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Playboy published child pornography.

Girls have been abused by pedophiles.
Playboy got away with selling child pornography. They had pre pubescent girls in their magazines posing nude. The girls were sexualised and pimped out by their own mothers to porn magazines. Nobody went to jail. This is concrete proof pedophilia has been no secret in Hollywood and the entertainment industry.
Spread this info. It has been suppressed for years.

>The original picture, for which Shields was paid $450, was taken by fashion photographer Garry Gross in 1975 for a Playboy publication titled Sugar and Spice. It was one of a dozen images of Shields designed, according to Gross, to reveal the not-so-latent sexuality of the prepubescent child.

Those photos can be found uncensored with a quick google search.
Brooke Shields was later casted in Pretty Baby where she played the role of a child prostitute. She had nude scenes in the movie despite being 11 at the time. She was chosen for the role after the director saw her nude photos.

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Why do people always just hear about Harry being in the closet and not about Louis? I mean, if people know that Harry is in the closet, doesn't it mean they know that he's in a relationship too? Larry isn't a secret, everybody knows about it. What are your thoughts about it?

Well, indeed, that’s my personal experience. I can’t talk for everyone else, but in the vast majority of cases the topic came up, I’ve heard Harry’s name exclusively linked to Louis’ when people told me about him not being straight, closeted and in a long-lasting relationship. A few times his partner’s name wasn’t mentioned, a couple of times him having a partner wasn’t brought up at all, but I’d say 9 times out of 10 it’s been Harry&Louis, for me.


“Bubsy the Bobcat, 1944″

Do I even need to explain this one? Wolfenstein & Bubsy have new games coming out this week so I painted Bubsy beating the living daylights out of some Nazis. Enjoy!

If you would like to order a painting in this style, I am currently open for commissions of portraiture, landscapes, critters, and industrial tech!

More info available at;

Inquiries can be sent to

–Wings & Strings

so about the bi spiderman post.

this one.

so this thing… blew up way, way beyond anything i ever would have expected. and i became aware tonight that people in the publishing industry are sharing info and links from it on twitter, to the tune of thousands of RTs. and in the event that this reaches a point where sony or andrew garfield or stan lee actually have to respond, i want to say a couple of things.

first off, i fully stand by everything i said. this is not a backpedal; it’s a clarification. there’s very little editorializing in my original post - for the most part, i’m just presenting quotes, with full context, to support the conclusion that andrew garfield and marc webb made some effort to give peter parker a male love interest, and that this ultimately was a factor in the dissolution of the franchise. i made the post out of irritation after seeing marvel championing the diversity of spiderman: homecoming in promotional materials. it feels deeply wrong to me to see a major corporation patting themselves on the back for tolerance when a licensing agreement remains in place contractually obligating peter parker to be white and heterosexual, and when andrew garfield’s campaign for a bi spiderman and a black, male MJ were met with such total and unequivocal refusal.

that said: the variety article i linked in my post was published in june of 2015. i initially mistook this to mean that the “legal licensing agreement between Sony Pictures Entertainment and Marvel Entertainment” the article refers to was the february 2015 agreement in which sony gave marvel the rights to use spiderman in the MCU. as i was writing the lengthy addition to the original post, i realized that the licensing agreement in question had been signed in september of 2011 and predated the andrew garfield movies, and i made a correction in that addition. 

the licensing agreement wasn’t a direct reaction to andrew garfield’s campaigning for a bi spiderman. it was in place prior to the release of the amazing spider-man, and it dictated important character decisions, and it was almost certainly deployed to discipline andrew garfield and marc webb when they began to publicly discuss the possibility of giving peter parker a boyfriend. incidentally, it was also almost certainly instituted in response to the widespread 2010 campaign to cast donald glover as spiderman in the marc webb films, lending an additional layer of racist bigotry to this whole mess.

furthermore: i recognize that the 2015 marvel/sony deal was a complex one. i recognize that there were many factors at play here, and that the companies ultimately felt it would be lucrative to reboot the series with a younger actor, as opposed to integrating andrew garfield into the MCU. i’m not suggesting that andrew garfield said “spiderman should have a boyfriend” and was fired the next day solely for making that comment. but i absolutely, positively believe that his advocacy for a bisexual spiderman played an integral role in the dissolution of the franchise. when andrew garfield talks about his disappointment surrounding the fate of the amazing spiderman films, he doesn’t talk about the films not making enough money or not being received well; he explicitly talks about the studio’s unwillingness to “deliver medicine” to “millions and millions of young people who are hungry for someone to say, ‘you’re seen.’” stan lee had no complaints about the quality or profitability of the amazing spiderman 2, but he had a lot to say about the notion that peter parker might date a boy.

ultimately, marvel and sony signed an agreement dictating that peter parker be depicted as heterosexual and white. their lead actor and director publicly and vocally challenged this, and they were both subsequently dismissed. marvel is now running a commitment to diversity as part of the promotional plank for spiderman: homecoming - while evidently holding fast to the contractual agreement to portray peter parker as straight and white. that doesn’t sit right with me. lgbt kids and kids of colour deserve better. 

@yarrayora idk what counts as basic but I guess in terms of the industry I can start with this:

The animation industry and animation in general is divided into three parts: pre production, production, post production. When it comes to your typical animated series, the pipeline usually works like this:

Big Name Producer/Company (ie Disney) green lights a project. They agree to pay for a series to get done.

Animation Company starts pre production, or in the case of shows by independent creators which were pitched to Big Name Producer, like Gravity Falls, builds on pre production. Pre production includes things like concept design, script, storyboard, voicework, etc

When all prep is done, the common practice to save time and money is to send all the material off to Outsourced Production Companies like the one I work at: the most common being South Korea, Philippines, India, China, etc

It’s cheaper, we get paid less, and the companies have man power with hundreds if not thousands of in house animators working on constant streaming quotas.

Production includes things like in-between work or in our case, full animation based on the given client (Client = Animation Company who worked on pre production). We do the most work quantity wise. Once we’re done, we send our stuff back to Animation Company aka Client and they pay us with money provided to them by Big Name Producer

Often times to save money, Client also does Post Production (after effects, scene cleanup and editing, sound editing, retakes of voicework or proper actor recording, etc) but sometimes, like with 3D productions, another Post Production Company takes over before once again sending the product back to Client, who presents it to Big Name Producer to distribute and advertise.

So in summary:

Big Name Producer > Animation Company/Client > Outsourced Production Company > back to Client (> optionally to Post Production Company> back to Client) > back to Big Name Producer > Audiences

Also animators in Prod companies are underpaid compared to smaller animators and north American animators but our income is steady and quota based meaning some of us can earn up to 40,000 pesos a week (800 dollars a week) but our basic pay is 2,400 pesos a week for fourteen seconds of animation per week (a little under 50 usd). Since we’re quota based, we don’t actually get paid for overtime, though we’re paid more the more seconds we do.

Outsourcing is cheaper and the animation industry is flawed. You can do well in it but you gotta choose if you wanna go into pre production, production, or post production, before anything else.

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Hi. I was reading your posts about Hillary and prison slave labor. I was going over it in my head, and truly and honestly find nothing okay with that. But I know some people will find ways to excuse it, like "they're in prison to be punished." Is there anything, in your opinion that could be adjusted to the system to make prison labor ethical? For example, paying the inmates or reducing sentences (which is already done, no?) I'm curious as to your position is all. Prison is punishment enough.

You’re going to get a different answer based on who you ask, tbh. And this circles back to the question of what constitutes as a meaningful method of pursuing justice in a given society. It goes without saying (I would hope) that the current system of imprisonment and incarceration, in both America and elsewhere, is completely unethical, as a whole, from its very conception. The whole point, especially in the advent of the Civil War and after emancipation, is to provide a continued means of enslaving African Americans in “legal” ways by positing enslavement as punishment. And to be totally honest with you, I would say that it’s really not possible, especially within the current framework, to make prison labour “ethical.” Like, enforcing a rule that doing work should, in any way, be a punishment for someone’s transgression is like? 

I don’t know, maybe I’m just struggling to articulate it well, but that just seems wrong to me. Work is not punishment. It can’t and shouldn’t be a means of punishing people for having done something wrong. And taking that standpoint, especially in the light of capitalism…it just strikes me as wrong somehow, and I really wish I had the knowledge to explain why, but I don’t. If anyone has anything to add, or any resources that might be able to provide some better answers, please reblog because that’d be very helpful. But the short answer is that no, I don’t think prison labour can be made ethical in any way. The current prison system is in and of itself unethical, on a systematic level, and the issue would have to go a lot deeper than just addressing things like pay or hours or w/e else.

- Mod A

title: all i see is dominoes falling up | Read on AO3
summary: krtsk train!au. tsukki is some sort of a famous DJ and kuroo is a fan but doesn’t know who he is. they meet at the train. kuroo’s POV.

a/n: i was listening to Flume’s Tiny Cities on loop as I was writing this. title of this fic is from that song. all from all music by tsukki mentioned in this drabble are story specific. :3

He hears the EDM blasting through the boy’s headphones.

Tetsurou has a thing with people blasting music so loud the sound leaks out of their headphones. It makes him worry for their hearing even when he knows it’s not his business and therefore should not care. The boy is standing a couple of feet away from him, there’s a business man in the middle of them, and yet he can still hear the muffled sounds of an EDM through the boy’s large (and probably expensive) white Sony headphones.

To keep his sanity in check, he plugs in his own earphones and scrolls through his current favorite playlist. He sets it on an acceptable volume (unlike the stranger near him) before scrolling through his messages as he waits to get off at his stop.

He pulls up his music player app and browse through his song list for the current song he’s had on repeat for days.

“You listen to Firefly?”

A voice sounded beside him and Tetsurou looks up to meet bored yellow eyes. It’s the boy with the loud music and he’s now standing beside him.

“I’m sorry?” Tetsurou takes an earphone off. “How did you know what I was listening to?” He didn’t think his music is loud enough to be heard by anyone else, at least not if they have their own music blasting through their ears, too.

The stranger blinks, startled as if he couldn’t believe Tetsurou heard him, and he slides his headphones down to his neck.

“Oh—umm—Sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude. I just looked down and saw the album cover and I—sorry.”

Tetsurou regards the stranger—tall, blonde, pretty—as he sheepishly looks away.

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…to Anon/s who left TWENTY-SEVEN messages filled with actor-hate in our inbox, as well as everyone else who might be considering doing something similar: this blog is SO not here for that.

We always tried being here for people, offering respect and validation and a place to vent–about the show, about its harmful messages and above all– about the show-runners’ shitty treatment of us all. We’ve called out the systemic issues they’re abusing for the sake of making money. We tried to point out cause/effect in the fandom. Tried to dig out the root of the problem and help y’all find your voice without being manipulated by anyone. And now all this hysteria based on someone’s assumptions of what some celebrity is like and what they stand for, because ONE person with a voice justifies it? A person who defends the showrunners’ (pale, male, stale) sexist heteropatriarchal approach to the point of blaming it all on an actress they personally, for whatever reasons their imagination created–detest? Judging actors as if we know anything about them, based on how they’re handling their PR and/or dealing with their fanbase?

Are you fucking kidding me?

Some of you come here to vent about CS and Hook, and then go back to the people who foam at the mouth against all that–while at the same time advocating for another abusive hetero-imposed ship. One that is degrading for a woman, a Woman of Color at that. Some of you tolerate, or even share the creepy obsession and sexual objectification, rather dehumanizing if you think about it–of one actress, while jumping on the frantic bandwagon of hating another one, blaming her for everything. Reality check? Neither one of these women owes us fuck all. The self-appointed leaders who dictate people what to think–end up justifying the creators, the ACTUAL arseholes who cooked up this heteropatriarchal bullshit and peddled it as a ‘modern’ fairytale for the sake of $$$-making ‘entertainment’. And now this petty shit stirred by those sheep-herders who took over the hive mind of this fucking fandom–is picked up and brought here?

I’m sorry, but what IS it that we should offer now? Gossip? Judgment? Rationalization? A course on maintaining a mind of your own? A magic mirror to reflect how stupid those people are making the fandom seem? Don’t people realize theyve been manipulated once again, and that by blindly following sheep-herders they only enable their behaviour? So those of you who just wanted to vent about this, how ‘bout you take it back to those who started this? Because it’s not like if you follow them to buy whatever they are peddling (be it fanfics, spoilers, set-spotting or ‘industry insight’ info) that you have to be sheepy and let them dictate what to think and how to behave in return. You also don’t owe anyone some weird fucked up form of compensation simply because you can tell they’re lacking something in their miserable lives and they’re trying to fill that void with fandom. You have to ask yourselves why it IS that they seem to be involved in one scandalous fallout/argument/shitfest or another–every single week? And why people still allow them enough credibility to let them form their opinions?

No. Just no. All that you can get from us here, is us pointing to the real culprits. If you want someone to blame for the steaming pile of snowballing shite surrounding this show–the power lies with networks, showrunners and any identifiable bigot lobby groups who the network might perceive as powerful. Identify those and you’ll be way closer to figuring out what’s holding back that real modern fairy tale. Look at the bigger picture and you can start creating strategies to fight the powers that be. It always comes down to money. But if you’re going to focus on the perceived power of an actress, you’re shooting yourself in the foot by being, quite frankly–unrealistic.

We won’t compare actresses and pit them against each other. The level of internalized misogyny at this point is simply nauseating, and the amount of projection is… unhealthy. Can you really conclude whether an actor is aloof or homophobic based on their inaction? Y’all might prefer the one who’s nicer to you–or wait, is she just more clever, giving you fake smiles with the sole purpose of furthering the career? *mock gasp* ‘Cause yes, that IS the point: you don’t fucking know, and you never will! And how the fuck did we get from talking about the show and its issues, and the accountability that its creators are refusing to accept–to pretending that we know celebrities and their motivations to do whatever they do? I mean, what the actual ever loving fuck? We tried desperately to offer some levelheadedness here, but we are NOT going to play this high-school game. We were always here for the show, the story, the characters, the message. Not for the actors. We do NOT condone idolatry and we especially aren’t here for the dirty trash of people who try to imprint their opinions on everyone–and those opinions to be dragged here. We won’t ever pretend, despite our own personal first-hand ‘industry insight’ info (that we do not use for gossip) that we know ANY of them–and if anyone is still inclined to continue, feel free to go and vent to those who are delusional enough to think that they do.

Thank you for your attention. If this didn’t resonate, feel free to go back to your bleating now.

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Not a Bella question but i'm curious on how you know so much about the fashion industry? I'm so interested in the fashion industry as well and i don't know where to start to learn more about what's going on. I really just go on your blog and know when fashion week starts lol. Like is there blogs or even igs you follow that give you an insight on what's happening?

Hfconfess on ig helped me a lot in learning names and popularity and opinions. Following fashion lovers accounts also helps you learn a thing or two, following fashion blogs on tumblr will also help you learn names. I like @lelaid @gulcayn @empress-empire @leah-cultice and @driflloon. The fashion spot,, and bellazon are also good resources for editorials, campaigns, models and industry info, and opinions (not on models,com but the forums have lots of discussion). Google is your friend, too. I would say find one or two models to follow closely and every time they work with someone, look up who that person is and learn about them. Build a web off one model, thats kind of what I do with Bella. I’m still really learning though, like I know so little so I might not be the best resource for resources.

i aced my midterm 👏🏼

fantastical777  asked:

You think Obama was a good president? Honestly after reading what you say lately and searching a little about it, i think i could hes not the best, BUT neither the worst, i think is really more far away of being the worst. Just asking your opinion, you are my one of my favourites blogs here because i know more of the issues thanks to you.

Take social issues out of the equation, and what is left over is the same person when you look at Obama, the Bush’s, and the Clinton’s, and Nixon. Their accomplishments are primarily this:

>Hand democracy, government, diplomatic decisions, bill proposals, and crime management away to corporate CEOs, especially banks, and unelected international organizations

>Enable manufacturers to take production and the job market from American citizens, causing mass poverty and crime to increase.

>Change policy to enable corporations to manufacture in US prisons (where work conditions dont need to meet the same standards, including wages).

>Through “free trade agreements” enable manufacturers to be able to manufacture in third world countries that dont yet have enough independence and power to stop our corporations from systematically exploiting them and their government, to stop them from violating their rights, or to stop them from hijacking their governments indefinitely thereby preventing them from having protections of their human rights which dont serve the interests of unlimited neo-liberal profit.

>Increase policing, and mass surveillance and/or prohibitions for victimless “crimes”, in order to increase the prison population for the prison lobby that pays their campaigns to keep them in power

>Excuse Saudi Arabia for all human rights violations, political acts of aggression, and military operations, so that our corporate/political class can middleman their oil (been happening since ). Excuse them for pumping billions of dollars into radicalization mosques that they “charitably” build in their surrounding nations and any nation with growing muslim populations (whether due to already existing populations or due to immigration and refugees) including European countries, all while Saudi Arabia takes on exactly 0 refugees in their massive empty refugee camps. Buy weapons from the private military industry who lobbys for you to do so, then arm the Saudi-radicalized groups and have them fight eachother in order to destabilize the region, and help them along with drones and US military invasion. Destabilize the oil-rich neighbors of Saudi Arabia so our corporate/political class can middleman their Oil, and sell weapons in the process.

That’s Obama. That’s Bush and daddy Bush. That’s Hillary and Bill. That was Nixon. The list of politicians is much bigger than that, but those are the ones I can give you the most elaborate details about (if you were to ask for them and need sources), their exact policies on these matters, and the effects of those policies as they relate to mass systemic violations of human rights nationally and internationally. But essentially, that is neo-liberalism, crony capitalism, the force that will ultimately obscure liberal values and human rights. It is the systematic replacement of liberals & protected people with masses slaves. That’s it. The end goal of neo-liberalism is slavery, and they have the technology to do it, but not quite the will and guts to outright take aggressive action directly for it. All of these things are intwined and there is no wall between what is a political issue vs business issue.

And I’m not arguing it’s a grand conspiracy, it’s not, there is no single inner circle of people conspiring, it’s just the nature of power at work, it’s multiple sects and many powerful people working their own common interests and justifying what they can get away with and trying not to suffer the grave consequences of rocking the boat. Regradless of whether it is the intent whenever they make a decision, that is effectively what the ruling class is doing. Many of them likely dont even know what this system is heading toward for everyone. People are sheep, even the shepherds. Justification on top of justification buries the truth, even from the liar. It’s called a shut-eye (1:45). Good intentions pave the road to hell.

I wanted to add more about how religions and identity politics and neo-marxism plays into things, how the media is a propaganda machine, and how the media plays both sides of the chess board and essentially plays the role of divide and conquer toward the people who take it willingly and unwittingly, how the media is controlled by (literally 6 families) the same people who actively work to maintain as much control of the government as they can, how the two parties effectively work against all interests of the American people and people of foreign nations, both parties do so in the exact same ways as the other party, how both parties support corporations and banks the exact same ways, some stuff about the environment and food supply and energy industry, how Nixon’s free trade deal allowed China to sustain itself as a totalitarian state at the expense of the Chinese people and american workers (sorta covered that already), some side notes about Nixon’s reason for the drug war as well as corporate lobbyists who wanted to crush their the hemp industry competitors, some info about specific weapons deals, info about Saudi Arabia’s money in the US, some stuff about the “Federal” Reserve Bank, and some things about the drug war and private prisons and the Clintons in particular, some more things about Reagan’s similar involvement with these things, the history of our relationship with Saudi Arabia, and specific authoritarian bills that are typically blamed on one party but were passed with a ‘yes‘ by Bush, Hillary, and Obama. And on and on and on, but I could go on forever.

So instead, in short, I’ll just say that the position of President of the United States has been almost solely a racketeering business for a long time, that social issues are a carrot on a stick leading us this way and that for the interests of someone who does not care how it affects us, and politics are swayed more by a single corporate CEO or former CEO -on a state and federal level- than many entire states combined, especially if we started naming names of specific influential people. And also, things are not all black and white either, there’s a lot of nuance to all of these issues, and also also, don’t just take my word for everything or anything.

Also, on Barack Obama specifically, here is a list of his accomplishments:

-He is the first Nobel Peace Prize winner to bomb another Nobel Peace Prize winner

-He is the first US president to bomb a charity hospital, and with 100% collateral damage no less, killing 42, injuring over 30, with 33 people missing.

-He dropped 26,171 bombs in one year, in a war he was elected on the promise of ending

-He is the third president in a row to bomb more nations than any other president since WW2, and was ongoingly bombing all 8 of them at the same time at one point

-He is the 5th president in a row to have increased government debt to a massive new threshold. He raised the government debt from 10 trillion to 20 trillion. Tick tock

-Before presidency, Obama voted ‘yes’ to a bill written by a Bush administrator -who was a former Wall Street banker, btw- written to give themself the authority to spend 700,000,000,000 dollars on banks who were going to fail due to their own illegal business practices that had just destroyed the economy. The banks pocketed most of the money. And don’t forget the 800 billion dollar stimulus bill on top of that, passed when he made it to office.

-He is the first president to hire a private advertising company as a PR team, yes, he is the first president to have literal propagandists telling him and his circles how to be in order to keep a fals image of who they are to the american people. This is was brought to Hunger Games level on the Orwellian meter when he slowjamed propaganda about how wonderful the TPP is on a late night talkshow. Yes, the TPP, the most imperialistic bill that has every been conceived by corporations (and Hillary Clinton).

-Also, first black president, and he didn’t do shit to help black people, he often made them more upset. And just look at race relations now.

So yeah, fuck Obama.

He did everything the left hated Bush for. And for some reason, they praise him for it when he does it, because politics is fucking football apparently, and football is apparently politics. Did I mention Obama bombed an award winning charity hospital with 100% collateral damage, 0 targets in the building, and people literally burned to death? OH, and fuck me, I actually DIDNT mention the torture that the military is still doing. I’m just going to end this here for health and mental stability reasons.

Remember, with great power…. comes


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“The Intermission, Part II” [Click Here for Part I]

The next installment in my series of StarFox 2 paintings, highlighting the unsung tasks and interactions with their assortment of technology between flights. Continuing the theme of arwing maintenance, Fay Spaniel channels the spirit of Rosie the Riveter, fearlessly coercing the white-hot metal into shape. While the arwings may have left the factory as state-of-the-art technology, this team of mercenary pilots in the depths of space has to scrounge up whatever they can find to keep their ships going. Sometimes the old tech is all that’s available, but often it gets the job done just as well.

If you would like to order a painting in this style, I am currently open for commissions of portraiture, landscapes, critters, and industrial tech! More info available at; Inquiries can be sent to

–Wings & Strings

Now I’m getting a bunch of anons telling me I’m wrong about Harry’s promo. To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with paying money or actually smartly releasing info prior to the announcement and release, to use connections to get a lot of coverage and set up major interviews with the leading music publications.

But I’m not going to change my mind. Billboard reported on Harry. HDD reported on Harry, whether rumors or fact. Rolling Stone reported on Harry. Those are important industry mags. 

Of course part of the interest is driven by the fact that Harry already had his name out there much more than the other boys. But a lot is also just seeded info, industry friends, favors etc.

And no, Louis didn’t have any of that public support, the constant swelling of a rumour to a big loud buzz to release date. The big publications were all silent. Variety published the Epic deal, and the others didn’t even pick up on that. It’s not the same. 

Louis got one article about his music video in the Sun and it was about his girlfriend being there.  His big lead-up? An airport altercation that the press just won’t let go. That pretty much it. 

I’m just sad Louis doesn’t have professional people rallying for him and busting their asses off to get him good, positive, professional coverage. 


Above are some of the recent Anons I received from the “love and light” Extreme Shipper brigade. Such lovely sweet mouthed lasses, aye? I won’t bother answering them. The answers are self-explanatory for anyone with working synapses, connecting neurons and a sound grip on sanity.

Keep being butthurt and frothy, ES, I’ll be here basking in REALITY, which is pretty darn fabulous.

P.S. ES, you only have yourselves to blame. In 2014, I posted my industry source info telling me Sam & Cait weren’t a couple, and then my Tony family source info saying Tony was Cait’s boyfriend, but YOU CHOSE not to believe me…attacked me, and have been vilifying me in the fandom ever since. Well, it turns out I was telling the truth, doesn’t it? Yet you keep attacking me. What does that say about you? The answer to that is evident for all to see now.