I wanted to do something different, so I hand wrote the URLS and was planning on finding all your names and linking them, but my laptop hates me. So I suppose I’ll have to be normal.

Dear followers,
I adore each and every one of you. If it weren’t for you, I may not be here. So, thank you for the late night talks, for the confidence boosts.. I love you guys. SO MUCH. alright, I’m done being sappy :)

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Did I mention I love you?

I was tagged by theendofthechicken (who’s in one of these) for a six selfies thing and I wasn’t gonna do it bc face on the Internet but then I remembered that I’ve had this blog for three years and I’ve posted face pictures before so why not.

If y'all want to, I tag walktothebeatsosuddenly, ineedafez, tumblingjello, youvegotaprettykindofdirtyface, fixmyh34rt, and edguffin