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IT'S RADIOACTIVE TIME - mashup up by Inpbo
Original songs by Imagine Dragons, mashup by ines Pedro
IT'S RADIOACTIVE TIME - mashup up by Inpbo

My first Mashup ^^ this was made in Audacity and you might have to turn up the volume of your pc or put some phones :)

the two songs i mashuped are radioactive and It’s Time by Imagine Dragons

I hope you like this :)

EDIT 1 February 2013, 21:50 hours in Portugal: 

Since  i can save directlyas Mp3 file in audicity, i used FLstudio to converted the file… But i’ve converted other experience i did with Radioactive song in audicity and not the Mashup version i did, now i’ve fix it…

this is my first mashup so it might be a bit strange or something

sorry for the missunderstanding :C

(unless you want that i put this version in other post and let be the other version it was here later- in case you agree with this could you left a note (coment or in the ask or in the envolope sign? if you agree then i’ll do that :))