indy turns two


                          “ k i s s e d you on a dare. thought you were cute so i   kissed ya… i’d do it again.”
                            “i dare you to kiss me.”


          ❝ Well, I hope you ladies brought your handkerchiefs, ‘cause the next thing you’re
             about to see has been known to make some weep at first sight. Follow me. ❞

                hold on tight to your money and your hearts, 
                                                       ‘cause this tour guide has been known to steal both.

when the other walked in, scarlett’s eyes lit up, and she got to her feet. “baby!” she squealed, running into their arms. “i did it. i finally got signed!” working in the music industry was never going to be easy, but having an agencies that liked your work and would do everything they could to promote you was a huge step in the right direction. there were many times scarlett had been ready to give up on her dream - she wasn’t exactly a patient girl - but her partner had always been there, willing her to continue. “we should celebrate! go out, have some fancy meal…or wait…maybe we should stay in and uh…celebrate here.” she wiggled her eyebrows, giggling.