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doodlebonez replied to your post “oh yeah and i kind figured out how to punch my tablet into…”

*whispers* d r a w A k u… all the Aku, shapeshift them in swirls and in hard angles and with all the distorted faces and teeth! >:o

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@brilliantrosetyler requested: compliments/nice things they say to (about) each other

  • Jack: hey bittle, some of the guys are coming over later
  • Bitty: oh no you don't, Jack Zimmermann, last time you said "a friend" was coming over I stood there at the door gaping like a fish at Sidney Crosby
  • Bitty: for five minutes!
  • Bitty: you give me their names so I can at least TRY not to make a fool of myself in front of the entire Canadian Olympic hockey team or something
  • Jack:
  • Bitty: oh my God it's the entire Canadian hockey team, isn't it?
  • Jack: well not the ENTIRE team, no.
seven of hearts; chapter I

Jungkook series | moodboard

♠️ genre: angst, fluff

♥️ word count: 8.856

♣️ warnings: mentions of blood and violance; litteraly just one swear word (if you find more, let me know); i think there’s a mention of sex somewhere in there (not between the characters, just in general).

♦️ a/n: just a universe i came up with. modern-ish royal-ish!AU. please, enjoy!

You always wondered: would card games be fun, if your world wasn’t operating the way it was? Would it be fun to sit around the table with your friends, or maybe throw some pillows on the floor to give your gathering an eastern flavor? To have a game or two - or ten, if someone catches a gamble fever - along with a cheap drink? Or, perhaps, to deal some cards on a train and play with a stranger, who happened to have a ticket for a seat across from you. Beat them and lose to them, but then become friends, or maybe leave each other just as you were at the beginning - as strangers, except a little more familiar ones - with a twist in a form of a fond memory of someone who kept you company on the way to your destination.

And you thought that, maybe, there was a world like that: where playing cards provided a light distraction or kept you busy, if needed. Unfortunately, you weren’t lucky enough to be born into a fantasy like that. It was not your reality. It was not your world. In your world - those cards with pictures on them were far from fun and games (though, a little further from fun than from games). They were too busy defining people - their status, their fate, the roles they played.

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Some Doctor Who characters going to a LGBTQA+ Pride

Requests are still closed but I simply couldn’t ignore this one, since it emanated from a friend who wanted to feel a bit better after the recent events. Some of these characters (like Ace) are canonically queer, and some are just headcanons I enjoy and support (so please don’t message me to tell me what is canon and what isn’t, that isn’t the point).

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Ok but fr, the Evolution of Jacksepticeye video gave me more feels than RYC 100 did. That’s no shade to RYC, and part of it was just the mood I was in the day RYC 100 came out, but today’s video was just more impactful for me.

I haven’t been here forever. I found Jack in early 2015 or maybe late 2014, near the 5 million milestone. I never knew accent-dampening, slightly-uncomfortable-in-his-skin Jack. I’ve only known this Jack (although I did get to know the channel when he had brown hair, lol). And if I’m totally honest, I don’t know how I would’ve reacted to old-school Jack. Would I have enjoyed the content? Would I have subscribed? I can’t say for sure. I very well might not have. And while part of me feels guilty for thinking I wouldn’t have liked that version of him/his content, I think it’s also a good sign of how much being himself has been a good thing.

Because this Jack? The Jack I first found? He’s a fucking keeper. I bet old Jack was, too, but the world couldn’t see his light shine as brightly. Jack is someone that couldn’t possibly be forgotten by those who’ve become regular watchers of the channel and/or members of this community. I can’t promise that he’ll be remembered in 100 years, but I can promise that he’ll be remembered as long as at least one fan still lives. He’s a part of millions of individual hearts and souls. They say that’s the way life continues after death - in the memories others carry of you. So even if Jack loses or leaves the fame, even if YouTube shuts down tomorrow, Jack won’t be forgotten.

How could I ever lose the appreciation for and memory of a person who has helped change and develop who I am as a human being forever, who is a critical part of my daily routine, who has indirectly helped me nourish creativity I’d lost or forgotten, who has brought me so many laughs and so many thoughtful moments? No, that wouldn’t be possible. And I know many of you feel the same way.

But on that note, I want to make sure I don’t take this/him for granted. That I don’t fall into a state of apathy where I let a lot of videos go unwatched or stop feeling connected. And that I don’t EVER start to think that he owes us content or interaction. I’ve never felt that way, but I never want to, either. I hope others don’t.

It’s human to have your interests change, and it’s natural for activities or material things or ‘celebrities’ to fade away. It’s practically inevitable that Jack will eventually stop making videos, even if it’s decades from now when he’s simply too old to, haha. It could also happen next week. There is no guarantee in this existence that anything will last. But I’m so glad this does for now, and that he does. It’s pretty damn amazing that out of all the eons humans have existed, Jack happened to come sound in a time when the Internet existed and he could reach a global audience.

So while none of us can ever say for sure that we’ll be watching until the very last video goes up, I can confirm that there is no good reason we wouldn’t. And I can look Jack in the eye and guarantee with no hesitation that he won’t be forgotten any time in the foreseeable future. So Jack, don’t worry about it, and don’t be afraid to make change. The channel won’t collapse from under you as long as you continue to be the lovely person you are. Game styles, recording rooms, hair, whatever - that’s all just the accessory to the real reason people stick around and you’re so successful: We’re watching the videos because we like YOU.

ostrich-on-a-rampage  asked:

#3 for the prompts? Jackcrutchie preferably?

Thank you!

3) Well, shit, it’s another science project and even though it’s random you’re my partner now for the fifth time in a row and I can’t keep Skyping you late at night to work on this and inevitably get distracted


Jack scanned the list of names up on the page and smirked slightly. He looked at his name and saw the name beside it that nobody really used. The first time he saw that name (five projects ago, he’ll have you know) he honestly didn’t know who it was until the young boy hobbled over to him with
a bright grin on his face.

“I guess we’re officially partners Jack.” He had said, holding out his hand while trying to keep steady on his crutches. Jack didn’t know Crutchie too well at that time, just chatting to him when they happened to be sitting beside each other in some subject.

Now the same boy hobbled over once again, face still bearing that cheesy grin.

“This can’t be random can it?”

“Hey!” Jack defended. “She said she pulled the names out of a hat. Anyway, you complaining about being paired with me?”

“Well if it means I’m going to have to do all the work again…” Crutchie jested playfully. Jack slugged his in the shoulder and the two went back to their desks.

Jack didn’t talk to Crutchie for the rest of the day and, when he didn’t get any test or anything, he was all ready to hit the hay until a Skype call popped up on his phone.

He groaned and reached around blearily for the phone and answered to see that stupid grin cheekily smiling at him once again.

“Crutchie?” Jack moaned. “Jesus kid what time is it?”

“Well it’s…it’s around 1am. 12.58 to be precise. Is this an okay time?” The kid looked worried and honestly Jack couldn’t help but say yes (even though he really, really wished he could).

“It’s fine Crutch. So what topic were we assigned again?”

“Uhh…” Crutchie looked down, presuming at the assignment before saying “Anaemia and its effects on teenagers nowadays. Could be worse.”

“True. What did we get last time?”


“Yet another time where I believe this teachers doesn’t pick things out of a hat.”

“But why would she pair you with me then?”

“Cause you’re a teacher’s pet!” Jack argued indignantly. “Me…If I was a teacher’s pet, I’d be a scorpion.”

“Nice analogy. It’s a wonder you don’t do better in English.” Crutchie winked before continuing on with chatting about the English grading system.

Jack heard a buzzing before turning over to look at his clock.


“Shit…” Jack groaned before answering his phone and trying his best to look alive.

“You ready to actually start this project tonight Jacky?”

It was true, the project hadn’t been started last night. Jack and Crutchie had spent the whole night chatting about things of little to no importance before Jack realised that it was 3.15 and told Crutchie he had to go. To be honest, Jack should’ve expected this. Every project he has done with Crutchie he has been exhausted afterwards due to the late nights.

“Kid, I’m so ready you wouldn’t believe it. Where do we start on a topic like this?”

“Research I suppose. Looking up the percentage of teenagers with it, causes, solutions, symptoms, the whole thing.”

The two talked nonchalantly while surfing the internet, conversing about things like ‘What’s your favourite colour?’ and 'If you could have one superpower, what would it be?’.

While reading a certain article something dawned on Jack.

“I think my cousin once said she has this. Iron deficiency yeah?”

“Yeah! Are you serious dude? Is she a teenager?”

“She’s sixteen so yeah.”

“Jack this is perfect! We won’t even have to do that much research into it, we can just ask her loads of questions!”

“To be honest, I don’t think she’ll be up this late…”

“Well then ask her tomorrow.” Crutchie smiled, ever cheerful. “We can reconvene then!”

“Sounds good Crutch,” Jack let out a yawn and stretched, reaching for the end call button. “Night.”

“Night..” Was the slightly disheartened reply received.

Jack felt slightly bad for some reason but shrugged it off as soon as he lay on the bed, snoozing.

After a couple more nights of late Skype calls Jack couldn’t stop himself from asking why Crutchie called him so late.

He decided the right time was when they got off track (AGAIN) and started having a conversation about the shape of the moon that night.

“Speaking of nights,” Jack started, “Why do you always call me so late at night Crutch? It’s not that I have a problem with it, I’m just wondering.”

Crutchie looked more awkward and embarrassed than Jack had ever seen before. He rubbed the back of his neck with his hand before playing with the collar of his shirt.

“To be honest, uh, I don’t really like people seeing me before that time.”

“Why not though? I’m sure you look the same.”

“No I, I usually have treatment at that time and I can look pretty rough during that.”

“Treatment for what?” But as soon as those words slipped out of his mouth he stopped himself, realising what it probably was.

“Osteosarcoma is a bitch sometimes.”

“I didn’t know Crutch…sorry.”

“It’s not your fault Jacky boy. I mean, I didn’t really tell people why I was on these crutches anyway. I’m pretty sure most people think I just have an eternally sprained ankle or something.”

“Do you..” Jack swallowed harshly, still trying to soak in all the information. “Do you have treatment every evening?”

“Nah, not every evening. I have a routine though and I like to stick to it. By the time treatments finished and we get home it’s about 11. Then, if I’m feeling up for it I gotta eat and then I gotta get changed and it’s just…it’s late. I’m not bothering you though? Please tell me if I am.”

“Nah, you’re okay kid, honestly.” A relieved smile appeared on Crutchie’s face and that spurred a slight smile on Jack’s face too. “So when you gonna be better?”

“Soon.” The kid didn’t have one look of disbelief or doubt on his face and that mean there was any on Jack’s either. “Doctors say I should be right as rain pretty soon.”

“That’s good kid.”

“Yeah…” Crutchie smirked then looked down at the paper. “So, Anemia?”

Jack was thrilled when they got an A on their project with more than a little help from Jack’s cousin.

Jack was even more thrilled when the doctors were right.

Jack was his most thrilled when Crutchie said yes to his promposal.

Bad Bob drops his gloves and takes on the press

”I just have this wonderful image of Bob getting so fucking fed up with how the media treats Jack. Acting like they’re somehow entitled to Jack’s life, to Jack in general, scrutinizing everything, constantly bringing up his overdose like they know anything about it. So here’s how I see everything going down. 

(this ended up a lot longer than I planned.)

  • Jack and Bitty have been out for a little while, and the press is, of course, being dicks because when aren’t they when it comes to Jack
  • Bob is fucking furious. Jack is finally happy and in a good place and the press is still going after him like he murdered someone
  • And he just does not understand why he himself is so glorified??? Jack almost died on his watch??? why are they all acting like Jack is a disappointment??? Jack literally almost died????
  • So Bob resolves to set the record straight. He talks to Jack first, of course, to ask him how much he’s comfortable letting Bob share.
  • Jack is in a good place now. A great place. So this… doesn’t scare him the way it would have a few years ago. It’s nerve-wracking, and he knows it won’t be fun, but the idea doesn’t make him shake.
  • Jack looks Bob right in the eye and says; “Say what happened from your point of view.”

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look this was basically inevitable

jack “soldier 76″ morrison: the conflicted supersoldier stares over the horizon as he smokes a cigarette. “war is the most fucked up thing ever.” he takes a sip of beer
lena “tracer” oxton: seems like nowadays are more like nowadays than they were thenadays and thenadays were less like nowadays than they were thenadays, nowadays
genji shimada: upgrade my ass to a human’s ass
fareeha “pharah” amari: i will protect you and all girls frrom roughousers
jesse mccree: #e3rumors some meme guy will walkout on stage twirlin two pistols and begin kicking cans of Gun Flavored Mountain Dew into a screaming crowd
SST laboratories siege automaton “bastion” E54: i’m going to beat the shit out of asimo. im gping to knock it on its ass while its trying to use a staircase at a trade show. dreadful beast
hanzo shimada: DAD: your baby brothers missing, please put down the controller. help us find him
ME: Did u read the news. Gaming is a legitinmate hobby now
jamison “junkrat” fawkes: the jduge orders me to take off my anonymous v mask & im wearing the joker makeup underneath it. everyone in the courtroom groans at my shit
mei-ling zhou: THIngs other people like: being bastards, being Uniformly tasteless THINGS I Like: Being reasonably kind, and trying to help, when i can
torbjörn lindholm: Imagine.  A world where guns come out of the ground like plants.  And all the water is replaced by Bullet’s.  This is Gun World.  It’s real
amélie “widowmaker” lacroix: i just want to find the optimal bra for sniper operations,  but everoyne here is so rude, and pieces of shit
hana “” song: cmon peopl now/smile on your gamers everuybody get together/try to do good with your Gamers right now
reinhardt wilhelm: if you have a problem with my mouth, i’ll be swniging a sledgehammer in circles outdoors for the rest of my life, so come try do crap to me.
mako “roadhog” rutledge: well i was going to climb mount everest but this yelp review says theres a nude man at the summit swinging chains around and yelling “fuck u
winston: at first i thought Science was a shit waste of time. then somebody did a meme of it,. and now… hooboy…now i like it
lúcio correia dos santos: ah.. why is it that computers can send hateful commentary thorugh the modem… but weren’t designed to send something nice.. like a Song
angela “mercy” ziegler: Q: Dear @Dril, friend to all online. Do Good people die?
A: Good people absolutely do not die, and you have bveen blocked for asking me this
satya “symmetra” vaswani: which programming language should I learn if I want to transform myself into an enormous 3d wireframe head that spits out flashing cubes
tekhartha zenyatta: Welcome to the citadel of eternal wisdom.  Behold, this crystal contains the sum of all human knowledge – Except Rap And Country


Hey look! They made a show, ABOUT ME!


I’m a lil hungover rn but I’m going to attempt some headcanons…

- insists on carrying his own bag and walking because the weight on his shoulders and rhythmic pace of putting one foot in front of the other eases his anxiety. But he tells people he does it bc it helps keep him in shape.
- prefers woodsy courses to links style bc he hates spending time looking for his ball in tall grass and likes the tunnel effect the tall trees lining a fairway provide. It helps him focus.
- can practice putting for hours until he can sink a 5 foot putt from any lie.
- misses the feeling of being on skates but loves the chance to be outdoors.
- he sometimes closes his eyes when he is walking to his next shot so he can focus on the smells and sounds around him. He’s gotten better at recognizing different bird calls.
- he loves playing with other people who are competitive and slightly better than him but prefers to play alone.
- he doesn’t understand people who drink and golf at the same time. Why would you do something that will dehydrate you and make your game worse?
- his average score for 18 holes is 80 and he can drive the ball over 350 yards easy (whether or not that drive is in the fairway or trees is another matter).
- he struggles the most with shots between 120-80 yards. They’re supposed to be easy. Why is this so hard?
- his personal best score is 74. He’s never gotten a hole in one, but usually gets an eagle and several birdies every round.
- he probably could have played golf at Samwell but decided he didn’t want to take anymore focus away from the team and his studies.
- he plays 18 holes with his Dad at least once a season. Jack walks like he usually does but Bob takes a cart. Sometimes Jack hops on the back of the cart (bag still on his shoulders) and rides it between holes. He loves the little thrill and the wind in his modest flow. Neither of them drink but do buy almost everything else from the beer cart person (nuts, chips, snickers bars). Both of them love this tradition they have together.

To live is to fail, to bungle, to disappoint, and ultimately to die; rather than searching for ways around death and disappointment, the queer art of failure involves the acceptance of the finite, the embrace of the absurd, the silly, and the hopelessly goofy. Rather than resisting endings and limits, let us instead revel in and cleave to all of our own inevitable fantastic failures.
—  J. Jack Halberstam, The Queer Art of Failure

Give me your Tater headcanons. Give me your Jack and Kent repairing their friendship headcanons. I’d like to read either of those things happening FOR ONCE without it inevitably becoming “then Jack introduces Kent to Tater…”

Like ship Patater if that makes sense to you, but can we mention them separate from each other one damn time?

I would love to hear about Tater adjusting to the different style of hockey compared to growing up in Russia. Or a silly eating habit/pregame ritual that his teammates chirp him for.

Or how about the first time Jack and Kent realize they can actually be friends again? A tale of their shenanigans in the Q before things got complicated. Stupid inside jokes that still pop into their heads sometimes.

Just some platonic bro fluff please!

Okay, but consider this: Bitty entering and appearing on a TV baking show that’s the equivalent to The Great British Bake Off where everyone bakes in a giant tent and all the contestants are lovely and kind.

  • Bitty not telling anyone that he’s gotten accepted onto the show until it actually starts filming.
  • Bitty practicing his bakes and trying his new recipes on his hockey teammates.
  • Bitty getting along really well with his fellow contestants and helping them slide the cakes out of tins.
  • Bitty trying to juggle his hockey, school work, and the increasing pressure to practice the show nears the final.
  • Bitty trying to cool down his cakes and sponges by fanning several baking sheets over them at once.
  • Bread week being Bitty’s most challenging.
  • Everyone gathering at the Haus to watch each new episode.
  • Bitty’s peach and apricot frangipane tart receiving raving reviews from the judges.
  • Bitty frantically trying to get the last finishing touches on his show-stopper while the time counts down and that music starts playing.
  • Bitty saying that the practice cake went much better at home.
  • Bitty holding the show’s record for most times having received “Star Baker”.
  • Bitty’s hands being covered in band-aids from the inevitable cuts and burns. (Jack kissing them all better later.)
  • Bitty being the most popular baker on the show and gaining several hundred Twitter followers.
  • Bitty coming in last during one the technical challenges and trying not tear up on camera.
  • Bitty calling and talking with Jack after each challenge. Jack being trying to be as soothing and supportive as possible over the phone.
  • Bitty learning what a Schichttorte is.
  • Bitty kneeling in front of the floor and watching his bake n the oven even though he’d promised himself that he wouldn’t do that.
  • Bitty winning the final bake off challenge and Jack and the rest of the crew being there to cheer him on when they announce Bitty’s name.
  • Bitty receiving a book deal and teaching baking sessions for beginning bakers.

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