ineeda was there

Process to Elimination

Present at the procession are (in alphabetical order):

Ace, Acorn, Adelaide, Aerial Aim, Applejack (Bounty Hunter), Applejack (Ronin), Archibald T. Manaford, Ash (in Equestria), Autumn Blue, Batpony/Bruce Mane, Belgian Waffle, Blood Sugar, Bo Diddly and Wallace, Bumble Buzz, Bunny and Bear, Burning Stream

Cabernet, Cam, Captain Flintlock, Carmen Pondiego, Chain Rattle, Cherry Okapi, Chiptune, Cloepty, Cold Front, Connie and Subbie, Cross Stitch, De Writer, DEath GAme MAster, Derpy (Out of Work), Derpy (Science), Dewdusts, Dexter Dush, DJ Color, Doctor Pater and Time Twister, Dr. Radical, Draxxor

Electro Beats, the Eleventh Doctor and Amelia Pond, Elora May Apple, Falsafa, Filmcut, Flutterpsycho, Fullforce

Gamer, Gargle, Ghost Rose, GoldDrop, Golden Pen, Gurumone and Rosemary, Guyra, Hallo and Elder, Humble Pie, Ickie Vickie Mod, Ineeda, Inkheart, Input, John Sinclair and Bonnie Green, Johnny Lightem

Lola Cloudmaker, Lovely Pages, Lovey Dovey, Lucky Star, Mashu Maro and Nevermore Pendulum, Miel, Misfit

Nerdy, Nigel Hugsworthy, NocturnaledFlight, Nombre, Occult, Okalani Creations, Opalescent Pearl, Pandora, Peachy Pit, Peachy Pop, Pembroke W. Korgi, Pinkie Pyro, PiX, Pure Hue, Random “ALOS” Idea, Ren, Ride Roughshod, Rosa Lanzar, Rotten Grave

Sally, Sarsaparilla Hoofer, Scifresh, Scootaloo (Adult), Scorching Opal, Scribbles Styal, Sea Swirl (the Attention Horse), Secret Tale, Sera, Shaula, Sir Lint-A lot, Snew Pea, Snow Skies, Sockz Sowing, Sonata Dusk, Starlight Gear, Steel Strings, Stormy Skies, Straight Razor, Sugar High, Sugar Kisses, Sunny Starlight, Sweet Disaster, Sweet Treat, Sweetgrass, Sweety Peach

Tequila Shots, the Tinkerer, Toola Roola, Tryp, Twilight Sparkle (Psychotic), Twisted Gravekeeper, the Unnamed Pony, Valerine Piper, Viola, Winter Graphite, Winter Snow, Wist, Wuta, Xana, Zap Point

Happy Halloween!

“The REAL Ineeda” may have gotten in here before me but they have been dealt with.. for now.

Got more than one requests asking for a witch Ineeda so I picked that theme for the pic! thanks to everyone for sending your ideas for this halloween.

Now go collect some candy, spook some people and have fun ‘w’!


Wittersweet: Hey, Twitsend! Was that jazz hooves thing–which, come to think of it, doesn’t actually have anything to do with jazz–really necessary? It’s kinda startin’ to spook me.
Witsend: You’re lucky that Scarecrow isn’t here; his jazz hooves are nightmarish!

Seen here are Adelaide, ALOS, Applejack (Bounty Hunter), Applejack (Ronin), Aqua Marine, Autumn Blue, Batpony, Bonebreaker, Cam, Cherry Okapi, Fanny Pack, Genomic Variable, Hallo and Elder, Ineeda, Input, Johnny Lightem, Little Emerald, Lucky Star, Misfit, Occult, Opera, Peachy Pit, Pinkamena the Serial Liker, Rotten Grave, Sarsaparilla Hoofer, Scute, Shaula, SoloFire, Sonata Dusk, Sweet Disaster, Sweet Treat, Sweetgrass, Sweety Peach, and Viola.

Well hello guys! In celebration of almost 1k followers (which I honestly cannot believe and be more thankful for), and for hitting my 20,000 post, I decided to make my first follow forever! I apologize for how messy this may get, as it’s my first time attempting to make one…But you know, let’s just roll with it haha.

And in all seriousness; I love each and every one of the people I’m following. So if you do not see your name here, it’s because I simply skipped over you on accident while browsing/forgot (and I am so sorry about that), or grew too tired to go through my 500+ of who I follow haha. If I’m following you, you deserve to be here, and just know that I love you.

So anywho, first things first!

♡Idols/Great Friends♡ (Hover over the <3)
























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I did it on paper…HAPPY!!
Jezzush this took the whole day~
I’m so happy I finished it ouo

This is for mah friends on tumblr -u-

(Left to right) This includes:
• Breejetpaw
• Professor Maple
• Me
• Isle-of-forgotten-dreams / Sera
• (on top of sera and me) askmlcblobs
• (on the ground) Ineeda
• (in the sky behind Ineeda) Angel
• (last but not least) Bleed Shark

Hope u wub it ( /‘u’)/