Well I’ve finally reached my first tumblr “goal.” It’s been about 4 months. Here’s to the great people I call my “tumblr mutuals” or my “tumblr friends.” THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS ADDICTING PLACE “FUN.” If I forgot you, I’M SUPER SOWWY. PLES MESSAGE ME SO I’LL PUT YOU ON HERE. I tried to remember everyone~ 

Alright the heart to your RIGHT -nonono not left, RIGHT, click on it for your special message. <3 (It’s usually 2-3 sentences because I was too lazy to write novels). And if you’re on mobile and you can’t see it, send an ask and I’ll send it to you. (: I suck at complimenting people. I wrote this at like probably 12 AM-3AM so please be happy. ;-;

I tried putting it in alphabetical order… ;; I tried. OTL And I haven’t been on Tumblr, I’m sorry. I’ll try to put up a queue. I have projects to do. T_T You guys probably got spammed with the “READ MORE.” I’m so sowwy. ;-; It took so long to do this. I didn’t get enough sleep because of it. ;; BUT THANK YOU FOR NOT UNFOLLOWING MY BLOG. <3


BTW, I can’t gif. So this is horrible. LOL 

x x 


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Tumblr famous people who I love following. <3 

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People I know in real life who surprisingly didn’t unfollow me yet. .o.

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