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I know at the moment I’m posting the Bucky drabbles people voted for to celebrate reaching 1500 followers, but tonight I hit 1800 followers, and I’m still so shocked. Seriously, you guys keep doing this to me, my introverted and inescure heart can’t take it. :P

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I love you all so much. Seriously. I’m doing a mini follow-forever thing because I can and I’ve met/found new people whom I love and (for some reason) love me. This list includes both mutuals and followers (and even just blogs I love and admire), and if you’re not on this list I’m sorry for forgetting you, but it’s early in the morning for me lol. Hope you can forgive me. Anyway, I love you I love you I LOVE YOU.

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Could I get Ichigo, Renji, Chad, Shunsui, and Rangiku reacting to their girlfriends confessing that they are a bit insecure about being taller than most average females?


Ichigo Kurosaki: 

“…” He couldn’t figure out what was wrong right away, but he knew something was. Standing around the other girls seemed to make his girlfriend uncomfortable. He sighed, muttered something and then walked off. "Whats wrong, __?“ He asked, trying to figure out why the girl was so upset. She sighed and explained she was inescure about her height, to which he replied with a small laugh. At first offended, she didn’t realize that until later she’d get the most warm hug ever. ”___, I love your height. Really the other girls are too short for my tastes. Don’t worry about it. Plus, I can kiss you just like this without having to break my back to lean over.“

Renji Abarai:

As he wandered through the Seireitei, he was reminded of what his girlfriend had told him earlier. He was on his way to her house now, actually. As soon as he got their he threw his arms around her and nuzzled into her neck gently. “Really, I don’t care.” He muttered, kissing her cheeks and grinning as she turned red. “I think you’re precious no matter what. You’re perfect to me.” She grinned and kissed him back, nuzzling him as well. Really, he didn’t mind at all what her height was, because he never noticed before. All he noticed was her beauty and her personality, height was never something he noticed.

Chad Yasutora:

He was curled up with his girlfriend, nuzzling her gently as they watched TV on the couch. They had spent most of the day like this, and honestly it was incredibly nice. They both enjoyed just being around each other, watching TV or movies or anything really. Soon though, the calm, loving air disappeared as his girlfriend sighed. "Chad, there’s something I need to tell you..” She mumbled, and started explaining her insecurities. He listened, nodding along with her talking until she was done. He simply hugged her close, “I don’t mind. Rather, you’re closer to my height and I enjoy it. I’ll always like you for you anyways.” He smiled lightly, kissing her head.

Shunsui Kyoraku:

He hummed, a small song that rang around in his head. Currently he was curled up with his girlfriend on top of Squad 1’s barracks, staring at the stars as they spoke. Soon enough, she confessed her problems and worries, and he attacked her neck with sweet little kisses. “I wouldn’t worry about it, ___-chan.” He grinned, biting her neck gently. “I love it. Your body is the most perfect one I’ve ever seen.” She blushed and kissed his cheek, curling up with him as they fell asleep on the rooftop.

Rangiku Matsumoto:

Her hand was tight in the other girls, walking around Karakura and shopping. Rangiku seemed to enjoy the shopping more than her girlfriend did, but she didn’t mind going out with her and doing lots of things. Once they were back to Orihimes house (who was still in classes), her girlfriend and her started to unpack things. Some of the items bought were for her girl, but they all seemed short. Slowly, her love started explaining to her her inescurities about her height. Rangiku just sighed and hugged her around he waist. “I wouldn’t worry about it, ___. I enjoy your height.” She grinned widely, “Mostly because I can do this with ease.” Her head dropped forward, face landing right in her partners breasts.

Why would no body date me..

I know reasons but Im not going to deep alright? Im just ugly and apparently being too “werid” gets people to dislike you. Whats wrong with having my own personality? I just wanna look like Danielle Peazer and be as perfect as Louis Tomlinson. Is it too much to ask? Like seriously if I met somebody who would actually even think about dating me I will legit cry. It’s a start alright? But wow do you ever think why was I not born beautiful why does no body like me? Sometimes I really do wonder what it’s like to have a perfect relationship like Payzer or Larry and just think what if… I would at least like one date with somebody nice too much to ask?  


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I hope they were talking about Yuri's career and not his relationship with Viktor even though Yuri ending his career would still be sad. I don't think they will break up but if they do maybe there will be a second season where they get back together and realize how much they love each other.

Okay okay but hear me out.

Yuri was most definitely not refering to his relationship with Viktor. At least, not their romantic relationship. How do I know? Because of the ep12 preview:

He will show his love for Viktor, laid bare to the world. I think this probably indicates that he will make his love for Viktor official for everyone to see. 

Despite Yuri’s inescurities, he would never let go of something or someone he loves so dearly. At least, not in the way that everyone thinks he is. 

You saw how Yuri reacted when he caught Viktor looking at all the other skaters, how his usual smile was nowhere to be seen when Yurio beat his record, and how he praised all the other skaters. 

Yuri realized at that moment how much Viktor still loves figure skating, and that he is probably longing to join everyone on the ice again in the competitions. So with “let’s end this”, I don’t think he meant their romantic relatiobship. I think he meant their coach-pupil relationship.

Yuri wants Viktor to go back to competitive skating. 

I feel that what he really meant to say was “after this season ends, I want you to stop coaching me and go back to skating. We will end what we have right now, but we will begin anew not as coach and pupil, but as equals on the ice.”