We didn’t do this lovely lady’s piercings, but she did visit us to get them fancied up with these beautifully sparkly cubic zirconia beads from industrial Strength. Sometimes during winter you’ve got to create your own sunshine!

Jenna added an upper/middle lobe piercing (by Phoebe) to her existing lobe piercings (done elsewhere) to make this super cute triangle! We love fun earlobe piercing arrangements! All of her lobe piercings sport @neocultists opal cabs and her healed rook piercing by Zarah is wearing prong opal ball ends from @isbodyjewelry !

A couple of fresh helix piercings Mic did this week, Implant-grade steel captive bead rings with 3mm cubic zirconias from Industrial Strength. So cute!

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Vertical bridge piercing Mic did about 8 months ago healing beautifully! Titanium jewelry from Anatometal and Industrial Strength.

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We got this beautiful titanium and Black Opal Industrial Strength clicker in the mail today, and then we got to install it in this fantastic young lady’s healed daith piercing!

There are many ways to customize the fine body jewelry that you wear, when you add some INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH Titanium Threaded Orbits into the mix. Dave from Electric Buddha Tattoo in Kent UK posted this picture of his customer’s 3 year old tri-dustrial, that rocks an all Moonstone-set Titanium Natural Stone Cabochon Gem Threaded Orbit with 3 threads and 3 dangles (TCGOD7). Dave capped the 3 threaded straight posts on those threads with 3x complimentary 4mm Amethyst-set Titanium 3 Prong-set Natural Stone Gem Threaded Ends. If you like what you see, have one of our customers put together some I.S. Threaded Orbits… just for YOU! 😊