Check it out! Our Titanium Bezel Faceted Gem Cluster # 13A Threaded End (TBFGC13A) has the same stone pattern as our ODYSSEY “Prium” Titanium Prong-set Faceted Gem Threaded End (TPRPFGE)… 2mm/2.5mm/3mm/2.5mm/2mm. These were both hand-set by us with the same White SWAROVSKI Zirconia, but the facets of these brilliant cut stones sparkle a little more in our prong-set jewelry… which is designed to allow the maximum amount of light to flow through them. 😬💎💥

#BabesOfAdorn game so strong! We had the pleasure of helping miss @angelinamaria1 replace her #daith jewelry today with this lovely White Opal clicker from @industrialstrength, plus a #tragus upgrade to this @BVLA yellow gold and Turquoise cluster! There’s simply too much to love about this photo. 😍

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I did a thing:

- I pierced the double tragus with 2 18ga Neometal bezel set black CZs in bronze titanium, anodized in house.

- I pierced the inner conches with 2ga bronze titanium  eyelets from Industrial strength, anodized in house. 

- I cut and sutured his outer conches so he can wear the ½" super gemmed eyelets from Anatometal with black and champagne CZs set in bronze titanium.

I reconstructed the earlobes to 1" for him to wear those superb super gemmed bronze titanium teardrops with black and champagne CZs from Anatometal

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Sky Blue Odyssey Clicker
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We got this beautiful titanium and Black Opal Industrial Strength clicker in the mail today, and then we got to install it in this fantastic young lady’s healed daith piercing!

Mic pierced this wonderful gentleman’s septum the other day, with an implant-grade steel captive bead ring from Industrial Strength snazzed up with a Lavender Purple opal cluster from Anatometal. We didn’t think it was possible for this Idris Elba doppelganger to get even more handsome, but that just goes to show the power of high-quality jewelry!

Today we are posting a picture of different quality Jewelry
The top two pictures are of an Industrial Strength 14g 5/8’ Implant Grade Stainless Steel Barbell.
Note how beautiful the polish is. How smooth the threads are and how it all internally threaded. All mirrored finished.

Bottom pictures are of a very sub par end of scale.
Was sold as “surgical steel” very poor finish. Looks very rough. And the external threading will only cut and pull at the piercing on insertion or removal.

When you purchase jewelry make sure it is of quality stranded. With internally thread pattern and mirror finish. If in doubt ask who made the jewelry.

Companies like Anatometal, Industrial Strength, Body Circle Design, Neometal and Body Vision Los Angeles (gold) are the companies you want to here. They all make high end. Remarkable pieces of jewelry. And are the best choices for piercings.
You are worth the quality.
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Check out this surface-to-surface Lip piercing from Sala at Pinpoint in Oslo! He used an I.S. Titanium Flat Surface Bar, and topped it off with 2 x 2mm Titanium Flat Back Faceted Gem Threaded Ends… known for their low-profile footprint. Nice! Thanks for tagging us @ #repoststatigram #isbodyjewelry #industrialstrength

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