Stained Ground

By Taewon Jang

“The industrial forms emerge out of the darkness and become more aggressive. There must be darkness to reveal the light. The light here refers not only to the gradual accumulation on the film but also to a knowledge from which we cannot walk away, knowledge bequeathed to us in a sense by darkness. Where there is light, people move forward, but when light disappears, at last people stop and look around.”


“In the clip above, Streep discusses one possible reason women storytellers who seek to tell women’s stories have a harder time getting industry support than their male counterparts.”

anonymous asked:

But seriously... Could you imagine having to live that? Every single day? Fuck. It makes me sick to my stomach. Seeing it in black and white (or worse, those stupid color coded bullshit slides) makes it really easy to see why Zayn would want out. No one likes being reduced to a sum of random parts, but this is what they've been to so many for the last FIVE years. Brand or no brand, it's time to let them be PEOPLE. People who have real, complex personalities and lives. And hopefully therapy.

anonymous asked:

do you know if something similar to harry and louis (or one directions) situation has happened before? Like people having horrible managements, being forced to stay in the closet etc?

About a hundred times, yeah. Every artist is surrounded by a certain level of nastiness and shadiness because the showbiz is a very tough industry, most of them are pushed to disgusting limits by their own teams to make money so it’s really nothing new. There are different kinds of exploitation and there are nicer managers of course, 1D’s case is pretty extreme but it’s not the first one and probably not even the worst. It was even worse for the queer ones, nowadays we have more out celebrities and it’s sort of accepted but back then people wouldn’t come out at all - they would go as far as marrying their beards, it was (is) a very difficult situation. 

I think I’ve said this before but I once interviewed this very famous musician who told me off the record: “Fame is a like a turd covered in glitter, it looks really pretty but deep inside it’s still a turd”. I love that quote for some reason, I think it’s describes pretty well how the showbiz works.