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You’ve seen a lot of things in your life, sure. But imagine going to Cracker Barrel and seeing Bryan Danielson play checkers against Matt Sydal while CM Punk, Traci Brooks, and Colt Cabana watch on. Somebody did, and thankfully, they got this bizarre photo for all of us to enjoy over a decade later.


2 Out Of 3 Falls for the IWA Mid-South World Championship:
CM Punk (Champion) Vs. Chris Hero

IWA Mid-South “When Hero Met Punk” [February 7th, 2003]

This is the match. You’ve heard people talk about it for years, and now, you can watch it in the comfort of your own home. Chris Hero Vs. CM Punk in a 2 Out Of 3 Falls match for the IWA Mid-South World Championship. This is a match that, like many before it, people will be telling their grandchildren about with a twinkle in their eye, as they start to tell the tale with the words, “I remember when…”


Tables & Ladders Match for the IWA Mid-South World Championship:
Chris Hero (w/ Nadia Nyce) Vs. CM Punk (Champion)
IWA Mid-South “House of Hardcore: 2nd Anniversary” [February 9th, 2002]

The feud between Chris Hero and CM Punk was one of the most interesting, wild, violent, and intriguing feuds in IWA Mid-South history. CM Punk was a loudmouth champion that people detested for proving himself right night in and night out, and Chris Hero was the guy that everybody wanted to see shut him up. What better way to do so than shoving him off of a ladder, through a table?

Ace Steel, CM Punk, Colt Cabana, and Danny Dominion [2001]

When you look at this picture, it’s hard to believe that out of all of the men standing, it was the guy in the middle who became the biggest star in pro wrestling. Especially when you consider that he and Dominion both look like total Jeremy’s in this picture.

Still, Punk isn’t the only superstar. Ace and Colt are well-chronicled for their time spent in Ring Of Honor, among several other independent promotions. Cabana was actually the NWA World Heavyweight Champion for a while, and Dominion spent time on the indie circuit as well, tagging with Steel and traveling with the WWA to Australia as the Hollywood Hardbodies. Steel and Dominion were the men responsible for opening the Steel Domain wrestling school and were trainers for several students of the game, including the blonde kid in this photo.