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a verse where muse a is in their early 20′s and in college / just out of college and muse b is freshly eighteen and goes to a catholic school complete with cute little skirts and knee socks and muse a has a habit of picking them up from school and calling them princess and telling them to sit on their lap while they tell them all about their day at school except their hands keep wandering up muse b’s skirt and it’s making it very difficult for muse b to concentrate ! also added bonus if everyone at muse b’s school is so impressed with their hot older boyfriend and asks them tons of questions about it and muse a potentially getting jealous because random loser boys keep thinking they can ask muse b out and ! just cliche cuteness & smut


1. The Other Side - Woodkid || 2 .Made of Stone - Daughter || 3. Way Down We Go - Kaleo || 4. Numbers - Daughter || 5. New Ways - Daughter ||
6. Human - Of Monsters And Men || 7. Hand - Made - alt - J || 8. Wilder Mind - Mumford and Sons || 9. Hunger Of The Pine - alt - J || 10. Loner - Mikky Ekko || 11. Tell Me It’s Real - Seafret || 12. Awake My Soul - Mumford & Sons || 13.  Swim To You - Dotan || 14. Empire - Of Monsters And Men 

mind of mine plot inspos
  • mind of mindd: new friends who bring you out of your comfort zone (in a risky, kind of toxic way) and make you question everything you know. helps you grow as a person, but not always in a positive way.
  • pillowtalk: the one night stand you brought home from the club...more than once. falling in love between the sheets. exploring every inch of skin on someone’s body. finding out what makes their toes curl. becoming possessive of one another. wondering if this still counts as casual hook ups. fighting over a label.
  • it’s you: being unfaithful. a break up you’re expecting, but still knocks the wind out of your lungs. fighting to stay together, saying goodbye over and over again. having your ‘last kiss’ over and over again. drunk calls and texts and getting sent to voicemail/r-bombed.
  • befour: hitting rock bottom. mister nice guy finally snapping. doing whatever the hell you want to do because no one can stop you anymore. making enemies with everyone you meet. drunken bar fights.
  • she: like samantha and lou from stuck in love. avoiding love out of fear of being hurt. soft conversations. sleeping in with someone during rainy days. coming out of your shell and opening up to someone. a femme fatale and an introvert.
  • drunk: falling in love with your best friend. realizing you’re in love with your best friend. wild and unpredictable summer nights. coming home at two in the morning and crashing on your bed.
  • intermission-flower: unrequited love.
  • rear view: reuniting after a falling out (or trying to -- could be one sided for extra angst). trying to understand what the other person is going through. putting the blame on the other person. ending up leaving them behind/getting left behind.
  • wrong: a fwb where someone starts catching feelings, but it’s not mutual. the other person playing along for the sex. knowing you’re being strung along. doing anything for love.
  • fool for you: the perfectionist and the careless. beating a dead horse. someone who wants to fix the relationship while the other person has already let go.
  • bordersz: the prequel to pillowtalk. shameless flirting. the thrill of the chase. playing hard to get. sending each other drinks at the bar. drunk dancing.
  • truth: getting caught up in drama. being salty and petty. ‘classy n sassy but never trashy’. instagram fame culture. maybe getting catfished?
  • lucozade: being unable to leave a relationship. knowing you’re being cheated on. turning the other cheek. drinking/doing drugs to deal with the pain.
  • tio: a cant keep my hands off you, strictly physical kind of attraction. lots of sexting and nude snaps. teasing. lap dances. rough and raw.
  • blue: a pure, sunday morning kind of love. craving domesticity. holding hands and butterfly kisses. fluff fluff fluff.
  • bright: two reckless people. lots of physical attraction but no emotional compatibility, slightly toxic while they try to figure out how to make it work.
  • like i would: seeing your ex with their new s/o and getting jealous. pettyness. trying to make them jealous back.
  • she don't love me: wanting someone you know is no good for you. treating yourself after a hard day/week/month/year/life. a true one night stand. waking up to an empty bed. anonymity. fake identities.

“Peter laughed, and when he did, all the Devils grinned, because Peter’s laugh was a most contagious thing.” 
                                                               - Brom, The Child Thief

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