ines freitas


(Ines) this is my Medic loadout, Mama Medic, to go with wishurn Papa Medic <3 (drawing I did of Papa medic )

I still dont have that hair, because I am using a pocket heavy given by wishurn, but other than that, Mama has archimedes and the ward jacket

Mama and Papa bird family

(Ines) And this is my first time drawing Handsome Jack, or any Borderlands fanart. Bought Borderlands 2 some months ago but didn’t have space in my computer to play it. But then the wonderful wishfulsketching art made me go “hell I need to play it like, now”. 


(Ines)….so…Mirror Gem/Ocean Gem episodes were great…..  So many questions now. Ahhhh. 

Decided to try and paint Lapis. Because why not.


Muse - “Animals”

In December 2012 Muse launched a competition with asking people to produce a music video for the song Animals. This video is the winner as chosen by Muse fans and the band, created by Inês Freitas and Miguel Mendes from Portugal.