진짜로 배워보려고 하고 있어요… 근데 설마 되겠어요… 두려움만 #불타오르네
I’m really trying to learn it… but will I really be able to do it… My fear is like #FIRE

Message translation:
Tablo: Hey sorry but you should teach me the FIRE choreography someday
T: I’m being serious kkkk*
S: Kkkk
S: I can teach you
S: But your bones might break
T: Ah I made a promise a long time ago and I’m going crazy
S: What promise?
T: I said that I would do a crazy dance in a concert…
S: Kkkkkkkk

*T/N: Multiple k’s is the equivalent of “lol”

trans cr: sophia @ bangtan tumblr


offonoff - Cigarette (feat. Tablo, MISO)

Come to think of it, love is like a cigarette
Burning at the tip of it but quick to burn out

Like a cigarette, it may get you sick
but you’ll never get sick of it

So light one up now

생각해 보니, 사랑은 담배와 같아
끝까지 타지만 또한 재빨리 타버리지

담배처럼, 널 아프게 할 수도 있어
하지만 넌 절대 질리지 않을 거야

자, 이제 불을 켜 봐

Choi Seunghyun

I know that mental health issues are not taken very seriously in Korea and that most Asian countries view having one in a negative light, but as someone said in twitter, they’ve made it out like TOP had “murdered a nation”.

I’m not saying he didn’t do something wrong, he broke the law, but the punishment should fit the crime. Thinking about his mental state, I keep remembering how Youngbae had said that TOP is over at his house a lot and comes over when he’s lonely. I remember the handwritten letter of support that Youngbae sent when he was having a rough time while filming in Germany. I remember Daesung saying that TOP often calls him when he’s alone or sad. There’s a human being at the center of this all and he’s hurting.

I’m also very upset that the police department essentially lied about his condition? Why downplay the situation when doctors say that it was quite severe? Seunghyun’s mother and his family have every right to be angry. The media, even the police, have been spreading lies and misinformation.

For some reason, the way everything is being handled by the press and how the netizens seem to be all out for blood reminds me of Tablo and his ordeal. Just remember that Tablo has recovered from one of the biggest blows of his life, that he is now happily living a life with his wife and daughter, and that he, Epik High, and HIGHGRND are finding success. I’m hoping and praying that for TOP, it will be the same.