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Teen Wolf Starter Sentences

· “You want me? Come on- come and get me!!”
· “Hey there, I was actually hoping you’d be out for a few more minutes…”
· “I jumped through the window?”
· “The plan is to save you.”
· “Lower the gun…we walk away…you don’t have to get hurt.”
· “Why can’t you trust anyone?”
· “Because you trust everyone!”
· “That’s a lot of burden to carry, _____”
· “Why break your own toys when you can break someone else’s?”
· “Obviously I want my money back.”
· “It’s ‘do well’ not ‘good’.”
· "Conflict? No. Stressful? Yeah.”
· "Looks like we’re going to have to wait here and see what happens.”
· "Maybe what I really wanted to say was….I’m sorry.”
· "I wish I could have helped you…I’m sorry.”
· "No I’ve never been under his/her bed, or in it….just on it…wearing clothes..”
· "I don’t like guns.”
· "Running out of bullets can get you killed….it also makes you look stupid.”
· "You’re not worried are you?”
· "I’m guessing the power doesn’t go out that often in this hospital.”
· "How much has he had to drink?”
· "Just focus on my voice, alright?”
· “You completely and totally have a concussion, ____ lie down.”
· “I think we need a psychologist….or a medium.”
· “You don’t just accidentally lock a door.”
· “I don’t have much practice in things like..forgiveness..”
· “All you ever wanted to do was help.”
· “I know you wouldn’t want to be here if you didn’t want to talk.”
· “Three things cannot long be hidden, the sun, the moon, and the truth.”
· “Anyone can be corrupt by money.”
· “I don’t know anything about computers from the 1970’s”
· “Oh god, what have I done?”
· “You can save people’s lives, but you can’t save them from life.”
· “What’re you doing? I haven’t even brushed my teeth yet.”
· “Are you kidding me? This is like 300 pounds you’re going to kill yourself.”
· "They’re still here…they’re still here!!”

Indy Mini W7D6 - easy 6

When I headed out for this run I decided that I may just do my long run today, depending on how I felt. I quickly realized after 2 miles that that wasn’t going to happen haha had 1 too many beers last night. Ill get it done tomorrow :)

Anyway, the weather today was incredible again!! Everyone and their brother were out today, it made me very happy to see everyone out enjoying the crazy weather!

Hope you’re all having good weekends!

the houses guilty pleasures

Gryffindor: Netflix. As average as it may seem, most gryffindors would rather be seen doing something more ‘productive’. They like to indulge in tv show marathons and indie films quite often.

Hufflepuff: Crime shows. Your hufflepuff friend may seem like a precious cinnamon roll with much to learn about the world, but they know step by step how to hide a body, thanks to shows like CSI and criminal minds.

Ravenclaw: Reality TV. Ravenclaws looooove shows like keeping up with the kardashians and real housewives and MTV reality shows. Not only do they find them funny, but it boosts their ego a bit as well.

Slytherin: Musicals. Most would never admit to it, but a large amount of slytherins spend their weekends watching bootleg musicals alone. They know lines and songs by heart, so don’t be surprised when you catch one singing little shop of horrors or RENT occasionally.

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Sorry for the first one i will go for those ones pls ♥, ♚, ❉ & ☀ :)

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1. honeymoon by lana del rey
2. this love by taylor swift
3. pretty girl by hayley kiyoko
4. hell nos and headphones by hailee steinfeld
5. organs by of monsters and men

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more random council headcanons

cause apparently ppl like these????? and also cause Recent Developments in another fandom of mine fuckin rekt me and i need a silly distraction :’)

sparatus knows sign language. he usually uses it to accommodate anyone working in the tower who prefers sign to spoken language for whatever particular reason, but he also tends to use it to mock udina during meetings. “my father is deaf and likes to watch meetings,” he always explains it away with. he’s not lying. his father is well aware how stupid and smelly his son thinks the human ambassador is.

valern has a let’s play channel, from way back before he got into politics. it’s something he does for fun and relaxation. he has a decently large following, with one video in particular that went viral within hours of posting: sparatus’s wife was off the station for the weekend on business, they were marathoning old indie co-op games, one of them was octodad, and valern did not anticipate exactly how many bad dad jokes sparatus could come up with on the fly.

tevos has one night a week where she just. curls up on the couch with ice cream and a veritable stack of shitty b-vids. it’s been a personal tradition of hers since she was in her thirties. her friends know better than to bother her on vid night.

the three of them tend to travel as a pack. tevos leads, since she’s the oldest and most experienced, and the other two flank her. it’s also partially because their legs are a lot longer than hers and they don’t want to leave her way behind.

it’s generally accepted among spectres that if you need a place to crash for the night, for whatever reason, just show up unannounced on sparatus’s doorstep. he’ll be grouchy about it, but he isn’t hard-hearted enough to turn them away. there’ll just be a lot of helicoptering and snapping if any of the grandchildren are visiting, because “walking armories capable of defusing black ops-level situations single-handedly” are not on the list of people considered safe for small children to be hanging around.

valern and his cronies (he calls them agents for appearances only, they’re cronies) absolutely trash udina’s office once c-sec is done poking around in it. it’s the height of petty revenge, but after years of having to deal with udina, nobody really feels like holding it against them, so security footage is doctored so it just looks like a bunch of civilians off the street.

one time, the air conditioning broke in the tower, and the dress code was relaxed to avoid heat stress. the three of them ended up comparing tattoos and battle scars from youth. valern was almost unnervingly casual about burn scars from working with explosives in the stg. sparatus got defensive over his carapace being mostly unmarred beyond his tattoos, and insisted that he’d be a damn awful infiltrator if he kept getting under fire. both agreed that tevos had some impressive muscles.


Indy Mini W6D6 - easy 9

Since the weather today looked better than tomorrow and I felt good, I decided to do my longer run this weekend today rather than Sunday. It worked out really well!

I headed out for the first half alone. Did the first mile and then did some drills, and only at the end did I notice someone in the car right by me watching me look silly the whole time haha oh well! Even if I look silly, it’s good for my running!

The first half went by fine! The weather was really nice today, around 40 and a slight breeze. Ideal for running. I stopped back after running 4.5, drank some Gatorade, and picked up scott.

The second half went by good too! I was kind of worried I might run out of energy at the end, but I felt okay. Tired obviously, but easily able to finish. So nice having scott there for the last half! Two weekends in a row running with my love, make me very happy :)

I came to Michigan so scott and I could celebrate Valentine’s Day and Scott got me this beautiful bouquet (and also roses haha)!

Happy weekend!! Hope you’re all have a great one :)


Indy Mini W7D5 - easy 4


This is so, so weird! But I’m really not complaining! It’s just so out of season. This is common weather in May, not the middle of winter.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the weather this evening! My run was pretty good too! Legs felt a bit tight, but I know that’s from not rolling last night. I’ll make sure to do extra tonight!

Happy Friday!! I’m going to a birthday party for a friend tonight that should be a good time :)


Indy Mini W3D2 - easy 4

Definitely overdressed for this run. I was over heating before I got done with the first mile! Thankfully (which is very odd for me to say because I usually hate it) I had the wind on my face when I turned to come home, so that helped cool me off. So it wasn’t too bad :)

One thing that I LOVED about this run tonight is that every one was so friendly!! I make it a habit to wave to every car that even slightly move out of the way for me, just to be polite. I figure I’m out running all the time, people are bound to recognize me, so I want them to think I’m a nice polite runner :) But tonight, every one I waved to waved back!! Every single person! It was so nice! One guy even gave me an encouraging beep-beep with his horn. It just really warmed my heart and made me appreciate the fact that I live in a small town, but that it’s so nice and friendly :)

I did a short leg workout once I got home and man, my legs are tired! I spent extra time stretching after and I’m pretty excited for my rest day tomorrow :)

Hope everyone had a good Tuesday!


Indy Mini W7D2 - SPEED 8x600

It was literally perfect running weather today after work!! 50 and sunny and I was in heaven. I headed out for my warm up mile and felt a bit chilly in shorts and a t shirt, but it ended up being perfect for this workout!

This workout FLEW by for me! I couldn’t believe it! I decided to run through my neighborhood again, even if my neighbors now confirmed that I’m crazy haha it’s just so convenient!

I wanted to keep these right around an 8:00 pace, and if I’m being honest, I’m a bit bummed with my results. They’re great and very close to 8:00, but I thought it was going faster than this based on the paces I saw on my watch. But when I think back this workout didn’t feel extremely hard. I was pushing myself, of course, but I think I could have pushed harder. Maybe I’ll shoot for quicker next week! You can’t always rely on your watch for accurate paces. I’ll try to go more by feel from now on.

Regardless, I felt faaaantastic during this run! The weather was amazing, I felt fast and strong, and it went by so fast it was over before I knew it! For some reason I had a feeling this workout wasn’t going to go well, but it went great and I felt amazing after :)

And after I finished I had to shorten my cool down, but I met some friends for a pal-entines dinner! It was going to be just girls, but we decided to invite some boys too :)

Hope everyone had lovely Valentine’s days full of love and happiness! I send everyone love!!


Indy Mini W5D7 - easy 8

It was a beautiful day today!! I feel like I haven’t felt the sun on me in weeks! So refreshing to have it out for the whole run. It was a bit windier than I would have liked, but I will not complain :)

I headed out for the first 4 by myself and they went by fine. Then I got back to my house, drank some water, and picked up scott for the final 4.

It was so nice to run together! We don’t get to too often so I’m very happy when we do. We just trotted along and enjoyed the sunshine. It was a great run :)

And now I’m hanging out with friends watching the super bowl. A bit disappointed with the commercials so far, but still having a good time!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!! :)


Indy Mini W7D1 - easy 4

After a long, busy day at work, 4 miles in the sunshine sounded amazing!!

And it was! My calves felts a bit tight, but I just got done doing tons of rolling so I’m sure that will help. Otherwise I just trotted along and listened to my podcast :)

Hope everyone had good Mondays! :)


Indy Mini W6D7 - easy 5

These went by much better than I expected. For some reason I thought my legs would be dead or I just wouldn’t feel good, but I actually felt great all over! It was the perfect start to my Sunday :)

The rest of the day involved spending time with Scott, lunch with my parents, more time with Scott and then driving back to Indiana. And now I’m snuggling with my kitties again!

Hope you all had good weekends! :)

Indy Mini W6D1 - easy 4

We have reached the 6-days-a-week running schedule! The first 5 weeks flew by, but I’m feeling like I have a great base and am ready for the harder stuff :)

Anyway, these miles were good! It was actually pretty warm today, around 50, and very lightly sprinkling. It was quite nice :)

I stayed up too late watching the super bowl last night, so I am making it an early one tonight! Hope everyone had good Mondays!

Indy Mini W5D5 - easy 5

It was COLD today. I did not want to do this run. I felt grumpy the whole first half haha and my legs felt super heavy! I was just cold and annoyed for most of this run, but I still did it! So I’m happy about that. No reason not to run when you’re only complaint is it’s cold and I’m grumpy haha

But now it’s Friday night!!! Woo!! Happy weekend :)


Indy Mini W6D4 - TEMPO 3 -> fail

This run did NOT go as planned by my sticky note. I decided to do this at the gym since it was 20* out with 20 mph winds. I’m starting to think I should have just gone outside though.

I did a nice 1.5 mile warm up, and then got to work on the tempo pace. After the first 5 minutes, I was toast. My legs felt like cinder blocks and my heart was pounding out of my chest. I think I may have over done it a tad on Tuesdays speed work, because my quads are still sore from it. Regardless, I did my best to finish 2 tempoish miles, and then called it quits. I did one more mile of walking/slow running and then I was done.

Im not gonna make a ton of excuses, this workout just didn’t go well. It happens! As long as the trend doesn’t continue, I’ll be fine. Still very very early in training. Annoyed that this happened, but it is what it is :)

Happy Friday eve!!