Thank You

I know at the moment I’m posting the Bucky drabbles people voted for to celebrate reaching 1500 followers, but tonight I hit 1800 followers, and I’m still so shocked. Seriously, you guys keep doing this to me, my introverted and inescure heart can’t take it. :P

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I love you all so much. Seriously. I’m doing a mini follow-forever thing because I can and I’ve met/found new people whom I love and (for some reason) love me. This list includes both mutuals and followers (and even just blogs I love and admire), and if you’re not on this list I’m sorry for forgetting you, but it’s early in the morning for me lol. Hope you can forgive me. Anyway, I love you I love you I LOVE YOU.

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Why would no body date me..

I know reasons but Im not going to deep alright? Im just ugly and apparently being too “werid” gets people to dislike you. Whats wrong with having my own personality? I just wanna look like Danielle Peazer and be as perfect as Louis Tomlinson. Is it too much to ask? Like seriously if I met somebody who would actually even think about dating me I will legit cry. It’s a start alright? But wow do you ever think why was I not born beautiful why does no body like me? Sometimes I really do wonder what it’s like to have a perfect relationship like Payzer or Larry and just think what if… I would at least like one date with somebody nice too much to ask?