Kara Rosenlund House

Stylist and photographer Kara Roselund prides herself in her passion for wanderlust and authenticity. When she photographed her home, she hoped to capture the importance of having an organic, yet stylish living space, much like her brand. Designed by an expansive eclectic taste, one finds traces of industrial, chic, shabby, vintage and contemporary elements in her home. By including wooden and rustic touches and copper colors with the addition of white walls, Rosalund has created a warm yet beautiful home. 

Source: Rum ID

Have you ever read RUM? Well you should do! Unfortunately they don’t sell it outside of Denmark (Booo!) but if I could recommend subscribing to one magazine this year it would be RUM. OK, so you might not have a clue what the text says but trust me, the visuals more than make up for the language barrier. The above kitchen is just a snippet of what RUM has to offer. I’m in love (of course…..) with the gold drawer units and that flat muted green wall. It’s simple and a little bit rustic but glamorous and interesting all at once. It’s such a contradiction but oh my dayz does it work well!