines.” (Trump vowed to protect the LGBT community during his campaign, but lifted federal guidelines that allowed transgender students to use school bathrooms matching their gender identities, declined to issue a proclamation in honor of Pride Month, and hasn’t spoken out against measures coming from his party as well as homophobic regimes around the world like corrective rape or conversion therapy). 

TLDR: Donald Trump is trash Joe Biden is a gay icon

Apparently an innocent person got doxxed and mistakenly identified as the Charlottesville terrorist.

I think that if we intend on actually holding Nazis accountable to their employers and families (i’m all for that) we also need to be mindful of how fucking dangerous it is to just accept any and all info you can find without a single critical thought. We’ve seen what mob mentality can cause, and the idea that an innocent person could get harmed and killed because of someone regurgitating false info scares me.

This is not a call to not doxx Nazis or to ‘respect their opinions’, but to make efforts to not spread false info that target irrelevant and clueless people, either because someone went off of vague physical characteristics or they were duped by misinformation.

We need to make steps to make sure that doesn’t happen, starting with ‘Don’t use 4Chan as a source’.

4Chan is a haven for Nazis and they were active in spreading disinformation to accuse random and innocent people of being the terrorist, which is how the proffesor got doxxed in the first place.

Even further Channers enjoy impersonating leftists in order to get in between leftists activists and pointing fingers in the wrong direction for people to follow.

We cannot afford to have an innocent persons blood on our hands. We simply can’t. We’re not Nazis. 

And even beyond the human cost of it, the inherent immorality, saddly, the political implications are dark as well. There’s a lot at stake right now. By acting like a mob and uncritically spreading false info you put not only the inadvertent target at great risk of harm, but marginalised activists who will be harrased, attacked, delegitimised and be forced to answer for your clueless actions.

People are chomping at the bits to find a leftist equivalent to Nazism (as a matter of fact they’re doing it RIGHT NOW), don’t give them a reason, because what’s at stake here is trully immense.

Wheter we like it or not, deaths will be politicised, and that’s something we must not allow Nazis to lord over our heads.

By acting like this you put not just someone unrelated at risk of possible death, you put all of us and the very idea of fighting the growth of anti fascism, at risk. There’s more at stake here than you could imagine.

But that on it’s own, is a rather cynical stance that fails to take into consideration the simple inhuamanity of it. The human cost of it must be front and centre for us. Even the mere idea of a person having their life ruined or, God forbid, dying because of this is unforgivable to me. 

An innocent person, someone minding their own bussiness to suddenly be visited by Hellfire is inexcusable. We must not tolerate ‘collateral damage’. We’re better people than that, we MUST NOT let that happen if we’re to act as leftists. This is the most important thing. 

i see a lot of shoutouts specifically for victims of rape and sexual assault, but not many for victims of other types of abuse. all abuse is inexcusable. yes rape and sexual abuse are awful, but they are not the only ways someone can be abused. so here’s a shoutout to all of us victims. we all deserve one.

shoutout to abuse victims for being strong enough to survive.

shoutout to victims who were sexually abused.

shoutout to victims who weren’t sexually abused.

shoutout to victims who were emotionally abused.

shoutout to victims who were physically abused.

shoutout to victims who were verbally abused.

shoutout to victims of domestic violence.

shoutout to victims of financial abuse.

shoutout to victims of social abuse.

shoutout to victims of neglect.

shoutout to victims of bullying.

shoutout to victims of passive-aggressive behavior.

shoutout to victims who were abused by a loved one (parent, sibling, friend, or anyone else)

shoutout to victims who denied their abuse because “it’s not that bad” or “it’s not as bad as it could be” or “at least it’s not ___”

shoutout to victims who constantly apologize for everything.

shoutout to victims who can’t speak up for themselves.

shoutout to victims who dissociate.

shoutout to victims who have flashbacks.

shoutout to victims who were traumatized by their abuse.

shoutout to victims who weren’t traumatized by their abuse.

shoutout to victims who developed PTSD from their abuse.

shoutout to victims who developed C-PTSD from their abuse

shoutout to victims who didn’t develop PTSD or C-PTSD.

shoutout to victims who haven’t yet or are unable to heal.

shoutout to victims who are in the process of healing.

shoutout to victims who have healed as much as they can from their abuse.

we are strong. we deserved better. and we can recover. 


Sean Spicer Just Claimed That Hitler Never Used Chemical Weapons

When another reporter asked him to clarify the comment, Spicer fumbled through an explanation and defense.

“I think when you come to sarin gas, he was not using the gas on his own people the same way that Assad is doing,” Spicer said.

“But in the way that Assad used them, where he went into towns and dropped them down to innocent into the middle of towns…I appreciate the clarification, that was not the intent,” he said.

Then, after the briefing, he released a statement saying he was not “trying to lessen the horrendous nature of the Holocaust.”

Then he sent out a clarification to that clarification, changing “innocent people” to “population centers.:

He then clarified the clarification to the clarification, saying "any attack on innocent people is reprehensible and inexcusable.”

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anonymous asked:

Hold up, how is Alistair biracial? Is there like a piece of lore idk about?

Fiona, his mother, was brown in the books. She didn’t get white until she was in DAI. You could search RomancingAlistair, who’s reblogged a good deal abt it, or check the things written by grandenchanterfiona or dalishious, both of whom have read the books and made several pieces of meta on it.

Several characters (Sebastian, Cole, even Cassandra despite the fact that iirc Mike Laidlaw flat out said she was meant to be brown) are confirmed not white in other forms of Dragon Age media; in the books, Cole’s mother is Chasind, meaning black, meaning he should be mixed race; Sebastian’s WoT art was just his concept art, meaning that that was the look and skintone they clearly intend to be his; and again, aforementioned interview about Cassandra in DotS).

Like, this isn’t really even a question on my end?? Personally? I’ve read the offered evidence and read every piece of meta and I wholeheartedly agree these characters are not white.

Hey America, your President is being literal scum. Using the attack in London to further his own xenophobia policies is inexcusable. Political opportunism at its worst. That was his first tweet in response to the news. His first tweet. He didn’t offer his condolences, sympathies or support. He pushed his ban. We don’t have any details on the attack and yet here he is pushing his regressive ban. 

People Who Deserved Better in 13 Reasons Why

-Jeff Atkins
-Hannah Baker
-Zach Dempsey (what he did was wrong and inexcusable-but he has a kind heart and truly is a nice guy. He’s just surrounded by the wrong people.)
-Jeff Atkins
-Mrs. Baker (and Mr. Baker)
-Hannah Baker
-T o n y
-Jeff Atkins
-Clay Jensen tbh
-All the kids who needed counseling (because Mr. Porter was a fucking idiot)
-Hannah Baker
-J E F F A T K I N S

tiny brain: kanye west is satan incarnate and we must stop him before he murders taylor swift with his bare hands and dines on her flesh, signed, me, tumblr user speaknowandbefearlessin1989

equally tiny brain: taylor swift is an ugly bitch with a bad boob job and a victim complex and it’s okay for me to say that because she’s uhhhhh a bad feminist

regular-sized brain: by virtue of her whiteness, taylor swift holds a great deal of structural power over kanye, and she appears to be deploying this power to play into a longstanding cultural narrative of white female vulnerability that actively endangers black men by painting them as predatory. simultaneously, kanye west has a long history of inexcusably misogynistic behaviour by which black women have been hit first and hardest. we must ask ourselves why his sexist treatment of taylor swift has elicited a widespread defensive response that his attacks on, say, amber rose did not. it is possible and necessary to have this conversation without directing misogynistic vitriol at taylor swift and racist vitriol at kanye west. 

enormous brain transcending the known universe: