(artwork and original AU by @aatkaw, narrative design by @fell-dragon-domain)

After witnessing the death of her mother at the hands of firebending triads, Asami was eventually taken in by the lofty goals of the Equalists along with her father. With her brilliant technical mind, she was able to design the shock gloves to which the police and triads still have no counter. She believed in the cause and distinguished herself as the Equalist field commander, dedicated herself to it, threw the engineering capability of Future Industries and their newly-acquired Varrick Industries toward a better world for ordinary people…until she discovered that their leader’s spirit-given power was nothing but particularly talented bloodbending. Their shock gloves worked well on bloodbenders, she found, but not quickly enough to save her father who had run afoul of Amon. With their senior leadership decimated, Asami quickly filled the resulting power vacuum, taking full command of the Equalists.

With a long childhood of running numbers for one Triple Threat enforcer or another, Mako eventually had a chance to cut his teeth and prove himself to the higher-ups, ripping off the drug and counterfeit goods shipments of other triads. The insular and viciously competitive criminal underbelly of Republic City provided plenty of opportunity for a skilled, efficient firebender to thrive, and Mako found himself under the tutelage of the triad’s boss. With that favor, Mako replaced the ousted Triple Threat firebending lieutenant. When the boss died, Mako and his colleagues tried to manage things together as equal partners—for a time. His youth and more egalitarian ideas rubbed his older partners the wrong way, but they made the mistake of sending their own adjutants to deal with him, people Mako had taken the time to treat well. Where the old guard had maintained their grip on power through fear, Mako understood that respect, duly earned, won him more loyalty than threats. By the end of the night, he was the only boss left standing, and after doing away with his own adjutant who had sold him out, his would-be assassins became his new lieutenants. Securely in control, he set about with his plan to end the kind of gang violence that had killed his parents once and for all…by absorbing every other triad, peacefully or otherwise.

With some help from his older brother’s connections, Bolin was able to get a job as a page in City Hall for the Earth Kingdom Councilor. However, he quickly learned that the only major difference between government work and triad work was the politer conversation, and sometimes not even that. It was where he learned that people only wanted smooth talk and promises of solutions to all their problems, and swiftly decried anyone who was honest about any hard work and sacrifice necessary for promised reforms. Whatever honesty remained in the United Republic’s politics had to be kept safely behind closed doors. By the time he worked his way up to chief page, he was an old hand at the vicious business of politics, and undercut his boss during the republic’s first elections, running his own campaign on his youthful energy and community involvement. Having his brother’s triad intimidate the opposition’s voter base certainly didn’t hurt his chances, either.

Spirited away from her home as a child under the cover of a fire she was led to believe she caused, Avatar Korra was raised as an agent of the Red Lotus. Firm in the belief that her predecessor had made a serious blunder in propping up the United Republic, she set about with her training to help rid the world of the tyranny that governments imposed, like boot heels on the necks of their people. Under a cover of anonymity, her cell operated out of Republic City, stoking conflicts with the Equalists, triads, and police forces, all to erode the public’s trust in the institutions that had held them hostage for so long. Korra kept up her work dutifully, embodying their precepts as her mentor instructed her so that she might one day garner enough respect to assume leadership of her cell and the broader organization.


I’ve had a few asks about how this PR is benefiting Lauren so I’ve tired to break it down as simplistic as possible.

It’s clear the derogatory, demeaning and simply disguting ways in which Ty addresses women/sexuality contradicts everything Lauren stands for. Understandably and rightly so, this results in fans undermining and degrading both her feminism and activist work. But look at the bigger picture, she’s networking. She’s meeting/spending time with song writers and producers who are in the genre her music is suited to. Her voice has that unique rasp made for R&B. The other night at the Fenty/Puma show she wasn’t just with Ty she was with Rihanna, Pharell, Nikki Minaj etc. all major artists associated with contemporary R&B. L has always made it clear since the reflection era that she’d prefer taking the group down a more urban route. As much as I despise him, Ty knows a lot of people in the music industry, and it’s mostly due to the fact the majority of his singles are collaborations with major artists in R&B. Fifth Harmony and L stans know just how much Lauren detests their ‘cheesy pop’ image, especially ‘Miss Movin’ On’. It makes perfect sense for L to be ‘partnered’ with someone like Ty the florist who contradicts this image because it’s intended to gain L a more mature audience. We only notice Lauren damaging her image in our own little fandom because in comparison to the whole music spectrum, we are a very very small percentage to other fanbases. In a more “mature” fanbase, L is conforming to industry norms, and that then prevents image change becoming a major issue. Lauren’s losing support from these Harmonizers that have noticed this change, in Management’s eyes is a bonus. They can now establish Lauren outside of the ‘idyllic’ group image, and introduce her to a whole other fanbase, completely polar to that of 5H. Fifth harmony’s self titled album will be their final one. There’s no doubt, nor no other option for the girls. Each individual; Ally, Normani, Dinah, Lauren and Camila have proven to us all they can be successful as solo artists. Management have allowed us to witness their individual successes as outside of the group so their split comes as less of a shock. There’s a solo place waiting for each of the girls somewhere across the music industry and Lauren is simply preparing for hers by networking with the people that can make her successful. Strangers was a synth-pop hit. She’s experienced individual success and found her direction and platform. The music industry, just like any ordinary job you or I may have, is all about who you know, not what you know. By social networking, Lauren is developing professional contacts in the pathway she wants her music to follow. PR is always a strategy, not a bit of fun. Behaviour in general is temporary process. We adapt our behaviour in certain situations because we have to, not necessarily because we want to. And that’s okay, it makes us human. What’s happening now with Lauren, is a temporary process. As fans, it’s our duty to keep her grounded, and we must do this by ignoring whatever bullshit is going on, and for now focus solely on the music. The best thing we can all do is:

Take a huge, and I mean an immense step back and surround ourselves only with the individual and group music. Take anything and everything out of the current contextual equation (even camren, I know it sucks), and reconnect to her artistry. Listen to the lyrics, hear that unique talent and understand everything is happening for a reason. Then we can all fall back in love with her person and her talent like we did in 2012. Ultimately, it’s the music that heals and connects us, not always the person behind the mic.


The ‘distinctly unmagical’ town of Cokeworth:

Cokeworth is a town in England where Spinner’s End is located. […] Cokeworth has a river running through it, evidence of at least one large factory in the long chimney overlooking Snape’s house, and many small streets full of worker’s houses.

Home to Lily, Petunia and Snape during their childhood’s, this industrial town suggests normalcy and the ordinary. Nonetheless, Spinner’s End was the place which facilitated Lily and Snapes’ magical development and made them the talented young wizard and witch they each grew up to be (even if they took very different paths in later years).