Some Thoughts on Imbolc

If you have been reading up on Wicca for a while, online and perhaps in books, you have probably read a bit about the eight sabbats. It’s important to note that these sabbats were included in Wicca by Gerald Gardner, and they are borrowed from several different places, from several different traditions. There is not one ancient European religion that celebrated all eight sabbats. 

In this post I want to talk about Imbolc on a slightly deeper level, from a different point of view than you might have come across in basic books on Wicca. 

To begin with this was the sabbat that I had the most trouble connecting with, but what I am going to share in this post has made it easier for me to feel a connection to this sabbat. Nowadays I am always looking forward to Imbolc and I feel a very strong connection to this beautiful celebration. 

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Basics About Imbolc

Date: 1st/2nd February (some places say 2nd but I like to celebrate on the Eve of the 1st)
Other names: Imbolg, Brigid, Candlemas

For me the biggest issue with Imbolc started when I found Wicca while still living in Sweden. In English books, this sabbat is described as the first spring sabbat. You are to celebrate that the nature is re-awakening, new life is growing. In the Goddess and God mythological cycle, the Goddess is entering Her phase as a young maiden, while the God is a child. There are snowdrops and other flowers too - the books tell you.

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Swedish Imbolc

And this is probably true in some other places in the northern hemisphere as well (and in the southern hemisphere, this goes completely out the window!)

Right, so it says that now you can see the first signs of spring. 

And as a Swedish person you look out through the window at all the snow and wonder where exactly these signs of spring are hiding.

I know I was even thinking that the date for this sabbat should be changed, because it so obviously does ring true with the Swedish climate. Of course you can see Imbolc as a chance to help spring move along, but I never thought this was enough. It was always very frustrating to me, because I felt like I completely missed out on this part of the Wheel of the Year. 

It wasn’t until I moved to England, to Devon, that I actually felt I could get a connection to Sweden’s Imbolc. This is a bit ironic, since Devon is known as England’s Riviera. Here crocuses have already started to appear. Though this winter has been cold: the temperature has dropped below zero at least a couple of days. Sometimes we have had to have the heating on in the house all day. One day there was even sleet for an hour or two.

When Imbolc appears there are snowdrops, crocus and often daffodils. There are buds on the trees and I can really see how Imbolc is the first spring sabbat. 

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But Imbolc is so much more than that, and that is what I have gained a connection to that will also work in Sweden and other colder countries in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Because Imbolc is also called Brigid (pronounced ‘Breed), and Brigid is the Goddess of poetry, the forge, fire and creativity. She is also the Goddess of healing and midwifery. This is connected to the Goddess having given birth to the God, but it is also about re-awakening and give life to one’s own creativity and creative force after the winter darkness.

Even in Sweden the light is returning, and people know that they are headed toward spring and they have more energy. So this is a perfect time to honour the fire within ourselves, and its creative flames. That is what has allowed me to make a connection to Imbolc.

For me this is now a celebration of fire, a time to start forming what I want to achieve during the coming year. This is a chance for me to find myself and stand in my own power, just like the Goddess is doing. This is the sabbat when She has the least connection to the God; She is out there celebrating Herself and Her desires, and we have the chance to do the same!

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What You Can Focus On

The Goddess is in her forge. She is strong, she surely has soot smeared on her face, her skin is blank with sweat while she is lifting the hammer against the anvil, to form what she is working on. She is forming her own life. She works with what she wants. She decides which one of her ideas she wants to make reality, and then she makes it happen. There is nothing that can stop her. 

She is the mistress of her own life. 

So take this moment to have a ritual where you are honouring the Goddess’ immense power of creation. It is this very power that will soon melt even the snow. It is this power that makes nature crackle with new life. And this power is present within each and everyone of us. 

How can you use this power within a ritual? Here are some of my suggestions =)

  • Use this creative life force to think about what you want to make in your forge. What do you want to achieve the coming year?
  • Focus on your own inner creative fire. How does it look? Is it lit? Or do you need to kindle it? What fuel does it need? Think about how the fire used to be the very heart - the hearth - of the home, and how we need this to survive. If yours has gone out it is time to feed the flames!
  • Do you feel your are stuck in some project and you’re not sure how to move it forward? This is the perfect ritual to find new inspiration.
  • Do you need healing? Let Brigid’s healing hands help you to heal.
  • Do you want to get rid of bad habits? Let Brigid’s fire burn them away, and let yourself be born again from the flames.

Ideas For Magic

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This is the perfect sabbat to work with healing magic both for yourself and for others. 

Candle and fire magic are also great to work with here, to re-connect to the power of the fire. 

It’s also a really good time to plant seeds representing that which you want to achieve the coming year. Plant a seed for something you want to grow and charge it with your energy and inention. See how it grows as your project is growing, and take some time each day to connect to your seed (and in time plant!) to deepen your own connection to it and that which you want to achieve. 

I hope this have given you some new thoughts about this glittering celebration!

How do you celebrate Imbolc? 

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so i saw an anti otayuri say that even when yuri turns 18/19 they'd be against the ship because "it shows that you had the intention to ship them romantically in the first place" as if most of the victuuri shippers didn't have the inention of romantically shipping them when they saw kid!yuuri admiring victor skating in tv lmao double standards at its finest

Well isn’t that sad

I actually feel bad for them

Imagine a life where you can’t ship otayuri???

A tragedy 

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So does Officer Rogers wear guyliner or no?

I really don’t know.

It appears he has some.

But it could just be the regular amount of tv makeup compared to the amount of ‘pirate’ makeup they usually use…. 

For example… if we compare his flashback filming with his officer filming…

See… there’s still some there but not as much as he usually wears.

Whether it’ll be part of the show/brought up/inentional etc. I have no idea. 

This is just me observing with my eyeballs lol.

A Bizarre Poetry Prompt

Tranquil Waters…

Toes dipped into its cool embrace

Ripples spread slowly across the shining waves

Another lazy day spent on the river bank

Nothing wrong as the sun passes by my way

Quiet woods surround the scene

Unique shapes the branches of trees make

I close my eyes to dream the day away

Longing for time to stand still in this moment

Winds rise and fall with the pull of the moon

Another day gone into the essence of infinity

Time to head in doors as the coolness creeps in

Enter a home full of warmth toasted by a smoldering fire

Rem sleep takes the mind to reflect on what has just passed

Starting tomorrow back to the edge for another lazy day

Let me know what you think on my blog and pass the thought along.

Image: Abstract Water Splash

Water is life.

 It almost goes without saying. And yet the weather patterns on our planet-such as the drought in California- as well as the leering threat of major corporations, who wish to privatize water, should make us stand back and take a good look at this element which is literally everywhere in and around us.

We are a microcosm of the universe and within us the entire universe resides. Therefore we as individuals as well as a collective human consciousness hold the keys within our own conscious awareness to heal the state of water, because it is essentially an extension of us, just as we are of it.

You will see what I mean if you have ever looked into the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher who discovered that water is deeply impressionable and that by subjecting water to various sounds, words, and intentions, it would literally change at the molecular level to reflect the vibrations to which it was exposed.

The point in all of this is that we can absolutely change the quality and state of water through our thoughts and intentions.  Here are 3 specific ways:

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1.     Heal Your Relationship with Water- This step could actually be an entire article in and of itself.  In actuality, when we bring something within the self totally into alignment, we are bringing healing to the collective. To have a healthy relationship with water, we need enough water in our bodies to function properly on all levels which means staying hydrated and drinking high quality water like alkaline, spring, or at the very least filtered.

Additionally, it is good to learn to respect water. That means appreciating the water you drink, swim, and bathe in as well as cook and clean with.  If you possibly can, it is respectful to reuse water.  For instance, if water stagnates, it can become quite unpleasant. Use it to water the plants or clean something if you forget a glass of drinking water.

Finally, start the day with a glass of fresh water. Mindfully.  Stand facing the rising sun and drink a big glass of water with gratitude and with good intentions for the day ahead.

2.     Pray or Meditate to the Water: In using the word ‘pray’ I simply mean to use whatever method is appropriate to you for connecting with the greater essence of life and focusing positive intentions somewhere.  Because water is impressionable, praying to or meditating for bodies of water like a local lake or creek or the ocean will have an effect on the water.  This effect is highly intensified if many people participate at once.  Getting a group of people together to pray for the water can affect the over-soul of consciousness of the water everywhere on the planet as well as the water in your own living cells.  This type of ceremony would benefit greatly from including music and song which creates and shifts vibrations with great power.

3.     Alchemize the Water- As Masaru Emoto demonstrated with his life’s work, you can create specific changes in water through your intentions and the use of sounds, intentions, the written word, and imagery.  If this appeals to you here is an experimental ritual to try:

Take a small quantity of water, no more than a gallon, and place it in a glass container that can be transported easily.  Now spend some time with the water. Hold your hands on the water and pray or sing, visualize the water taking beautiful forms or being full of light, color, and beautiful energies.  Write positive words on small slips of paper and stick them onto the container facing inward.  Expose the water to sacred geometric symbols or healing frequencies such as 432hz or to healing mantras.  You could also place crystals like clear or rose quartz in the water for several hours or overnight on particularly a full moon, and allow the energies to be imprinted into the water.

Now specify your intention for the water, because you will use this water as a sort of ‘concentrate’ to heal a larger source of water.  So state or imagine your intentions clearly and communicate them to the water.  The inention may be your image of all the waters in the world being pure, clean, accessible, and full of healing light.  Once you have sent these thoughts and intentions into the water, give the water as a gift to a larger source of water.  This could be at the seashore, a lake, a creek, or even down your own drain to heal the city water which badly needs healing.  Hold your intention as you give the water away as you allow it to flow away and bring the beautiful vibrrations it contains with it.  See it as a sort of concentrate of energy impressions that will shift the vibration of the entire water source to which it is flowing.

The water on our planet dearly needs to be healed, but the first and most primary aspect of the healing of water is for us to come into alignment with water as individuals. After we are in a good relationship with water personally, then we can follow our inspiration and use other methods to project healing to water throughout the world.

Tinkerbell: Naughty or Nice?

So we all know Tinkerbell, specifically, THIS Tinkerbell

And I’ve noticed some people on Tumblr are mighty upset about THIS Tinkerbell

External image

There’s a noticable difference; personally, I like the new Tinkerbell, I like her alot, even more than the original, but there’s something sort of important here that alot of older Disney fans seem to be forgetting…. Tinkerbell hasn’t met Peter Pan yet, in fact, in the timeline of the Disney Fairy movies…. Tinkerbell is still EXTREMELY young….

This entire movie franchise started with Tinkerbell’s arrival, her birth (as seen above in her arrival dress) provided the movie timeline is accurate she’s only a year and a half to two years old (as we’ve seen fall, spring, winter, and summer all beginning in the films once, there may be a season or two that’s been repeated though) this shows the BEGINNING of Tinkerbell, what she was like in Pixie Hollow, BEFORE Peter Pan (the book series conflicts with this though, I read a few of the books when they first came out years and years ago and The Trouble With Tink mentions her going to visit her freind Peter, but this isn’t in the movies at all) it’s shown that Tinkerbell is still new to everything as she’s seen preparing for things, working on things, celebrating things, etc, for the first time on many occassions

External image

Let’s be honest here, not many people are BORN sarcastic and tempermental, but it IS shown on multiple occassions that this Tinkerbell is the same jealous, witty, easily annoyed fairy we all know, in fact, the second movie CENTERS on her temper and the first makes a point of her jealousy

The first being about her wanting someone else’s Talent, not wanting to be a Tinker Talent Fairy, and the second about a chain of events caused by her frustration leading to multiple destructions, Silvermist even makes a point of noting that Tink turns red when she gets angry and seems to know that this is normal for her, we have shades of her future personality as it is, but I think one major question is hanging here that no one really seems to have given any thought to: Why is Tinkerbell with Peter in the first place? In Disney canon, that’s never been explained (to my knowledge) although it’s obvious in Peter Pan that she cares a great deal for Peter and most likely sees him with some romantic interest, I highly doubt that she’d leave Pixie Hollow just for loving Peter, she’s so extremely happy where she is, why would she leave? Most likely, she was forced to leave, it’s mentioned before that fairies can be banished from Pixie Hollow

Although it’s also shown that they can be welcomed back under the right circumstances

Tinkerbell may be enchanted by our world and motivated by adventure, but it’s shown again and again that her freinds are her most important treasure, so I don’t think she left Pixie Hollow for Peter willingly, and considering how often Tinkerbell gets herself into trouble, I’m pretty sure it’s not a stretch to say that somehow she ended up banished

External image

Ofcourse as far as the timeline goes there are multiple references through the film series that show that this is taking place before the events of Peter Pan… although perhaps not LONG before… we have Wendy being called to in the first movie when Tinkerbell returns the music box, so she’s already been born

External image

The crocodile is a baby in The Pirate Fairy (he even swallowed an alarm clock, showing how he came to tick)

And Captain Hook is shown to already be a pirate

Given the ages of everyone here, I’d say this is possible 5-8 year before the events of Peter Pan (it confuses me that Wendy seems to be as old as she is when Hook looks to be so much younger, he still has both hands too) but I digress, people, I think, should concentrate less on the fact that Tinkerbell is different from the one they remember, and more on the fact that she went from THIS


This isn’t to say she’s always happy in the new Fairy series, or that she’s never happy in Peter Pan, but she turned from someone who’s innocently curious, happy, and inentive, to someone who’s easily angered, jealous, and quite honestly, mean when she wants to be, she seems to get more pleasure in her tricks and games in Peter Pan where as in the Tinkerbell series she’s very empathic and sympathetic (under most circumstances) and gets her happiness from inventions, lost things, and her freinds, bringing me to my next point, whatever happened to her that changed her attitude also cost her her freinds, her work, her home, her LIFE, and even her SISTER

Whatever happened to make Tink leave Pixie Hollow very obviously hurt her, it cost her her genuine happiness, and although it’d be VERY interesting to see what DID happen to cause all this, I hope Disney never shows that (and I don’t think they will as it would mean losing their very profitable Disney Fairy line, although with all the references they’re putting in to Peter Pan and the timeline showing that this is no more than five-eight (and with Wendy’s age I’d say even that’s a stretch) years behind the story of Peter Pan, I do wonder if they’ll add some kind of Pixie Hollow-based tie in to the Peter Pan movie, although I sort of doubt it) I personally would much rather keep seeing Tinkerbell happy, adventurous, and with her freinds, than to see her undergo whatever pain caused her to leave Pixie Hollow and become cycnical, that’d likely be a heart break and a half…

External image

In honour of cinematic masterpiece fast 7′s release, here’s a fast franchise themed story!

  • It is a truth universally acknowledged that in every school year there is that one boy.
  • You know 
  • the boy
  • The one who, if the school ever burned down, is the first culprit that pops into your head 
  • (and, most likely, the police’s)
  • Hes terrifying but not in a cool way and listens to so much metal
  • His hair is long and always sort of greasy?
  • he’s got chains hanging from one place to another on his body, always
  • he hates AUTHORITY
  • he hates THE MAN
  • he hates HIS PARENTS
  • If he likes a rapper its Eminem
  • There’s always a group of girls who look at his particular brand of fuckboy and see the boy of their dreams
  • ‘I’m gonna fix him. I’m gonna change him… with my love’
  • He’s STR8EDGE and graduated from nerf herders to actual guns at age 14
  • y’all know the kid i mean
  • So this boy in our year manifested in the terrifying form of a long haired, long limbed yahoo whose huge clunky headphones were always around his neck and never actually on his head
  • He only ever wore converse high tops and seemed to live on a diet consisting purely of the not-so-legal Thai red bulls they sold at the corner shop that was down the street and only stayed open from the illicit patronage of the school’s student body
  • he was really mean too and you were always pretty sure he hated you
  • because he hated everyone
  • So out of mostly a sense of self preservation I have stayed in my fucking lane around this kid
  • I have NO INENTION of swerving into him and getting like, a chelsea grin in return
  • (In maths class our teacher used to let us listen to music while we worked and one day I was playing my music way too loud but i didn’t realize, and I was listening to a slipknot song and I looked up and from across the room aforementioned boy 
  • locked eyes with me 
  • and sang the next line along with my iPod
  • But that would all come to a head one day
  • In music class.
  • So in the first two years of high school we were made to do all different kinds of electives, usually practical subjects, all of which i was a natural disaster in
  • these classes included:
  • Sewing (got hit in the head with a sewing machine) (YEAH)
  • Metal works (melted the keychain I was meant to be making on the buffer)
  • Woodworks (accidentally set my wooden plane on fire)
  • Food tech (i was actually okay at food tech…but I mean I accidentally set myself on fire in my own kitchen, so)
  • Art (clay pot fell to pieces in the kiln)
  • Needless to say I was always an essays and class discussion type girl.
  • So one of our classes is music and were given an assignment to find a sequence in a film and analyze how music is used in it 
  • (I am THRILLED about this assignment)
  • (I bluffed my way out of our previous assignment by convincing and… possibly gaslighting? My teacher into believing I had already performed the song for her, and that she had marked me a generous 7 out of 10)
  • (You can’t make yourself look too fake good that’s like rule number one)
  • So for our assignment we have to present our speech to the class and show the clip using the DVD
  • When the teacher asks for a volunteer to man the remote for the presentations
  • My hand flies RIGHT UP.
  • As a rule, I DO NOT volunteer for things. 
  • I am sure you can understand why
  • This whole goddamn tag is why
  • I was so young, so foolish… 
  • and it was all about to go to shit
  • So as I’m sure you’ve guessed, slipknot is in my class
  • and he’s still young enough that he’s actually still coming to class and like, trying to pass
  • And for his presentation he has decided to analyze a scene from
  • (For my own task I did a scene from acclaimed movie musical Anastasia)
  • (Totally killed it)
  • (I always did really well at music assignments that didn’t involve the playing of any instruments)
  • Now I’m sure you’re thinking
  • 'A teenage potential sociopath who legitimately enjoys Papa Roach’s 'last resort’ likes the fast and the furious??? Uh. I don’t think so’
  • And you would be right
  • He had chosen his scene in question because the music used was a song by none other than his personal idol
  • Some wondrous soul has uploaded the exact clip to YouTube
  • Okay, so
  • Slipknot puts his DVD in and loads it all up and passes me a sheet with the times on it
  • And I’m queuing up his scene 
  • I’m taking my job so goddamn seriously
  • I’m the best remote hound in this place
  • I’ll fast forward like a motherfucker i don’t give a what
  • So the scene starts out and its all good
  • Its the suburbs, nice nice
  • But then it CUTS
  • to Michelle Rodriquez lookin up at Vin diesel all sexy like
  • 'Oh, no’, I’m thinking, because I’ve seen the fast and the furious before, and I’m pretty sure our teacher won’t be happy about someone doing their assignment by showing a sex scene to a group of thirteen years olds (me included)
  • The music’s still playing
  • Michelle RIPS vin’s shirt off
  • 'Not this bit!,’ slipknot hisses, and gives me an evil eye that I’m fairly sure shaved off a few years from my life
  • I try to start fast forwarding
  • But I accidentally hit the skip chapter scene
  • my face is beet red
  • I’m fumbling
  • Slipknots gonna rip open my jugular
  • My teacher is huffing
  • ‘stop playing that bit!’, slipknot says furiously
  • so the teacher and slipknot are about to double tap me and im trying so hard to fast forward
  • but the scene won’t fast forward
  • ‘oh my god’, slipknot seethes
  • ‘i’m sorry’, i say, mortified, because the fucking REMOTE’S STOPPED WORKING and my class of fellow 13 years olds are watching a montage of a drug bust/sex scene set to marilyn manson
  • and everyone’s angry at ME nd not the fucking kid who CHOSE THIS FOR HIS ASSIGNMENT IN THE FIRST PLACE?
  • UH
  • finally my teacher, maybe smelling the potential lawsuit, scrambles up out of her seat and turns the tv off at the power
  • i’m standing there, still pointing the remote, and slipknot’s next to me, headphones around his neck like a chokehold while he mentally puts my name in the goddamn deathnote
  • ‘i’m sorry’, i whisper again, miserably
  • ‘it’s fine’, our teacher says, in a voice that indicates it is definitely not fine 
  • ‘go sit down, both of you’
  • we’re both so goddamn embarrassed
  • but unlike me, slipknot doesn’t seem to handle embarassment, or indeed any emotional besides righteous fury, particularly well
  • i walk back to my seat 
  • and like, if life came with a soundtrack the funeral dirge would be playing in the background 
  • all the other kids in the class are looking at me in sympathy cause 
  • u no im dead
  • and though slipknot hated everyone, after that day he held a special hatred for me in his heart
  • i saw him on the bus years later, still with the fucking headphones
  • and honestly he looked at me like i’d killed his father in a wildebeest stampede
  • that’s some bad fuckin karma right there
  • and that’s the story of how i accidentally showed a sex scene to my thirteen year old peer group and potentially started a blood feud with a marilyn manson groupie

09x09 “Holy Terror”
10x21 “Dark Dynasty”
In Memoriam

Two beloved people. Who fought alongside the Winchesters. Through the good, the bad, the bloody. Two people, geniouses in their own way. One a nerd, one in advanced placement. Both first hestitant to join the fight. Not happy about the fact that the supernatural invaded their lives, but made the best out of it, came to apreciate it, because even though they had not much else, at least they had one thing in Sam and Dean: a surrogate family. They were pulled into a war unwillingly, but gave their all to save their friends, to save the world. Deciphering a tablet, decoding a book - something like the “human tablet” -  to join the Winchesters’ battle against evil in which the lines between good and bad, human and monster, right and wrong kept blurring together ever more. Or like Rowena put it, “the line between good and evil” became quite flexible, opening up the question if maybe the humans are the worst “monsters” of all. 

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day 3: what you think your reason for being here is?

I think at this moment in time I was put on this Earth to listen and not judge. I am here to help people my age, older than me, or even younger than me with any problem they might have. For now, that is my reason for being and my intention. 

This Blog's Rules, Guidelines, Purposes, and More.

Okay, so let me go over the rules and guidelines first:


- Do NOT inbox tips or stories, there’s a submission box for that.

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Our Purpose & Intention:

The purpose for “PoC Genealogy” is to connect people of color (Blacks, Latinos, Indigenous, Asians, Pacific Islanders) through the means of genealogy. We here at PoC Genealogy intend to help lead people of color research their roots, as well as share their stories. We will post the genealogy experiences of those who want their experiences heard. We will also give tips and genealogy resources (from the admins and followers).

What we hope to cover:

Genealogy among PoC.

- The science of genealogy.

- Colonization and it’s effect on genealogy.

- Genealogy in the Americas.

- More topics will be announced.

seiyoko  asked:

In regards to Arima being genetically unique, my mind went to it connecting to Yoshimura asking Kaneki to save Eto from loneliness (because Haise/Kaneki probably respects him to an extent) if Arima is an outsider, keeping Haise around to not feel so completely abnormal or alone.... it's ooc a bit and not yoshimuras inention but o|-<

It’s been hinted a few times in TG:re and in TG Jack that Arima’s been alone due to Arima-pathy as other investigators were envious of Arima’s skill. We don’t know how much this affected Arima as a person tho but he probably just accepted things the way they were.

There’s also this panel in TG:re ch. 21 where it looks like an IX which could represent the tarot, Hermit. I’m personally not very knowledgeable with the tarot tho so just take it with a grain of salt.

There’s also in TG Jack where Arima mentions that it’s been a long time since he was able to converse with someone close to his age before Fura. In the beginning, I thought that this was due to Arima being constantly surrounded by adults but it could also be due to his involvement with the ‘Garden’ which was a collection of children.

If we are to use Hairu as a benchmark for the age of the other kids, Arima would be around 11-12 years older than the children.

It’s really difficult to assume what Arima actually wants in his life and what his motives are (his will is empty after all) but I wouldn’t put it against him if he subconsciously wanted a companion who he could consider more than just a workmate.

He’s had Fura, Hirako, Ui, Akira, Marude and other people in his life but I kind of see Arima as the guy who puts work over everything else.

anonymous asked:

In the EW article Kreisberg states: “What Laurel very clearly lacks in skill, she makes up for in grit and determination. In a lot of ways, she helps everyone else comes to terms with Oliver’s absence and helps them find within themselves what this crusade means to them and helps them get back on track.” Is it me or do they keep retconning Laurel so she fits with the story and the team. She's been a wreck all season (and season 2) and now she's talking sense? Your thoughts?

She hasn’t been a wreck all season. In fact that was one of my earlier complaints. I wished they’d allowed Laurel to be more of a wreck after Sara’s death.

Yes, she was wreck in S2…but that was SEASON 2. I am the first one to say that Laurel Lance is a problematic character BUT I am also the first one to say that there is GOOD mixed in with the bad. The character is not a lost cause and is salvageable. At least for me.

Is it a retconn that Oliver isn’t a killer anymore? That’s the way he was in Season 1. We can’t continually hold previous storylines against characters. It seems the only character that’s consistently done with is Laurel. Yes, Laurel was a wreck after Tommy’s death. She drank & swallowed her body weight in pills. She blamed everyone except herself. She was spiteful & cruel and angry. AND IN PAIN. She also had some pretty damn good reasons to be angry.  She had a right to be angry about Oliver & Sara sleeping together. She had a right to be angry about Tommy’s death. Did she always handle it the best? No, but she’s flawed and that’s what makes characters interesting.

What’s important is she found her way out of the darkness…because she loved her sister. And it’s her love for Sara that pulled her out.  That was the entire point of their 2x14 scene. It was an exceptional piece of work on Katie Cassidy’s part  and I loved Laurel in that moment. She hit rock bottom, she reached out to the love of her life, her sister,..and clawed her way out. And I forgave her. Because she asked for forgiveness. And ever since then..she’s been trying. Is she always successful? No. But Laurel isn’t evil. She’s a good person with exceptionally good intentions. 

What’s happening with Laurel this season isn’t Laurel being a wreck. It’s the direct opposite of that. I’m not saying Sara’s death didn’t shatter her. It did. The Laurel Lance we knew died in that alley and we are watching a phoenix rise from the ashes - like every great superhero origin story. The Black Canary is rising.

Laurel is a lot of things. A lot of negative but a lot of positive. She’s got grit. She’s got determination. She’s got focus. A need for justice. A need to honor those she’s lost.  A rage that must be fueled constructively. In fact, one of the things I love about Laurel is that she shares a lot of the same characteristics with Oliver. It makes them TERRIBLE lovers…but it will make them great crime fighting partners. 

He’s been back before. He’ll be back again.

And the ONE thing Laurel has that the rest of Team Arrow doesn’t? She’s lived this before. Oliver has disappeared before. Oliver has died before. Oliver has come back before. Not only did Laurel live it, but she survived it too. What’s more…Laurel knows she can do it again. That’s the wisdom she’s trying to impart on Felicity. She understands Felicity’s pain…but she’s trying to give her hope. Because there IS hope. It’s an unbelievably compassionate moment. And I love her deeply for it. Because my beautiful Felicity just lost the love of her life…and Laurel is offering hope and support.

And it’s that knowledge that is going to help Laurel pick up the pieces a little faster, a little easier than the rest of the team. And they need someone who can do that. Diggle is the leader. Laurel isn’t taking that from him. Nor is she some LOA super ninja hero overnight. But the DESIRE TO HELP is there. That’s what matters. Her intent is good. That’s not a retconn.  The INENT of the Laurel Lance character has always been good even though it’s not always executed the best. She will step up and help keep the fight going. Because that’s what she needs to do for Sara AND Oliver.  

That’s the grit I love about Laurel. That’s the determination. That’s the focus. It’s not a reconn. It’s wonderfully Laurel…and it reminds me so much of Oliver.

I’m not saying with certainty that the storyline is going to be successful but I am willing to go down this road with the writers. I’m pumped. This BC storyline has been churning in their minds since before they ever created THE PILOT. And I for one want to see what they’ve come up with. So no, I’m not jumping down Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggeheim or Andrew Kreisberg’s throat every time they make a positive quote about Laurel in an interview. She’s not the devil. That’s Merlyn. I’m willing to take them at their word and see if it materializes in the episode.

I’m just going to warn you guys…Something To Live For has always been ANTI Lauriver but PRO Laurel Lance. I try to be fair in my comments with the character and I absolutely understand the hesitation and total lack of interest. That’s completely fine. But I’m not one of those people. I love Laurel and I for one can’t wait to see where they are going. If it sucks. It sucks. But I hope it doesn’t and my gut is telling me it won’t.

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val when are you coming back? liam is getting so much hate and i am sad we need you!

Awww hon i cannot use the computer rn, I am seeing as much as i can from my phone but admittedly i dont WANT to see too much cause it’s just so damn tiring. Liam doesnt deserve all this hate and it’s making me sad too! Apparently he called a girl hot and another shitstorm started? Like, how do we even know he did and, if he did, WHATEVER?!? Do the people that critisize him actually ever go out and socialize or nah? And did they skip the ages from 15 to 25 and went straight to their fabulous and mature (…) selves?!? Like wtf why is this boy crucified its like he pissed on half the fandom’s Cheerios!!!! He complains about people waking him up by ringing his hotel room? What an ungrateful arse!! He apologises? What a fake bastard that never assumes responsibility for his actions!!!! The ONLY thing that’s ever really bothered me (tho ofc everyone has the right to be bothered by whatever the fuck they please, it’s the CRUCIFYING that drives me up a wall) was the Duck Dynasty stuff but apart from it being shady as fuck from start to finish, he (or whoever was responsible) did try to clarify, plus I know Liam! Is one dumbfounding tweet gonna make me change my entire opinion about a person that’s been out there for ages?

And you know what, I am gonna GO there, I am gonna talk about the double standards here: I don’t see all those Larry shippers twisting their panties about Louis’ bullshit tweet that hurt so many ppl, or his support of those BB homophobic people, and I don’t see anyone saying Harry is hopeless cause of that blackface instance and the headdress etc! And /I/ am not twisting my panties either! Because if a fandom is able to grant Louis the courtesy of doubting that he tweeted that shit, so will I. But dont fucking deny Liam the same thing cause that makes you a hypoctite. And as for Harry, he’s young, he can learn, as long as he doesnt have ill inentions I am willing to look past his actions cause thats what people DO. They make mistakes and they learn from them and especially when that happens in front of the entire world its good to be more lenient, even if they never apologise for it *cough*. And frankly? I dont fucking care what the others do!!!! I love Harry -and Niall for that matter- and I certainly dont love Louis, but point is I am here for Zayn and Liam and I dont need to tear the rest down to justify my love for them. Should I be like “Zayn’s voice is amazing, Louis’ is dreadful, suck that Louis fans!!!”. Like, why be so immature and hurtful?! No member in this band needs to be torn down to justify the love for any other member. And the fans of someone don’t need to see all this negativity directed at their faves, not from people who contabtky use doubke standards, not from people that dont give abd never gave a fuck about said faves, not from people that actually have no reason to rant abd rant about people they CONFESS to not care about, ie people they dont KNOW in the least!!

Im not saying “dont complain”, “dont critisize”, but if you have such precious angelic faves that never do any wrong and when they do it’s never them but someone else typed the words for them or sedated them and put them in native costumes or something, then why don’t you kindly write sonnets about them and let other people do the same abt their own faves? The thing is once AGAIN he didnt do anything groundbreaking other than a rumour (?) that he called a girl hot (oh hold my poodle he DID NOT commit tgat heinous crime?!) and some cryptic tweets?!? Like?!? Oh and we all know if the same had happened with Harry in Liam’s place everyone woukd be like “Modest planted that to reinforce his womanising image!!” Or, lhe was being sweet and complimented her on her good looks”.

But you know what, why am I even up in arms about this. It’s not like all these ppl are ever gonna acknowledge their bias and tone it down. And I am gonna repeat I am only seeing whatever the tumblr app shows me which osnt much (but enough to disgust me). When I am back at the computer I’ll try to reinforce a new policy: block the shit out of hateful ppl. They aren’t gonna change, they arent gonna stop bullying him, they arent gonna stop calling themselves the victims. So its up to us to just remove their negativity from our dashes and be done with it.

Oh and btw, I can now put this out there: I am on kinda-hiatus bc of a health issue. And I hope I’ll be back in time for tour gifs but I cant promise anything. Till then, I think it’s time to realise the hate wont stop, and just learn to ignore it. Dont feed the trolls and let them believe Liam is a three headed monster out there to corrupt the world with his pathetic personality. If facts and agunents to the contrary havent convinced them so far, then lets not sweat it anymore.

Love youuuuu! (And do feel free to unfollow and block me if you do believe Liam is the antichrist, I dont even heck that stuff fyi).

(And sorry tumblr app wont ket me tag rhis, also sorry for the multiple typos!)