Neon and Dust

The Shoot space western AU that no one asked for.

(AN: The rough first chapter of the person of interest space western au that no one asked for. Rough because I haven’t fully finished world building stuff and won’t until I finish STC. It’s a bit long for tumblr but I didn’t want to move it over to ao3 just yet. The hub planets, if I ever write that far, will be more cyberpunk-y thus the neon in the title. Final rating unknown as of yet.)


Shaw looked around the table over the top of her cards. “You boys sure about that?”

The sound of a ship passing overhead roared through the bar and the entire building shook slightly, bottles rattling on shelves. Sounded like a freighter to her, probably headed towards the nearest terminal to blink the hell away from this dusty hellhole on the outskirts of nowhere.

“I said call, you damned cyborg.” The big guy across the table from her had been getting angrier and mouthier over the last few rounds as the little blue numbers on the credits bar in front of Shaw had ticked steadily upwards.

Shaw almost rolled her eyes at the insult; she was pretty sure he didn’t actually know about her arm. She dropped her cards on the table. “Read em and weep.”

She heard quiet mutters throughout the bar as everyone took in her cards.

“You’re cheating.” The man on her left stood up and leaned on his fist on the table, trying to tower over her.

“Maybe you’ve just got shit luck.” Shaw slouched further in her chair, the smallest of smiles playing around her lips. It was really too damn hot for the fight that was inevitably going to break out. Despite the fans turning lazily on the ceiling, there wasn’t even the semblance of a breeze in the dark bar.

“Well, your luck just ran out.”

The man reached behind himself, presumably for his gun, but Shaw didn’t wait to know for sure. Her left arm shot out under the table and clamped onto his upper leg, squeezing hard enough that she felt something snap. He screamed incoherently, and collapsed to the floor.

There was a long moment of silence and then the other two men at the table both jumped up, reaching for their guns. Shaw finally did roll her eyes and kicked the table over at them. She used the time it took them to recover to unfold herself from her chair and stand up, rolling her shoulders back and cracking her knuckles. The knuckles on her right hand, anyway.

Her left arm, hidden beneath her long coat and a very special glove a friend had gotten for her, was a bit…different. She’d have to pull her punches a little in this place or someone would catch on. (The man whose leg she had just pulverized could be a problem, but it had been so worth it).

Or maybe she could take them all on with only her right arm. Sounded like a good challenge. She wasn’t carrying any weapons today, didn’t want to give the local Samaritan Enforcement officers any reason to take a shot at her.

In her peripheral vision she saw five or six other people from the bar slowly moving in.

Looked like it was going to be a fun assignment after all.

When the local Enforcement officers got to the scene five minutes later, Shaw was the only one left standing. Mostly standing. One of her new friends had smashed a bottle on her leg and done a bit of damage, but nothing too serious.

“Empty your hands and turn around!”

Shaw sighed and dropped the man she’d been holding by the throat. She turned around slowly and raised her hands.

“Don’t want any trouble, gentlemen.” She tried to look harmless, though she was aware that given the large number of injured, groaning bodies around her it was probably a tough sell. But pummeling Enforcement agents was not on today’s agenda so she needed to play along. These guys were pretty pathetic as Enforcement agents went, the bottom of the barrel, but they still technically reported in to Samaritan and that meant not causing a scene.

Well, more of a scene.

She should have gotten out of here sooner, but it was too late to regret that.

“Arrest her,” snapped the leader of the squad. “And don’t try anything or we’ll open fire.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it, officer.”

Reese was going to have a hissy fit when he bailed her out.

“Finally.” Shaw stood up when the Enforcement officer approached the cell door.

He looked at her and sneered. “Oh, you’re not getting out. We’ve just got some company for you.”

Another officer came down the hall, shoving a woman in front of him.

“Oh, hell no.” Shaw stalked over to the bars. “You are not putting her in here with me.”

“You two know each other?”

Shaw glared at the other woman, took in the mischievous look in her eyes and the shit-eating grin on her face.

“I know her type.”

“I thought I was your type, sweetie.”

Shaw was tempted to give herself away and just punch straight through the bars and knock the woman’s teeth in. Instead, she fumed quietly and made herself step back so they could open the door.

The first officer shoved her new companion into the cell and slammed the gate behind her. Both men turned to leave.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” the woman called after them, holding up her still-restrained wrists.

“Those stay on,” the first officer said. “We don’t want any repeats of what happened earlier.” Both officers disappeared through the metal door at the end of the hall.

“Well, I can’t say much for the hospitality here, but at least the company is excellent.”

Shaw made a disgusted noise. “Why the hell are you here, Root?”

Root pulled experimentally on the metal cuffs. “I got arrested, obviously.”

“Yeah, I don’t buy that for even a second.”

Root only smiled and waltzed past her to perch daintily on the edge of the bench that ran along the back wall of the small holding cell.

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anonymous asked:

The undertaker x claudia theories seem to be popular. But can I ask what made the theory gain many supporters? Are there any hints that could possibly support this at all? I'm not against it or anything, I actually think it is ineteresting, but I just dont get where it started.. 😕

I can’t tell for certain when exactly it started. But there are some crucial scenes in the manga that support the theory that Undertaker may have loved Claudia. I guess the first one is this at the end of the Circus arc:

That was the first time we saw Claudia’s mourning locket in Undertaker’s possession and his words made it seem like he knew previous generations of Phantomhives already. Of course it wasn’t certain that Claudia was a Phantomhive as well, back then.

Then there was this scene during the Campania arc:

Undertaker called the lockets his treasure so the people on them, including Claudia, must be really important to him.

After the Weston arc we learnt that Claudia is indeed Ciel’s grandmother, so Undertaker’s obsession with the Phantomhives could very well come from his connection to her.

Then there was the information that Ciel’s lineage seems to be special somehow:

And in the same arc we saw Undertaker crying over Vincent’s death:

Both scenes support the idea that Undertaker may even be Vincent’s father.

And there are some more hints. Undertaker doesn’t seem like he wants to harm our Ciel. And his experiments with the Bizarre Doll may be him looking for a way to bring loved ones back from the dead.

There clearly is a connection between Undertaker and the Phantomhives and he must have been quite close to some of them to be so deeply emotionally involved. So the theory that he may have loved Claudia is quite plausible, I think. I hope this helps, Anon. :)

I am opening my commissions again since one of the roommates is going to be moving out next month and funds are gonna get tight!

i’m open to draw just about anything but some things i will not draw:
- non-consensual situations
- explicit porn ( not gonna draw the sex but some nudity is fine )

if you’re not sure feel free to send a message and ask, i won’t bite! you can contact me here on tumblr or via my email listed above. more info can be found under the “Commission Info” tab on my blog for anyone ineterested!


Ever since I was in the middle school, I have never taken any ineterests in male body. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW IS IT FOR A FIFTH-GRADER TO THINK THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH HER?? TO THINK THAT YOU’RE BROKEN?? I was always sitting by the side, listening to my frends talk how they think some celebrities are ‘hot’ and 'sexy’, and never really fit in because you just couldn’t feel what they were feeling? For some time, I even thought I was lesbian. Guys didn’t attract me, I was repulsed by the thought of dating one. But I didn’t like girls either. I was constantly excluded from conversations, my frends were whispering and snickering in front of me, and if I asked what were they talking about, they would just look and me and say “haha this isn’t for your innocent ears”. I was always 'too young to understand’ even though I was older than some of them. When I first heard of a term 'asexual’, I can’t describe how happy and relived I felt. There was finally an explanation for my lack of sexual and romantic feelings. Now I know I’m aro and ace but I don’t want any other kid feeling left out like I felt. In school they talk about heterosexuality, on TV they talk about homosexuality. There is no way that a middle school kid like me could ever known about anything beyond that. I know there are a lot of kids who are feeling out fo place. They could be ace, pan or bi bUT THEY CAN’T KNOW THAT BECAUSE THEY DON’T REALISE THAT THOSE TERMS EXIST. THERE IS A LABEL FOR WHAT YOU FEEL AND I THINK SCHOOLS SHOULD BE TEACHING THAT AND ACTUALLY START HELPING CHILDREN DROP THAT AH-BUT-EVERYBODY-IS-STRAIGHT-AND-SO-ARE-YOU ATTITUDE.

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Does Yuuri idolize Viktor when he's a young merman?

Yes, but at first, not in the same way as in the anime.

Yuuri actually knew about Viktor a lot earlier on, even before Viktor took his time to secretly watch Yuuri’s Patterns performance.

When Yuuri was 7 and Viktor was 10-11, both of them used to do Patterns. However, Yuuri did it to rise in the ranks, to compete, while Viktor did it to improve his tail control. He wasn’t ineterested in Patterns too much, but that didn’t stopped him from participating in some small competitions.

At that time, Yuuri never talked to Viktor. He barely even knew his name- he knew him as ‘that silver haired boy’ and nothing else.

For some years, they stopped meeting. Viktor left the Patterns competitions.

When they got a bit older and Yuuri started to participate in bigger competitions– competitions that happened at the same as Figures, Yuuri started to hear more about Viktor. Yuuko, who enjoyed both Patterns and Figures, often gushed about Viktor’s performances and how he seemed so in control of his movements.

That’s when Yuuri started to admire him. One day, he watched one of Viktor’sperformances– and Yuuko was right. Viktor was a beautiful beast.

Yuuri wanted make movements like Viktor’s. He wanted Viktor’s control, his gracefulness, his confidence. Yuuri was completely amazed by the other’s skill.

When Yuuri started to participate in Figures, then he started to idolize Viktor. Not only Viktor’s control skills— everything about him.

Hi! Ever wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons? I am trying my hand at DM-ing and because I know how scared I was before joining a group of strangers, I have decided to invite people from T to my game - or rather, a workshop.

What? D&D is a tabletp roleplaying game of fantasy genre.

Why? So in addition to what I mention above, I feel like the comunity is not as inclusive as it should be, and I hope people from T will know how to be respectful and solve conflict - or willing to learn how to! D&D is significantly social. It’ still just a game though, so no big deal :) but I think it would be lovely to have more female, mentally ill etc. DMs.

Who? All willing to tell a story through roleplaying and to be decent human beings at the table. Virtual table. All nw player and inexpreinced players. ALso if you are worried about inclusivity, I am not a native EN speaker, I am a part of the LGBT+ community and mentally and chronically ill, so. IDK whether you can gt more odd than that.

Where and when? We will play online on and we will gt started in June or July. We will also need to use either Skyp or some such for voice chat, which is… how you play. You talk. And roll dice.

How? I am trying to make this like a workshop. Take you under my wings until you learn to fly on your own and then release you into the wilds of the commnuity. I shall do my best to explain how to play the game, and then we shall actually play the game, only a one-shot - that is a game that only requires about a session to play. So if you do not like me, you are free to bail then and if not, I am actually looking to set a regular game and you might be who i am looking for! 

So if you are ineterested, let me know via message and I will gt back to you :) 



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Hello :) sorry for bothering you, just wanted to ask you when will you be posting your theory on pocket mirror? I'm really ineterested in your take on the story ^v^

It’s not as much as a theory as it is the canon plot plus some speculation on my part as I was a part of the beta testing team and one of the first to figure the plot out.  Fuck it, I”ll post it now since I had it saved for later. 

Edit: forgot to say you’re not bothering me, don’t worry about it! ;w;


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Dom is NOT gay. She was talking about Waverly when asked what other character she wanted to play. She said she liked playing Waverly but would be ineteresting to play other females too.

do i have to put my ask title in caps so y'all get it or

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I didn’t want to do it...

I really didn’t… but seeing all the posts full of hate, I just had to.

To begin with: I’m straight but I’m also a big supporter of lgbt+ community. Because everyone deserves the right to be happy. And no one should be judged for their sexuality. I am for marriage rights, children adopting rights etc.

As for shipping - I ship people because I like them together. I like straight pairs, I like gay pairs. It’s not my dirty secret or dirty pleasure or whatever. I’m very open about what I like - my friends know it, my parents know it. They agree or don’t agree with it - it never changed my views or my mind. I recently even quit being friends with one person, because she was very homophobic and used bad words. I tried to explain she can have whetever views but she shouldn’t insult anyone. She didn’t get it so we parted ways. Because I really don’t need hate in my life. 

With all the Clalec shippers(I just need to say it tho - I’m really ineterested on what basis was this ship created :D haha :D people are funny :)) and Malec shippers fights, that are all over tumblr, I have to say it.


Straight/lgbt+ people who ship Malec - because this ship is so awsome, I demand a lot from you. I want to believe you’re the best people. I know you are. That’s why I beg you - don’t go there. Don’t spread hate.

Why do you care if some weird people ship Clalec? Why do you hate them for it? Do you hate someone who likes green even tho you like blue? Do you hate soemone because they have black and not white skin? Do you hate someone because they believe in God and you don’t? 

You can criticize it all the way you want - it’s a free world. Just don’t spread hate. My heart hurts everytime I look at Malec tag and see people screaming Clalec shippers are homophobic. Because what? They ship a gay guy with a straight girl? Maybe, in some weird, not understandable to us way, they like the characters together. Maybe they don’t dislike the fact Alec is gay. 

Yes, there is also an option they do. But in that case, you should be wiser than that. You should stand tall above it, not hate them. Hate is for weak. And you’re - WE ARE NOT WEAK. Let’s show them we won’t get invloved in it.

Some people will probably hate me or block me bcause of that post. Just to let you know - it’s your choice. I, however, refuse to be involved or moved by haters. I write this post not to insult you, just show you, it’s so much better to spread love not hate. 

Live and let people live. Do you know that quote? :)

Edit: just to prove my point. I ship one couple from a music band. Two guys. They openly say they’re straight but I like how their characters click so I shipped them. In a not-invasive way (to respect they might be uncomfortable with it). Should I be judged and hated by straight community? Because I erase those people’s sexuality? I just read some fanfics and don’t make trouble for anyone. How would you feel if the tables were turned? P.S. I’m always open to discussion :) if you have any constructive criticism - let’s compare our views with open minds :)

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Is it okay if you can make a painting tutorial in SAI? Iknow you did a coloring tutorial but i like the way painting looks like because it's so woahhh not that your drawings arent woah enough but is it possible (like the oikawa you made just recently)

ahah, thank you:”D

To be honest I don’t think I will ever do a painting tutorial simply because the way I do it is very…spontaneous and unsystematic-like, so..I’m not sure I would find a way to explain people what I’m doing so they could achieve similar result..

BUT!! I was livestreaming this one, *though sorry I didn’t do from the very beginning* but you can watch it here, if you’re ineterested. I don’t know if it will help you, but it’s better than nothing:3