indy mini marathon training


Indy Mini W17D1 - easy 5

I am a dumb ass and didn’t foam roll at all this weekend so my legs felt like complete trash tonight! I stopped after mile 1 to do some stretching and what not and that helped. I just kept the pace nice and easy and ran on the trail near me so there were plenty of people to distract me :)

The weather was so nice today too, so that definitely helped! For some reason on this run I remembered the couple that I ran with when I ran the bayshore marathon who completely saved me at the end. They were so nice and were the perfect distractions and really turned that race around for me :)

Hope you all had good Monday’s!

Indy Mini W16D7 - easy 4

I was a biiiiit sore today after yesterday’s 12 miles. I took these miles nice and easy haha I was going to do a couple more, but after the first 2 I had had enough so I headed home. No need to push it so close to race day!

But the weather today was amazing!! 60 and sunny and so nice. I had to mow my lawn today too but I didn’t mind being out in the sunshine :)

Hope everyone had a good weekend!!

Hi friends!!! I had a great, but busy Easter weekend! My family came down to visit me so I had a full house! The weather was great this weekend too, so we spent plenty of time outside :)

On Friday my parents and brother arrived, and my dad wanted to go for a bike ride, so Scott and I headed out with him (Indy Mini W15D5)! i decided that a bike ride would be a good substitute for an easy run. I haven’t been on my bike in a whileeee but it was fun to get back on it! 

Gave my dad a nice bike tour of my city! It was a nice ride! Pretty scenery around a few lakes and my favorite country roads! We all had a nice time riding together again :)

On Saturday (Indy Mini W15D6) I headed out to run by myself! I had things to do all morning, so I didn’t get out until later, and by then it had gotten hottt! I knew it was going to be, but there wasn’t much I could do about it! So, I decided to just keep it short and sweet since I’m not exactly heat acclimated right now :)

Saturday evening was quite special to me, so I was very happy that my family was there and even Scott’s parents came down for it too. Over the past year, I have been going through the process of becoming Catholic, so on Saturday night at the Easter Vigil I was baptized and confirmed into the Catholic faith. It was a beautiful ceremony and I feel very blessed and happy that my family was there to celebrate with me. It was a very special night for me and one I will never forget :) there was a photographer there taking pictures, so once I get pictures I will post them :)

We were all up veryyy late on Saturday night due to the vigil, so we all bummed around Sunday morning. My parents and brother headed back to MI after breakfast, but luckily Scott had today off of work too so he stayed! 

Eventually I got out of the house for my run (Indy Mini W15D7), which was supposed to be a long 10 mile run. But, since this weekends focus was on much bigger things than running, I decided to let it take a back seat. And I’m totally fine with that! I felt very please after this easy 6 mile run :)

After the run Scott very nicely helped me out with some yard work, and then we spent the evening relaxing and watching tv together.  

It was a very, very nice weekend and I’m very happy all of my family was here to be with me! I felt very special to have so many loved ones around me on such a special weekend for me.  

I hope you all had great Easter (or regular) weekends!! :) :) :)


Indy Mini W16D1 - easy 7

My goodness it was beautiful outside today!! I felt like I could have run forever!

I didn’t even have 7 miles on my plan today, but I just felt so amazing and the weather was so perfect, I decided to keep going. I just listened to my music, trotted along, and waved to all of the other people out enjoying the weather too.

This was definitely a soul fueling run. So, so great :)

Hope you all had great Mondays!


Indy Mini W14D4 - TEMPO 6

Holy windy!!! Soooo windy today! I think the weather said 20-30 mph with 40-50 mph gusts. I was literally being pushed off the road at some points haha

But it’s supposed to be just as windy tomorrow, so I figured I might as well get it done tonight! Heading out wasn’t so bad because I had the wind at my back. When I made the turn to head back towards home is when it got interesting! You can tell which miles I had a lot of headwind in :)

I did my best to not fight the wind too hard. To just lean into it and relax. But when those gusts smack you, it’s rough! Haha I stopped 2 times to just get some relief for a second! Constant wind smacking you in the face gets old quick! But I made sure to just get back into it and keep heading home.

Once I got to the last tempo mile my legs were doneeee. I felt like I’d been running and getting a strength workout in with all the wind battling! I was very very happy to be done with this run! But I felt good for powering through the wind and not letting it defeat me! Hopefully it’s not this windy on race day, but at least I know I can do it if it is :)

Happy Friday eve!!! :)


Indy Mini W14D7 - LONG 12

The long run of death!! I don’t know what happened today, but my legs were NOT having it.

From mile 2 on they just felt like they weighed a million pounds. All things considered I finished with a decent overall pace, but my goodness that took work. I took way more breaks than normal just to basically pout at how bad I felt haha

I don’t know what went wrong either! I got to bed early last night, ate my normal breakfast, and was hydrated. My legs just weren’t moving today.

But I finished! So there’s that! Nothing I can do about this bad run, so on to the next one :)

Hope everyone had good weekends!! :)


Hello friends!!!

Sorry it’s been a bit since my last post! My trip to Mexico was SUPER fun! I throughly enjoyed myself and spending time with my friends :)

My enjoyment though, lacked any running (although I did do water aerobics!) haha and unfortunately while I was there I got a cold, so even if I had wanted to run, I wouldn’t have been up to it. The cold wasn’t that bad though, it didn’t spoil the trip or anything. And I’d rather have a cold and lay on the beach then have a cold and be at work. So it really wasn’t so bad!

So, once I got back, I made my return to running! I was still feeling a bit congested and this lovely cold incorporated a cough too, so I wasn’t sure how well I’d be able to breathe while running. Given the crazy weather we’ve been having, I decided to test the run with a short treadmill jaunt yesterday. To my pleasure i felt good!

Today I headed out for one a bit longer, and I actually felt great! My cold is essentially gone, so that helped, but I just felt really good in general! My body missed running apparently :)

I’m going to semi-resume normal training now, making sure I ease back into things. I’m surprisingly not upset about my missed days. I finally realized that I run to enhance my life, not to add more pressure to it. I’m the only one who pressures myself to run, so I need to make sure to give myself a break! Running is supposed to be fun after all, not a stressor! And everyone needs a break from time to time.

Tell me what I missed!! I missed catching up with you all :)

Indy Mini W16D5 - easy 5

Got out after work to much cooler temps! Was a relief after yesterday.

I was worried I’d be sore after yesterday, but I surprisingly felt good. I just trotted along nice and easy and the run went by fast :)

I’m planning on doing my long run tomorrow, so I’ve just been relaxing all night! Happy it’s the weekend :)

Happy Friday!!

Indy Mini W14D6 - easy 6

SO BEAUTIFUL out today!!! In the 50s and not a cloud in the sky! Every runners dream :)

I enjoyed these miles just easily running along and soaking up the sunshine. Went for a walk later with a friend for even more sunshine soaking :)

12 miles on deck for tomorrow!! Hope everyone’s weekends are going well!


Indy Mini W16D2 - group run - hills!

There was a good group of us for the group run yesterday! I’m sure the great weather helped with that!

The run was scheduled to be just a general group run, but it ended up working out nicely for me. I ended up running with 2 guys and we did part of the local trail that has lots of hills! We kept the pace faster than easy and powered up the hills! It was a good workout and my legs were pooped after :)

After the run we all were chatting and I found out the days of some group bike rides out of the local bike shop! I’ll definetely be taking advantage of those this summer. I hate riding alone so having a group to ride with will be great as I train for my charity bike ride (WAM) again :) glad that I came to this group run and I will for sure continue to go :)

And tonight I am throughly enjoying my rest day! Hope you’re all having great weeks!


Indy Mini W3D2 - easy 4

Definitely overdressed for this run. I was over heating before I got done with the first mile! Thankfully (which is very odd for me to say because I usually hate it) I had the wind on my face when I turned to come home, so that helped cool me off. So it wasn’t too bad :)

One thing that I LOVED about this run tonight is that every one was so friendly!! I make it a habit to wave to every car that even slightly move out of the way for me, just to be polite. I figure I’m out running all the time, people are bound to recognize me, so I want them to think I’m a nice polite runner :) But tonight, every one I waved to waved back!! Every single person! It was so nice! One guy even gave me an encouraging beep-beep with his horn. It just really warmed my heart and made me appreciate the fact that I live in a small town, but that it’s so nice and friendly :)

I did a short leg workout once I got home and man, my legs are tired! I spent extra time stretching after and I’m pretty excited for my rest day tomorrow :)

Hope everyone had a good Tuesday!

4 miles were on the schedule and 4 miles were accomplished. Half with dog and half at gym.

Going to the gym after 5 is something I try to avoid (post-work busy) but the dog’s walk was priority one today with bad weather happening during our normal walk time.

Run done, taxes done, fruit shake scheduled for this evening, couple jobs applied to, and the rest of the day was a blur…


Indy Mini W6D7 - easy 9 turned 6

Target pace: 10:15-11:00
Actual pace: 10:08

Cut this run short today, it was SO COLD. I couldn’t hang. I didn’t think I had underdressed, but I was just cold cold cold the whole run. It was windy and snowing too, it honestly seemed a bit dumb and dangerous to push for all 9 miles. I think getting two thirds of the run isn’t too bad ;)

It’s not supposed to stay this cold thankfully! So next week should be back to normal mileage :)

I hope you all had lovely Valentine’s Day! I send everyone love and kisses 😘😘

Current status: alive and icing
10 miles accomplished at a not so desirable pace but still within reason for the humidity. (between 14-17 minute/miles so I was all over the board)
I (accidentally?) ran with a Rottweiler for half a mile. Rain hit between miles 4 and 5. I also encountered about 4 awesome miles of cow/horse manure smell in the air.
All in all, I needed to get away from familiar scenery to remind me that there is so much more to see in the world. Even if it requires driving 30 miles away.


Indy Mini Marathon Week 6 Day 6 (technically day 5 in the scheme of things…) – Long Run, 9 miles

Tomorrow I won’t be able to crank out 9 miles so I pushed the long run to today.  It worked out about as beautifully as picture number 2, which features my leg with a cold burn on it post 4.7 miles with the puppy outside.  Either way, 9 miles were accomplished and the rest is history. (The temperature was 38 when I got the cold burn…I had on yoga capris, could explain a thing or two – my defense is that I don’t own long running pants because *duh* Florida!)

First picture – obviously showing logging into myfitnesspal like whoa, and how many calories I estimated burning (I did the number before completing the workout at 10 this morning)

Second picture – legs with Vibrams and the shin’s cold burn.  Lotion on it now, it isn’t as puffy.

Missing pictures – 4.7 miles with the puppy, 2.40 miles on the elliptical, 2 miles on the treadmill (I went indoors after the cold burn)

Third picture – the New York style bagel with egg that was consumed post workout

Fourth picture – the current position of my body with compression sleeves on and a dog to snuggle with.  Position will remain this way as long as possible. 

Fifth picture – Calories burned from the time I got up until syncing my new BodyMedia Core device (note: 5 A.M. grocery shopping at Wal-Mart and post-workout grocery shopping at Publix included)

Sixth picture – The difference between moderate exercise (brown) and vigorous exercise (yellow).  Dunno how it calculates that but yellow was primarily my time on the elliptical.

Seventh picture – Slightly surprised that I’m at 84% efficiency for sleeping considering I went to bed at 11 and got up at 4:30, had 2 middle of the night interruptions (house alarm and having to go to the bathroom).  I thought my sleeping was much worse than it actually documented.  Could just be an anomaly.

Now excuse me, the dog and I are going to go enjoy some SG-1 and salad for lunch.  He gets the carrots, I get everything else.  Happy Friday all!

Indy Mini W7D5 - easy 4

Target pace: 10:15-11:00
Actual pace: 9:53

HOLY WIND. I had to stop at one point because I was running into the wind and it was so strong and there were so many leaves blowing at me I had to turn around so my face/body didn’t get pummeled.

Besides this crazy wind this run was fine! It was 60 and sunny! I wore shorts and a t shirt in February! This weather is CRAZY. But I love it!

On my way out for this run, I noticed my neighbor had a grill with a big “free” sign on it. On my way back I stopped to look at it. It was in good shape, so I knocked on their door, and they drove it to my house! I need a grill for my new place as I have a backyard and patio, so this worked out perfectly! They were so nice and I was so grateful. Gotta love the small town charm :)

Happy Friday! I have a low key weekend planned and I’m excited :)


Indy Mini W7D4 - TEMPO 3

Target pace: 9:00
Actual pace: 8:48

I did not want to do this run. It’s not really cold out, but it’s super windy. I hateeee running in the wind. More than any other weather. But I headed out! Once I got into my warm up, I realized I really should have foam rolled this week because my calves were screaming! I stopped and stretched and did some quick warm ups and they felt better after that. I was still wondering if this run would turn into an easy run, but I figured I should at least try the tempo miles!

Once I got started in the tempo miles, I felt decent! It still felt tough, but I just kept pushing. I did the first one a bit too quick! I need to learn how a 9 minute mile feels. But I still have a lot of time to get it down. I just need to learn to relax into it more. I always think if I’m not faster than my target pace, I’m going too slow. And that’s not true. If I relaxed into it more, I’m sure I would feel better. I’ll learn with time!

Once I got through all 3 tempo miles I happily did my 1.5 mile cool down. I did a lot of stretching and foam rolling tonight, so hopefully my legs will feel better tomorrow. No big pains, just “training sore”. Comes with the territory I guess ;)

Happy Friday eve!! Can’t wait for the weekend :)


Indy Mini W7D2 - SPEED 8 X 600

Target pace: 8:00
Actual pace: 7:59

Decided to tough out the cold tonight and ditch the treadmill. It wasn’t even that cold (~30) and I warmed up quick so I felt good the whole time! I also decided to do these just around the neighborhood near my house. The streets are pretty grid like, so it was easy to navigate and I was worried about snow on the track.

After a 1.5 mile warm up I started my first repeat. I was slightly discouraged with how hard it felt! But I used my recovery (which I made 2:30 with 1:30 walk and 1:00 jog) to regroup. The second repeat felt so much better! I was very happy!

After about half way through I was tiredddd though. My legs felt heavy and my breathing was heavy during the repeats. But I just kept telling myself to dig deep, stay strong, and that I can do it. And I did it!

I took my phone out before the last repeat to take a snap of some deer and my phone decided it had enough of the cold and shut down. Womp! THANK GOD it was before the last one though! I knew I could do it without music since it was the last push. If it had died earlier I would have been very sad to run without my music.

Overall I’m very very very happy with this workout! I pushed HARD and wanted to quit, but I didn’t! I kept moving, pumped my arms when my legs wanted to quit, and kicked ass for this workout. I feel very pleased and proud and am very excited for my rest day tomorrow :)

And you get a picture of Simba butt. He loves to be held/carried around on my left shoulder. Such a silly kitty :)

I hope everyone had good Tuesday’s!! :)


Indy Mini W6D2 - SPEED 12 X 400

Target pace: 8:00
Actual pace: 8:00

There was a “real feel” of 9, 17 mph winds, and flurries after work. Treadmill!! I didn’t really want to do this run on a treadmill, but I felt like I didn’t really have a choice.

SO I did a 1.5 mile warm up, 0.25 at 7.5 mph, recovery of ~0.20 walking/jogging, repeated 12 times, then did a 1.25 mile cool down run and 0.25 walk!

I was nervous to do the repeats at 7.5 mph; I thought I couldn’t hang. Turns out I can! I felt tired and wanted to quit towards the end, but I didn’t! I stayed strong and kept checking each one off and soon enough I was done! Once I got half way through I felt much better. I stopped and restarted the treadmill because it has an hour time limit and I didn’t want it to shut off on me.

I’m veryyyy happy with how this went! A strong start to speed work :)

I hope you all had good Tuesday’s! :)