I finally ordered one of these septum clickers on Monday! Ive wanted one for a couple years now so I’m really excited! I can’t wait for it to arrive! I hope to eventually replace all my body jewellery with high quality titanium. 😄💕

I did a thing:

- I pierced the double tragus with 2 18ga Neometal bezel set black CZs in bronze titanium, anodized in house.

- I pierced the inner conches with 2ga bronze titanium  eyelets from Industrial strength, anodized in house. 

- I cut and sutured his outer conches so he can wear the ½" super gemmed eyelets from Anatometal with black and champagne CZs set in bronze titanium.

I reconstructed the earlobes to 1" for him to wear those superb super gemmed bronze titanium teardrops with black and champagne CZs from Anatometal

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This wasn’t Macylyn’s first time in to @theexoticbody get her ears pierced. Her Mom is good friends with Mike so she knew that there was a choice of where to go when it came to that rite-of-passage time in her daughter’s life, and was already quite aware of all of the pros there were to having this procedure done by a #professionalpiercer. Getting pierced for the first time when you are young is one of those things in life that can be quite daunting, and her fear of the unknown kept her from wrapping her little head around the idea that first time they came in. Fast forward to last Friday. Macylyn woke up and said to her Mom first thing… “today is the day”. They went in, and Mike and Jasmine were able to pierce both of her earlobes simultaneously! And she said it wasn’t as bad as she thought it was going to be! They installed some fine quality implant grade I.S. 16g Stainless Steel Barbells with 4mm Pink SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA-set Titanium Prong-set Faceted Gem Threaded End fronts, because Macylyn loves Pink. Mom? Dad? As a parent; you could do your kid a favor, and seek out a professional body piercer when it is their time. They are probably too young to make that decision for themselves… so that is where you come in. 👉#saynotopiercingguns 👈😊👍


We got this beautiful titanium and Black Opal Industrial Strength clicker in the mail today, and then we got to install it in this fantastic young lady’s healed daith piercing!

Voici un bel exemple de ce qui arrive quand on fait confiance à son perceur pour designer une pièce complètement unique pour son oreille. Efix a utilisé 9 pièces faites par ANATOMETAL et Industrial Strength pour faire ces 3 piercings tout en mauve!
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Mic pierced this wonderful gentleman’s septum the other day, with an implant-grade steel captive bead ring from Industrial Strength snazzed up with a Lavender Purple opal cluster from Anatometal. We didn’t think it was possible for this Idris Elba doppelganger to get even more handsome, but that just goes to show the power of high-quality jewelry!