Volnut-32 a standard truck in Halcyon plume. They were once used by the agricultural industry for carrying everything from livestock to soldiers in wartime. When the cataclysm occurred only a few of these remained, but are now reproduced on the flying islands as delivery trucks.

The gate on the back of the bed folds down like a ramp so that they can load heavy objects and the trucks themselves are very durable. The only downside to these trucks is that they eat up more energy than normal so their range is limited to abut one charge to go from one end of an island to the other.  Luckily there is only so much room you can go before you run right off the end of a floating island.

Ben Raybourn : Hank Hill : Sacramento, CA

Took this on King Of The Road while we were in Sacto…Ben got out of the van looking like this. Wasn’t Halloween…wasn’t planned. Ben is literally going to be Hank Hill when he grows up haha.

Yogscast Playlist Master Post

This is for my own benefit really, but it could be of use to someone! A master list of all the playlists / series that are currently on the Yogscast youtube channel.  Apologies if I’ve missed anything off or made any mistakes, just message me if I have and I’ll fix it! **All in order of when they were posted hopefully**
There may also be a few overlaps because some playlists go into 2 categories 




Other Games



Yogscast IRL



**Edit: Added Trials of Skobbles and Block N Load Challenge**