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My favorite bit of 12.17, aside from Dean getting the Colt back (and yeah, still bitter he doesn’t know the story yet, and that he’s not ASKING for the story, and that he’s not pissed… but okay I figure that’s gonna have to come out eventually…)


Even at the end of the episode when Dean asks Sam where Eileen is, and Sam tells him she went back to Ireland for a little while… like Cas went back to Heaven for a little while…

I mean… 

All that was missing was a cute lil facetime call between Dean and Cas and it would’ve been perfect.

people abt that fidget spinner post: lol some people just dont know how to take a joke it seems!

zuke: boarded that deleted scene where peridot (autistic coded) was put in one of those baby chair things + being treated like a child despite the fact she absolutely doesn’t need to be treated like a child

me: hmmmmmmmm yes this is a joke

Droughtlander Art Challenge
Week 13 - Red

All of Claire’s outfits in Paris are so colorful! (a fact I haven’t taken full advantage of..) Had to include the fan for Jamie’s sake 😉

Happy Monday! September is a week closer!

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oooo ok ok the signs as early 2000s alternative rock bands (or songs, dealer's choice!!) please!! 💙 thank u dear ily alot

aries: Seven Nation Army // The White Stripes 

taurus: The Black Parade // My Chemical Romance 

gemini: Thnks fr th Mmrs // Fall Out Boy 

cancer: Boulevard of Broken Dreams // Green Day

leo: Mr. Brightside // The Killers

virgo: The Middle // Jimmy Eat World 

libra: Ocean Avenue // Yellowcard

scorpio: Stacy’s Mom // Fountains of Wayne 

sagittarius: Can’t Stop // Red Hot Chilis 

capricorn: All The Small Things // blink-182

aquarius: Teenage Dirtbag // Wheatus 

pisces: Kryptonite // 3 Doors Down 

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So, the mandatory question... why bakudeku? (I’m not a hater or anything lol, I just wanna know what u love in their dynamic (´꒳`)

That’s okay, dear anon. Even if I got this question from a hater, I would gladly answer it! Ahem.

So rather than give you a bullet point explanation on “this is why I like BakuDeku point A, B, C…” I’m going to try something different. Many others have answered this question, and I’d pretty much be regurgitating what every other BakuDeku fan has said. Instead, I’m going to take you on a journey…

I got into My Hero through the anime. I heard about it through Funimation announcements, so I thought I would give it a try because it looked like something I would enjoy. Literally the first scene of Episode 1 is tiny Bakugo beating up tiny Deku. I didn’t know that yet, but I realized it soon after this happened:

This is their first “real” interaction in the anime. Charming, right? My initial thoughts were “holy shit this guy is a dick” and “oh he must be the rival character or something, idk, whatever.” And–if you know the kind of things I’ve shipped over the years–I don’t do rival ships. I can only think of one other rival ship I’ve been a fan of in the past 6 years or so. These two had all the “rival ship” flags for me, so I didn’t think much of it, shrugged my shoulders, and kept watching.

And then

something happened.

Some indescribable feeling clawed at my chest. It tugged at my heart. Fluttered in my brain. Something was different here. I knew it was, but I didn’t know why.

Well, kids, I’ll tell you exactly why! Listen up, because our word of the day is:

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I love your art so much! But i notice hardly any Lapis. Is there a reason or do you just not like drawing her?

Ahhhhhhh. Lapppissss Laaazuuliiii.

there are a lot of complicated reasons i dont draw her much. short version: she makes me uncomfortable. she kinda forcefully held down my fave at the bottom of the ocean in chains for ??? number of months to use her as a punching bag so like that alone is, Yikes, lol.

malachite aside, watching her interact with others throughout the series kind of feels like a game of minesweeper. everybody’s hoping for cool sunglasses lapis, but the reality is lots of red flags and with one wrong step, kaboom.

ive talked a bit about this before and drawn some comics about it, so if you wanna read more ive got some links: HERE is a post i wrote and HERE is a comic i drew after Raising the Barn (more about peridot and jasper’s experiences with lapis). HERE is a post i wrote about lapis’s continuous problem with respecting consent. HERE is a post i wrote about why i dont like shipping her. HERE is a messy comic about lapis going after jasper when she returns from space (ha i actually drew that before raising the barn! i suspected she was leaving after the preview lol)

and here are posts i really like that i didnt write: HERE is one @bellsingur​​ wrote about peridot after Raising the Barn and HERE is one @beta-kindergarten​ wrote about malachite and victims that relate to jasper.

also please remember, my opinions are just that, i absolutely dont claim to have any objective say on anything (i mean, no one really does). these are just my own personal feelings and interpretations. and i really, REALLY hope that someday lapis comes back and sincerely apologizes to those she’s hurt and actively tries to make amends. who knows, maybe someday we will get cool sunglasses lapis.

i like to think Rabbit Ears can pull all sorts of horrors into whatever reality he exists in and that he does it all the time just for funsies. it usually goes about as well as you’d expect

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Ok so when you and katie meet in person, will that be the cause of the apocalypse? I.e. the world we know and love coming to an end? Or, on the other hand, will the planet be saved from all evil?

time will shatter along w my face bones. there will be a split second where everything in the world is good and peaceful and then it will all just end as reality tears itself in half

GMC2 and The Poly Solution

So. We’ve been waiting for Good Morning Call for a while, and we were really excited to watch it. It’s one of those shows that really makes me happy, and it’s just 100% pure good shoujo. It’s fresh and cute and not as irritating as it could be (which is, like, very hard to achieve for this type of show).

We went into it with no idea what would happen. I read the GMC manga years ago, but never read their university days, I think. I was excited to see what kind of new characters will be introduced, and what kind of stupid shit Nao would get into this time.

Then, we got: The New Secondary Guy.

Except! He not only gets interested in Nao, but also in Uehara. And not in a rude “I want to be more popular than him so I’ll sabotage him” way. He saves Uehara from fangirls, and then gives him a quiet place to stay. Uehara likes him enough to give him MILK PUDDING, and that’s like… God-Tier levels of affection. Nao hears about this and feels absolutely threatened.

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what’s a holiday swap?

an anonymous holiday gift exchange!  participants will be assigned someone to create a gift for, and will receive a gift from someone else in return.

what kind of gifts?

this exchange is for digital gifts only–no exchange of home address is required.  gifts may be fics, fanart, graphics, gifsets, icon packs,  playlists…whatever you can think of.  the only requirement is that it be pacific rim themed.

how long are signups?

signups will end on november 30th.  you’ll get your assignment on december 3rd.  the creation period will run from december 4-31, with posting scheduled for january 1st.

sign up here / read the faq

**note: this is not the AO3 swap!!  there is a concurrent swap running over at AO3, but that is completely different.  there’s a blog for that one here!**

doodlebonez replied to your post “oh yeah and i kind figured out how to punch my tablet into…”

*whispers* d r a w A k u… all the Aku, shapeshift them in swirls and in hard angles and with all the distorted faces and teeth! >:o

oh, ,

,i got you fam