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Tybalt: "S-STATIC! GRRRAH! THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH MY BANGLE! I-I don't know what's with her! I came across her, and she was wearing completely different clothes and a star pin in her ear, her carnation was missing! And then she started acting like she didn't knew me! T-the scariest part is that I showed her a picture of us two together, and she acted like she was a completely different person in the photo! I'm really worried about her! I think her seeing you or Nuke would jog her memory!"

Static: I…umm…Mr. Tybalt, sir, thanks for calling me with this situation. i don’t quite know how to tell you this, krzzt, but Bangle’s been with me all day. Last time I checked she was wearing a carnation and her floral pop tank. In fact, we’re watching We Bare Bears right now as we speak, so the last time i checked was literally a second ago…”

French Narrator: “A few moments later…”

Static: “…(shock emote) I’ll be over in a few to make odds and ends connect. Or at least, try to. Thanks for bringing this up to my attention, krzzt. One last question though before i head off though, where are you right now?”

According to the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney — Spirit of Justice digital manual, Lawyers are ABSENT and…
“Plays no role, as trials are held without them. All lawyers are believed to be liars and are shunned by Khura'inese society.”

Well, that shows in the newly-released demo, which Ludwig gives his impressions on!