Cool tumblr-user ineedafez sent me an ask telling me to write 5 things I like about myself, so here we go:

  1. My eyes: They’re blue and sometimes look cool and creepy
  2. My eyebrows rn
  3. My clothes: band tees, weird trousers…
  4. I understand myself a lot
  5. Music taste :D!

♡♡♡Thank you so much for sending me this!!! You’re so kind♡♡♡

ineedafez asked:

f, t, u and y

Favorite Movie? 
10 Things I Hate About You

Age I get mistaken for?

Where I want to be right now?
As much as I shouldn’t say it, With her

Do I want to go to College?
Depends, Maybe one day :3



You guys looking for cool blogs? You are? GREAT! I know some great blogs that are absolutely amazing:

ineedafez​ - Band blogger and full out fan of all things dark and occasionally funny; follow for band blogs and funny posts!

ineedafez asked:

16, 23, 28

16, Don’t really listen to Classical music, I listen to classic Rock And Roll but that’s about it

23, I think Everybody should Listen to Adams Song, By blink 182. It may actually make people think about what everybody says to one and other, Because really, What  you say can really fuck somebody up.

28, Angels and Airwaves ; The Adventure/ There is Boxcar Racer

anonymous asked:

blue, money, quality, star sign (for the ask thing!!)

What song do I listen to when Im down? 
Dear Father by Sum 41 or Jesus Of Suburbia by Green day

What would I do with 1 million dollars?
Build a turbocharged hayabusa or Funnybike, Then invest the rest

3 favorite Blogs?



11 march ‘99 

Have a Great Day!