Why would no body date me..

I know reasons but Im not going to deep alright? Im just ugly and apparently being too “werid” gets people to dislike you. Whats wrong with having my own personality? I just wanna look like Danielle Peazer and be as perfect as Louis Tomlinson. Is it too much to ask? Like seriously if I met somebody who would actually even think about dating me I will legit cry. It’s a start alright? But wow do you ever think why was I not born beautiful why does no body like me? Sometimes I really do wonder what it’s like to have a perfect relationship like Payzer or Larry and just think what if… I would at least like one date with somebody nice too much to ask?  


I’m just feeling really insecure today. About me and him.
Some random ass chick was telling me and all of Facebook that they’ve been going out for three years, blah, blah, blah and I trust him when he said he didn’t because I’ve known some o the chicks he’s gone out with in between freshman year and now.
I’m just insecure because he is hot, and I’m well me. I honestly don’t think I’m that pretty and I’m shirt and hell fat. I’ve always been fat.
And I wouldn’t blaming him for just leaving me. No explanation.
I just don’t want to lose him and I’m being Whiney about it and I want nothing more than to curl up with him and be reassured. But I’m here and he’s there.